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Top Human-environment Interaction Quotes

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Theodore Sturgeon

( ... ) my preoccupation in a larger sense is the optimum man. The question of establishing an internal ecology, where the optimum liver works with the optimum spleen and the optimum eyeball and so forth. Now, when you get to the mind - not the brain, but the optimum mind - then you have the whole inner space idea; my conviction is that there's more room there than there is in outer space, in each individual human being. Love of course has a great deal to do with that, as a necessary coloration and adjunct to everything that we do - to love oneself, to love the parts of oneself, to love the interaction of the parts of oneself, and then the interaction of that whole organism with those of another person. Which is as good a definition of love as you can get, I think. — Theodore Sturgeon

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Caroline Knapp

I am shy by nature, a person who's always found something burdensome about human interaction and who probably always will, at least to some degree. — Caroline Knapp

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Erykah Badu

[The Land] is a film that just happens to be directed and written by a Puerto Rican guy with a black dad. It seemed like a very natural, human interaction between people who all just came from one common cesspool of bad luck. — Erykah Badu

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Fritjof Capra

Quantum theory thus reveals a basic oneness of the universe. It shows that we cannot decompose the world into independently existing smallest units. As we penetrate into matter, nature does not show us any isolated "building blocks," but rather appears as a complicated web of relations between the various parts of the whole. These relations always include the observer in an essential way. The human observer constitute the final link in the chain of observational processes, and the properties of any atomic object can be understood only in terms of the object's interaction with the observer. — Fritjof Capra

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Seth Godin

The wettest, weirdest environment is human interaction. Whatever we build gets misunderstood, corroded and chronic, and it happens quickly and in unpredictable ways. That's one reason why the web is so fascinating-it's a collision between the analytic world of code and wet world of people. — Seth Godin

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Jack Dorsey

My goal is to simplify complexity. I just want to build stuff that really simplifies our base human interaction. — Jack Dorsey

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Peter Sloterdijk

The hero of the following account, Homo immunologicus, who must give his life, with all its dangers and surfeits, a symbolic framework, is the human being that struggles with itself in concern for its form. We will characterize it more closely as the ethical human being, or rather Homo repetitious, Homo artista, the human in training. None of the circulating theories of behaviour or action is capable of grasping the practising human - on the contrary: we will understand why previous theories had to make it vanish systematically, regardless of whether they divided the field of observation into work and interaction, processes and communications, or active and contemplative life. With a concept of practice based on a broad anthropological foundation, we finally have the right instrument to overcome the gap, supposedly unbridgeable by methodological means, between biological and cultural phenomena of immunity - that is, between natural processes on the one hand and actions on the other. — Peter Sloterdijk

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Angela Clarke

...a library is not just a reference service: it is also a place for the vulnerable. From the elderly gentleman whose only remaining human interaction is with library staff, to the isolated young mother who relishes the support and friendship that grows from a Baby Rhyme Time session, to a slow moving 30-something woman collecting her CDs, libraries are a haven in a world where community services are being ground down to nothing. I've always known libraries are vital, but now I understand that their worth cannot be measured in books alone. — Angela Clarke

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By David Mamet

Culture exists and evolves to relegate to habit categories of interactions the constant conscious reference to which would make human interaction impossible. — David Mamet

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Vincent Nichols

We're losing social skills, the human interaction skills, how to read a person's mood, to read their body language, how to be patient until the moment is right to make or press a point. Too much exclusive use of electronic information dehumanises what is a very, very important part of community life and living together. — Vincent Nichols

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By J.B. Amber Alisha Usagi Serena Chuko Mouse

In this Chapter, we'll discuss the specifics of human interaction by analyzing some stories. The main — J.B. Amber Alisha Usagi Serena Chuko Mouse

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Marian Wright Edelman

I feel very lucky to have grown up having interaction with adults who were making change but who were far from perfect beings. That feeling of not being paralyzed by your incredible inadequacy as a human being, which I feel every day, is a part of the legacy that I've gotten from so many of the adult elders. — Marian Wright Edelman

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Kristin Gore

I can go days without meaningful human interaction. — Kristin Gore

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Claudia Rankine

You want to belong, you want to be here. In interactions with others you're constantly waiting to see that they recognize that you're a human being. That they can feel your heartbeat and you can feel theirs. And that together you will live - you will live together. — Claudia Rankine

