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I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Marissa Meyer

You deserve better than some thief who's going to end up in jail again. Everyone knows it. Even I know it. But you seem determined to believe I'm a actually a decent guy who's halfway worthy of you. So, what scares me most" - he twisted a lock of hair between his fingers - "is that someday even you will realize that you can do better." "Thorne ... " "Not to worry." He kissed the lock of hair. "I am a criminal mastermind, I have a plan." Clearing his throat, he started to check things off in the air. "First, get a legitimate job - check. Legally buy my ship - in progress. Prove that I'm hero material by helping Cinder save the world - oh, wait, I did that already." He winked. "Oh, and I have to stop stealing things, but that's probably a given. So I figure, by the time you realize how much I don't deserve you ... I might kind of deserve you — Marissa Meyer

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Lorraine Heath

Claybourne grabbed his arm, stopping his forward movement. "Do we have a plan?"
"Get Emma out alive and I don't care who the hell dies in the bloody process." Breaking free of the hold, Swindler began running toward the gate.
"I do hope he's not including us in the 'who the hell dies' arena," he heard Greystone mutter.
"I wouldn't be so sure if I were you," Dodger responded. "I do believe the man's in love. — Lorraine Heath

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Michael J. Sullivan

You're too visible, Albert," Hadrian explained. "Can't afford to have our favorite noble hauled to some dungeon where they cut off your eyelids or pull off your fingernails until you tell them what we're up to."
"But if they torture me, and I don't know the plan, how will I save myself?"
"I'm sure they'll believe you after the fourth nail or so," Royce said with a wicked grin. — Michael J. Sullivan

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Michael Cristofer

I don't have a game plan. I have no idea what I'll be doing next. — Michael Cristofer

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Kresley Cole

Lothaire said, "I have a much better plan."
"Why help him?" Thad asked pointedly. "When you don't help anybody else?"
Lothaire exhaled ruefully. "Incurable romantic. — Kresley Cole

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Elizabeth Grace Saunders

I have a plan, and I'm following it. I can focus on doing what is within my control, and I don't need to be afraid of the results. — Elizabeth Grace Saunders

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Marion Nestle

I would require every producer of food to follow and have enforced a standard safety plan. We know how to produce safe food. It has a horrible name; it's called HACCP - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point - and this was a food safety system that was developed for NASA so that astronauts wouldn't get sick in outer space. If you just think about what it might be like to have food poison under conditions of zero gravity, you don't even want to think about it. — Marion Nestle

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Kate Beckinsale

I don't have a big career plan. I just like to see how things come out, and I just try to keep going in different directions. — Kate Beckinsale

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Emma Chase

Leaning close to her, I ask, "If not a banker, what do I look like?" She smiles slowly and scrapes the olives off the toothpick with her teeth. "You look like a Chippendales dancer." Fabulous answer. I don't really need to explain to you why, do I? In a low, seductive voice I say, "I do have some great moves. If banking doesn't work out, Chippendales is Plan B. — Emma Chase

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Yo-Yo Ma

I don't always have a five-year plan. One thing you must do in life is keep your learning curve as high as possible. — Yo-Yo Ma

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Corbin Bernsen

A part of me looks at life from a dismal perspective, not unlike Woody Allen and Larry David. But I don't want to look at life like that. It's bad enough that I have to think it. What works for me is writing against that view. There is God, there is love, there is greatness, there is a plan, and there is beauty. — Corbin Bernsen

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Lindsey Vonn

I always ate healthy, but it wasn't scientific. Now it's a high-protein diet and no carbohydrates. I have more consistent energy, and I don't get tired after a meal. It does take a very detailed meal plan. — Lindsey Vonn

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Anthony Hopkins

I'm not unfamiliar with music, and I really do write music. I've gotten a talent for it. I don't have the technical skills, but I do plan to learn. — Anthony Hopkins

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Josh Charles

I don't have a grand master plan, but I try to be thoughtful when I can and also silly. It's part of the fun. — Josh Charles

