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I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Josh Lanyon

I turned back to the television. After a while what I was staring at registered. "Hey, this is The Long Goodbye."
Jake opened his eyes. "What?"
"This movie. It's Robert Altman's take on Chandler's The Long Goodbye. 'Nothing says good-bye like a bullet.'"
"I don't know," said Jake. "Sometimes the words are enough. — Josh Lanyon

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By J.K. Rowling

I'd take that gum out of the keyhole if I were you, Peeves," he said pleasantly.
Peeves paid no attention to Professor Lupin's words, except to blow a loud wet raspberry.
Professor Lupin gave a small sigh and took out his wand.
"This is a useful little spell," he told the class over his shoulder. "Please watch closely."
He raised the wand to shoulder height, said, "Waddiwasi!" and pointed it at Peeves.
With the force of a bullet, the wad of chewing gum shot out of the keyhole and straight down Peeves's left nostril; he whirled upright and zoomed away, cursing.
"Cool, sir!" said Dean Thomas in amazement.
"Thank you, Dean," said Professor Lupin, putting his wand away again. "Shall we proceed? — J.K. Rowling

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Veronica Roth

Too bad you didn't just take Max up on his offer, Four. Well, too bad for you, anyway," says Eric quietly as he clicks the bullet into its chamber. My lungs burn; I haven't breathed in almost a minute. I see Tobias's hand twitch in the corner of my eye, but my hand is already on my gun. I press the barrel to Eric's forehead. His eyes widen, and his face goes slack, and for a second he looks like another sleeping Dauntless soldier. My index finger hovers over the trigger. "Get your gun away from his head," I say. "You won't shoot me," Eric replies. "Interesting theory. " I say. — Veronica Roth

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Rick Yancey

A flawless, self-sustaining loop, an immaculate system in which trust and cooperation can never take root. Progress becomes impossible, for all strangers are potential enemies, the 'other' who must be hunted down until the last bullet is spent. You — Rick Yancey

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Marian Keyes

Are you close to your family?'
I considered it. 'Close' was one way of putting it. 'We're close,' I said cautiously. 'But we're very mean to each other. This morning I told my mum that if she didn't stop acting old I was going to lobby for a law on euthanasia, so a bus would come round every Monday morning and take away all the old people who complained that they couldn't hear the telly or see the buttons on their mobile phone or that they had a pain in their hip, and put a bullet in their heads. But we're close. — Marian Keyes

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Luke Evans

If you decide you want to work in the film industry, you just have to bite the bullet and take other jobs until the proper jobs come in. — Luke Evans

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Jude Hardin

If you ever find someone who truly and consistently cares about what happens to you, someone who loves you unconditionally, someone who would take a bullet for you without giving it a second thought, then you need to cling to that person like paint on a wall. It's very unlikely you'll ever run across anyone like that again. — Jude Hardin

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Tahereh Mafi

Take me back," I tell him, shifting a little. The world tilts and steadies all at once. "Alert the medics and have a bed prepared for our arrival. In the meantime, elevate my arm and continue applying direct pressure to the wound. The bullet has broken or fractured something, and this will require surgery. — Tahereh Mafi

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Brad Pitt

I die really well, by the way. It's one of my strong points. I just take a bullet well. — Brad Pitt

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Greer Macallister

But whatever happens, I've been happy. I've been loved. I've amazed crowds and drunk in their applause. Not because of luck or favor or magic. Because of will. My will. I've been willing to do whatever it takes. That's the closest thing I have to a secret. And now it's yours."

It's a lot to think about, and he can't quite digest it. But there's a spark there. Maybe she's right about him. Maybe it is up to him, how much he lets the bullet, and the fear, take over his life. Maybe. Not a curse, but a choice. His agency and no one else's. — Greer Macallister

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Lee Child

They didn't want to take the crew-cab back to town, because they didn't want to sit where those guys had sat, so they rode the backhoe, as before, Westwood driving, Reacher and Chang face to face above his head, but this time on the dirt road. Which was slow, but more comfortable. They parked in the dealer's lot. The salesman came out. The backhoe was examined. It was a little stained by crushed wheat, and a little scratched on the sides. There was a little dirt caked on. And the front bucket had a dimple, where the bullet had struck. Not new anymore. Not exactly. Reacher gave the guy five grand from their leftover money. Easy come, easy go. Then — Lee Child

