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Top House Owning Quotes

House Owning Quotes By John Green

She looked up at me, her face mostly revealed now, and she smiled just the littlest bit.
'It amazes me that you can find all that shit even remotely interesting.'
'College: getting in or not getting in. Trouble: getting in or not getting in. School: getting A's or getting D's. Career: having or not having. House: big or small, owning or renting. Money: having or not having. It's all so boring. — John Green

House Owning Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

I've won his heart, but it's like owning a house in which most of the doors are permanently locked. He wants to shield me from all unpleasantness. And it's not really marriage - not like the marriage you have with Cam - until he's willing to share the worst of himself as well as the best of himself. — Lisa Kleypas

House Owning Quotes By Ernie J Zelinski

The universe defies you to answer the following questions: What good is a high paying career if it leaves you continually stressed out and miserable? What good is owning a large stately house if the only time you spend in it is when you sleep in it? What good is having a lot of interesting possessions if you never have the free time to enjoy them? Above all, what good is having a family if you seldom see any of its members? — Ernie J Zelinski

House Owning Quotes By Charlie Munger

It takes almost no capital to open a new See's candy store. We're drowning in capital of our own that has almost no cost. It would be crazy to franchise stores like some capital-starved pancake house. We like owning our own stores as a matter of quality control. — Charlie Munger

House Owning Quotes By Nina Garcia

I grew up with a fashion-obsessed mother and an older sister, so there was a lot of fashion in my house. The first thing I remember owning was a Pierre Cardin jumpsuit when I was 9 or 10; of course I didn't actually buy it, but I fell in love with it. — Nina Garcia

House Owning Quotes By Andrew Forrest

We really need to change taxation policy so that it is not skewed against owning more than one house. — Andrew Forrest

House Owning Quotes By Cecelia Ahern

Like Rosaleen and Arthur's house, this had the feel of generations of people who had lived there before, families that had grown up, run and shouted through the hallways, broken things, grown things, fallen in love. Instead of the occupants owning the house, the house owned a part of each of them. — Cecelia Ahern

House Owning Quotes By John Green

College: getting in or not getting in.
Trouble: getting in or not getting in.
School: getting A's or getting D's. Career: having or not having. House: big or small, owning or renting. Money: having or not having. It's all boring. — John Green

House Owning Quotes By John Lachs

We must look at what immigration to America involves. To the new arrivals, the change is excruciating. Learning a new language and dealing with strange customs make the first years of life in the new land painful ...
The economic system of the United States is a mighty engine of persuasion. It motivates people to do what otherwise they never would in return for fulfilling their dreams. In the process, people learn that there is no sharp line between physical well-being and the higher purposes of life. The comfort of owning a house is at once meeting the obligation to care for one — John Lachs

House Owning Quotes By Meghan Daum

Also, I was coming up on my five year anniversary of owning the house, and if there's anything I've learned in five years, it's this: if a piece of your house falls off and you don't know what to do with it, throwing it in the trash and forgetting about it is a perfectly viable option. — Meghan Daum

House Owning Quotes By Hal Elrod

As a student of Tony Robbins, Matt had been using affirmations and incantations for years to create extraordinary levels of success. Owning five homes and one of the top network engineers in the country (all by age 25), I should have figured Matt knew what he was doing. After all, I was the one renting a room in his house. — Hal Elrod

House Owning Quotes By Rupert Thomson

He thought of his old tapes, the ones he'd had for years, the ones he'd used over and over again. Their silence was always different to the silence of a new tape: it was loaded, prickly with things recorded and erased; a silence that was like ghosts. That house was an old tape masquerading as a new one. It had recorded and erased, but it was pretending it had just come out of the cellophane. It had ghosts, but it wasn't owning up to them. — Rupert Thomson

House Owning Quotes By Tana French

I'm not saying that owning a house makes life into some kind of blissful paradise; simply that it makes the difference between freedom and enslavement. — Tana French

House Owning Quotes By Don J. Snyder

That had been the end of Communism. I had a feeling watching the tape that America would be next, but for once I kept my mouth shut. In my silence I felt our common ground: here we were, two men, neither young, neither with money, neither earning a penny or holding down a job or owning a house, both thoroughly confused by the way the world was turning. — Don J. Snyder

House Owning Quotes By Dilip Kumar

I have a piece of land in Delhi, but I have never had enough money to support dual establishments. I always thought of owning a house in Delhi as well. When you go to London or Switzerland, you dream of having a house even there. But you cannot have everything. I have a plot in Delhi, so I think I should have a house here as well. — Dilip Kumar

House Owning Quotes By Winston Peters

When I see someone from Beijing owning 50 houses in Auckland I don't think that's neo-racist — Winston Peters

House Owning Quotes By Christian Wiman

Art can model the more difficult dynamic of transfiguring one's life, but at some point the dynamic reverses itself: life models, or forces, the existential crisis by which art - great art - is fully experienced. There is a fluidity between art and life, then, in the same way that there is, in the best lives, a fluidity between mind and matter, self and soul, life and death. Experience seems to stream clearly through some lives, rather than getting slowed and clogged up in the drift-waste of ego, or stagnating in little inlets of despair, envy, rage. It has to do with seizing and releasing as a single gesture. It has to do with standing in relation to life and death ... owning an emptiness that, because you have claimed it, has become a source of light, wearing your wound that, like a ramshackle house on some high exposed hill, sings with the hard wind that is steadily destroying it. — Christian Wiman