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Paul Copan

The scriptures are basically a narrative of God's interaction with human kind. If we lose this notion of God's desire for relationship with human beings, we're in danger of losing the heart of the Christian faith. Doctrines, of course, will flow from that, but when the scriptures call us to Believe, we're being called to put our trust in Someone, not just agree with a bunch of doctrine. Demons could do that. We are to commit ourselves to Christ. — Paul Copan

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By David Mitchell

Perhaps all human interaction is about wanting and getting. — David Mitchell

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By John Ringo

Humans talk about 'fight-flight.' Isn't binary, quaternary: fight, flight, bluff, submit. Every human is different pattern for different conditions, but all humans have all four to an extent ... All human interaction works on those four responses ... — John Ringo

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Lyanda Lynn Haupt

I am no ecological Pollyana. I have borne, and will continue to bear, feelings of wholehearted melancholy over the ecological state of the earth. How could I not? How could anyone not? But I am unwilling to become a hand-wringing nihilist, as some environmental 'realists' seem to believe is the more mature posture. Instead, I choose to dwell, as Emily Dickinson famously suggested, in possibility, where we cannot predict what will happen but we make space for it, whatever it is, and realize that our participation has value. This is grown-up optimism, where our bondedness with the rest of creation, a sense of profound interaction, and a belief in our shared ingenuity give meaning to our lives and actions on behalf of the more-than-human world. — Lyanda Lynn Haupt

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Everett N. McKay

If your product solves real problems, has a simple, intuitive interaction and an appealing, easy-to-read visual design, yet people aren't using it, chances are your product is failing to communicate at a human level. — Everett N. McKay

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Erik Naggum

I believe C++ instills fear in programmers, fear that the interaction of some details causes unpredictable results. Its unmanageable complexity has spawned more fear-preventing tools than any other language, but the solution should have been to create and use a language that does not overload the whole goddamn human brain with irrelevant details. — Erik Naggum

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Vironika Tugaleva

What if we all stopped fighting to belong and realized that we already do? What if we acknowledged, in each interaction with ourselves and with others, the eternal, beautiful interconnected energy that flows between us? What if we recognized our equality and celebrated our differences? Imagine how the world could be. — Vironika Tugaleva

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Liu Cixin

Earth's suitability for human life was no coincidence, much less an effect of the anthropic principle, but rather was an outcome of the long-term interaction between the biosphere and the natural environment, — Liu Cixin

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Steven Soderbergh

All human interaction, you can break it down to incentives. All relationships, at some level, are transactional. They're fascinated with incentives. — Steven Soderbergh

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Joel Derfner

Yes, being gay is just one of a thousand traits that make up my character, no more remarkable than my love of M&M's or my ability to mess up a room in fifteen seconds flat or my failure to understand the appeal of Luke and Owen Wilson.
But I believe that the desire to love and be loved is the strongest force on earth. And in that way, being gay affects every interaction in which straight people take part. Every human motive is in the end a yearning for companionship, and every act of every person on this planet is an effort not to be alone. — Joel Derfner

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Mark Drolsbaugh

Neither religion nor race mattered to me, but communication did. If you were willing to be my friend and accept my deafness, I didn't care if you were white, black, Catholic, Jewish, Swahili, or whatever. I didn't care if you worked as a CEO or passed your time handing out flowers at the airport. If you can communicate, you're my friend. This is a great example of how I feel that my deafness has helped me grow spiritually - I could appreciate my interaction with anyone, and just be happy we could get along rather than get bogged down on whatever groups or religions they belonged to. Really, human interaction is a blessing; it is such a waste to discriminate. — Mark Drolsbaugh

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Steven Rose

With its hundred billion nerve cells, with their hundred trillion interconnections, the human brain is the most complex phenomenon in the known universe - always, of course, excepting the interaction of some six billion such brains and their owners within the socio-technological culture of our planetary ecosystem! — Steven Rose

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Lesslie Newbigin

At every point in the story of the transmission of biblical material from the original text to today we are dealing with the interaction of men and women with God. At every point, human judgment and human fallibility are involved, as they are in every attempt we make today to act faithfully in new situations. The idea that at a certain point in this long story a line was drawn before which everything is divine word and after which everything is human judgment is absurd. — Lesslie Newbigin

