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Top Hot Peppers Quotes

Hot Peppers Quotes By Hillary Clinton

My two secrets to staying healthy: wash your hands all the time. And, if you can't, use Purell or one of the sanitizers. And the other is hot peppers. I eat a lot of hot peppers. I for some reason started doing that in 1992, and I swear by it. — Hillary Clinton

Hot Peppers Quotes By Barbara Kingsolver

Our gardening forebears meant watermelon to be the juicy, barefoot taste of a hot summer's end, just as a pumpkin is the trademark fruit of late October. Most of us accept the latter, and limit our jack-o'-latern activities to the proper botanical season. Waiting for a watermelon is harder. It's tempting to reach for melons, red peppers, tomatoes, and other late-summer delights before the summer even arrives. But it's actually possible to wait, celebrating each season when it comes, not fretting about its being absent at all other times because something else good is at hand. — Barbara Kingsolver

Hot Peppers Quotes By Flea

Being a dad and being in the Red Hot Chili Peppers and all the stuff I have to do ... The trumpet requires a lot of diligence, and I haven't had the time. — Flea

Hot Peppers Quotes By Brett Dakin

Over a bowl of steaming feu, Chinese noodle soup, Mon kept talking. As always, the soup was served with a plate piled high with fresh greens - cilantro and mint, bean sprouts and lemon - that one added for taste. On the table sat an assortment of Lao and Thai condiments like fish paste, chili peppers, and hot sauce. I usually stayed away from these deadly bottles. Mon, on the other hand, dumped a healthy dose of each into her bowl. Just one — Brett Dakin

Hot Peppers Quotes By Mariko Tamaki

This is the thing about school dances. They make like it's supposed to be this other-worldly thing, but really it's just the people you see every day dressed up, standing in the gym in the dark with Red Hot Chili Peppers playing. — Mariko Tamaki

Hot Peppers Quotes By Kanye West

My music is rock. I listen to Red Hot Chili Peppers and I listen to one of my songs, and if I don't give you the same emotion, then I go back and re-spit. — Kanye West

Hot Peppers Quotes By Summer Sanders

Growing up, I was a little hippie kid. I went to some good concerts ... Amnesty International with Bob Dylan and Tracy Chapman ... The best concert I ever went to was this one at the Cow Palace my freshman year in college on New Year's Eve. It was Pearl Jam opening for Nirvana opening for Red Hot Chili Peppers. — Summer Sanders

Hot Peppers Quotes By J. Cole

One day, I'll be listening to a bunch of Ray Charles, the next day it's nothing but Red Hot Chili Peppers. The next day it might be Tupac all day. — J. Cole

Hot Peppers Quotes By Amanda Boyden

You want to fuck the singer, but you would suck on any of them. A rim job, a piss shower, wouldn't matter. The band plays in nothing but tube socks hung over their cocks and sacks. They can make the socks swing like giant tittie tassels. You've never seen anything so sexy. — Amanda Boyden

Hot Peppers Quotes By Christopher Mintz-Plasse

I met Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I'm not really star struck by actors, but musicians, that's when I get star struck. Chad Smith is my number one drum influence, so that was a real mind-blow. I spoke to him - proper English, thank God! — Christopher Mintz-Plasse

Hot Peppers Quotes By Salman Rushdie

... it is a matter of record that in our sorry age with its prejudice in favour of male children many poor families donated to their favoured cult-temple the daughters they could not afford to marry off or feed, in the hope that they might live in holiness as servants or, if they were fortunate, as dancers; vain hopes, alas, for in many cases the priests in charge of these temples were men in whom the highest standards of probity were mysteriously absent, a failing which laid them open to offers of cash on the nail for the young virgins and not-quite-virgins and once-again-virgins in their charge. Thus Abraham the spice merchant was able to use his widespread Southern connections to harvest a new crop, entered in his most secret ledgers as 'Garam Masala Super Quality', and also, I note with some embarrassment, 'Extra Hot Chilli Peppers: Green. — Salman Rushdie

Hot Peppers Quotes By Lindsay Wagner

My favorite splurges are cheese pizza with hot peppers, Haagen-Dazs maple-walnut ice cream, Giant brand ice cream sandwiches, and fire sticks - those hot candies the size of a three-inch ruler. — Lindsay Wagner

Hot Peppers Quotes By Red Hot Chili Peppers

I got dosed by you and
Closer than most to you and
What am I supposed to do
Take it away I never had it anyway — Red Hot Chili Peppers

Hot Peppers Quotes By Gail Simmons

I cannot go to Montreal without going to Beauty's, my favorite place for breakfast, where I have the Mish-Mash omelet with hot dogs, salami, eggs, green peppers, and onions, and the best banana bread in the world. It's legendary! — Gail Simmons

