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I Want To Capture Quotes By C. JoyBell C.

Catch a customer with emotion and you will have a customer for a day; but, capture a customer with value and you will keep a customer for a lifetime. I truly believe in good, old-fashioned values when it comes to business. That is what timelessness is made of! At the end of the day, the question is, "Do you want to build a good hut for a day or do you want to build a good fortress for a lifetime?" Quality, value, understanding the needs of your clientele - that's how you build a legacy. Connect with people, because you can never underestimate just how many people out there are yearning for any form of good interpersonal connection that they can find and when you can provide that as a brand name, you can allow the person behind your business to shine through. That's how timelessness is created. It's not created by luring people into a myth; it's created by making connections, by remembering people's names, by being genuinely interested in everybody. — C. JoyBell C.

I Want To Capture Quotes By Tim O'Reilly

The thing we should all be looking for are people who want to make a difference. I'm a big believer in the Silicon Valley religion of the power of markets. But I also believe in our obligation to give back, and to give back in the way we do business, to create more value than we capture for ourselves. — Tim O'Reilly

I Want To Capture Quotes By Amanda Mosher

He is a unicorn. I want to gently capture him and bring him back to my lab for research. — Amanda Mosher

I Want To Capture Quotes By Rostam Batmanglij

I think summer, at least as I've experienced it, can be joyous but it can also be tough emotionally. Physically, it can be hot to the point of being unbearable and I think you want to capture that frustration, but also the release. — Rostam Batmanglij

I Want To Capture Quotes By Babatunde Adebimpe

You turn into this desperate dude looking for a shred of attention when you just had so much. It's like, "I'm just lonely and all I really want is a hug, but I gotta capture that in something real gross." You start to understand why circus clowns are alcoholics. — Babatunde Adebimpe

I Want To Capture Quotes By Adam Haslett

We live in a bureaucratic, atomized world, but the system is still run by human beings. If as a writer, you want to capture the world we live in, I think you have some responsibility to at least try to get at some of the ways we've chosen to govern ourselves. — Adam Haslett

I Want To Capture Quotes By Anne Hathaway

Because I take very seriously the idea that I can make an impact in the world, I hold back my voice so I can make more of an impact when I do use it. A cause like One Billion Rising is something I want to scream about, and I want you to take that scream seriously because I don't fall out of nightclubs. I don't have photographers capture me spending untold amounts on a handbag. — Anne Hathaway

I Want To Capture Quotes By Sarah J. Maas

You want to know what I did? I gave him one minute. I gave up one minute of my escape to him. Do you understand what can happen in one minute? Because I gave one to Dorian when he attacked Aedion and me today - to capture us. I gave him a minute, in which the fate of my entire kingdom could have changed forever. I chose the son of my enemy. — Sarah J. Maas

I Want To Capture Quotes By Laura Anderson Kurk

Do you know how hard it is to paint kindness?" She leaned her hip against a desk in the corner of the room, still watching me. "It's the only part of a person I really want to capture. Everything else seems to get lost in layers of deception or defensiveness. But not kindness. You can't hide it. And people either are or they aren't. — Laura Anderson Kurk

I Want To Capture Quotes By Devin Dygert

My love of photography is melded with the ability to capture what I want to remember in the moment I want to never forget. — Devin Dygert

I Want To Capture Quotes By Hilary Duff

Given my antipathy for the paparazzi, she thinks it's hysterical that I'm so attached to my cameras. But to me, what I do is the anti-paparazzi. TMZsters want to capture surface. If a picture's in focus, it's great. My goal is to capture what the surface is hiding. There's a story behind every face, every landscape, every still life. There's a soul in every subject, and when my camera and I are really speaking, really working together properly, we can capture it. — Hilary Duff

I Want To Capture Quotes By Richard MacDonald

I can actually feel the interior body of a dancer. I have the ability to capture a split second ... I want you to be hit with whatever the essence is of this sculpture. — Richard MacDonald

