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I Need A Hug Quotes By Cherrie Lynn

Death growls mostly bore me. Who
wants to hear the Cookie Monster?
Sing your fucking lyrics. Put some
emotion behind it."
And Ghost's usual retaliation.
"Aw, I'm sorry. Do you need a hug,
emo boy? You know, you might
want to cross your legs. Your
vagina is showing."
"Suck my dick."
"I know you'd like that, but
Candace would have to return it
"Burn! — Cherrie Lynn

I Need A Hug Quotes By Nicole Williams

think you need a hug. A nice warm, dripping-wet one."

Keenan started clapping while Brecken gave me a warning look. "I've got your son on my shoulders. I can't run away from you."

I gave an overdone smile then lunged. "Exactly," I exclaimed, winding my arms around him and wiggling the rest of my wet self against him.

Brecken let out a drawn-out groan, but he stood there and took it, hanging on to Keenan while I hung on to him. "Mature. So mature." He sighed all dramatic-like. "Wonderful example you're setting for your son here."

I tipped my head up, eyebrow raised. "This coming from the man who mixed Frosted Flakes and Cocoa Puffs this morning?"

His eyebrows lifted. "I'm setting the example of how to behave like a proper five-year-old. You're the parent. You get to set the parental example. — Nicole Williams

I Need A Hug Quotes By Neil Pasricha

A long hug when you really need it Sometimes we all get rattled. When bad news surprises you, painful memories flash back, or heavy moments turn your stomach to mush, it's great to fall into a warm and comforting pair of big, wide open arms. Shaking with sobs, dripping with tears, you snort up your runny nose and smear snot across their shoulder as that hug relaxes you and comforts you and helps you get through everything, even for a minute, even for a moment. Maybe there are "It's going to be okay" whispers, some gentle back rubbing, or just the quiet silence of knowing that they're not going to let go until you let go first. As their steady arms support you, and the pain washes over you, the hug gives you a warm glow in a shivery moment. So when you eventually pull back, smile that classic "I'm sorry and thank you" smile, and swipe wet bangs off your forehead, you still might not feel great, but if you're lucky you'll feel a little more AWESOME! — Neil Pasricha

I Need A Hug Quotes By Nora Roberts

Carpool,my foot. But it's still not a date,MacGregor. What we'll call this is a ... a civilized transit agreement. That sounds bureaucratic enough.I like your car," she added, patting the hood of his Mercedes. "Very sedate."
Alan opened the trunk and set the box inside. He glanced back up at Shelby as he closed it. "You have an interesting way of insulting someone."
She laughed,that free smoke-edged laugh as she went to him. "Dammit, Alan, I like you." Throwing her arms around his neck, she gave him a friendly hug that sent jolts of need careening through him. "I really like you," she added, tilting back her head with a smile that lit her whole face with a sense of fun. "I could probably have said that to a dozen other men who'd never have realized I was insulting them."
"So." His hands settled at her hips. "I get points for perception. — Nora Roberts

I Need A Hug Quotes By Katie McGarry

The pure menace radiating from my younger sister is undeniable. She can hate me, but I need her to know that she has something that Stella never did: a place to fall. "And if he hurts you or if anyone hurts you...you have me."
It feels unnatural, but I hug my sister. Her arms are limp at her sides, but she doesn't push me away.
"Remember, you have me," I repeat. — Katie McGarry

I Need A Hug Quotes By Tyler Oakley

Besides all that, she's hilarious and warm and knows when I need a hug, and just how long the hug needs to be for me to not feel like crying anymore. — Tyler Oakley

I Need A Hug Quotes By Jeff Gunzel

My heart is broken this day. My soul cries out in agony, but I recognize my pain for what it really is. Our shared agony is born of greed, for our fathers, mothers, and friends are all in a better place now. Never again will they know sadness. Never again will they know hunger, thirst, loneliness or pain, yet still we grieve. In reality, we grieve for ourselves. We grieve because we can no longer speak with them, hug them or hold them. We can no longer lean on them when we need a shoulder to cry on. But make no mistake, my brothers and sisters: They are perfect now. Perfect, as all of us will be when the gods, in their infinite wisdom, decide it is our time. — Jeff Gunzel

I Need A Hug Quotes By Rick Riordan

Whenever I'm tempted to hug a dwarf, that's usually a sign I need to move along. — Rick Riordan

