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If You Dont Want To Stay Quotes By Jonathan Pugh

i stay awake so i dont dream ,just to wake up and realise my dreams will not come true ,but being awake i am also aware of this! i can only hope for the etearnal void which is death! the only thing which is certain and you can not choose if it happens or not... but is the only definate answer — Jonathan Pugh

If You Dont Want To Stay Quotes By Nikki Rowe

When a lifestyle is created from the existence of your dream, you dont leave any room for failure. — Nikki Rowe

If You Dont Want To Stay Quotes By Ralph Marston

Just because the road ahead is long, is no reason to slow down. Just because there is much work to be done, is no reason to get discouraged. It is a reason to get started, to grow, to find new ways, to reach within yourself and discover strength, commitment, and determination. The road ahead is long and difficult, but it's filled with opportunity. Start what needs starting. Finish what needs finishing. Get on the road. Stay on the road. Don't give up. — Ralph Marston

If You Dont Want To Stay Quotes By Buckethead

If you find your truth you must follow it. You could find it in a paper bag, or in a statue, or in a slaughterhouse; you might find it dangling somewhere. People might say, What the heck are you doing? but its ok if they dont understand. And if you follow it, stay true to it, and respect it, you could be in store for the greatest journey you could ever imagine. — Buckethead

If You Dont Want To Stay Quotes By Matt Trevitz

Boy, dont you dare leave me. Stay with me forever and ever. Sleep with me, my love. Kiss me. touch my body, feel me. — Matt Trevitz

If You Dont Want To Stay Quotes By Tasleem Khan

Dont stay too long in one place,because you will become the place. — Tasleem Khan

If You Dont Want To Stay Quotes By Khaled Hosseini

I'll die if you go. The Jinn will come, and I'll have one of my fits. You'll see, I'll swallow my tongue and die. Don't leave me, Mariam jo. Please stay. I'll die if you go. — Khaled Hosseini

If You Dont Want To Stay Quotes By Muhammad Ali

You dont lose if you get knocked down; you lose if you stay down. — Muhammad Ali

If You Dont Want To Stay Quotes By William Faulkner

Just by imagining the clump it seemed to me that I could hear whispers secret surges smell the beating of hot blood under wild unsecret flesh watching against red eyelids the swine untethered in pairs rushing coupled into the sea and he we must just stay awake and see evil done for a little while its not always and i it doesnt have to be even that long for a man of courage and he do you consider that courage and i yes sir dont you and he every man is the arbiter of his own virtues whether or not you consider it courageous is of more importance than the act itself than any act otherwise you could not be in earnest and i you dont believe i am serious and he i think you are too serious to give me any cause for alarm you wouldnt have felt driven to the expedient of telling me you had committed incest otherwise and i i wasnt lying i wasnt lying and he you wanted to sublimate a piece of natural human folly into a horror and then exorcise it with truth — William Faulkner

If You Dont Want To Stay Quotes By Buzz Aldrin

Weve got to go [back to the moon]. But we dont want to stay too long ... The ultimate goal is Mars. — Buzz Aldrin

If You Dont Want To Stay Quotes By Mooji

Don't expect anything from anybody, this is also a great freedom. Don't expect things to be different or people to be in service to you or your own life or projections. Feel gradually that natural feeling of detachment. Dont watch constantly with the eyes of relationship and past and so on. Stay faithful to your own discovery, leave the rest and life will take care of it. — Mooji

If You Dont Want To Stay Quotes By Peter McWilliams

Avoid People and Situations That Upset You. Those things, people, situations, and experiences you dont like
avoid them. Stay away. Walk away. Do something else. Some might call this cowardly. I call it smart. The world is brimming with things, people, and experiences. We will never experience all of them if we live to be 10,000. So why not associate with the ones that naturally please you? — Peter McWilliams

If You Dont Want To Stay Quotes By E.B. White

Wilbur burst into tears. "I dont want to die," he moaned. "I want to stay alive, right here in my comfortable manure pile with all my friends. I want to breathe the beautiful air and lie in the beautiful sun." — E.B. White

If You Dont Want To Stay Quotes By Kami Garcia

Macon Ethan
I lay my head down on his chest and cried because had lived
because he had died
a dry ocean, a desert of emotion
happysad darklight sorrowjoy swept over me, under me
i could hear the sound but i could not understand the words
and then i realized the sound was me, breaking
in one moment i was feeling everything and i was feeling nothing
i was shattered, i was saved, i lost everthing, i was given everything else
something in me died, something in me was born, i only knew
the girl was gone
whoever i was now, i would never be her again this is the way
the world ends not with a bang but a whimper
claim yourself claim yourself claim yourself claim
gratitude fury love despair hope hate
first green is gold but nothing green can stay

-Lena Duchannes — Kami Garcia

If You Dont Want To Stay Quotes By Mooji

In the land of "I know," there is always competitiveness, jealousy, pretence, pride and arrogance. It is an aggressive realm - the realm of the ego. I say refuse citizenship. In the land of "I dont know," the inhabitants move without conflict and are naturally quiet, happy and peaceful. The wise stay here. — Mooji