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Jodi Picoult

Your sister," I say evenly, "is incredibly sick. I'm sorry if that interferes with your dentist's appointment or your plan to go buy a pair of cleats. But those don't rate quite as high in the grand scheme of things right now. I'd think that since you're ten, you might be able to grow up enough to realize that the whole world doesn't always revolve around you."
Jesse looks out the window, where Kate straddles the arm of an oak tree, coaching Anna in how to climb up. "Yeah, right, she's sick," he says. "Why don't you grow up? Why don't you figure out that the world doesn't revolve around her?"
There is a scuffle on the other side of the door, and then it swings open. Blood covers Jesse's mouth, a vampire's lipstick; bits of wire stick out like a seamstress's pins. I notice the fork he is holding, and realize this is what he used to pull off his braces.
"Now you never have to take me anywhere," he says. — Jodi Picoult

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Karen Hawkins

You don't have to say a thing except yes. You don't have to do anything, either, I'm quite willing to plan it all."
"Yes me."
"You'd plan all of it? Even the wedding?"
"Why not?"
"You don't even like to plan your own breakfast."
He grinned. "You mean more to me tban bacon."
"More than [i]bacon?[/i] I'm honored."
"You should be, my foolish pea brain. — Karen Hawkins

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Jessica Day George

I already have a plan." Celie said, raising her hand as she would with her tutor.
"Do you?" Rolf's eyes gleamed. "What is it?"
"I don't think you'll like it, Lilah." Celie apologized straightaway. "It involves manure ... a great deal of manure."
Rolf started to laugh again. — Jessica Day George

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Steve Yzerman

Since the season ended, I've let things settle down, and I have to talk to the coaching staff and management. I really don't want to turn this into a big drama. So I plan on making a definite decision relatively quickly. — Steve Yzerman

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Kristen Ashley

Babe, you cannot plan life. You can pull out all the stops to plan for everything and life will find a way to fuck with those plans, sock you in the gut, send you scrambling. Through that, you either have the balls not to back down and the strength to know what's important and hold the fuck on with everything you got, or you don't have that and you give up 'cause you're weak. Know two things for certain: I'm not fuckin' weak and you aren't either. — Kristen Ashley

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Joseph Finder

But the reason that writers like Harlan and Lee don't outline is that they enjoy the serendipity, the surprises that arise when they're not constricted by the steel girdle of an outline. And I get that too. Some of the best plot twists in my work have been ones that I didn't plan on, including the ending to PARANOIA. One of the great pleasures of writing fiction is living in the story so that you "experience" it the way your characters do. — Joseph Finder

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Harold S. Kushner

If that were God's plan, it's a bad bargain; I don't want to have to deal with a God like that ... My sense is God and I came to an accommodation with each other a couple of decades ago, where he's gotten used to the things that I'm not capable of and I've come to terms with things he's not capable of ... and we care very much about each other. — Harold S. Kushner

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Linda Tirado

You grab a bit of connection wherever you can to survive. You have no idea how strong the pull to feel worthwhile is. It's more basic than food. You go to these people who make you feel lovely for an hour that one time, and that's all you get. You're probably not compatible with them for anything long term, but right this minute they can make you feel powerful and valuable. It does not matter what will happen in a month. Whatever happens in a month is probably going to be just about as indifferent as whatever happened today or last week. None of it matters. We don't plan long term because if we do we'll just get our hearts broken. It's best not to hope. You just take what you can get as you spot it. I am not asking for sympathy. I am just trying to explain, on a human level, how it is that people make what look from the outside like awful decisions. — Linda Tirado

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Taika Waititi

I want to do weird things and big budget things and no budget things. I don't have a five-year plan. — Taika Waititi

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Michael Wilbon

If I have any attribute that serves me well, it's I don't have a long-range plan in life. I have no idea. I just don't look ahead, I really don't. You know when people get out of college and they're talking about their five-year plan. Five-year plan? I got a plan to get to Friday. — Michael Wilbon