I Need A Hug Quotes By Allie Everhart

Jade, you're doing the exact same thing you did after the pool that night. Don't you know how to do this?"
"Do what?"
"Give a person a hug."
"I'm not much of a hugger."
"Well, you need one, so don't just stand there. Put your damn arms around me. — Allie Everhart

I Need A Hug Quotes By Juno Temple

It's all about the director for me; we have to click. It's a trust thing. I'll say I'm ready to let down my walls. I'll cry for you as long as you need. But you're going to have to hug me afterwards. — Juno Temple

I Need A Hug Quotes By J.M. Darhower

... .I thought we'd be okay apart, but I was sorely mistaken. I don't need much, Haven, but I do need you."
"I need you, too, you know," she said. "You make me feel safe."
Despite everything, she trusted him. She believed in him. She loved him.
And he loved her . . . more than anything in the world. She had given herself to him again, every barrier between them broken down. All of those unanswered questions, all of the worry, every single bit of it had been resolved the moment they came back together.
"Haven," he said. "If I could have anything, I know what I'd ask for now."
She pulled back from their hug to look at him with genuine curiosity. "What?"
Carmine took a step back, reaching around his neck to pull off the gold chain. He unfastened it, removing the small ring, and eyed it in his palm momentarily before dropping to his knee.
"If I could have anything in the world, it would be for you to marry me. — J.M. Darhower

I Need A Hug Quotes By James Dashner

Mark laughed. "You are one strange little man." Alec stopped and faced him. "That's what my mama used to say. She'd wake me up in the morning, give me a little kiss and a hug, and she'd say, 'My sweet Alec. You are one strange little man.' Got to me every time, right here." He patted his heart, then rolled his eyes dramatically. "Let's get to work." "See?" Mark said as he followed. "Do I need any more proof? Strange. Little. Man. Officially proven." "You got one word right. I'm definitely a man. I'm all man, baby." He let out a strangled choking sound that might've been a laugh. — James Dashner

I Need A Hug Quotes By Richard Wagamese

Sometimes people just need to talk. They need to be heard. they need the validation of my time, my silence, my unspoken compassion. They don't need advice, sympathy or counselling. They need to hear the sound of their own voices speaking their own truths, articulating their own feelings, as those may be at a particular moment. Then, when they're finished, they simply need a nod of the head, a pat on the shoulder or a hug. I'm learning that sometimes silence really is golden, and that sometimes "Fuck, eh?" is as spiritual a thing as needs to be said. — Richard Wagamese

I Need A Hug Quotes By Alysha Speer

You'll meet a lot of stupid guys. You'll probably get your heart broken more than once. You might reach a point where life seems worthless without him. Maybe you've already hit that point. I can't tell you to to stop crying, because sometimes, crying helps. I can't ask you to smile, because sometimes, it's all you can do to just breathe. I can't make you happy, because that's something you have to do yourself. But I can promise you one thing. I will be there for you. I will listen if you need to rant. I will hug you if you're feeling alone. I will drive you away if you need to escape. I will buy you coffee, goddammit, if you need some. I will be there for you, because you've always been there for me. — Alysha Speer

I Need A Hug Quotes By Jeffrey McDaniel

We didn't deny the obvious,
but we didn't entirely accept it either.
I mean, we said hello to it each morning
in the foyer. We patted its little head
as it made a mess in the backyard,
but we never nurtured it. Many nights the obvious showed up
at our bedroom door, in its pajamas,
unable to sleep, in need of a hug,
and we just stared at it like an Armenian,
or even worse - hid beneath the covers
and pretended not to hear its tiny sobs. — Jeffrey McDaniel

I Need A Hug Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

Severing our young and fragile friendship was a sad ordeal, but sadder still was the fact that this friend found it so difficult to respond to my immediate need, unlike a dreamed boy who always afforded me easy comfort. I couldn't understand what was so hard about reaching out to hug someone. But judging by Gregory's uncomfortable conduct I had to assume it was an honest trial. — Richelle E. Goodrich

I Need A Hug Quotes By Joan Bauer

I'm working hard to have a good life.
You don't need fancy things to feel good.
You can hug a puppy.
You can buy a can of paint and surround yourself with color.
You can plant a flower and watch it grow.
You can decide to trust people, the right people.
You can decide to start over and let other people start over, too. — Joan Bauer