I Want To Capture Quotes By Dave Cullen

Why no pictures?" While I knew from the beginning that I did not want to include them, it took lengthy discussion with readers to articulate exactly why. It comes down to the fact that photos capture one instant in a person's life. I hoped to bring these people alive as complex individuals: hopeful, gloomy, anxious, playful, devious, etc. Photos, within these covers, undermine that, in my opinion. So we left them out. Photos — Dave Cullen

I Want To Capture Quotes By Ayumi Hamasaki

I can't write a lie; the world of imagination is no good. I objectively capture my own experiences and those of my friends. I want to put true feelings into words. If I make a song when I'm sad, it's a dark one, but I think that's good. No matter when I want to be true to myself. — Ayumi Hamasaki

I Want To Capture Quotes By Rick Riordan

When I met Thanatos," [Hazel] said, "you know ... Death ... he told me I wasn't on your list of rogue spirits to capture. He said maybe that's why you were keeping your distance. If you acknowledged me, you'd have to take me back to the Underworld."
Pluto waited. "What is your question?"
"You're here. Why don't you take me to the Underworld. Return me to the dead?"
Pluto's form started to fade. He smiled, but Hazel couldn't tell if he was sad or pleased. "Perhaps that is not what I want to see, Hazel. Perhaps I was never here." (226) — Rick Riordan

I Want To Capture Quotes By Nalini Singh

Why shouldn't we kill you?" he asked the black-garbed male who came forward to meet him.
"We have no quarrel with you." The man's eyes were flat, his voice toneless. "We ask permission to enter your territory to hunt a Psy fugitive."
"Permission denied." Lucas folded his arms. "I don't make a habit of allowing enemies into my territory."
"This fugitive may be dangerous to you and your people."
Lucas smiled and it was nothing friendly. "Then the fugitive will die."
"We would prefer to capture this one alive."
"Didn't your mother ever tell you - you don't always get what you want? — Nalini Singh

I Want To Capture Quotes By Catherine Hardwicke

For Twilight, I wasn't thinking it was going to be a crazy success, or anything. It had been rejected by all the major studios. Nobody wanted to make it and they didn't think it would make any money, but I read the book and I thought, "Wow, I want to capture that feeling of just being crazy in love. I wonder if I can do that in a film." That was my challenge. — Catherine Hardwicke

I Want To Capture Quotes By Bruno Mars

I don't try and be dark, but there are obviously darker emotions that I want to capture sometimes. — Bruno Mars

I Want To Capture Quotes By Ali Banisadr

Sometimes I forget what I put in. I want to capture things in that way, where you're looking into your memory, a dream or hallucination. The characters become a mixture of archetypes, [and] that's what I like. You're trying to figure it out and your brain wants to categorize things, but it can't because of this motion. You want to solve the problem, but it never gets solved. It's like when you read a really good book and the story never leaves you. — Ali Banisadr

I Want To Capture Quotes By Emery Lord

If we could capture feelings like we capture pictures, none of us would ever leave our rooms. It would be so tempting to inhabit the good moments over and over again. But I don't want to be the kind of person who lives backwardly, who memorializes moments before she's finished living in them. So I plant my feet here on this hillside beside a boy who is undoing me, and I kiss him back like I mean it. And, God help me, with the sky wrapped around us in every direction, I do mean it. — Emery Lord

I Want To Capture Quotes By Edward Abbey

Certainly, I want to capture the reader's attention from the beginning and hold it until the end: that is half the purpose of my art. The other half must be to tell my story in the most honest way that I can. — Edward Abbey

I Want To Capture Quotes By Marnie Stern

Labels want to capture a certain market of kids and blah blah blah, and it's true, I just never think about that stuff. It's all part of a chain that's moving along, but this phase of music has to switch. — Marnie Stern

I Want To Capture Quotes By Dodie Smith

I don't want to miss anything. — Dodie Smith

I Want To Capture Quotes By Clarice Lispector

But I don't know how to capture what takes place except by living each thing that now and at the instant happens to me and it's not important what. I let the horse gallop free, fiery from pure, noble joy. I, who run nervously and only reality delimits me. And when the day comes to an end I hear the crickets and I become full of thousands of tiny, clamouring birds. And each thing that happens to me I live here, taking note of it. Because I want to feel in my inquiring hands the living and trembling of what is today. — Clarice Lispector

