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I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By Chris Cleave

Perhaps life just turned a person who tried harder into a person who felt they must write it on someone else's report. — Chris Cleave

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By Sarah Waters

But, here was a curious thing. The more I tried to give up thinking of her, the more I said to myself, 'She's nothing to you', the harder I tried to pluck the idea of her out of my heart, the more she stayed there. — Sarah Waters

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By Joel McCrea

I have no regrets, except perhaps one: I should have tried harder to be a better actor. — Joel McCrea

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By Jay Asher

Page 148- But I did , Hannah. And I wanted to. I could have helped you. But when I tried, you pushed me away. I can almost hear Hannah's voice speaking my next thought for me. "Then why didn't you try harder?"
- I think this quote is so powerful. This entire book is based on the effort of trying for a loved one and I feel as if clay is feeling the entire impact of hannah's suicide. However, I feel like he's placing all the blame on himself rather than seeing that other people had faults in not trying hard enough for Hannah. I think that later on in the book this quote will be acted out in a sense that the mistake of him not trying hard enough for hannah will be acted on someone else.. maybe he'll try harder for someone else? Maybe Hannah made the tape, not to necessarily blame him for her suicide, but so in the future he will help someone rather than them killing themselves. — Jay Asher

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By Stacey Jay

His love, his faith in me, his belief that I can be as strong and brave as he is ... The way he makes me feel and think and try harder than I've ever tried ... All of it, all of him, is better than anything else. — Stacey Jay

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By Pleasefindthis

Dear You, You are holding in your hands what was promised to you years ago. I'm sorry it took so long. But life, as is so often the case, is life and we forget about the promises we've made. You, however, are harder to forget. I know the world is crazy. I know love is not always the way it's meant to be. I know sometimes, things hurt. But I also know that we'll get through this. That our hearts will arrive on the other side, in one piece. That everything is beautiful, if we give it the chance to be. I've tried to write down what I saw and what you told me and I sincerely don't think I missed anything. Let me know if I have. I love you. I miss you. Me — Pleasefindthis

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By Ilona Andrews

God. I haven't been very good.
The metal whined in protest.
I could have tried harder. I could've been a better person. I stand before you now as I am. I make no excuses.
The beams gave, bending.
Please, have mercy on me, — Ilona Andrews

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By Nicole Williams

Let's not pretend that I couldn't get you to do whatever I asked of you," he hissed, shoving harder against me when I tried breaking free again. The impact and firmnedd of his body against mine brought a sound to the surface from me. "Let's not pretend that, even though you might hate me, you wouldn't let me do anything to you I wanted." His head dropped to my neck, and the next thing I felt was his mouth warming the skin at the base of it. His mouth never touched me, just his warm breath, and even with that small intimacy, my eyes closed, my head rolled back, and I moaned again. — Nicole Williams

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By Anna Quindlen

It had turned out that climbing a tree was more difficult than it looked. It was harder than warrior pose in yoga, than teaser in Pilates, than the elliptical or the Reformer. Rebecca thought that if no one had thought of it yet, soon enough someone in the city would spearhead a craze for tree climbing in Central and Prospect Parks, and it would become the talk of every cocktail party: have you tried that large oak by the Sheep Meadow? Oh, it's completely changed my body. — Anna Quindlen

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By Kristin Armstrong

Before I got divorced, I was personally unfamiliar with trial, or at least trial of serious, heart-wrenching proportions. I figured that life went smoothly if you tried hard, and if you messed up, or things weren't working out, you just tried harder. — Kristin Armstrong

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By Benjamin Alire Saenz

I was harder than Dante. I think I'd tried to hide that hardness from him because I'd wanted him to like me. But now he knew. That I was hard. And maybe that was okay. Maybe he could like the fact that I was hard just as I liked the fact that he wasn't hard. — Benjamin Alire Saenz

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By Jodi Picoult

Whether or not belive in Fate comes down to one thing: who you blame when something goes wrong. Do you think it's your fault - that if you'd tried better, worked harder, it wouldn't have happened? Or do you just chalk it up to circumstance?
I know poeple who'll hear about the people who died, and will say that it was God's will. I know people who'll say it was bad luck. And then there's my personal favorite: They were just in the wrong place at hte wrong time.
Then again, you could say the same thing about me, couldn't you? — Jodi Picoult

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By Cheryl Fuller

it is usually assumed that in a room with a slender therapist and a fat patient, it is the patient who has a weight problem. That therapist, benefitting from thin privilege may well assume that the way she eats, what she eats and how she exercises are what make her different from her patient, what make her thin and her patient fat. She may believe that because she carefully monitors what she eats and faithfully exercises, that she has control over her body, control that the fat woman could have if only she tried harder and did as she does. There is nothing in the media or even the professional literature to contradict her assumptions. — Cheryl Fuller

