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Top Hopes Dreams And Ambitions Quotes

Hopes Dreams And Ambitions Quotes By John Katzenbach

One of the things I learned in my maddest years was that one could be in a room, with walls and barred windows and locks on the doors, surrounded by other crazy people, or even stuffed into an isolation cell all alone, but that really wasn't the room one was in at all. The real room that one occupied was constructed by memory, by relationships, by events, by all sorts of unseen forces. Sometimes delusions. Sometimes hallucinations. Sometimes desires. Sometimes dreams and hopes, or ambitions. Sometimes anger. That was what was important: to always recognize where the real walls were. (176) — John Katzenbach

Hopes Dreams And Ambitions Quotes By J.G. Ballard

In the past we have always assumed that the external world around us has represented reality, however confusing or uncertain, and that the inner world of our minds, its dreams, hopes, ambitions, represented the realm of fantasy, and the imagination. These roles, it seems to me, have been reversed. The most prudent and effective method of dealing with the world around us is to assume that it is a complete fiction - conversely, the one small node of reality left to us is inside of our own heads. — J.G. Ballard

Hopes Dreams And Ambitions Quotes By Jyoti Arora

I dream a dream that won't let me sleep. and yet I can't let it go either. Hope & fears are playing a tug-of-war, and I'm the rope in between. — Jyoti Arora

Hopes Dreams And Ambitions Quotes By Dee Dee M. Scott

Toxic people are like Cancer. If you keep them in your life, they will destroy your dreams, hopes and ambitions. — Dee Dee M. Scott

Hopes Dreams And Ambitions Quotes By Louis L'Amour

When a man picks up a gun he picks up responsibility. He has a dangerous weapon, and he'd better have coolness and discretion ... He'd better have judgment. That other man who wears a gun also has a family, a home, he has hopes, dreams, ambitions. If you're human, you must think of that. Nobody in his right mind takes a human life lightly. — Louis L'Amour

Hopes Dreams And Ambitions Quotes By Anthony Liccione

Don't let reality, get in way of your dreams. — Anthony Liccione

Hopes Dreams And Ambitions Quotes By Matthew Kelly

I don't see myself as I really am. The reason is because I have blind spots. My past is full of experiences that are influencing my present and my future. These past experiences have given birth to fear and insecurity, which create huge blind spots. The past has also given birth to a thousand hopes, dreams, and ambitions that I carry deep within me, and these also prevent me from seeing myself as I really am. At times I can be cynical because of something or someone I encountered in the past, and this cynicism is a blind spot. I can also be paranoid at times - another blind spot. And guess what - I like being liked, and nothing will blind us like our desire to be liked, accepted, loved. All of these blind spots make it hard for me to see situations and people (especially myself) as they really are. — Matthew Kelly

Hopes Dreams And Ambitions Quotes By Iain M. Banks

Well," the voice said, seemingly oblivious, "one thing that does happen when you live a long time is that you start to realise the essential futility of so much that we do, especially when you see the same patterns of behaviour repeated by succeeding generations and across different species. You see the same dreams, the same hopes, the same ambitions and aspirations, reiterated, and the same actions, the same courses and tactics and strategies, regurgitated, to the same predictable and often lamentable effects, and you start to think, So? Does it really matter? Why really are you bothering with all this? Are these not just further doomed, asinine ways of attempting to fill your vacuous, pointless existence, wedged slivered as it is between the boundless infinitudes of dark oblivion book-ending its utter triviality?" "Uh-huh, — Iain M. Banks

Hopes Dreams And Ambitions Quotes By Frederick Lenz

In the world of interactive multi-media highways we are all traveling somewhere interactively and we are all shopping for something, our dreams, our hopes, our ambitions for ourselves, for those we love - these little scenarios we play out endlessly in our mind. — Frederick Lenz

Hopes Dreams And Ambitions Quotes By Duncan Armstrong

I touched the wall and all my dreams, hopes and ambitions basically coalesced into one moment. — Duncan Armstrong

Hopes Dreams And Ambitions Quotes By James A. Owen

I believe that every one of us has something that's very unique to us specifically. Something unique enough that no one else might really ever understand it - not our parents, or teachers, or best friends, or siblings.
It's our point of view.
Our point of view is what makes us unique, because no one else - no one else - has your particular combination of thoughts, and dreams, and hopes, and desires, and ambitions and memories, and experiences. No one. And I believe that every once in a while, the Universe opens itself up to you and you alone, and shows you something that no one else is going to understand. And you have to decide in that moment how much you believe in what you have seen - even if everyone else in the world tells you you're wrong. — James A. Owen

Hopes Dreams And Ambitions Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

A man once believed he could fly - and he did.
Another believed he could walk on the moon - and he did.
Why not believe your wildest dreams can come true?
Why not see the stars as reachable? — Richelle E. Goodrich

Hopes Dreams And Ambitions Quotes By Zen

It isn't just the past we remember, it's the future too.
Fifty per cent of memory is devoted not to what has already happened,
but to what will happen next. Appointments, anniversaries, meetings,
all the rolling engagements and plans,
all the hopes and dreams and ambitions which make up any human life
- we remember what we did and also what we will do.
Only the knife edge of the present is 'hard' to any degree.
Past and future are things of the mind,and a mind can be changed. — Zen

Hopes Dreams And Ambitions Quotes By Barbara Mertz

There is nothing sadder than the cheerful letters of the dead, expressing hopes that were never fulfilled, ambitions that were never achieved, dreams cut off before they could come to fruition. — Barbara Mertz

Hopes Dreams And Ambitions Quotes By Sapan Saxena

Sometimes, it's worth living the dreams, tasks, hopes or ambitions of the people you love, however unjustifiable or stupid they may sound. Sometimes, it's worth completing what they stood up for. That is the best gift you can give to the people you love. — Sapan Saxena

Hopes Dreams And Ambitions Quotes By Joyce Rachelle

When we get too comfortable, we stop dreaming. — Joyce Rachelle

Hopes Dreams And Ambitions Quotes By Emil Cioran

I don't understand why we must do things in this world, why we must have friends and aspirations, hopes and dreams. Wouldn't it be better to retreat to a faraway corner of the world, where all its noise and complications would be heard no more? Then we could renounce culture and ambitions; we would lose everything and gain nothing; for what is there to be gained from this world? — Emil Cioran