Hot Peppers Quotes By Dave Thompson

We live in a world packed with desensitising forces, that strip the world of magic. The world is full of negativity, but we fight back with positivity. We're inspired by oceans, forests, animals, Marx Brothers films. We can't help but project uplifting vibrations, because we love each other so much and get off on playing together. — Dave Thompson

Hot Peppers Quotes By Dave Thompson

Had Kurt Cobain not committed suicide in 1994, would his genius have survived the continuous incisions of a media that was only too proud of its ability to chisel away at his fragile psyche in the years before he decided that he'd had enough off their invasions? And, had Jimi Hendrix not passed way in 1970, would he, too have eventually fallen into decline, first equalled, then eclipsed by the brilliant wave of new guitarists: Robin Trower, Ritchie Blackmore, Mick Ronson, who emerged during the early 1970s? In death, Hendrix led by example: in life he could have been left for the dead. — Dave Thompson

Hot Peppers Quotes By G. Willow Wilson

I would have done anything for Intisar. Her love was like three kebab meals to me, with tahini and hot peppers. I never took her for granted. Never. — G. Willow Wilson

Hot Peppers Quotes By The Red Hot Chili Peppers

The more I see, the less I know, the more I'd like to let it go. — The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Hot Peppers Quotes By Jacoby Shaddix

This is my dream. I ain't giving up. I see a band like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and they've had their ups and downs, but they've continued with heart. We look up to that. I see Papa Roach being around for another 15 years. We've always wanted to be a career band. — Jacoby Shaddix

Hot Peppers Quotes By Red Hot Chili Peppers

Space may be the final frontier but it's made in a Hollywood basement. — Red Hot Chili Peppers

Hot Peppers Quotes By Peter Hook

I watched John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chili Peppers play it acoustically at their gig at the MEN Arena. I think I can safely say that, of the 19,000 people there, 18,950 didn't know what it was - but I did, and it brought a tear to my eye, definitely. Monster bass line. A bass line that every bass player dreams of and I got it, so thank you. — Peter Hook

Hot Peppers Quotes By Jose Gonzalez

I listened to all the Misfits albums growing up and Red Hot Chili Peppers, too. — Jose Gonzalez

Hot Peppers Quotes By Red Hot Chili Peppers

Your heart is stronger than your head. — Red Hot Chili Peppers

Hot Peppers Quotes By Neil Gaiman

Laura made a great chili. She used lean meat, dark kidney beans, carrots cut small, a bottle or so of dark beer, and freshly sliced hot peppers. She would let the chili cook for a while, then add red wine, lemon juice and a pitch of fresh dill, and, finally, measure out and add her chili powders. On more than one occasion Shadow had tried to get her to show him how she made it: he would watch everything she did, from slicing the onions and dropping them into the olive oil at the bottom of the pot. He had even written down the recipe, ingredient by ingredient, and he had once made Laura's chili for himself on a weekend when she had been out of town. It had tasted okay-it was certainly edible, but it had not been Laura's chili. — Neil Gaiman

Hot Peppers Quotes By Nick Cave

I'm forever near a stereo saying, 'What the fuck is this garbage?' And the answer is always the Red Hot Chili Peppers. — Nick Cave

Hot Peppers Quotes By Jane Hirshfield

Metaphors think with the imagination and the senses. The hot chili peppers in them explode in the mouth and the mind. — Jane Hirshfield

Hot Peppers Quotes By Anthony Kiedis

we're the Red Hot Chili Peppers, we're from Hollywood, California,
we're really hard-rocking motherfuckers, and we think you
should produce our record. — Anthony Kiedis

Hot Peppers Quotes By Kobe Bryant

Dropkick Murphys get me going, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana ... plus, all the regular hip-hop stuff. — Kobe Bryant

Hot Peppers Quotes By Mark Kurlansky

Unique to Sichuan, ma is the spicy flavor of a wild tree peppercorn called huajiao - with a taste between peppercorn, caraway, and clove, but so strong that too much will numb the mouth. Two varieties grow in Sichuan, clay red peppercorns and the more perfumey brown ones. La means "hot spice" and is accomplished with small burning red peppers. The combined seasoning, ma-la, defines the taste of Sichuan food. — Mark Kurlansky

Hot Peppers Quotes By Sorin Suciu

Love can be just like hot peppers, exciting on the way in and agonizing on the way out. — Sorin Suciu

Hot Peppers Quotes By Hristo Stoichkov

I know him. He's a hot chilli pepper, just like me!
(on Valeri Bojinov) — Hristo Stoichkov

Hot Peppers Quotes By Michael Franti

The more I see, the less I know. — Michael Franti

Hot Peppers Quotes By Kathleen Hanna

But see, my idea on the whole thing is, hey, it's not the responsibility of marginalized, oppressed people to educate everyone. I personally wouldn't put myself in that position and go out there and do my schtick in front of the Red Hot Chili Peppers fan guys ... because, you know ... — Kathleen Hanna