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By John Swartzwelder

The guy who was punching me was a lot burlier than I was, so it hurt plenty. But I tried to pretend it didn't bother me at all, that I actually liked it. It was hard to do this convincingly, because he had kind of knocked the wind out of me there, so all I could do was smile and wink and give him the thumbs up while I waited to be able to breath again. He thought I was making fun of him and started punching me in the stomach harder. Meanwhile, I'm not any closer to getting my breath back. Some days are like that. — John Swartzwelder

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By Scott Adams

Men believe value is created by accomplishment, and they have objectives for the women in their lives. If a
woman meets the objectives, he assumes she loves him. If she fails to meet the objectives, he will assume she does not
love him. The man assumes that if the woman loved him she would have tried harder and he always believes his objectives for her are reasonable. — Scott Adams

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By Austin Grossman

What does it mean to conquer the world? Is there really a way to do it? Do you have to be the richest one, or the smartest one, or to beat everyone in a fight? Or just know you could? Is it to be invincible? Does it just mean you get the girl you really wanted? Did CoreFire already conquer the world a long time ago? Did I? Or maybe there is no way to do it. No one could have tried harder than I have. Haven't I already fought a hundred battles, and lost every one? Three — Austin Grossman

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By C.S. Lewis

The harder you tried not to think, the more you thought. — C.S. Lewis

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By Tahereh Mafi

His chest, heaving harder this time. His words, almost gasping this time. "You destroy me."
I am falling to pieces in his arms.
My fists are full of unlucky pennies and my heart is a jukebox demanding a few nickels and my head is flipping quarters heads or tails heads or tails heads or tails heads or tails
"Juliette," he says, and he mouths the name, barely speaking at all, and he's pouring molten lava into my limbs and I never even knew I could melt straight to death.
"I want you," he says. He says "I want all of you. I want you inside and out and catching your breath and aching for me like I ache for you." He says it like it's a lit cigarette lodged in his throat, like he wants to dip me in warm honey and he says "It's never been a secret. I've never tried to hide that from you. I've never pretended I wanted anything less. — Tahereh Mafi

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By Christopher Barzak

I tried. I tried to burn that memory of my regret. But I wasn't dead yet, I was just on my way to dying, and it's harder to burn memories when you've still got life left. When you're alive you have to learn how to live with things like regret. — Christopher Barzak

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By Vicky Dreiling

Something started thumping rhythmically against the door. Julianne hiccoughed and stared in horror, fearing whoever was in there would fling it open.
A man grunted again and again.
Georgette frowned. "Is he ill?"
The door thumped harder. A woman started making repetitive high-pitched noises, sounding like a squealing pig.
Julianne frowned. "What are they - hic - doing?"
"We must leave," Anne whispered.
The thumping turned into banging, and the man's grunting grew louder. "Feel my mighty sword."
"He has a sword?" Georgette asked.
The woman behind the door screamed.
Georgette gasped. "He killed her."
"I'm coming," the man said.
"Not inside me," the woman said in a curt voice. "I don't want a brat."
Julianne dropped the candle and clapped her hand over her mouth. She'd thought a bed was required. As she stared at the door, she tried to figure out how the amorous couple had managed, but she failed. — Vicky Dreiling

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By David Wilkerson

When God sets His heart on you, you will be tried often. But the longer and harder your affliction, the more deeply God has set His heart on you, to show you His love and care. — David Wilkerson

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By Richard Yates

When you wrote it didn't matter if hysteria sometimes came up in your face and voice (unless, of course, you let it find its way into your "literary voice") because writing was done in merciful privacy and silence. Even if you were partly out of your mind it might turn out to be all right: you could try for control even harder than Blanche Dubois was said to have tried, and with luck you could still bring off a sense of order and sanity on the page for the reader. Reading, after all, was a thing done in privacy and silence too. — Richard Yates

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By Casey Hill

She settled her head back on her pillow, sighed deeply, and tried to relax, tried to let herself unwind and go back to sleep, but the harder she tried, the more sleep eluded her. Something was lurking there, hiding in a quiet corner of her mind, waiting to ambush her as soon as she started to drift off. — Casey Hill

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By Cornelia Funke

If she'd known him better, she might've tried to explain to Will that life never lets you hide. Plant, animal, or human - life forced them all to grow and learn. The more you tried to run, the harder your path got, and you'd still have to travel it. — Cornelia Funke

