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I Play Dumb Quotes By Michael Lewis

I really do believe the final act in play is a crisis in our financial institutions, which are doing such dumb, dumb things, — Michael Lewis

I Play Dumb Quotes By Harry Schuhmacher

and two, success is often started by dumb luck, so play the hand that's dealt you and play it hard. — Harry Schuhmacher

I Play Dumb Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

His gaze didn't stray from my face. "You're a smart woman, Ella."
"Are you intimidated by a woman with a big vocabulary?"
"Hell, yes. Any woman with an IQ higher than room temperature, and I'm gone. Unless she's paying for dinner."
"I could play dumb and you could pay for dinner," I offered.
"Too late. You already used a five-syllable word."
-Jack & Ella — Lisa Kleypas

I Play Dumb Quotes By Paris Hilton

I play dumb like Jessica Simpson plays dumb. But we know exactly what we're doing. We're smart blondes. — Paris Hilton

I Play Dumb Quotes By Bill Parcells

I'll call somebody 'dumb' or 'stupid' if they make a dumb or stupid play. I don't know any other word for it, and if they don't like the word, that's too bad. — Bill Parcells

I Play Dumb Quotes By Alex Jamieson

We crave touch. We need each other. We need to be held. Baby mammals, humans included, who don't get enough cuddling and skin-to-skin contact with another creature whither, don't thrive, and can develop serious emotional problems.

Adults are no different. You need touch, physical play, caresses, and pleasure in your body as much as a river otter. We need more fun play in our days, even as adults. Play isn't some trivial, dumb thing that's just for kids. Play should be as important to you as eating greens or drinking water. Not only does pleasurable play grow new brain connections for happier moods and better memory, play also sets off a cascade of body-positive effects that help keep you slim and vital. — Alex Jamieson

I Play Dumb Quotes By Jim Gaffigan

I liked the idea that my character was not gonna be the typical dumb guy that I play, typically. I also loved the fact that it was dealing with kind of adult-extended adolescence, which I think is always interesting
a bunch of people that don't wanna grow up. — Jim Gaffigan

I Play Dumb Quotes By Olivia Wilde

People assume actresses are afraid to get older; the truth is the roles get a whole lot more compelling once you're too old to play dumb. — Olivia Wilde

I Play Dumb Quotes By Glen Duncan

Naturally torturers giggle while they work: The body's dumb obedience to physics (pull hard enough and this comes off, squeeze tight enough and that pops out) against which the nuances of the victim's personality count for nothing has in it one of the roots of comedy - the spirit's subservience to the flesh. You can cut a head off and shove it in a bag, stick it on a pole, play volleyball or footie with it. Hilarious, among other things. — Glen Duncan

I Play Dumb Quotes By Jay Griffiths

And we were taught to play golf. Golf epitomizes the tame world. On a golf course nature is neutered. The grass is clean, a lawn laundry that wipes away the mud, the insect, the bramble, nettle and thistle, an Eezy-wipe lawn where nothing of life, dirty and glorious, remains. Golf turns outdoors into indoors, a prefab mat of stultified grass, processed, pesticided, herbicided, the pseudo-green of formica sterility. Here, the grass is not singing. The wind cannot blow through it. Dumb expression, greenery made stupid, it hums a bland monotone in the key of the mono-minded. No word is emptier than a golf tee. No roots, it has no known etymology, it is verbal nail polish. Worldwide, golf is an arch act of enclosure, a commons fenced and subdued for the wealthy, trampling serf and seedling. The enemy of wildness, it is a demonstration of the absolute dominion of man over wild nature. — Jay Griffiths

I Play Dumb Quotes By Seth Godin

Faced with the opportunity to become the category of one, we almost always hesitate, almost always compromise, almost always dumb it down to play it a little bit safer — Seth Godin

I Play Dumb Quotes By Iman

Intelligence is sexy. Don't play dumb, especially young girls. Don't play dumb. And let people see that you are intelligent. — Iman

I Play Dumb Quotes By Caleb

The rich girls steal, the pretty girls lie, the smart girls play dumb and the dumb girls spend their days trying to be all of the above. — Caleb

I Play Dumb Quotes By Mr. T

It takes a smart guy to play dumb. — Mr. T

I Play Dumb Quotes By Leonard Cohen

If you're squeezed for information, / that's when you've got to play it dumb: / You just say you're out there waiting / for the miracle, for the miracle to come. — Leonard Cohen

I Play Dumb Quotes By Amelia Hutchins

I go in on your arm and we separate. To make me look unavailable, since Vlad likes what he can't have, I play dumb blonde and make myself sexy." I glared as Adam barked with laughter at my words."No going off of the plan, when he takes you in the back room - and he will, you work the information out of him without blowing your cover, or him." I shot the glare to Ryder. "I have no intention of bobbing on Vlad's knob. Or yours." I tossed into remove the wide smirk my response had given him and it worked. — Amelia Hutchins

I Play Dumb Quotes By Terry Crisp

We can't play stupid hockey, dumb hockey, greedy hockey, selfish hockey. We have to put the team ahead of our personal feelings. — Terry Crisp