I Want To Capture Quotes By Amelia C. Gormley

I'd like to do two sets, if you don't mind. One nude before we fuck, and another when we're done." He pressed close, brushing his lips along my jaw until I turned to welcome the kiss. His voice dropped to a sexy murmur. "I want to capture the look in your eyes, before and after. Hungry, then satisfied. — Amelia C. Gormley

I Want To Capture Quotes By Tommy Wallach

People always said that photography is an attempt to capture something fleeting.
And suddenly everything is fleeting.
It's like Ardor is this special tone of light we've never had before, and it's shining down and infusinf every single object and person on the planet.
I just want to document that light, before it's gone.
-Eliza — Tommy Wallach

I Want To Capture Quotes By Leelee Sobieski

Now when I see something beautiful or funny or sweet, sometimes I reach for my camera, but other times I think, 'I need to let this moment exist. I don't have to capture everything. I just want to experience it.' — Leelee Sobieski

I Want To Capture Quotes By Andrew Vachss

Chronic sexual predators [to Vachss, pedophiles] have crossed an osmotic membrane. They can't step back to the other side - our side. And they don't want to. If we don't kill them or release them, we have but one choice. Call them monsters and isolate them ... I've spoken to many predators over the years. They always exhibit amazement that we do not hunt them. And that when we capture them, we eventually let them go. Our attitude is a deliberate interference with Darwinism - an endangerment of our species. — Andrew Vachss

I Want To Capture Quotes By John Piper

I wrote this poem called "The Calvinist" to capture a glimpse of God's sovereign intersection with the life of a sinful man. There is no part of life where the greatness of God does not penetrate deeply. I want to help you feel that. — John Piper

I Want To Capture Quotes By Shannon L. Alder

Sonnet I
If thee must say that I am not who I am,
That I am not real or true,
Then thou must say you are not as well,
For we either walk in fairytales and dance to our dreams,
Or we die trying to capture a miracle between the ordinary moments,
We rejoice in the gratitude for our needs met,
But we pray for the staircases and open doors to our desires,
We redefine our gratitude with another day,
Another dance of praise to Thee for undoing are mistakes of unneeded wants and needs we want, but not met. — Shannon L. Alder

I Want To Capture Quotes By Laura Bush

The English language lacks the words to mourn an absence. For the loss of a parent, grandparent, spouse, child or friend, we have all manner of words and phrases, some helpful some not. Still we are conditioned to say something, even if it is only "I'm sorry for your loss." But for an absence, for someone who was never there at all, we are wordless to capture that particular emptiness. For those who deeply want children and are denied them, those missing babies hover like silent ephemeral shadows over their lives. Who can describe the feel of a tiny hand that is never held? — Laura Bush

I Want To Capture Quotes By Alex Garland

Personally I don't think there's any real intrinsic difference between comic books, movies, theatre, novels. I know there's sure to be some differences of some sorts. I've worked on novels, films, and video games, and in an adaptation, I guess one of the issues is that I have to be in love with the thing I'm adapting before I do it. So that can cause a problem. You can be too scared of it. You could be too reverential. But at the same time you want to try to capture this thing that you're obsessed by. You're fixated for a reason. What's the reason? You try to get ahold of it. — Alex Garland

I Want To Capture Quotes By John O. Brennan

I want to be very clear: whenever it is possible to capture a suspected terrorist, it is the unqualified preference of the administration to take custody of that individual so we can obtain information that is vital to the safety and security of the American people. — John O. Brennan

I Want To Capture Quotes By Dodie Smith I Capture The Castle

Oh, it was an artful place
it must make people who have money want to spend it madly! — Dodie Smith I Capture The Castle

I Want To Capture Quotes By Leigh Bardugo

Capture Nikolai. Put him in a cage. See if we could pull him from the shadow's grasp. The too-clever fox, finally caught. I blinked and looked away. I didn't want to cry again. — Leigh Bardugo