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Quinn Loftis

Decebel turned and growled, "One of these days your mouth is going to write a check that your cute little ass can't cash." Decebel thought this would render her speechless but he should have known better.
"Oh, don't worry fur ball, I plan to be writing that check out in your name. — Quinn Loftis

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Ron White

I don't have a specific plan except for as long as people want to listen to me talk, I'm going to keep talking. I can't imagine a life without doing standup. — Ron White

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Peter DeGraaf

We do need to plan ahead, don't we, in life? I have spare tire on my car. I also have life insurance. I have a lot of things that I plan ahead for. — Peter DeGraaf

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Denis Leary

You really want to have a back-up plan, so when you don't feel like acting, or you're getting older and settling down, you can produce your own stuff. So that's when I set about forming my own company and getting creative control. — Denis Leary

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Tom Brady

I don't want to wake up and be bored. That's probably my greatest fear is to have nothing to do. What better job is there than to play quarterback for an NFL team, and certainly one that I've been on for a long time and had success with? I don't plan on giving it up any time soon. — Tom Brady

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Mira Sorvino

[My choice about scripts] is just a question of what I fall in love with. You have to use some kind of instinct meter about it. I think I'm getting closer to my instincts now. I don't think there needs to be a plan. I think there needs to be love. I think you need to love what you're doing and then the rest is anybody's guess. — Mira Sorvino

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Jessica Livingston

The goal - at least the way I think about entrepreneurship - is you realize one day that you can't really work anyone else. You have to start your won thing. It almost doesn't matter what the thing is. We had six different business plan changes, and then the last one was PayPal.
If that one didn't work out, if we still had the money and the people, obviously we would not have given up. We would have iterated on the business model and done something else. I don't think there was ever clarity as to who we were until we knew it was working. By then, we'd figured out our PR pitch and told everyone what we do and who we are. But between the founding and the actual PayPal, it was just like this tug-of-war where it was like, "We're trying this, this week." Every week you go to investors and say, "We're doing this, exactly this. We're really focused. We're going to be huge." The next week you're like, "That was a lie. — Jessica Livingston

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Salma Hayek

What you need is one black dress I call Plan B. It doesn't have to be fabulous, it just looks good, covers up the problems and is neutral enough for dinner, business, a date, a funeral. You don't overwear it, you don't overwash it, because the Plan B is - gold. — Salma Hayek

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Bill Maher

Now, don't get me wrong, I think border security is important. And I have no doubt that the Republican plan for turning our southern border into The Hunger Games will put a stop to the #1 threat facing America today - illegal cleaning ladies. — Bill Maher

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Glen Duncan

The bad smell around the transfer of lucre was that it smacked of providing for her after my death. Neither of us could quite keep that out. Therefore we gave it its moment in the spotlight. I plan on staying alive, I said. But in case I don't you'll have what you need. Just promise me you'll always buy beautiful underwear. You drive a hard bargain, she said, but okay. — Glen Duncan

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By January Jones

In this business, I don't know how you can have a plan or how you can orchestrate anything. But I've been lucky with my choices. I'm very strong-willed, so I've been able to stick with it. I'm lucky there. — January Jones

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By George R R Martin

I think there are two types of writers, the architects and the gardeners. The architects plan everything ahead of time, like an architect building a house. They know how many rooms are going to be in the house, what kind of roof they're going to have, where the wires are going to run, what kind of plumbing there's going to be. They have the whole thing designed and blueprinted out before they even nail the first board up. The gardeners dig a hole, drop in a seed and water it. They kind of know what seed it is, they know if planted a fantasy seed or mystery seed or whatever. But as the plant comes up and they water it, they don't know how many branches it's going to have, they find out as it grows. And I'm much more a gardener than an architect. — George R R Martin

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Zac Efron

I'm very specific about scripts that I like. I don't have a master plan or, like, a game plan. I don't have a chart that I'm following or anything like that. I'm very much playing it by ear. Certain things just happen and it's undeniable, you just go that way. But I don't have a specific path I'm following, I'm just playing it by ear. — Zac Efron