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Camille Paglia

Charisma is the numinous aura around a narcissistic personality. It flows outward from a simplicity or unity of being and a composure and controlled vitality. There is gracious accommodation, yet commanding impersonality. Charisma is the radiance produced by the interaction of male and female elements in a gifted personality. The charismatic woman has a masculine force and severity. The charismatic man has an entrancing female beauty. Both are hot and cold, glowing with presexual self love. — Camille Paglia

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Lanny K. Cook

Teaching is not only about places, things, and concepts; teaching is totally encompassed within the confines of humanity. It's about people and interaction. It's all about caring and sharing!"

"Teaching is not merely about taking the top off the bottle of ignorance and filling it to the brim with knowledge. Meaningful lessons and relevant teaching can only happen through the sharing of lives from a human perspective. — Lanny K. Cook

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Nick Bilton

The app saved three minutes of my time. But in the process, it cut a neighborhood business out of the economic equation. And, in a way, I had cut off myself from the inconvenient, maddening, but all-too-necessary messiness of human interaction. — Nick Bilton

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Lauren Miller

For the first time in a long time, connection had replaced connectedness. I'd never seen anything like it before, not on this scale. The effervescent pulse of human interaction. People turning to faces instead of screens. It was a splendor of its own. — Lauren Miller

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Ian Hacking

I have this extraordinary curiosity about all subjects of the natural and human world and the interaction between the physical sciences and the social sciences. — Ian Hacking

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Charlotte Eriksson

Human interaction. The most complicated form of happiness I will never figure out. — Charlotte Eriksson

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Jonathan Tropper

Being gay is like taking a crash course in human nature," he says. "Your first real glimpse at the dirty underbelly of routine social interaction. A lesser person, " he offers with a wry grin, "Might well become one bitter fuck. — Jonathan Tropper

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Joseph P. Kauffman

We could learn a lot from the philosophy of Shaolin. Their belief that the ego must be transcended in order to focus on reality is an essential lesson that applies to all of humanity. We could also benefit greatly from their philosophy of independence, individualism and self-reliance. Instead of depending on governments and corporations, we should depend on our environment, our compassionate human interaction, and ourselves. To do this, we must practice what we preach. It is easy to speak of ways to heal the world, but to actually act accordingly is much more difficult. — Joseph P. Kauffman

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Dean Koontz

The hypocrisy of human interaction, wherein selflessness was publicly championed and selfishness privately pursued, both amused and disgusted him. Every act of kindness seemed, to him, to be performed only with an eye to the payback that might one day be extracted from the recipient. — Dean Koontz

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Harry Lee Poe

Storytelling explores the problem with people. Stories without conflict are bad stories that no one repeats. Conflict describes the reality of human life and interaction with others. The resolution of the conflict in which everyone lives happily ever after reflects the human yearning for hope. — Harry Lee Poe

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Tessa Dare

I think you underestimate my capacity for taking normal human interaction and making it awkward. — Tessa Dare

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Stephanie Perkins

I don't understand why things always go from perfect to weird with us. It's like we're incapable of normal human interaction. — Stephanie Perkins

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Malcolm Boyd

Real answers need to be found in dialogue and interaction and, yes, our shared human condition. This means being open to one another instead of simply fighting to maintain a prescribed position. — Malcolm Boyd

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Gary Chapman

Physician Albert Scheweitzer said. " We are all so much together, but we are all dying of loneliness." Professor Leo Buscaglia notes, "There seems to be accumulating evidence that there is actually an inborn need for this togetherness, this human interaction, this love. It seems that without these close ties with other human beings, a new born infant, for example, can regress developmentally, lose consciousness, fall into idiocy and die. — Gary Chapman

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Kilroy J. Oldster

Storytelling is the distinctly human implement designed to synthesize our purposeful interaction with reality. — Kilroy J. Oldster

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Margaret Lesh

I've spent many long hours thinking about the bits and pieces of things; the complexity of human interaction; personalities and emotions; temperaments; the knowns, the unknowns, and intangibles involved in two people coming together, and I've come to the conclusion that it's a small miracle any two people can put it all together and actually find love with each other. — Margaret Lesh