I Want To Capture Quotes By Ben Lerner

In art and life we're always reading bodies and behaviors (and skies and skylines or whatever), constructing brief and shifting coherences, and I guess I want to capture that process of characterization and re-characterization instead of offering up a few stable, easily-summarized individuals. — Ben Lerner

I Want To Capture Quotes By Mark Zuckerberg

In the future, I think you are going to want to capture a whole scene, a room, to be able to transport to that. To be able to stream what you are doing live and have people be able to interact in that space. — Mark Zuckerberg

I Want To Capture Quotes By Sherry Turkle

It used to be that people had a way of dealing with the world that was basically, 'I have a feeling, I want to make a call.' Now I would capture a way of dealing with the world, which is: 'I want to have a feeling, I need to send a text.' — Sherry Turkle

I Want To Capture Quotes By Jens Christian Grondahl

Sometimes I think you take photographs instead of seeing, you forget to look in your eagerness to grasp what is seen, to capture it in time's flight. You are absent from your own pictures, not only because you took them yourself, but also because you betray the moments you want to save from oblivion. — Jens Christian Grondahl

I Want To Capture Quotes By Ian Stewart

I don't want to convince you that mathematics is useful. It is, but utility is not the only criterion for value to humanity. Above all, I want to convince you that mathematics is beautiful, surprising, enjoyable, and interesting. In fact, mathematics is the closest that we humans get to true magic. How else to describe the patterns in our heads that - by some mysterious agency - capture patterns of the universe around us? Mathematics connects ideas that otherwise seem totally unrelated, revealing deep similarities that subsequently show up in nature. — Ian Stewart

I Want To Capture Quotes By Dodie Smith I Capture The Castle

I think what I really mean is that [she] won't be WANTING things to happen. She will want things to say just as they are. She will never have the fun of hoping something wonderful and exciting may be just round the corner. — Dodie Smith I Capture The Castle

I Want To Capture Quotes By Tyler Shields

I create other worlds, magical never-never lands where the camera is my weapon and the battles I fight are with the elements. i stretch the laws of the mind and displace people from their realities to capture a side of them they didn't even know they had. Photography has the ability to freeze people in this time and space - no matter what happens after that moment, it cannot change - they are exactly how i want them to be. — Tyler Shields

I Want To Capture Quotes By Kathy Reichs

You want to capture a gun-crazed murderer during a Category Four hurricane." Shelton's gaze rose to the heavens. "Any idea how dangerous that sounds?"
"Good thing we're Virals," Ben said.
Our eyes met. He actually smiled.
"I'm with Tory," Ben said firmly. "To the end."
"Thank you." I felt a rush of affection.
When it really matters, I can always count on Ben. — Kathy Reichs

I Want To Capture Quotes By Gerardo Suter

To speak technically photography is the art of writing with light. But if I want to think about it more philosophically, I can say that photography is the art of writing with time. When you capture an image you capture not only a piece of space, you also capture a piece of time. So you have this piece of specific time in your square or rectangle. In that sense I find that photography has more to do with time than with light. — Gerardo Suter

I Want To Capture Quotes By David Maraniss

I want my books to last, to stand the test of time, and to do that I focus on the forces that shape the subject - the cultural and sociological geography - to capture them in a way that will explain them no matter what they are doing. — David Maraniss

I Want To Capture Quotes By Joe Zawinul

I am an improviser, ... I improvise music. Whatever you want to call it all, it is all improvised music. I may capture it and go back and write it down for others, but it was originally improvised. — Joe Zawinul

I Want To Capture Quotes By Anais Nin

He sat before a note book of blank pages, saying: I swallow my own words. I chew and chew everything until it deteriorates. Every thought or impulse I have is chewed into nothingness. I want to capture all my thoughts at once, but they run in all directions. If I could do this I would be capturing the nimblest of minds, like a shoal of minnows. I would reveal innocence and duplicity, generosity and calculation, fear and cowardice and courage. I want to tell the whole truth, but I cannot tell the whole truth because I would have to write four pages at once, like four columns simultaneously, four pages to the present one, and so I do not write at all. I would have to write backwards, retrace my steps constantly to catch the echoes and overtones. — Anais Nin