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Christina Dodd

No woman would come up with a plan like this, much less be able to execute it."
"I'm depending on that kind of thinking. Everyone will imagine you mad when you say a woman took you - if you even dare to admit it." She inclined her head to him in mocking homage.
"Women don't have the ability to sustain a thought long enough to put such a plan in motion."
"Actually you're right." She grinned, not at all offended. "It took two women. — Christina Dodd

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Sufjan Stevens

I'm not beholden to the public, and neither are the public beholden to me or my songs. I'm very much of a populist on those terms, I believe that the song is no longer mine anyway. I like to process the dispossession that happens when you play something live. I don't have a clue as to how these songs are going to plan out, whether they're going to be on a record. I don't know yet. — Sufjan Stevens

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Siegfried Silverman

Simpler smaller stages: Breakdown all your plans into simpler smaller stages and you shall be able to achieve them. Don't just have a holistic plan; break them down into daily targets, weekly targets and monthly targets. For example, a student should not just have "I want to pass my accountancy exams by 75% in June sitting". Break this down into stages like "I shall study 2 hours at dawn, 3 days in a week and study 5 hours on weekends". — Siegfried Silverman

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Eamon

What I gotta do? Cats don't even have a clue Can't stand to see Me kick a flow so unbelievably And never gave a hand Askin' 'bout the backup plan Now that it's true Forever tellin' me that you always knew — Eamon

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Bob Dylan

I don't really have a retirement plan. — Bob Dylan

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By David Wenham

I have a sort of long-term plan to direct. I'm pragmatic about it. I realize I don't need to rush it or force it. — David Wenham

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By G-Eazy

I've put myself in this position where I haven't set myself up with a Plan B. I don't have a safety net; it's all in. — G-Eazy

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Kiera Cass

I should have known," I said. "Silence seemed smart, but now he's made this huge."

Mr. Rasmus grunted. "We need a plan."

"We have a plan," I snapped. "Is there anything we really could have done besides marrying me off faster?"

General Leger stood with his back against a bookshelf, still staring at the blank screen. "We could kill him."

I sighed. "I really don't want that to be my go-to move. — Kiera Cass

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By LaVell Edwards

Considering retirement? When that happens, I don't want that to be the story of whatever the season it is. I don't want to have to be talking about it all the time. My plan is when the time is up, it'll be time to hang it up. When that comes, it'll come. But right now, I don't have any clue as to when that'll be. It's been that way the last couple of years ... I've often felt if I ever get to a point where I don't want to go recruiting and can't get excited about it, then maybe it's time. That's a pretty good indication that's probably it. And I haven't reached that point at all yet. — LaVell Edwards

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Martha Wells

I have a plan." This was true. "I just don't know whether it will actually work or not." This, unfortunately, was also true. — Martha Wells

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Bret Easton Ellis

My books have all been very deeply felt. You don't spend eight years of your life working on a trendy knockoff. In that sense I've been serious. But I don't do lots of things that other serious writers do. I don't write book reviews. I don't sit on panels about the state of the novel. I don't go to writer conferences. I don't teach writing seminars. I don't hang out at Yaddo or MacDowell. I'm not concerned with my reputation as a writer and where I stand relative to other writers. I'm not competitive or professionally ambitious. I don't think about my work and my career in an overarching or systematic way. I don't think about myself, as I think most writers do, as progressing toward some ideal of greatness. There's no grand plan. All I know is that I write the books I want to write. All that other stuff is meaningless to me. — Bret Easton Ellis

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Sheila Turnage

You don't have a plan, do you? I knew it," he said, his eyes filling with tears. "I knew not to come to a ghost farm with you during a hurricane. — Sheila Turnage

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Georg Stanford Brown

For the majority of my career, I've been surprised that I've been able to sustain any kind of a plan. I was always happy to have the job, and I was having a good time. I was growing. But I don't feel all that strongly about my work. — Georg Stanford Brown

