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Horse Feed Quotes By Cinda Williams Chima

He's a good horse," Bellamy said, a bit defensively. "He was always willing if you knew how to manage him. Oh, you know, like most horses, he'd get away with whatever he could, but he was never mean-tempered. Not like this."
Ash liked the fact that Bellamy stood up for his horse. "How long has he been off his feed?"
"Couple weeks."
"What's his name?"
Ash raised an eyebrow. "Crusher?" At the sound of his name, the gelding's ears pricked forward.
Bellamy grimaced. "He's a warhorse, all right? Man doesn't want to ride into battle on a horse named Daisy. — Cinda Williams Chima

Horse Feed Quotes By Bonnie Jo Campbell

When I was little, we lived on 8 acres and my mom had a horse. But when I was 7, my mom kicked my dad out, and then in order to feed us five kids, she got critters cheap or for free and raised them for food. We milked a cow, raised chickens, pigs and beef cattle. We heated our one-story house with wood and stayed cold all winter. — Bonnie Jo Campbell

Horse Feed Quotes By C.S. Pacat

Guilliame said in a low voice, 'It was poison. It was in the feed. Lamen noticed a dead field mouse near the grain stores. If not for that warning, we'd have lost all the horses. Not just this one.' The Prince stayed with the horse while Lamen touched him on the shoulder, then arranged for a horsemaster to put the horse down. The Prince only rose when the horse was dead. The — C.S. Pacat

Horse Feed Quotes By Frances E. Willard

Tens of thousands who could never afford to own, feed and stable a horse, had by this bright invention enjoyed the swiftness of motion which is perhaps the most fascinating feature of material life. — Frances E. Willard

Horse Feed Quotes By Philippe Petit

Believe marvels exist around you, inside others, within yourself. Go search for them. Gallop through life and without dismounting your horse manage (like a Cossack!) to pick up bits of otherworldliness lying on the path. Feed your imagination that way. That way, shape your destiny. — Philippe Petit

Horse Feed Quotes By Gary Hamel

Dakota tribal wisdom says that when you're on a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount. Of course, there are other strategies. You can change riders. You can get a committee to study the dead horse. You can benchmark how other companies ride dead horses. You can declare that it's cheaper to feed a dead horse. You can harness several dead horses together. But after you've tried all these things, you're still going to have to dismount. — Gary Hamel

Horse Feed Quotes By Rita Mae Brown

I love literature, the English language and storytelling. I also have thirty horses and seventy foxhounds to feed. — Rita Mae Brown

Horse Feed Quotes By Chris Paine

I like to take folks back to the turn of the century when people said 'gas cars can never replace horses because you can feed horses at your house, you get along with them, they're nice.' — Chris Paine

Horse Feed Quotes By Twiggy

Back in the '60s, there was a car sticker that read, 'Forget Oxfam, Feed Twiggy,' but I ate like a horse. — Twiggy

Horse Feed Quotes By Gustave Flaubert

In the dark room a cloud of yellow dust flew from beneath the tool like a scatter of sparks from under the hooves of a galloping horse. The twin wheels turned and hummed. Binet was smiling, his chin down, his nostrils distended. He seemed lost in the kind of happiness which, as a rule, accompanies only those mediocre occupations that tickle the intelligence with easy difficulties, and satisfy it with a sense of achievement beyond which there is nothing left for dreams to feed on. — Gustave Flaubert

Horse Feed Quotes By Michael Perry

In 1951, a man bought a pickup truck because he needed to load things up and move them. Things like bricks and bags of feed. Somewhere along the line trendsetters and marketers got involved, and now we buy pickups
big, horse-powered, overbuilt, wide-assed, comfortable pickups
so that we may stick our key in the ignition of an icon, fire up an image, and drive off in a cloud of connotations. I have no room to talk. I long to get my International running part so I can drive down roads that no longer exist. — Michael Perry

Horse Feed Quotes By Jim Harrison

After dinner the Texan invited Cochran to accompany him to a whorehouse but he declined saying he'd feed, walk and water the horse.
'Strikes me you had a big day and some poontang might ease your mind.'
'Nope. Killed a man I hated today and I don't want to mix my pleasures. I want to lay in bed and think how good it felt.'
The Texan nodded and lit a cigar. He was no man's fool. — Jim Harrison

Horse Feed Quotes By Fulton J. Sheen

Possession properly has two faces, two aspects: we all have a right to private property, but this is accompanied by our responsibility for its righteous use. These two things (which should be inseparable) are frequently divided today. Everyone admits that the farmer who own a horse is obligated to feed and care for it, but in the case of stocks and bonds, we often forget that the same principle should prevail. — Fulton J. Sheen