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Sam Harris

If our well-being depends upon the interaction between events in our brains and events in the world, and there are better and worse ways to secure it, then some cultures will tend to produce lives that are more worth living than others; some political persuasions will be more enlightened than others; and some world views will be mistaken in ways that cause needless human misery. — Sam Harris

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Auliq Ice

Love is an attachment which develops through human interaction. — Auliq Ice

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Andrew Weil

I tried to change the conventional paradigm, for example, by insisting on the reality of mind-body interaction, by stressing the importance of natural therapies, by focusing attention on lifestyle issues, by looking at worthwhile aspects of alternative medicine. Many people have been threatened by that. Doctors especially tend to think that they know everything about the human body, and don't realize that medical education has really omitted many very important subjects. — Andrew Weil

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Rosalie Maggio

Although an impressive amount of business and social interaction takes place over the telephone and fax, by e-mail, or in person today, the well-written letter remains a staple of business success and one of the strongest connecting links between human beings. — Rosalie Maggio

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Jeff Lindsay

Arabelle was so upset, it was clear that she was not filled with the thrill of discovery. She was instead several steps over the edge into hysteria, and talking to hysterical people, like so much of ordinary human interaction, takes no particular empathy or liking for people, happily for Dark and Dismal Dexter. It was all technique, a craft and not an art, and that put it squarely inside the expertise of anyone who has studied and copied human behavior. Smile in the right places, nod your head, pretend to listen - I had mastered it ages ago. — Jeff Lindsay

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Jan Gehl

Only architecture that considers human scale and interaction is successful architecture. — Jan Gehl

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Jenifer Tidwell

UX designers have to constantly learn about human psychology, interaction design, information architecture and user research techniques, just to name a few, in order to create the right solutions to a user's problems. — Jenifer Tidwell

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Maulik Pancholy

I remind myself that I'm always more satisfied by human interaction than by a digital connection. — Maulik Pancholy

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Matthew Stewart

There were about two years when I literally paid no rent anywhere in the world. Everyone's a contact, but there's no real human interaction. That's a very wearying thing. — Matthew Stewart

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Fannie Flagg

If you did tell the truth or if you didn't, there were always consequences. Human interaction was difficult at best. — Fannie Flagg

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By T.K. Naliaka

If no one knew them well enough to trust them, then no one was going to speak with them, then they would never get the information that would have warned them to be cautious. — T.K. Naliaka

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Terry Winograd

In the next 50 years, the increasing importance of designing spaces for human communication and interaction will lead to expansion in those aspects of computing that are focused on people, rather than machinery. — Terry Winograd

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Anton Szandor LaVey

To the Maker the archetype, the self-sustainer, human interaction is usually a waste of the most precious thing in his vital existance: time. — Anton Szandor LaVey

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Marya Hornbacher

In her presence, I was reminded again of why I was an anoretic: fear. Of my needs, for food, for sleep, for touch, for simple conversation, for human contact, for love. I was an anoretic because I was afraid of being human. Implicit in human contact is the exposure of the self, the interaction of the selves. The self I'd had, once upon a time, was too much. Now there was no self at all. I was a blank. — Marya Hornbacher

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Sean Carroll

Christopher Savage have calculated that in reasonable models, we expect about ten dark-matter particles to interact with the atoms in a typical human body every year. The effects of every individual interaction are pretty negligible, so don't worry about getting a dark matter stomachache. — Sean Carroll

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Steven Hall

Try to visualize all the streams of human interaction, of communication. All those linking streams flowing in and between people, through text, pictures, spoken words and TV commentaries, streams through shared memories, casual relations, witnessed events, touching pasts and futures, cause and effect. Try to see this immense latticework of lakes and flowing streams, see the size and awesome complexity of it. This huge rich environment. This waterway paradise of all information and identities and societies and selves. — Steven Hall

