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I'm Starting To Fall For You Quotes By Karina Halle

Linden is my thoughts, my air, my earth. Linden is starting to become more than everything to me. I might be going a little bit crazy but I'm pretty sure that's what someone might call falling in love. A fall into madness. Splat. That's going to be me. — Karina Halle

I'm Starting To Fall For You Quotes By Courtney Jaye

Everything is starting to make a little more sense to me now. I love the idea that, first of all when I made the record I don't look at the music by classifying it. People have a problem classifying me as pop, or rock, or folk, or alt. The beauty for me is that a thirteen year old girl can fall in love with the record and so can her mom. I tend to gravitate towards artists that are timeless and don't sound dated. — Courtney Jaye

I'm Starting To Fall For You Quotes By E.B. White

The critic leaves at curtain fall To find, in starting to review it, He scarcely saw the play at all For starting to review it. — E.B. White

I'm Starting To Fall For You Quotes By Henrik Fisker

My motivation for starting Fisker was simple: I thought there must be a market for beautiful, exciting, fast, environmentally friendly cars. The car is probably the only product you can still fall in love with and have a relationship with. — Henrik Fisker

I'm Starting To Fall For You Quotes By Mamie Gummer

I know girlfriends of mine who, when they were approaching pregnancy and starting a family, consistently went through a period right beforehand that was a last gasp kind of thing where they just wreak havoc. They fall apart, in a profound way, because there's some awareness that that's the last time they can do that for awhile. — Mamie Gummer

I'm Starting To Fall For You Quotes By Nalini Singh

Tammy's eyes widened. "Oh, my God, Dorian, it's not only lust, is it? You're starting to fall for her. She matters."
Tammy was wrong, Dorian thought, looking out and into the yard again.
The truth was, he'd already fallen for her. — Nalini Singh

I'm Starting To Fall For You Quotes By Marshall Thornton

Why did people fall in love?he wondered as he watched Rock and Doris pretend to do just that. Obviously, it made people ridiculous and not just in movies from the sixties. There had to be some basis in real life or no one would ever have made a silly comedy about love. Yeah, there were also movies about love that weren't comedies, but in those movies people acted ridiculous for a while and then someone announced the were going to die, or they had to go off to war, or oops I forgot to mention my wife. People stopped acting ridiculous and starting acting really serious and sad, sad because the ridiculous part was over. How could people want this foolishness in their lives? — Marshall Thornton

I'm Starting To Fall For You Quotes By Kevin Nealon

It's tough getting older. You start falling apart, you know? My gums are starting to recede now. You can't tell tonight, though, 'cause I comb them forward. — Kevin Nealon

I'm Starting To Fall For You Quotes By Nikki Rowe

I was starting to fall for him,
He didn't say it but the way
He looked at me,
Told me he felt the same. — Nikki Rowe

I'm Starting To Fall For You Quotes By Kate Fargo

Below her, fall was just starting to work its magic on the foliage, creating a blaze of rust and amber stretching into the foothills and up the mountains. It was her favorite time of the year and normally she loved this view. Today, it only reminded her of how much she had to lose. — Kate Fargo

I'm Starting To Fall For You Quotes By Charles Wright

The toadstools are starting to come
circular and dry.
Nothing will touch them,
Gophers or chipmunks, wasps or swallows.
They glow in the twilight like rooted will-o'-the-wisps.
Nothing will touch them.
As though little roundabouts from the bunched unburiable,
Powers, dominions,
As though orphans rode herd in the short grass,
as though they had heard the call,
They will always be with us,
transcenders of the world.
Someone will try to stick his beak into their otherworldly styrofoam.
Someone may try to taste a taste of forever.
For some it's a refuge, for some a shady place to fall down.
Grief is a floating barge-boat,
who knows where it's going to moor? — Charles Wright

I'm Starting To Fall For You Quotes By Sarah Stodola

The way Smith sees it, this kind of approach denotes a certain category of writer: the Micro Manager. Authors fall into one of two primary camps, she explained in her 2009 book of essays, Changing My Mind.691 Macro Planners work out the structure of their novels and then write within that structure. Micro Managers, on the other hand, don't rely on an overarching configuration (don't even conceive of one), but rather home in on each sentence, one by one, and each sentence, as they come to it, becomes the only thing that exists. If there is a spectrum starting with Macro Planners on one end and Micro Managers on the other, Smith would be somewhere to the right of the page. Smith's writing is entirely incremental and cumulative. The grand plan is that there is no grand plan; working things out ahead of time ruins everything, "feels disastrous."She prefers the writing of a novel as a process of discovery. "The thinking goes on on the page," not beforehand. — Sarah Stodola

I'm Starting To Fall For You Quotes By Jen Hatmaker

May I suggest a starting place as truth receivers? It is okay for someone else to struggle. Furthermore, it is okay to not fix it/solve it/answer it/discredit it. Another believer can experience tension, say something true that makes people uncomfortable, and God will not fall off His throne. It is not our responsibility to fix every mess. If someone steps onto the scary ledge of truth, it is enough to acknowledge her courage and make this promise: I am here with you as your friend, not your Savior. We are not good gods over one — Jen Hatmaker

I'm Starting To Fall For You Quotes By Steve Breen

When I was starting out in 1988, I was doing cartoons on President George H. W. Bush, Iraq and the fall of Soviet Union. — Steve Breen

I'm Starting To Fall For You Quotes By J.K. Rowling

Harry had the best morning he'd had in a long time. He was careful to walk a little way apart from the Dursleys so that Dudley and Piers, who were starting to get bored with the animals by lunchtime, wouldn't fall back on their favorite hobby of hitting him. — J.K. Rowling