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Chila Woychik

I don't need to write. Madness or suicide are other options, though not nearly as compelling. But I want to create; I hope to create worlds in my own image, admittedly a self-centered plan. I want others to understand me better, pay more attention to me, like or love me for who I am. Maybe that's it. Or maybe I should simply learn to say, Let's have lunch. — Chila Woychik

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Sheryl Sandberg

The traditional metaphor for careers is a ladder, but I no longer think that metaphor holds. It doesn't make sense in a less hierarchical world ... Build your skills, not your resume. Evaluate what you can do, not the title they're going to give you. Do real work. Take a sales quota, a line role, an ops job, don't plan too much, and don't expect a direct climb. If I had mapped out my career when I was sitting where you are, I would have missed my career. — Sheryl Sandberg

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Steven Yeun

I try not to question the choices of the production. They've done such a good job up until now that I'm sure they have the right plan in place. And to be quite honest, we don't even know exactly when it will be coming out. — Steven Yeun

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Jim Rohn And Chris Widener

The best motivation is self-motivation. the guy says, "I wish someone would come by and turn me on." What if they don't show up? You've got to have a better plan for your life. — Jim Rohn And Chris Widener

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Jerry Hall

I don't like to be rushed. I plan my outfits for the week in advance. I find the appropriate outfit for each occasion, try it on, make sure it is in good condition and have it all ready with shoes, handbag and accessories laid out in my dressing room. Fashion is such a huge part of my career, I have to think ahead. — Jerry Hall

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Don't come near me with those," Annabelle said firmly. She shook her head with a grin, watching as Evie solemnly held up her own arms for Lillian to cut holes beneath her sleeves. This was one of the things she most adored about Evie, who was shy and proper, but often willing to join in some wildly impractical plan or adventure. "Have you both lost your minds?" Annabelle asked, laughing. "Oh, what a bad influence she is on you, Evie."

"She's married to St. Vincent, who is the worst possible influence," Lillian protested. "How much damage could I do after that? — Lisa Kleypas

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Gemma Arterton

I'm always surprised at what I actually end up doing because I don't have a strategy or a game plan, especially now that I'm making my own choices. — Gemma Arterton

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Paul Haggis

As a general rule, I don't plan to travel with my Oscars, but we may have to make an exception. — Paul Haggis

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Kate Moss

If I'm going to an event I make sure I plan ahead so that I don't have a fashion crisis. — Kate Moss

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Terri Irwin

I have great faith that there's a master plan and that even if we don't understand it and even if it's heartbreaking, there's a reason for everything. And I hold on to that. — Terri Irwin

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Jessi Kirby

I don't know what comes next. I can't know, until I've walked the road I've chosen. I slow at the thought. I don't have a plan, and there is no map for this. It's terrifying, but there's a spark of exhilaration that gives me hope that the choice I just made could turn out to be the right and this feels infinitely better than the weight of regret. — Jessi Kirby

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By J.H. Wyman

So, I can live with people saying, "I didn't like it." But I can't live with people saying, "There just seems to be no plan here," 'cause there is a plan. And a lot of people fall into that, where they don't know what their show is yet. Their pilot gets picked up, and they have to figure it out. I would hate to be in that situation. — J.H. Wyman

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Naomi Watts

I want collaboration, but if they don't have a plan or their vision isn't clear, it's nerve-wracking. So, someone that's very sure of the vision is what you want, most of all. — Naomi Watts

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Anna Kendrick

I happen to love rules. I love having a plan. I love a film set that's run like a well-oiled machine. I thrive in structure; I drown in chaos. I love rules and I love following them. Unless that rule is stupid. And yes, I have felt qualified, no matter my age, to make that determination. Scrupulous people don't enjoy causing trouble, but they can be defiant as hell. As — Anna Kendrick

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Leslie Mann

Don't assume I have everything figured out ... I get as confused about life as everybody, and sometimes I think I'm just hurtling through the world without a plan at all. — Leslie Mann