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Paulo Coelho

We help each other by sharing our experiences. At the end of the day, the human condition requests one thing: to share. You are not here just to profit. If you don't share, you are nothing. I'll give you an example. You can be watching the most beautiful sunset, in the most beautiful place in the world, and this beautiful sunset can be an oppressive experience because you have nobody to share it with. But if you are in a bazaar or a train station full of people, even without any beautiful sunset, it gives you more emotion, more interaction, it becomes a kind of paradise. We are born to share, we are really born to share, so you have to do it. You have to share what you have. In my case, the Internet is a tool to share. My blog is free. Facebook is free. It's an inner cause I have: to use my celebrity to bring people together and share what I have and what each of them have. — Paulo Coelho

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Stephen Covey

The person who is truly effective has the humility and reverence to recognize his own perceptual limitations and to appreciate the rich resources available through interaction with the hearts and minds of other human beings. — Stephen Covey

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Greg Behrendt

We have become a sloppy bunch of people. We say things we don't mean. We make promises we don't keep. "I'll call you." "Let's get together." We know we won't. On the Human Interaction Stock Exchange, our words have lost almost all their value. And the spiral continues, as we now don't even expect people to keep their word; in fact we might even be embarrassed to point out to the dirty liar that they never did what they said they'd do. So if a guy you're dating doesn't call when he says he's doing to, why should that be such a big deal? Because you should be dating a man who's at least as good as his word. — Greg Behrendt

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Michael Gungor

We are all creators. Whether or not we create is not up to us. We are human, and creating is what we do. Every interaction, movement, and decision is creativity at work. We are all artists. We all order creation around us into the world that we want to make. — Michael Gungor

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Beth Ditto

I've had a ton of fast-food jobs - it changes your approach to human interaction forever. — Beth Ditto

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Nicholas A. Christakis

Social media and the Internet haven't changed our capacity for social interaction any more than the Internet has changed our ability to be in love or our basic propensity to violence, because those are such fundamental human attributes. — Nicholas A. Christakis

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Bell Hooks

If consummers want to be entertained, and the images shown us as entertaining are images of violent dehumanization, it makes sense that these acts become more acceptable in our daily lives and that we become less likely to respond to them with moral outrage or concern. Were we all seeing more images of loving human interaction, it would undoubtedly have a positive impact in our lives. — Bell Hooks

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Lynn Coady

I should say I am not much of a gamer - anymore. The reason for this is that I have to make a living, and my body requires vitamin D, and I've come to value the heady pleasures of human interaction over the temporary exhilaration of reaching the 'next level.' — Lynn Coady

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Dennis Lehane

Happiness doesn't lie in conspicuous consumption and the relentless amassing of useless crap. Happiness lies in the person sitting beside you and your ability to talk to them. Happiness is clear-headed human interaction and empathy. Happiness is home. And home is not a house-home is a mythological conceit. It is a state of mind. A place of communion and unconditional love. It is where, when you cross its threshold, you finally feel at peace. — Dennis Lehane

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Warren Ellis

Adam knew it was childish, but he rationalized it in this way: carelessly harming other people was a decent stand-in for baseline human interaction. — Warren Ellis

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Jeffrey M. Schwartz

By exerting its will, Descartes declared, the immaterial human mind could cause the material human machine to move. This bears repeating, for it is an idea that, more than any other, has thrown a stumbling block across the path of philosophers who have attempted to argue that the mind is immaterial: for how could something immaterial act efficaciously on something as fully tangible as a body? Immaterial mental substance is so ontologically different-that is, such a different sort of thing-from the body it affects that getting the twain to meet has been exceedingly difficult. To be sure, Descartes tried. He argued that the mental substance of the mind interacts with the matter of the brain through the pineal gland, the organ he believed was moved directly by the human soul. The interaction allowed the material brain to be physically directed by the immaterial mind through what Descartes called "animal spirits"-basically a kind of hydraulic fluid. — Jeffrey M. Schwartz

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Jim Burke

You can't have success without trust. The word trust embodies almost everything you can strive for that will help you to succeed. You tell me any human relationship that works without trust, whether it is a marriage or a friendship or a social interaction; in the long run, the same thing is true about business, especially businesses that deal with people. — Jim Burke

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By R. Buckminster Fuller

The assumption is that the inevitability of a solution's realization is inherent in the interaction of human intellect and the constantly transformative evolution of physical universe. — R. Buckminster Fuller