Horse Feed Quotes By John Kenneth Galbraith

If you feed enough oats to the horse, some will pass through to feed the sparrows (referring to "trickle down" economics). — John Kenneth Galbraith

Horse Feed Quotes By William Shakespeare

Cleopatra: Oh, Charmian, Where think'st thou he is now? Stands he or sits he?
Or does he walk? Or is he on his horse?
O happy horse, to bear the weight of Antony!
Do bravely, horse, for wott'st thou whom thou mov'st?
The demi-Atlas of this earth, the arm
And burgonet of men. He's speaking now,
Or murmuring "Where's my serpent of old Nile?"
For so he calls me. Now I feed myself
With most delicious poison. Think on me,
That am with Phoebus' amorous pinches black
And wrinkled deep in time. Broad-fronted Caesar,
When thou wast here above the ground, I was
A morsel for a monarch. And great Pompey
Would stand and make his eyes grow in my brow.
There would he anchor his aspect, and die
With looking on his life. — William Shakespeare

Horse Feed Quotes By Charles Manson

People said I was a leader. Here's the kind of leader I was. I made sure toilets were clean. I made sure the animals were fed. Any sores on the horses? I'd heal them. Anything need fixing? I'd fix it. I was always the one to do everything nobody wanted to do. Cats need feeding? I'd feed them. When it was cold, I was always the last one to get a blanket. — Charles Manson

Horse Feed Quotes By Elizabeth Gurley Flynn

A popular saying in Alderson went as follows: 'They work us like a horse, feed us like a bird, treat us like a child, dress us like a man - and then expect us to act like a lady. — Elizabeth Gurley Flynn

Horse Feed Quotes By Jaimy Gordon

But Little Spinoza was only interested in that satchel-bellied ten-dollar billy goat. First he jumped back like insulted when the goat lift his head at him and stare. What you think this is, son? Ain't nothing but a spotted he-goat, good for nothing save to be the horse's friend. He gone urinate in you hay and shove his head in you feed bucket and race you to you eats. You don't mind out, he win too. You want that? Medicine Ed reached down and touched that peculiar armor-plate forehead of the goat between his coin-slot eyes, and shuddered. But Little Spinoza dance around and look happy and want a billy goat all his own. — Jaimy Gordon

Horse Feed Quotes By George R R Martin

Dywen now, he says we need to learn to ride dead horses, like the Others do. He claims it would save on feed. How much could a dead horse eat? — George R R Martin

Horse Feed Quotes By Abba Eban

Science is not a sacred cow. Science is a horse. Don't worship it. Feed it.
[Addressing a group of prospective contributors to an Israeli scientific research program] — Abba Eban

Horse Feed Quotes By Anne McCaffrey

What I used to do between writing fits was feed my kids, ride my horse and go shopping for cat and dog food. — Anne McCaffrey

Horse Feed Quotes By H.V. Morton

What an amazing thing is the coming of spring to London. The very pavements seem ready to crack and lift under the denied earth; in the air is a consciousness of life which tells you that if traffic stopped for a fortnight grass would grow again in Piccadilly and corn would spring in pavement cracks where a horse had spilt his 'feed'. And the squares of London, so dingy and black since the first October gale, fill week by week with the rising tide of life, just as the sea, running up the creeks and pushing itself forward inch by inch towards the land, comes at last to each remote rock pool. — H.V. Morton

Horse Feed Quotes By Tom McNeal

You know, for a while there we kept horses for the boys, and we had a mare that had broken down. Couldn't ride it ... You could feed it and brush it and water it and all. Sometimes, I've thought that's what most marriages get to. A horse you still care a little about but cannot any longer ride. — Tom McNeal

Horse Feed Quotes By Chael Sonnen

I was in Las Vegas when the Nogueira brothers first touched down in America. There was a bus, this is a true story. There was a bus that pulled up to a red light, and Little Nog tried to feed it a carrot, while Big Nog was petting it. He thought it was a horse. This really happened. He tried to feed a bus a carrot, and now you're telling me this country has computers? I didn't know that. — Chael Sonnen

Horse Feed Quotes By Dick Cheney

I reached a point towards the end on the old heart where I had trouble getting out of a chair. All I wanted to do was get out of bed in the morning and walk to my office and sit back down in the chair. Now I throw 50 pound bags of horse feed in the back of my pickup truck and I don't even think about it. I'm back doing those things. — Dick Cheney