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Hayden Panettiere

I don't really have a plan. I've lived a very big life, and I don't feel my age, and I feel like I was born to be a mother. — Hayden Panettiere

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Penny Watson

Ami leaned into his side and inhaled the fresh scent of man. "Uh, no. Sometimes my biological clock threatens to explode like a ticking bomb, that's all. Rachel is so lucky. Nat is a doll. Doug adores them. Don't mind me, I'm just wishing my laundry pile was filled with boxer shorts and Cinderella T-shirts. I'll get over it."
"Why do you have to get over it," Marcus asked gently. "Sounds like a nice dream to me."
... a few pages later
Things were looking up. If he could just convince her his boxer shorts belonged in her laundry basket, he'd be right on board with her six-month plan — Penny Watson

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Joe Hill

It's awfully good of some people to have asked me to take the job, but I'd rather read about a grand escape than plan one. Besides, I'm terrible at keeping secrets and I hate to scheme against people. It seems rude. I don't deal with guilt well and I'm worried we might hurt some feelings in the process of defending ourselves. Also, I am juggling a couple of books. Being a full-time conspirator would take away from my reading time. — Joe Hill

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Robert Breault

It's my luck that every time I feel I completely comprehend God's plan, I don't have a pencil with me. — Robert Breault

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Ashley Jensen

Americans are so direct. They'd ask me, 'What's your five-year plan? Do you have a five-year plan?' I don't know what I'm having for my tea tonight let alone a five-year plan. — Ashley Jensen

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Thomas S. Monson

It is necessary to prepare and to plan so that we don't fritter away our lives. Without a goal, there can be no real success. One of the best definitions of success I have ever heard goes something like this: success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. Someone has said the trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never cross the goal line. — Thomas S. Monson

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By David Letterman

Don't worry about me. I plan to continue to be in show business. I have already been booked to be in a production of 'The Sunshine Boys' with Jay Leno. — David Letterman

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Kristin Kreuk

I have had a very charmed life. I look at what's happened in my life, and I feel so lucky. I don't know how it occurred. I didn't plan it, but I got to be with my family when I needed to be with my family. I got to go and travel the world, doing these amazing projects, and I feel like I'm so privileged and grateful. — Kristin Kreuk

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By J.M. Darhower

Out of curiosity, would you be willing to take a lie detector test?"
"I'm afraid not," he said. "It goes against my religion."
His brow furrowed. "How?"
"Only God can judge me. I certainly don't trust a machine to do it."
"You only have to worry if you're untruthful. Do you plan to lie?"
"No, I prefer to sit, thank you. — J.M. Darhower

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Todd Tavolazzi

I know, don't worry, I've got a plan." "Yeah, but do you have a Plan B?" Rafi chuckled. — Todd Tavolazzi

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Eddie Izzard

I had the luxury of knowing what I wanted to do. So I just sat on the bed and came up with a plan for myself:
"I have to go to the Edinburgh Fringe. But I don't have the confidence to do a production there because I've never gone before, and I don't even know how to get there or what to do once I get there. So I will just act as if I do have the confidence to go to the Edinburgh Fringe. I'll just borrow confidence from a future version of myself. Once I've been to the Edinburgh Fringe and performed a show there, then I will have the confidence to go to the Edinburgh Fringe. I will go to the bank manager of confidence (in some part of my brain) and I will borrow that confidence from the future, and then I can wear it like a cloak, and I will talk to everyone with this confidence."
It was out there as a concept, but it worked. — Eddie Izzard

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Derek Sivers

Steve Jobs gave a small private presentation about the iTunes Music Store to some independent record label people. My favorite line of the day was when people kept raising their hand saying, "Does it do [x]?", "Do you plan to add [y]?". Finally Jobs said, "Wait wait - put your hands down. Listen: I know you have a thousand ideas for all the cool features iTunes could have. So do we. But we don't want a thousand features. That would be ugly. Innovation is not about saying yes to everything. It's about saying NO to all but the most crucial features. — Derek Sivers