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Olivia Cunning

This is my fault. If you'd never met me, this wouldn't have happened."
"If I'd never met you, I would never gotten to hold you. I'll take the bullet. — Olivia Cunning

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Najaf Mazari

To make a good man, God has to use all of his skill. Some of the goodness of God himself goes into such a man. And when the man is ready to take his place on the earth, God must feel the pride that I feel when I look at the rug I am weaving, at the strands that bind closely together and knot and make a pattern, and at the beauty of the colours. Such a long day's work to make a good man! And yet, one bullet that takes a second to speed through the air and strike a man will kill him in an instant. How can God forgive such a thing? And yet He can, so it is said, for His heart is great and His forgiveness infinite, if the sinner repents. But I am not God and I cannot forgive the man who killed my brother. — Najaf Mazari

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Taylor Swift

Sometimes the person you'd take a bullet for is the person behind the trigger. — Taylor Swift

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Jay Bell

I love my grandparents, my aunts and uncles, but I'd take a bullet for my parents or my sister without a second thought."
"Dude," Greg whispered,"you wouldn't take one for your granny?"
"No one's going to shoot my grandma," Jace said dismissively. — Jay Bell

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Tricia Skinner

Cain glared at the spot his bullet could take to blow both their heads off. He opened and closed his hand, tempted. So very tempted. — Tricia Skinner

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Benji Madden

There are some people i'd take a bullet for, and some people i'd like to put a bullet in. — Benji Madden

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Simon Van Booy

Libraries are the ultimate restaurants for brain food. I sleep better knowing there are libraries. I would take a bullet for a librarian. — Simon Van Booy

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Robert Galbraith

There's people who'd expect you to take a bullet for them and they don't bother rememb'ring yuh name. — Robert Galbraith

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Kiera Cass

It's more than that. You'd take a bullet for him if you had to." I didn't answer. "You would! Oh, my goodness!" I stood. "I'm going to grab some of those dresses. I'll be right back." I tried not to be afraid of the thoughts in my head. Because if it was a choice between him or me, I didn't think I'd be able not to put him first. He was the prince, and his life was invaluable to the country. But more than that, it was invaluable to me. I shrugged the thought away. Besides, it wasn't as if it would ever happen. — Kiera Cass

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Larry Flynt

Being in a wheelchair for 30 years. I'm not whining about it because I don't dwell on things I can't do anything about, you know. I never really think about until somebody mentions it. I did take a bullet. — Larry Flynt

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Emil Cioran

The one who had not ever conceived his own annulment, who had not foreseen the resource of the cord, the bullet, the poison or the sea, is a debased prisoner or a crawling worm on the cosmic carrion. This world can take off us everything, it can forbid us everything, but nobody can't prevent us our self-abolition. — Emil Cioran

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Tahereh Mafi

I sit by the window and watch the rain and the leaves and the snow collide. They take turns dancing in the wind, performing choreographed routines for unsuspecting masses. The soldiers stomp stomp stomp through the rain, crushing leaves and fallen snow under their feet. Their hands are wrapped in gloves wrapped around guns that could put a bullet through a million possibilities. They don't bother to be bothered by the beauty that falls from the sky. They don't understand the freedom in feeling the universe on their skin. They don't care. — Tahereh Mafi

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Janet Evanovich

A uniform cordoned off the area with crime scene tape. The M.E. pulled in and parked. There were two EMT trucks idling at the edge of the lot. I'd stayed close to the back door, and one of the Rangeman guys had taken a position two feet from me, standing at parade rest. No doubt in my mind he'd take a bullet for me rather than face Ranger over a dead Stephanie. — Janet Evanovich

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Corrine Jackson

How can you possibly think I'd want you to sacrifice yourself to save me? As if there wasn't enough danger, now I have to worry you'll take a bullet for me."
My arms crossed as his anger ignited my own.
"As if, you jerk. You can take your own stupid bullet. — Corrine Jackson