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By Elizabeth Gannon

Natalie wasn't the type of person who blamed others for the stupid things they did. She tried to be very understanding of their idiocy. Besides, they were probably doing the best they could. The world was a tough place, and it must be *so* much harder if you were stupid. — Elizabeth Gannon

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By Cat Johnson

Her heart beat a little harder as she tried, too late, to avoid noticing how incredible his ass looked in his jeans. She was in big trouble. — Cat Johnson

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By Evangeline Anderson

Maybe I should have gone back to Weight Watchers and tried harder to lose my luscious hips and overlarge ass. If I'd known it might keep me from being abducted by aliens, you bet I would have counted points until Doomsday. It's — Evangeline Anderson

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By Marie Hall

Forgetting herself, she turned toward him and her eyes bulged. "You're naked!"
"It's what one tends to do in their home when it's time to sleep," he growled, now beginning to visibly get upset. And it seemed the more upset he got, the harder he got.
His cock was long and quickly turning rigid. She tried to look away without seeming like it affected her, but she knew her eyes were enormous in her face and her heart was definitely doing a strange stuttering.
"Stop acting like such a virgin. This isn't for you. — Marie Hall

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By Temple Grandin

When something is "all in your mind," people tend to think that it's willful, that it's something you could control if only you tried harder or if you had been trained differently. I'm hoping that the newfound certainty that autism is in your brain and in your genes will affect public attitudes. — Temple Grandin

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By Marissa Meyer

What was Cinder like? She hadn't known her for all that long. She was a brilliant mechanic. She seemed to be honorable and brave and determined to do what needed to be done ... but Scarlet suspected she wasn't always as confident as she tried to appear on the outside. Also, she had a crush on Emperor Kai as big as Winter had on Jacin, although Cinder tried a lot harder to pretend otherwise. But — Marissa Meyer

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By Anthony F. C. Wallace

You can't really discover the most interesting conflicts and problems in a subject until you've tried to write about them. At that point, one discovers discontinuities in the data, perhaps, or in one's own thinking; then the act of writing forces you to work harder to resolve these contradictions. — Anthony F. C. Wallace

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By L.A. Casey

Don't be afraid to do it harder," she grunted.
"That's what she said," Alec said earning a laugh from Keela and myself.
"Have you ever thought of givin' up sexual innuendos?" I asked him with my lip curled upward. "Because you should, you can be so disgustin' at times."
"I've tried," Alec sighed. "But it's hard, so hard. — L.A. Casey

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By Brad Warner

There's also an aspect which I tried to express yesterday by saying the same "something" that looks out through Curlys eyes is also the same exact thing which looks out of Moe's eyes, and that's harder for people to grasp. So the thing is, you have to find a way to ultimately embrace both sides or else you can't function. If you only embrace the side of pure oneness then you end up sort of spacing out and sitting under a blanket. — Brad Warner

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By Lauren Blakely

He had never admitted he had a problem, and maybe if he had she would have stayed longer or tried harder. As it was, she simply felt free now. Being with him had been a long, slow suffocation. Caring for someone who didn't care one bit about changing was like being frayed thin. He hadn't wanted what she had to give. She wasn't really sure what it would be like to — Lauren Blakely

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By Sarah McLachlan

I was very awkward as a kid. I was a square trying to fit into a circle and it never worked for me. The harder I tried, the harder I fell. For some reason I was a real target and I got beat up and called names. — Sarah McLachlan

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By Anne Bishop

Simon didn't think Meg really wanted to know how to eviscerate a rabbit. He could be wrong about that, but he just couldn't picture Meg pouncing on a bunny and ripping it open with her teeth.
Maybe if he tried harder to picture it? — Anne Bishop

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By Stephen Richards

In a split second he went for me, he never tried to punch me though, he went to grab me so he could use his strength for some rough and tumble, but as fast as he came rushing at me, I equally as fast unleashed a furious right uppercut (if you can deliver a uppercut properly you'll never go far wrong because when they land, your legs cave in) on to his chin and his legs went from under him like a baby deer. They say, the bigger you are, the harder you fall, that is correct! He hit the deck like a broken lift. — Stephen Richards

I Should've Tried Harder Quotes By Liam McGrath

You try hard, but you don't succeed.. So you try harder, and harder ... But you still just don't succeed, you give it a try once more; only realising its never going to work out the way you want it to. But then again, you remember; you've tried so much. You've tried to please, you've tried to love and you've tried to care. You think to yourself, "Why should I keep on going?" You try so hard, what's the point.. No one accepts you for who you are, no one sees you for who you are, no one takes the time to ask how you feel, no one takes the time to bother.. But then there's you ... You try, and try. And you just give up hope, because its just so much easier! — Liam McGrath