I Want To Capture Quotes By Storm Saulter

I'm most alive when I'm on set. Whether I'm imagining it on my head, I know what I want to capture. — Storm Saulter

I Want To Capture Quotes By Michael Bay

I don't ever want to do a movie where you shoot it on a motion capture stage. I just don't like taking the reality out of it. I like being on the set in real environments. I don't like shooting on green screen. I think it gives the actors so much more to play with when there's real stuff happening on the set. — Michael Bay

I Want To Capture Quotes By Jonathan Lethem

So much of the effort that goes into writing prose for me is about making sentences that capture the music that I'm hearing in my head. It takes a lot of work, writing, writing, and rewriting to get the music exactly the way you want it to be. — Jonathan Lethem

I Want To Capture Quotes By Henri Cartier-Bresson

The photograph itself doesn't interest me. I want only to capture a minute part of reality. — Henri Cartier-Bresson

I Want To Capture Quotes By David Lagercrantz

I want to be read, and I certainly want to sell, but I also see my father's eye from Heaven: 'Always write quality. It doesn't matter if you sell; if it's good, it's good - if you capture the complexity of life.' — David Lagercrantz

I Want To Capture Quotes By Christina Lauren

You always hold out so long. I want it to feel so good you can't last." "You're so evil," I hissed and she laughed, turning her head to capture my mouth in a kiss. — Christina Lauren

I Want To Capture Quotes By R.S. Grey

He leans forward and presses a kiss to my cheek. It's so romantic and soft. I want to capture it in a mason jar and preserve it for later. — R.S. Grey

I Want To Capture Quotes By Lisa Carlisle

You don't have to pose," she said. "I want to capture you as you were. Forget I'm even here."
He gave her a lopsided grin. "It's impossible not to notice you. — Lisa Carlisle

I Want To Capture Quotes By P.G. Wodehouse

You know how it is as a rule, when you want to get Chappie A on Spot B at exactly the same moment when Chappie C is on Spot D. There's always a chance of a hitch. Take the case of a general, I mean to say, who's planning out a big movement. He tells one regiment to capture the hill with the windmill on it at the exact moment when another regiment is taking the bridgehead or something down in the valley; and everything gets all messed up. And then, when they're chatting the thing over in camp that night, the colonel of the first regiment says, "Oh, sorry! Did you say the hill with the windmill? I thought you said the one with the flock of sheep." And there you are! — P.G. Wodehouse

I Want To Capture Quotes By Eddie Huang

People talk about perfect timing, but I think everything is perfect in its moment; you just want to capture that. — Eddie Huang

I Want To Capture Quotes By Reggie Watts

I love photographs. I love taking photographs. When I see something that's great, I want to capture that. You put it out there and on a place like Instagram you can put it there and review it later. — Reggie Watts

I Want To Capture Quotes By Leonardo Da Vinci

I'm not contented to capture the world. I want to change it. — Leonardo Da Vinci

I Want To Capture Quotes By Kate Christensen

I wanted to capture time through how food and I were getting along at any given moment. That necessitated writing some dark stuff, some sad stuff, and a lot of painful memories, because my life has often been dark, sad, and painful. I didn't want to sugarcoat anything. — Kate Christensen

I Want To Capture Quotes By Dom Kennedy

I didn't want my music to be confused - even though I was and had a lot of questions. I wanted my music to capture a period in my life where I was sure. — Dom Kennedy

I Want To Capture Quotes By Christopher Abbott

Doing a play, you have a little bit more time, obviously. You rehearse for a month before you get up in front of people. It's a totally different energy. With film, TV, you want to try to capture lightning-in-a-bottle moments. I don't try to rehearse as much with that stuff, because you want those sparks of something to come out, if they do. — Christopher Abbott