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Abraham Lincoln

Peace will come soon to stay, and so come as to be worth keeping in all future time. It will then have proved that among free men there can be no successful appeal from the ballot to the bullet, and that they who take such appeal are sure their cases and pay the costs. — Abraham Lincoln

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Wendy Wunder

My best friend Zoe has a perfect rear end and stick legs, and long, silky black hair. She is obviously not descended from William Penn. There are no dowdy pilgrims in her ancestry. Whereas I am grounded and mired in this place, she's like milkweed fluff that will take off with the first strong breeze. Stronger than fluff, though. She's like a bullet just waiting for someone to pull the trigger. — Wendy Wunder

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Gayle Forman

There's a piece of lead where my heart should beat
Doctor said too dangerous to take out
You'd better just leave it be
Body grew back around it, a miracle, praise be
Now, if only I could get through airport security
bullet — Gayle Forman

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Chris Rock

And even if you get shot by a stray bullet, you don't gotta go to no doctor to get it taken out, whoever shot you will take they bullet back! "I believe you have my property!" — Chris Rock

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Jamie McGuire

So you would literally take a bullet for me."
"No," Claire said, with zero emotion.
"No?" Ryan said, surprised at her answer.
Claire rolled her eyes, annoyed that she had to answer. "If I have time to stand in the way of a bullet, you have time to move. — Jamie McGuire

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Mr. T

I am the best bodyguard, because I'll take a bullet, I'll take a stab wound, I'll take a hit upside the head; I'm like a kamikaze pilot. — Mr. T

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Lora Leigh

No, whoever was out there didn't want to take her in. But his sights were on her, gun sights, steady. Clear. She stared into them, and with a mocking smile, mouthed the words, I dare you! (Cassie Sinclair)
He smiled at the challenge. One day, she just might dare him too far, but he doubted it would be a bullet he'd penetrate her with. (Unknown Breed) — Lora Leigh

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Heather O'Neill

It might seem like the easier way to get rid of a poet would be just to take him out to the backyard, have him kneel between the cans with tomato plants in them and put a bullet in his brain. But they knew from history that it doesn't work to kill a writer. Every time you shoot a poet,a dozen new ones are born. It's like plucking a grey hair. — Heather O'Neill

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Bruno Mars

Easy come, easy go,
That's just how you live, oh,
Take, take, take it all,
But you never give.
Should've known you was trouble
From the first kiss,
Had your eyes wide open.
Why were they open?
Gave you all I had and you tossed it in the trash,
You tossed it in the trash, you did.
To give me all your love is all I ever asked, 'cause
What you don't understand is
I'd catch a grenade for ya
Throw my hand on a blade for ya
I'd jump in front of a train for ya
You know I'd do anything for ya
Oh, oh, I would go through all of this pain,
Take a bullet straight through my brain!
Yes, I would die for ya, baby,
But you won't do the same. — Bruno Mars

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Seanan McGuire

Love doesn't care what you want. Love doesn't care if it's convenient. Love pursues its own agenda, and there's no bullet in the world that can take it down. More's the pity. — Seanan McGuire

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Maggie Osborne

Grinding her teeth together, she hoped the bastards weren't cheering yet, because it was going to take more than one bullet to kill Jenny Jones. — Maggie Osborne

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Rachel Vincent

We haven't met ... I'm Kori Daniels. If you don't get that gun out of my face, I'm gonna take it, then I'm gonna break your jaw so I can unhinge it and shove your pistol down your throat. That way the bullet goes through the long way. — Rachel Vincent

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Patrick Lencioni

Take a bullet for the client. Make everything about the client. Honor the client's work. Do the dirty work. — Patrick Lencioni

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Steve Wilkos

I'd take a bullet for just about anyone! If someone pulled out a gun, I'd step in front of you even though I've never met you. — Steve Wilkos

I Would Take A Bullet For You Quotes By Katie Klein

It's just ... it's not every day someone comes along willing to take a bullet for your little sister."
I swallow back a laugh, try to lighten the mood. "Nah, I'm sure Hanson would've stepped up."
Daniel rolls his eyes, reaches for his drink. "I hated that kid."
"Jaden thought he was perfect."
"I think Jaden started to see a new kind of perfect when she met you. — Katie Klein