I Need A Hug Quotes By Chandra Wilson

If I want to know how I'm doing at work, I don't wait for a pat on the back; I ask the people who will give me a clear, objective opinion. When I need a real, arms-wrapped-around-me hug, I go to someone who does that. I stopped getting disappointed by my expectations from non-huggers. — Chandra Wilson

I Need A Hug Quotes By Ai Yazawa

Tell me, Nana,
If for example we had been a love couple,
Would a hug have been enough to wash away my sadness?
Or then; does every single being carry this loneliness, like a burden?
I wans't intending to monopolizing you
I just wanted you to need me. — Ai Yazawa

I Need A Hug Quotes By J.K. Rowling

Ron: Malfoy, you may be all chummy chummy with Harry, and you may have produced a relatively nice child, but you've said some very unfair things to and about my wife ...
Hermione: And your wife doesn't need you fighting her battles for her.
Ron: Fine. But if you say one thing about her or me ...
Draco: You'll do what, Weasley?
Hermione: He'll hug you. Because we're all on the same team, aren't we, Ron?
Ron: Fine. I, um, I think you've got really nice hair. Draco.
Hermione: Thank you, husband. — J.K. Rowling

I Need A Hug Quotes By Karen Salmansohn

I try to fill the emptiness deep inside me with Cheetos, but I am still depressed. Only now my fingers are stained orange. I am blue. And I am orange. — Karen Salmansohn

I Need A Hug Quotes By Tera Lynn Childs

Admit it," He insists. "I was right."
"No." I sniff. "You were wrong." sniff. "I'm just crying"-sniff- "cause i'm so happy." My tear take that lie as their cue and start streaming down my cheeks.
"Come on, Princess," he says, "You don't need to cry over that loser."
This only makes me cry harder. We both know who the loser is in this scenario.
With a muttered curse, Quince wraps his arms around me and squeezes. It feels remarkably like a hug.
"Don't cry," he whispers in my ear. "Please."
I don't know if it's his soft words or the fact that my face is now hidden by his broad chest, but i just let go. Three years of longing and loving from a distance have built to the breaking point, and i let it out all over his west coast choppers T-shirt.
"shhh," He soothes. "He's not worth it. — Tera Lynn Childs

I Need A Hug Quotes By Pamela Clare

If we make it out of this, I'm going to need a hug - and a night of hot sex." "It's a deal." "What's — Pamela Clare

I Need A Hug Quotes By Lisa Lopes

I see the invisible spirits, where demons still find it livable. I need a hug to hold my soul inside my body. — Lisa Lopes

I Need A Hug Quotes By Micalea Smeltzer

I have some vows for you first," he spoke to Mia. "I may not be your real daddy, but I vow to be one in all the ways that matter. I vow to be a shoulder for you to cry on when you're sad. I vow to hold you in my arms and hug you whenever you need it. I vow to protect you always, in any way you may need. I vow to hunt down any guy that thinks he can date you - you're going to be single for life Mia, just accept it. But most importantly, I vow to love you with all my heart and take care of you always. — Micalea Smeltzer

I Need A Hug Quotes By Owl City

Boy I need a hug (boy I need a hug)
'Cause my heart stops without you
There's something about you — Owl City

I Need A Hug Quotes By Jessica Sorensen

He laughs and then encloses his arms around me, drawing me in for a hug. And if you need anything, you can call me. I'll always be here for you. — Jessica Sorensen

I Need A Hug Quotes By Stephanie Rowe

I need a hug from you to make me feel better about the fact I need a hug from you. — Stephanie Rowe

I Need A Hug Quotes By Heidi Clements

Sex is not the gateway to kindness. Your penis is not the hug I need at the end of the day. I don't need your penis. I need you to stop doing shit that makes me act like a bitch. — Heidi Clements

I Need A Hug Quotes By Eve Langlais

Leave your brother alone, baby girl. He's going adventuring. Lucky bastard." His dad dragged him into a bear proportioned hug. "Bring me back some images of the local ladies. Naked ones if you can," he whispered. "You'd need eyes to look at those, Geoffrey," his mother retorted. While they argued about his dad's interest in the human body as art, Naomi clutched his tear soaked shirt in her fists and shook him. "Be careful." "Aren't I always?" "No. — Eve Langlais

I Need A Hug Quotes By Lara Adrian

Do I look like I need a fucking group hug? — Lara Adrian