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Chuck Wendig

You fool," she says. "You eager, egotistical fool. Grand Moff. Pfah. You have so much, so wrong. The Ravager is not the last weapon. Nor do I even control it. There is ... another." His face twitches. "You don't mean ... " "I do mean. He's not dead." "But you said he was." "I lied." She shrugs. "This was ... all his plan. Wasn't it? I should've seen it. I fell for a trap. We all fell for your trap. You betrayer. You foul, wretched betrayer. — Chuck Wendig

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Spike Lee

I ain't Martin Luther King. I don't need a dream. I have a plan. — Spike Lee

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Donna Leon

I never know what's going to happen in a novel. I don't have a plan or an outline. — Donna Leon

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Eric Balfour

Having been an actor, I always want to leave room for the actors to find their comfort zone, so I don't like to be too rigid in how I plan my shots. It's different if you have weeks to rehearse and you can rehearse on your sets or in your locations and you can plan that out with your actors, but in modern independent filmmaking, you don't really have that time. You have to have a certain level of improvisation. — Eric Balfour

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Carrie Ann Ryan

Sounds like a plan. Pat, we're going up to the attic. If we don't come out in a couple hours, the boxes ate us." Pat raised a brow and settled Micah against her shoulder as Finn quietly climbed to sit next to her. Again, that slight pain sliced through her at the sight of the now solemn little boy who used to smile with the greatest of ease. "If you're afraid of a little dust, I have no hope for you," Pat teased, and Bay stuck out her tongue like the tough Enforcer mate she was. — Carrie Ann Ryan

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Julian Fellowes

I don't seem to have ever had a plan, but I have always been quite good at walking through doors when they are opened. I am never any good at anticipating what will happen next, but I always go for it when it does. — Julian Fellowes

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Rick Riordan

I don't see any option except to stick to the plan. Split up, infiltrate, find out why they're here. If things go bad - " "We use the backup plan," Piper said. Jason hated the backup plan. Before they left the ship, Leo had given each of them an emergency flare the size of a birthday candle. Supposedly, if they tossed one in the air, it would shoot upward in a streak of white phosphorus, alerting the Argo II that the team was in trouble. At that point, Jason and the girls would have a few seconds to take cover before the ship's catapults fired on their position, engulfing the palace in Greek fire and bursts of Celestial bronze shrapnel. — Rick Riordan

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Thomas S. Monson

It is necessary to prepare, to plan, so that we don't fritter away our lives. Without a goal, there can be no real success. The best definition of success I have ever found goes something like this: Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. Someone has said the trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never crossing the goal line. — Thomas S. Monson

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

And you plan to do this alone? You think a lot of yourself, don't you animal? (Stone)
Oh, punk, please. Believe me, when dealing with wusses like you who have to gang up on a kid to feel powerful, I don't need any help. (Fang) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Christine Feehan

Okay, here's the plan. I'll keep telling you where the creature is, and you keep shooting while I pull Aidan into the car. Then we drive away as fast as we can and hope we leave it behind."
That is the worst plan I have ever heard. In spite of his dire situation, there was a hint of humor in Aidan's voice.
Stefan snorted aloud. "That is absolutely the worst plan I've ever heard. You aren't strong enough to get Aidan into the car. And we can't trade places, because you've probably never fired a gun in your life."
"Well, I don't hear anything brilliant from either one of you," she snapped indignantly. — Christine Feehan

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Nora Roberts

I never had a plan, except to write. I love what I do, and have from the beginning. Loving what you do makes it a lot easier to work, every day, to face the tough spots and heel in for the long haul. Nothing against plans; they work for some people. But for me, if I'd been planning, worrying about numbers, trying to micro-manage my career, I wouldn't have focused on the writing. If you don't write, you're not read. If you're not read, you don't sell. So that's my Master Plan, I guess. Write the books, let the agent agent, the editor edit, the publisher publish. — Nora Roberts