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Stephen Jay Gould

No Geologist worth anything is permanently bound to a desk or laboratory, but the charming notion that true science can only be based on unbiased observation of nature in the raw is mythology. Creative work, in geology and anywhere else, is interaction and synthesis: half-baked ideas from a bar room, rocks in the field, chains of thought from lonely walks, numbers squeezed from rocks in a laboratory, numbers from a calculator riveted to a desk, fancy equipment usually malfunctioning on expensive ships, cheap equipment in the human cranium, arguments before a road cut. — Stephen Jay Gould

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Ann Brashares

So far, she'd been her usual lame self: solitary and routine-loving, carefully avoiding any path that might lead to spontaneous human interaction.
Lena Kaligaris — Ann Brashares

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By C.R. Strahan

He came face-to-face with the rude paradox fame had dealt him: The secret of his extraordinary art had been his ability to observe human interaction anonymously, thereby gaining insight into the emotions on display in ordinary life
it was his ability to become a fly-on-the-wall that made him famous, and fame had destroyed his ability to become a fly-on-the-wall. — C.R. Strahan

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Chuck Klosterman

Without a soundtrack, human interaction is meaningless. — Chuck Klosterman

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Jose Antonio Bowen

If teaching is largely about faculty-student interaction, then we have to recognize that human interaction is changing. — Jose Antonio Bowen

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Ivan Turgenev

Traces of human life vanish very quickly: Glafira Petrovna's estate had not yet gone wild, but it seemed already to have sunk into that quiet repose which possesses everything on earth wherever there is no restless human infection to affect it. — Ivan Turgenev

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Murray Rothbard

Economics has revealed a great truth about the natural law of human interaction: that not only is production essential to man's prosperity and survival, but so also is exchange. — Murray Rothbard

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Gary Chapman

Professor Leo Buscaglia notes, "There seems to be accumulating evidence that there is actually an inborn need for this togetherness, this is human interaction, this love. It seems that without these close ties with other human beings, a new born infant, for example, can regress developmentally, lose consciousness, fall into idocy and die. — Gary Chapman

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Stephen Harrod Buhner

The killing of mature members of any species leads to a reduction not only in biomass and species density and diversity but also in that species' accumulated knowledge of how to most efficiently fill its ecological niche and interact with the rest of the ecosystem around it. The accumulated wisdom of the species is severely reduced or, sometimes, even lost in the process. Thus the tremendous loss of human languages around the globe that were generated out of thousands of generations of human interaction with specific habitats by unique groups and which encode unique understandings of ecosystem functioning is a tragedy greater than we yet know. — Stephen Harrod Buhner

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Billy Corgan

That's at the root of the human interaction: fair trade. — Billy Corgan

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Wendell Berry

The interaction, the interdependence, of life and death, which in nature is the source of an inexhaustible fecundity, is the basis of a set of analogies, to which agriculture and the rest of the human economy must conform in order to endure, and which is ultimately religious ... — Wendell Berry

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Niall Ferguson

The whole point about historians is that we are really communing with the dead. It's very restful - because you read. There's some sociopathic problem that makes me prefer it to human interaction. — Niall Ferguson

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Robert G. Thompson

The simple truth is that technology is still a poor substitute for human interaction. — Robert G. Thompson

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Nalini Singh

A single raised eyebrow. "You've defected, sweetheart. No use worrying about the big, bad wolf now."
She was aware of Judd speaking, but her attention never shifted off the man who was a predator, for all that he wore human skin. When he peeled open and held out a bar of some kind, she took it, aware low energy levels could be dangerous when it came to her ability to keep a handle on the cold fire.
"Thank you."
A faint smile, a strange amusement in those icy eyes. "You're welcome."
It was the most polite interaction they'd ever had. — Nalini Singh

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Susan L. Taylor

Love is a way of seeing and a way of being that honors God in everyone we meet. And it changes us in the most fundamental way. All we need to do is welcome the challenge of our relationships, training our eyes to look beyond human behavior to the Presence within. When we seek to live love, we discover through our interactions with others the divinity within ourselves. — Susan L. Taylor

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Dave Eggers

Some of these kids just don't plain know how good they are: how smart and how much they have to say. You can tell them. You can shine that light on them, one human interaction at a time. — Dave Eggers