I Play Dumb Quotes By JoAnne Carner

The trouble with me is I think too much. I always said you have to be dumb to play good golf. — JoAnne Carner

I Play Dumb Quotes By Jay Parini

American politicians who dwell on American exceptionalism only dishonor us by suggesting we play dumb to our past. — Jay Parini

I Play Dumb Quotes By Rabindranath Tagore

They who from birth have had no other speech than the trembling of their lips learn a language of the eyes, endless in expression, deep as the sea, clear as the heavens, wherein play dawn and sunset, light and shadow. The dumb have a lonely grandeur like Nature's own. Wherefore — Rabindranath Tagore

I Play Dumb Quotes By Helen Ellis

You've got to have brains to play dumb. — Helen Ellis

I Play Dumb Quotes By Dinah Katt

Strike two. Add dumb as a box of rocks to the list of why I don't like these guys. I got to my feet, deciding to play nice. After all, they were just poor dumb guys who couldn't help it that there weren't enough brains in their genes. — Dinah Katt

I Play Dumb Quotes By John Marsden

Oh, Homer! You don't have to play dumb anymore! You're not at school now. — John Marsden

I Play Dumb Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Gee, thanks Dad. I promise to be a good boy and play nice with the other kids.(Kyrian)
Smart ass.(Julian)
Better than a dumb ass.(Kyrian) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

I Play Dumb Quotes By V. Alexander

The trick to being smart is knowing when to play dumb. — V. Alexander

I Play Dumb Quotes By Marilyn Monroe

A smart girl is one who knows how to play tennis, golf, piano
and dumb. — Marilyn Monroe

I Play Dumb Quotes By Jaime Preciado

Hi, my name is Jaime and I play bass, and I have dumb hair. — Jaime Preciado

I Play Dumb Quotes By Bob Dylan

Anger and jealousy's all that he sells us, he's content when you're under his thumb. Madmen oppose him, but your kindness throws him, to survive it you play deaf and dumb. — Bob Dylan

I Play Dumb Quotes By Judy Holliday

You have to be smart to play a dumb blonde over and over again and keep the audience's attention without extraordinary physical equipment. — Judy Holliday

I Play Dumb Quotes By Bobby Fischer

I usually never stay at the board after a game. Especially against Spassky. I made a dumb suggestion and he refuted it instantly! I know I'm going to have to play him some day and it was really stupid to look like such a jerk in front of him. — Bobby Fischer

I Play Dumb Quotes By Adam Parfrey

And, in the future, while the dumb show of bohemianism plays itself out in the cookie cutter shape of the politically correct martyr/victim, aesthetic terrorists will not involve themselves in the dubious rewards of celebrity. The best of them will work alone, already a part of the enemy camp, and in chameleon-like style master the fifth-column algorithms to subvert the ancient regime. We won't know them by their name but their compensation will be to affect the outcome of the planet. Until then, there's a lot of work to be done. — Adam Parfrey

I Play Dumb Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Sorry I was bitchy," I managed to say.
"You had cause, honey."
"My mother's awful."
"Yeah." He wiggled my toes individually. His voice was steam-blended and soft. "That advice she gave you was crap, by the way."
"You heard that? Oh, God."
"You should give me everything I want," Jack informed me. "You should spoil me rotten. And it's too late to play dumb, and you're cute as hell without makeup."
I smiled, my eyes still closed. "What about my glasses?"
"Definite turn-on."
"Everything's a turn-on for you," I said languidly.
"Not everything." Laughter thickened his voice.
"Yes. You're like one of those pharmaceutical commercials where they warn about four-hour erections. You need to go see your doctor."
"I don't find him all that attractive. — Lisa Kleypas

I Play Dumb Quotes By Cindy Morgan

I did one of the 'Amazing Stories.' That was the first time I got to play a character who was a dumb blonde. I actually channeled Judy Holliday. — Cindy Morgan

I Play Dumb Quotes By Leigh Bardugo

I know it comes easy, Geels, but try not to play dumb with me. — Leigh Bardugo

I Play Dumb Quotes By Marilyn Monroe

It takes a smart brunette to play a dumb blonde. — Marilyn Monroe

I Play Dumb Quotes By Tite Kubo

The guys who play it [soccer] are kinda dumb. Why don't they just kick the crap out of the guy in front of the net? Then they could score all they want. — Tite Kubo

I Play Dumb Quotes By Gayle Forman

All I can think about is how fucked up it would be for your life to end here, now. I mean I know that your life if fucked up no matter what now, forever. And I'm not dumb enough to think that I can undo that, that anyone can. But I can't wrap my mind around the notion of you not getting old, having kids, going to Juilliard, getting to play that cello in front of a huge audience, so that they can get the chills the way I do every time I see you pick up your bow, every time I see you smile at me. — Gayle Forman

