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I Like Tall Guys Quotes By Anne Eliot

Vere spoke again, "You want us to hide this six-foot-three, positively gorgeous, famous rock star - one who has sports-drink blue eyes BY THE WAY - and who is absolutely PERFECT looking, at Palmer Divide High? In this town? In my junior class?"
"Yes," Mrs. Roth answered. "Why is it such a difficult concept for you to grasp?"
"Because guys who look like that." She pointed a finger at him. "Do not come from this town. In addition to the face, he's too tall, and he's got the posture of some Russian - ballerina! And did you not notice his voice?"
"What's wrong with my voice?" Hunter frowned.
"It's all LOW and, SUPER-MANLY-AMAZING," she modulated her voice down, trying to sound like him.
Charlie cracked up, and Hunter had to bury his own laugh. — Anne Eliot

I Like Tall Guys Quotes By Anna Kendrick

I used to think that guys preferred tall women. But plenty of them like short girls. — Anna Kendrick

I Like Tall Guys Quotes By Ally Carter

I love being a pavement artist; seriously, I do. It's like when guys who would normally hate being freakishly tall discover basketball, or when girls with abnormally long fingers sit down at a piano. Blending in, going unseen, being a shadow in the sun is what I'm good at. Seeing the shadows, it turns out, is not my natural gift. — Ally Carter

I Like Tall Guys Quotes By Ana Ivanovic

I like men who have goals, something that they are passionate about and work hard to achieve. A good sense of humor is important too. And I like tall guys! — Ana Ivanovic

I Like Tall Guys Quotes By Rainbow Rowell

Why are tall guys always attracted to short women? Not just moderately short women, either ... Tiny women. Polly Pockets. The tallest guys always-always-always go for the shortest girls. Always.
It's like they're so infatuated with their own height that they want to be with someone who makes them feel even taller. Someone they can tower over. A little doll that will make them feel even bigger and stronger. — Rainbow Rowell

I Like Tall Guys Quotes By Harlan Coben

If my dad finds out," Spoon whispered, "well, no revival of Guys and Dolls for me." He looked back at me. I guess I should have given him an out here. But I didn't. Maybe because I was that desperate. Or maybe because I don't like Guys and Dolls. He turned the key, and we stepped into the office. The front desk was tall enough so you could lean on it. Three school secretaries sat there. Going behind the desk was, of course, strictly off-limits, so I confess that I got a thrill when we did just that. Spoon — Harlan Coben

I Like Tall Guys Quotes By Kristen Callihan

They're looking now. He's at the far side of the hall with a hulking group of football players, and all heads are turned his way. I've always thought Baylor was big and tall, but one of the guys next to him looks like he eats screaming villagers for breakfast. A linebacker, if I had to guess. He even has a beard, full and bushy. Hagrid's younger brother maybe. — Kristen Callihan