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Top I Love Cereal Quotes

I Love Cereal Quotes By Jane Kenyon

Otherwise I got out of bed on two strong legs. It might have been otherwise. I ate cereal, sweet milk, ripe, flawless peach. It might have been otherwise. I took the dog uphill to the birch wood. All morning I did the work I love. At noon I lay down with my mate. It might have been otherwise. We ate dinner together at a table with silver candlesticks. It might have been otherwise. I slept in a bed in a room with paintings on the walls, and planned another day just like this day. But one day, I know, it will be otherwise. — Jane Kenyon

I Love Cereal Quotes By Daniel Amory

I've officially turned into a loser," she whispered cynically. "I'm looking forward to going home and having cereal for dinner and walking Mitchell and studying a little and then going to sleep. I've had my 'going out and having fun' quota for the year, I guess, and it's June. — Daniel Amory

I Love Cereal Quotes By Ruth Reichl

I love breakfast, and I don't see any reason it has to be cereal and eggs and toast. — Ruth Reichl

I Love Cereal Quotes By Neil Postman

Parents embraced "Sesame Street" for several reasons, among them that it assuaged their guilt over the fact that they could not or would not restrict their children's access to television. "Sesame Street" appeared to justify allowing a four- or five-year-old to sit transfixed in front of a television screen for unnatural periods of time. Parents were eager to hope that television could teach their children something other than which breakfast cereal has the most crackle. At the same time, "Sesame Street" relieved them of the responsibility of teaching their pre-school children how to read - no small matter in a culture where children are apt to be considered a nuisance ... We now know that "Sesame Street" encourages children to love school only if school is like "Sesame Street." Which is to say, we now know that "Sesame Street" undermines what the traditional idea of schooling represents. — Neil Postman

I Love Cereal Quotes By Anne Roiphe

I carried with me into the West End Bar, the White Horse Tavern, a long list of things I would never do: I would never have my hair set in a beauty parlor. I would never move to a suburb and bake cakes or make casseroles. I would never go to a country club dance, although I did like the paper lanterns casting rainbow colors on the terrace. I would never invest in the stock market. I would never play canasta. I would never wear pearls. I would love like a nursling but I would never go near a man who had a portfolio or a set of golf clubs or a business or even a business suit. I would only love a wild thing. I didn't care if wild things tended to break hearts. I didn't care if they substituted scotch for breakfast cereal. I understood that wild things wrote suicide notes to the gods and were apt to show up three hours later than promised. I understood that art was long and life was short. — Anne Roiphe

I Love Cereal Quotes By Jerry Seinfeld

Pay attention, don't let life go by you. Fall in love with the back of your cereal box. — Jerry Seinfeld

I Love Cereal Quotes By Bill Watterson

Susie: Hi Calvin! Aren't you excited about going to school? Look at all these great school supplies I got! I love having new notebooks and stuff!
Calvin:All I've got to say is they're not making me learn any foreign languages. If English is good enough for me, then by golly, it's good enough for the rest of the world! Everyone should just speak English or shut up, that's what I say!
Susie: You should maybe check the chemical content of your breakfast cereal. — Bill Watterson

I Love Cereal Quotes By Penelope Ward

He'd now officially become his brother's bastard child who impregnated his stepsister. — Penelope Ward

I Love Cereal Quotes By Frederick Lenz

I like to shop. I don't always buy things when I shop, but I think it's fun to go out and look at the worlds of colors. I love to roam through supermarkets. I am a great lover of household products. I particularly like the packaging of cereal boxes. — Frederick Lenz

I Love Cereal Quotes By Rachel Wojnarowski

I love to read books. I love to read anything really, even the back of the cereal box.

But there is nothing that will ignite your soul like reading God's Word. — Rachel Wojnarowski

I Love Cereal Quotes By Alicia Silverstone

I love, love, love apricot baby food. My closet in the kitchen is filled with jars of it. I love Lucky Charms and Cocoa Pebbles cereal. I love my purple couch, and I love dancing. I used to have the best stuffed animals, but Samson [her dog] ate them. — Alicia Silverstone

I Love Cereal Quotes By Carrie Underwood

I love Kashi. I eat cereal like a little kid. I carry it in my purse. — Carrie Underwood

I Love Cereal Quotes By Sarah Dessen

I really just love to read, period, whether it be books or magazines or the back of the cereal box. It's the one thing I can always count on to calm me down, take me away and inspire me, all at once. — Sarah Dessen

I Love Cereal Quotes By Christie Rampone

While traveling, I love granola bars, trail mix nuts, dry cereal and fruit for on-the-go snacks. I also try and start the day with a high fiber and protein meal, such as whole-grain toast with peanut butter. — Christie Rampone

I Love Cereal Quotes By Max Lucado

Thank you, God. For the jam on our toast and the milk on our cereal. For the blanket that calms us and the joke that delights us and the warm sun that reminds us of God's love. — Max Lucado

I Love Cereal Quotes By Drew Perry

It's what surprised him most -- not the overpowering love all the books required that he feel for his child -- just that he simply liked being around him. And even with the diagnoisis, or even since, there's something a little joyous, alongside all the disaster, about living with Hendrick. Some feeling he gets about being in better or closer contact with the things we need, the things we want. I want to run the controls on the dump truck. I want to touch the faucet. I want to open the drawer three hundred times in a row. Because who doesn't want that from time to time? To fall deeper in? Who doesn't do it? Some mornings Jack taps his own spoon a few extra times on the rim of the cereal bowl just for the sheer pleasure of it, and then he'll wonder what the space really is, after all, between tic and illness. — Drew Perry

I Love Cereal Quotes By Paul Dano

I love cereal. I eat several bowls a day, mostly a few late at night. — Paul Dano

I Love Cereal Quotes By Lisa Scottoline

I love my job, and I love books. I read anything, including cereal boxes. I care deeply about what people think of my books, and I memorize my reviews. I love to hear from my readers. — Lisa Scottoline

I Love Cereal Quotes By Jill Sisson Quinn

It will not be easy to let go of your deceased mother, who stands in her kitchen slicing potatoes and roast, who hacks ice from the sidewalk with shovels; she is marrow and bone, a kernel of morals, values, and lessons compacted like some astronomical amount of matter into tablespoons, one with sugar for your cereal, another, for your fever, with a crushed aspirin and orange juice. You love her. You mark time and space by her: she is someone you are always either near to or very far from. — Jill Sisson Quinn

I Love Cereal Quotes By P.C. Cast

Another two-bowl morning? - Damien Maslin asking Zoey Redbird if her love of cereal was the reason she was almost late for Vamp Soc class — P.C. Cast

I Love Cereal Quotes By J. Kenner

I don't want you to have to handle it. That's the horror of my past. But you ... you're the reality of my present. You're the proof I survived. The prize in the cereal box. — J. Kenner

I Love Cereal Quotes By Kami Garcia

Oblivion eyes on a cereal box,
the warm blinds of a father
lost and last to know
lost and last to love
last boy lost
you can't see
even a bubble
once it's
popped — Kami Garcia

I Love Cereal Quotes By Mark Hamill

I love the fact that, one time, my face was on the back of a cereal box - probably 3-CPO's - and it was a mask where you cut out the eye holes and put a string through the side. It makes me feel like I'm 11 years old all over again. — Mark Hamill