I'm Starting To Fall For You Quotes By Sarah Mlynowski

I've always wanted to be a part of that experience of writing to an audience that is just starting to fall in love with books. When I felt that my writing for adults had become cemented, I decided to write a YA series. — Sarah Mlynowski

I'm Starting To Fall For You Quotes By Nenia Campbell

I was starting to fall in love with Michael Boutilier. Quickly, violently. It was a love that was both armed and dangerous, a ticking time-bomb of destruction that threatened to send my whole world up in flames
and it felt good. — Nenia Campbell

I'm Starting To Fall For You Quotes By Tupelo Hassman

It's an old copy and it's starting to fall apart, but I hold on to my Handbook because nothing else makes promises like that around here, promises with these words burning inside them: honor, duty, and try. — Tupelo Hassman

I'm Starting To Fall For You Quotes By Caitlin Moran

It's very important my parent's don't think I'm starting to fall in love with people, because then they might notice that I'm growing up, and I'm kind of trying to keep it a secret. I think it will cause an incident — Caitlin Moran

I'm Starting To Fall For You Quotes By Zach VandeZande

I fall in love with someone about twice a week, but I'm starting to think that's a common problem with writers, that they have a dangerous excess of love that they give away to near strangers or turn inward on their private little worlds. — Zach VandeZande

I'm Starting To Fall For You Quotes By Morgan Matson

We lay there together for a little while longer, watching the sun over the lake as it finally started to go down, and twilight started to fall all around us, the fireflies starting to wink in the grass. — Morgan Matson

I'm Starting To Fall For You Quotes By Dante Alighieri

But the stars that marked our starting fall away.
We must go deeper into greater pain,
for it is not permitted that we stay. — Dante Alighieri

I'm Starting To Fall For You Quotes By Lawrence Summers

One of those disturbing tendencies in academic life is that there is a desire on the part of many in the name of open-mindedness to fall into a kind of relativistic denialism in which all positions are equally legitimate, all positions must be respected, and compromise must be entered into no matter what the starting point or reasonableness of the two parties. — Lawrence Summers

I'm Starting To Fall For You Quotes By Banana Yoshimoto

Neither of us realized what was happening. That simply by keeping an eye on each other, without giving it any thought, just by noticing the sound of a certain window sliding open, we were already starting to fall in love. — Banana Yoshimoto

I'm Starting To Fall For You Quotes By Mark Haddon

Melissa popped open the clattery little Rotring tin. Pencils, putty rubber, scalpel. She sharpened a 3B, letting the curly shavings fall into the wicker bin, then paused for a few seconds, finding a little place of stillness before starting to draw the flowers. Art didn't count at school because it didn't get you into law or banking or medicine. It was just a fluffy thing stuck to the side of Design and Technology, a free A level for kids who could do it, like a second language, but she loved charcoal and really good gouache, she loved rolling sticky black ink on to a lino plate and heaving on the big black arm of the Cope press, the quiet and those big white walls. — Mark Haddon

I'm Starting To Fall For You Quotes By Nichole Nordeman

And if the Son has set us free Then we must be, free indeed Let the chains fall away, starting today. Everything has changed I'm finally free ... — Nichole Nordeman

I'm Starting To Fall For You Quotes By Rachel Caine

It made her eyes fill up with tears, and she for a few more minutes starting it over, replaying it, watching his lips say the words: We can be lonely together. — Rachel Caine

I'm Starting To Fall For You Quotes By Mia Asher

Love is infinite. There is no beginning and no end. There's no starting point and no finishing line. Love just is. Love is born, grows, matures, and sometimes it dies. But the memory will remain with you for the rest of your breathing hours. You will fall in love, you will fall out of love. But you will love again. You always do. — Mia Asher

I'm Starting To Fall For You Quotes By Harriet Walter

When you are starting to fall in love with someone you want to know everything there is to know about them; you want to understand their world and be accepted into it. It is the same for an actor with a new role. — Harriet Walter

I'm Starting To Fall For You Quotes By Iggy Pop

Well, after Zombie Birdhouse came out, I toured behind it in the fall of 1982, into the spring, and in the summer in the Far East. At that time, I found my work self-referential; it was getting to be rock songs about a rock singer who lived a rock life on the rock road, and I was starting to wonder what I would be like to rent my own apartment, what it would be like to have a checkbook. — Iggy Pop

I'm Starting To Fall For You Quotes By Umberto Eco

I don't want to write a novel per year. I know that I need a break of one or two years. So maybe I invent some new, urgent activity so I don't fall into the trap of starting a new novel. — Umberto Eco

I'm Starting To Fall For You Quotes By Arthur Schopenhauer

Optimism is not only a false but also a pernicious doctrine, for it presents life as a desirable state and man's happiness as its aim and object. Starting from this, everyone then believes he has the most legitimate claim to happiness and enjoyment. If, as usually happens, these do not fall to his lot, he believes that he suffers an injustice, in fact that he misses the whole point of his existence. — Arthur Schopenhauer

I'm Starting To Fall For You Quotes By L. H. Cosway

But God, the girl is just so cool, and she makes me laugh so much. I'm starting to think that we don't fall for looks or gender in the end. We fall for the person as a whole. We fall for their souls. — L. H. Cosway

I'm Starting To Fall For You Quotes By Suze Orman

In January we start saving money, getting out of credit card debt, funding our retirement accounts, and we're doing wonderful. Then, every single year like clockwork, starting in November, all of you fall into this trap that says, 'I have to buy this gift ... I can't show up at this party and not have something for everybody.' — Suze Orman