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Susan Mallery

What will you do if you lose your real estate license?"
"I've been trying to figure that out. I need to have a plan. So far, nothing's been coming to me. I was talking to Manny about it and--" She broke off. "Just so you know, Manny doesn't answer."
"Good thing. If he did, I'd worry about you both."
"I would hope so. Anyway, I don't have a plan yet. I always thought I'd stay in LA, but having been out here has shown me that maybe I'd like something different. Fool's Gold seems like a special place." She smiled. "Think I could get a job rustling cattle?"
"Rustling? That's stealing."
"Oh. I mean taking care of them."
"You'd better learn your terms before you apply. — Susan Mallery

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Tina Fey

I think for women especially, you need to have a plan. I need to have some other ways to generate income, so I don't have to stretch my face or lift the top of my head with surgery or something. — Tina Fey

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Indra Nooyi

I don't think women can have it all. I just don't think so ... My husband and I have been married for 34 years, and we have two daughters. And every day you have to make a decision about whether you are going to be a wife or a mother. In fact, many times during the day you have to make those decisions ... We co-opted our families to help us. We plan our lives meticulously so we can be decent parents. But if you ask our daughters, I'm not sure they will say that I've been a good mom. — Indra Nooyi

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By John Flanagan

Mind yourself in that guardroom," Gilan told him. Thorn grinned cheerfully. He never had any stomach butterflies before a fight. "I plan to be subtle," he said.
Gilan looked at him, his head tilted curiously. "How's that?"
"Once we go through that door, I'll bash anything that moves. And if they don't move, Stig will bash them."
"You have a strange concept of subtle," Gilan said.
Thorn's grin grew wider, "So I've been told. — John Flanagan

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Ben Stiller

I don't have a burning desire to be taken seriously as an actor. I don't have a master plan in that way. — Ben Stiller

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Edward Frenkel

It turned out that Evgeny Evgenievich indeed had a clever plan how to convert me to math. As soon as I came to his office, he asked me, "So, I hear you like quantum physics. Have you heard about Gell-Mann's eightfold way and the quark model?" "Yes, I've read about this in several popular books." "But do you know what was the basis for this model? How did he come up with these ideas?" "Well ... " "Have you heard about the group SU(3)?" "SU what?" "How can you possibly understand the quark model if you don't know what the group SU(3) is? — Edward Frenkel

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Craig Newmark

We don't have much in the way of a business strategy. Like no business plan. Which I say to torment all my friends who are VCs or MBAs. That's always entertaining. The deal is, it's a mixture of luck and persistence. — Craig Newmark

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Armistead Maupin

The line, Lasko. Do you know anyone in San Francisco? Are you just gonna get off the train and take a streetcar to the swimming pool?" "I might. I could." "You have to have a plan, Lasko." "No, I don't. Not after this. I don't have to have a plan in the world. — Armistead Maupin

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Charles Bukowski

I only type every third night. I have no plan. My mind is a blank. I sit down. The typewriter gives me things I don't even know I'm working on. It's a free lunch. A free dinner. I don't know how long it is going to continue, but so far there is nothing easier than writing. — Charles Bukowski

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Craig Bierko

Any decision that's made about my career is ultimately my decision, and it's helped me not to plan too much. I've never been the guy thinking, 'I want to do a play this year, I want to do this kind of movie or this kind of character.' I don't have that sort of control. — Craig Bierko

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Sarah Ockler

Why did he leave so fast at the end? Who was on the phone? A girl? That's it, he must have a girlfriend. One from another school. One he was just about to call so he could propose to her, but I interrupted, and then he had to run off to take her call, because weddings don't just plan themselves, you know. — Sarah Ockler

I Don't Have A Plan Quotes By Sevyn Streeter

I think in my life I have so many things that changed so much with work and my career, and I don't really get to plan out a lot of my days. So when I have something that's familiar - just something that's there - I don't really like to switch it up. — Sevyn Streeter