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I Got Hoes Quotes & Sayings

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I Got Hoes Quotes By Master P

I get hoes like acorns falling out of trees. — Master P

I Got Hoes Quotes By Nicki Minaj

Yes, yes I am ill. I go in for the kill.
Hoes is my sons, birth control, I am on the pill — Nicki Minaj

I Got Hoes Quotes By Bo Burnham

Bitches and hoes don't exist because the hoes know Bo's a feminist. — Bo Burnham

I Got Hoes Quotes By Diane Rose Duffy

I believe her exact words were "Rip them balls right off that cock-sucker and shove 'em up his ass", followed by, "then that shit-for-brains wouldn't be fucking no more skank hoes on your watch again!" So you can see that I toned it down a bit. — Diane Rose Duffy

I Got Hoes Quotes By George R R Martin

They don't know where they are or how to get back home and the lord they're fighting for does not know their names, yet here he comes, shouting for them to form up, to make a line with their spears and scythes and sharpened hoes, to stand their ground. And the knights come down on them, faceless men clad all in steel, and the iron thunder of their charge seems to fill the world ... And the man breaks. — George R R Martin

I Got Hoes Quotes By Dr. Dre

Snoop Doggy Dogg paged, that must mean more hoes. — Dr. Dre

I Got Hoes Quotes By Nicki Minaj

I keep three hoes, But don't'call me Santa — Nicki Minaj

I Got Hoes Quotes By F Scott Fitzgerald

I care not who hoes the lettuce of my country if I can eat the salad! — F Scott Fitzgerald

I Got Hoes Quotes By Markham Shaw Pyle

In the past few years, genetics have confirmed that the hunter-gatherers were not overwhelmed by the new wave of sedentary farmers, and that the first agricultural revolution spread well in advance of its first users, by contact and trade in ideas. Nice to see science catching up with economics and military history. Any economist could tell you technology spreads beyond its first adopters, even if they stay at home. And any military historian could tell you that, in a contest between people who hunt and kill aurochs and farmers armed with hoes, the smart money is on the hunters. — Markham Shaw Pyle

I Got Hoes Quotes By Henry Johnson Jr

A Paradise for you and me
Trust, true love to guide us free
Loneliness shall not fill the day
I will forever be with you
Our Love is beautiful like the sunshine lighting the way
Your gentle feel
Your caring hands
There is no doubt in your soul
No eerie place in your heart to express this feeling
Our compassion flows in the waves just to save and brighten my day My heart has no hoes Awaiting your pace
to touch this place
Our love, withstanding all odds Diminishing hate, in our thoughts There is no place I rather be til eternity... Than in your soul, life and in your dreams... I am here to stay with you forever. — Henry Johnson Jr

I Got Hoes Quotes By Donna Tartt

garden hoes, there was a small but conspicuous headline. — Donna Tartt

I Got Hoes Quotes By Troy Ave

Niggas out here buyin' hoes bags n' shoes,
But couldn't buy their kid a new coat for school?
Damn. — Troy Ave

I Got Hoes Quotes By David Louden

Prose before hoes, muthafucka! I'll be right over. — David Louden

I Got Hoes Quotes By Ja Rule

Half the hoes hate, half them love me. The ones that hate me only hate me cuz they ain't [expletive] me. — Ja Rule

I Got Hoes Quotes By C.S. Lewis

It is no disparagement to the garden to say it will not fence and weed itself, nor prune its own fruit trees, nor roll and cut its own lawns ... It will remain a garden only if someone does all these things to it ... If you want to see the difference between [the garden's] contribution and the gardener's, put the commonest weed it grows side by side with his hoes rakes, shears, and a packet of weed killer; you have put beauty, energy, and fecundity beside dead, steril things. Just so, our 'decency and common sense' show grey and deathlike beside the geniality of love. — C.S. Lewis

I Got Hoes Quotes By Sarah Rees Brennan

Bros before hoes," said Jared. "By which of course I mean gardening tools, because I hold all the fine ladies of Sorry-in-the-Vale in the highest regard. — Sarah Rees Brennan

I Got Hoes Quotes By Ice-T

I don't rhyme about guns I ain't shot
Hoes I ain't caught
Or shit I ain't bought. — Ice-T

I Got Hoes Quotes By Della Reese

I'm an honest hoe, and all my hoes is honest. — Della Reese

I Got Hoes Quotes By Douglas Wissing

Pashtuns are famously independent, primed to exchange their hoes for weapons at the first sign of an affront or invader. — Douglas Wissing

I Got Hoes Quotes By Nicki Minaj

I'm Santa Claus to these hoes without a reindeer. — Nicki Minaj

I Got Hoes Quotes By Tupac Shakur

Bury me smilin' with G's in my pocket, Have a party at my funeral let every rapper rock it Let the hoes that I used to know, from way before Kiss me from my head to my toe, Gimme a paper and pen so I can write about my life of sin, Couple bottles of gin, in case I don't get in ... — Tupac Shakur

I Got Hoes Quotes By Eminem

They call me Superman, leap tall hoes in a single bound. — Eminem

I Got Hoes Quotes By Snoop Dogg

Cut throats, gun smoke, dope, and hoes, is what controls niggas souls. — Snoop Dogg

I Got Hoes Quotes By Lil' Wayne

Met shawty up in Urban Outfitters, she killin' these hoes now I'm murking out with her. — Lil' Wayne

I Got Hoes Quotes By Drake

Even when the Phantom's leased, them hoes wanna get in. — Drake

I Got Hoes Quotes By R H Sin

men can be hoes too. — R H Sin

I Got Hoes Quotes By Joanna Baillie

Ah! happy is the man whose early lot Hath made him master of a furnish'd cot; Who trains the vine that round his window grows, And after setting sun his garden hoes; Whose wattled pails his own enclosure shield, Who toils not daily in another's field. — Joanna Baillie

I Got Hoes Quotes By Drake

Soon as we get the ass, we start callin em hoes. — Drake

I Got Hoes Quotes By Dr. Dre

When I'm lovin' these hoes, there ain't no love involved. — Dr. Dre

I Got Hoes Quotes By Snoop Dogg

Don't get upset girl, that's how it goes. I don't love you hoes, I'm out the door. — Snoop Dogg