I Play Dumb Quotes By Deyth Banger

You don't know it... but you can play dumb - right!? — Deyth Banger

I Play Dumb Quotes By Gordon Korman

You know what punk is? a bunch of no-talent guys who really, really want to be in a band. Nobody reads music, nobody plays the mandolin, and you're too dumb to write songs about mythology or Middle-earth. So what's your style? Three chords, cranked out fast and loud and distorted because your instruments are crap and you can't play them worth a damn. And you scream your lungs out to cover up the fact that you can't sing. It should suck, but here's the thing - it doesn't. Rock and roll can be so full of itself, but not this. It's simple and angry and raw. — Gordon Korman

I Play Dumb Quotes By Irma Joubert

War is a dumb game thought out by men when they become too old to play cowboys and crooks. — Irma Joubert

I Play Dumb Quotes By Jonah Books

The Church is enamored with skilled orators and performers working the stage like a choreographed Broadway play. Others profess to talk about how Jesus ministry was mere story telling like through parables and that is why it was so effective. It is though there is some magical incantation, if we just repeat then things will happen. It is like the current modernity movement in the church, dumb it down that is the problem. If we just take away the mystery and otherness of God then we will know and see God, really? — Jonah Books

I Play Dumb Quotes By Beth Daniel

I always said you have to be really smart or really dumb to play this game well. I just don't know where I fit in. — Beth Daniel

I Play Dumb Quotes By Greg Zeschuk

It [World of Warcraft] is a touchstone. It has established standards, it's established how you play an MMO. Every MMO that comes out, I play and look at it. And if they break any of the WoW rules, in my book that's pretty dumb. — Greg Zeschuk

I Play Dumb Quotes By W.B.Yeats

Never give all the heart, for love
Will hardly seem worth thinking of
To passionate women if it seem
Certain, and they never dream
That it fades out from kiss to kiss;
For everything that's lovely is
But a brief, dreamy, kind delight.
O Never give the heart outright,
For they, for all smooth lips can say,
Have given their hearts up to the play.
And who could play it well enough
If deaf and dumb and blind with love?
He that made this knows all the cost,
For he gave all his heart and lost. — W.B.Yeats

I Play Dumb Quotes By Tina Fey

It doesn't matter if it's a school play or a dumb TV show. It's your work. You should care about it so much that people get annoyed with you. — Tina Fey

I Play Dumb Quotes By Charles Bukowski

There's nothing to mourn about death any more than there is to mourn about the growing of a flower. What is terrible is not death but the lives people live or don't live up until their death. They don't honor their own lives, they piss on their lives. They shit them away. Dumb fuckers. They concentrate too much on fucking, movies, money, family, fucking. Their minds are full of cotton. They swallow God without thinking, they swallow country without thinking. Soon they forget how to think, they let others think for them. Their brains are stuffed with cotton. They look ugly, they talk ugly, they walk ugly. Play them the great music of the centuries and they can't hear it. Most people's deaths are a sham. There's nothing left to die. — Charles Bukowski

I Play Dumb Quotes By Randy Moss

I Play When I Want to Play. — Randy Moss

I Play Dumb Quotes By Roger Stone

Lay low, play dumb, keep moving. — Roger Stone

I Play Dumb Quotes By Kurt Tucholsky

The advantage of wisdom is that you can play dumb. The opposite is more difficult. — Kurt Tucholsky

I Play Dumb Quotes By Steve Harvey

I know that you and your girls have been told for years on end that you just don't pass up any opportunities when a man walks your way - he could be The One. But I'm here to tell you that this philosophy is just plain dumb. Women are smart - you all can tell when your friends are lying, you know when your kids are up to no good, co-workers can't get anything past you at
the job. You're quick to let each one of them know that you're not stupid, that you see them coming a mile away, and you're not going to let them play that game with you. But when it comes to your relationships with the opposite sex, all of that goes out the window; you relinquish your power and lose all control over the situation - cede it to any old man who looks at you twice. Just because he happened to look at you twice. — Steve Harvey

I Play Dumb Quotes By Jordan Sonnenblick

This was the kid who used to toddle over to my bed at 6 o' clock in the morning every weekend morning to pull on my blankets so I'd get up and watch cartoons with him. This was the kid who once made me play Hungry Hungry Hippos for an hour straight, until I thought my hands were going to fall off from slamming down those dumb little levers to make the hippos' heads move. This was the kid who had spent an entire days at a time begging me to play Chutes and Ladders with him. And now he was feeling too sick to play with me. — Jordan Sonnenblick

I Play Dumb Quotes By Stephanie Perkins

People can play dumb all they want, but they always give themselves away in actions. In the small moments like that. — Stephanie Perkins

I Play Dumb Quotes By Marie Corelli

The finest actor is he who play the comedy of life perfectly, as i aspire to do. To walk well, talk well, weep well, laugh well and die well, it is all pure acting, because in every man there is the dumb dreadful immortal spirit who is real- who cannot act, who-is and who steadily maintains an infinite though speechless protest against the body's lies — Marie Corelli

I Play Dumb Quotes By Gary Cohn

Every time you get into a new job, new location, you have an amazing opportunity in front of you. You get to play dumb for as long as people will allow you to play dumb. You get to ask all the dumb questions, you get to ask multiple people the dumb questions, and you get to make mistakes. That's how you stand out in the crowd. — Gary Cohn