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Atul Gawande

It is unsettling to find how little it takes to defeat success in medicine. You come as a professional equipped with expertise and technology. You do not imagine that a mere matter of etiquette could foil you. But the social dimension turns out to be as essential as the scientific
matters of how casual you should be, how formal, how reticent, how forthright. Also: how apologetic, how self-confident, how money-minded. In this work against sickness, we begin not with genetic or cellular interactions, but with human ones. They are what make medicine so complex and fascinating. How each interaction is negotiated can determine whether a doctor is trusted, whether a patient is heard, whether the right diagnosis is made, the right treatment given. But in this realm there are no perfect formulas. — Atul Gawande

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Charles F. Glassman

Insecurity - the basis of most negative human interaction. — Charles F. Glassman

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Maria Semple

Every single iceberg filled me with feelings of sadness and wonder. Not thoughts of sadness and wonder, mind you, because thoughts require a thinker, and my head was a balloon, incapable of thoughts. I didn't think about Dad, I didn't think about you, and, the big one, I didn't think about myself. The effect was like heroin (I think), and I wanted to stretch it out as long as possible.
Even the simplest human interaction would send me crashing back to earthly thoughts. So I was the first one out in the morning, and the last one back. I only went kayaking, never stepped foot on the White Continent proper. I kept my head down, stayed in my room, and slept, but, mainly, I was. No racing heart, no flying thoughts. — Maria Semple

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Martina Boone

Is there a reason you look like you want to murder me?"
"Not particularly. You have that effect on people. — Martina Boone

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Maria Popova

Be generous with your time and your resources and with giving credit and, especially, with your words. It's so much easier to be a critic than a celebrator. Always remember there is a human being on the other end of every exchange and behind every cultural artifact being critiqued. To understand and be understood, those are among life's greatest gifts, and every interaction is an opportunity to exchange them. — Maria Popova

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Don DeLillo

It is the form that allows a writer the greatest opportunity to explore human experience ... For that reason, reading a novel is potentially a significant act. Because there are so many varieties of human experience, so many kinds of interaction between humans, and so many ways of creating patterns in the novel that can't be created in a short story, a play, a poem or a movie. The novel, simply, offers more opportunities for a reader to understand the world better, including the world of artistic creation. That sounds pretty grand, but I think it's true. — Don DeLillo

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Edward O. Wilson

The origin of the human condition is best explained by the natural selection for social interaction - the inherited propensities to communicate, recognize, evaluate, bond, cooperate, compete, and from all these the deep warm pleasure of belonging to your own special group. — Edward O. Wilson

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Terry Winograd

The techniques of artificial intelligence are to the mind what bureaucracy is to human social interaction. — Terry Winograd

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Norman Cousins

Illness is always an interaction between [mind and body]. It can begin in the mind and affect the body, or it can begin in the body and affect the mind, both of which are served by the same bloodstream. Attempts to treat most mental diseases as though they were completely free of physical causes and attempts to treat most bodily diseases as though the mind were in no way involved must be considered archaic in the light of new evidence about the way the human body functions. — Norman Cousins

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Bell Hooks

Even though some individual scholars try to tell us there is no direct connection between images of violence and the violence confronting us in our lives, the commonsense truth remains- we are affected by the images we consume and by the states of mind we are in when watching them. If consumers want to be entertained, and the images shown us as entertaining are images of violent dehumanization, it makes sense that these acts become more acceptable in our daily lives and that we become less likely to respond to them with moral outrage or concern. Were we all seeing more images of loving human interaction, it would undoubtedly have a positive impact on our lives. — Bell Hooks

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Karl Marx

Labour is, first of all, a process between man and nature, a process by which
man, through his own actions, mediates, regulates and controls the metabolism between himself and nature. He confronts the materials of nature as
a force of nature. He sets in motion the natural forces which belong to his
own body, his arms, legs, head and hands, in order to appropriate the materials of nature in a form adapted to his own needs. Through this movement
he acts upon external nature and changes it, and in this way he simultaneously changes his own nature ... It [the labor process] is the universal condition for the metabolic interaction [Stoffwechsel] between man and nature, the everlasting nature-imposed condition of human existence. — Karl Marx

Human-environment Interaction Quotes By Margaret Heffernan

For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate. — Margaret Heffernan