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Top Honor And Chivalry Quotes

Honor And Chivalry Quotes By Stefan Emunds

At least I'm the one leaving. It's so much easier to leave than to be left. — Stefan Emunds

Honor And Chivalry Quotes By Dustin Diamond

The sword was a very elegant weapon in the days of the samurai. You had honor and chivalry much like the knights, and yet it was a gruesome and horrific weapon. — Dustin Diamond

Honor And Chivalry Quotes By Joseph Delaney

A true knight has a strict code of chivalry by which he lives his life: He cannot refuse a challenge and he always keeps his word. I also have a code of honor, but it is flexible. — Joseph Delaney

Honor And Chivalry Quotes By Stefan Emunds

Wake up! You're a sacred soul and glory is yours for the taking. — Stefan Emunds

Honor And Chivalry Quotes By Rick Riordan

She remembered reading how the American South had often compared itself to Rome back before the Civil War. In the old days their society had been all about impressive architecture, honor, and codes of chivalry. And on the evil side, it had also been about slavery. Rome had slaves, some Southerners had argued, so why shouldn't we?
Annabeth shivered. She loved the architecture here. The houses and the gardens were very beautiful, very Roman. But she wondered why beautiful things had to be wrapped up with evil history. Or was it the other way around? Maybe the evil history made it necessary to build beautiful things, to mask the darker aspects. — Rick Riordan

Honor And Chivalry Quotes By Stefan Emunds

Honor is a balancing act and only the heart can strike that balance. — Stefan Emunds

Honor And Chivalry Quotes By Richard M. Weaver

Chivalry - ... a romantic idealism closely related to Christianity, which makes honor the guiding principle of conduct. Connected with this is the ancient concept of the gentleman. — Richard M. Weaver

Honor And Chivalry Quotes By Charles Sumner

The Senator from South Carolina has read many books of chivalry, and believes himself a chivalrous knight, with sentiments of honor and courage. Of course he has chosen a mistress to whom he has made his vows, and who, though ugly to others, is always lovely to him; though polluted in the sight of the world, is chaste in his sight I mean the harlot, Slavery. For her, his tongue is always profuse in words. — Charles Sumner

Honor And Chivalry Quotes By Stefan Emunds

The world is an ambitious business. It continuously expands and evolves. But people are lazy and God is far too lovely to do something about it. — Stefan Emunds

Honor And Chivalry Quotes By Margaret Mitchell

Rhett, do you really
is it to protect me that you
"Yes, my dear, it is my much advertised chivalry that makes me protect you." The mocking light began to dance in his black eyes and all signs of earnestness fled from his face. "And why? Because of my deep love for you, Mrs. Kennedy. Yes, I have silently hungered and thirsted for you and worshipped you from afar; but being an honorable man, like Mr. Ashley Wilkes, I have concealed it from you. You are, alas, Frank's wife and honor has forbidden my telling this to you. But even as Mr. Wilkes' honor cracks occasionally, so mine is cracking now and I reveal my secret passion and my
"Oh, for God's sake, hush!" interrupted Scarlett, annoyed as usual when he made her look like a conceited fool, and not caring to have Ashley and his honor become the subject of further conversation. "What was the other thing you wanted to tell me?"
"What! You change the subject when I am baring a loving but lacerated heart? — Margaret Mitchell

Honor And Chivalry Quotes By Khalil Gibran

Yea, death and prison we mete out To small offenders of the laws, While honor, wealth, and full respect On greater pirates we bestow. To steal a flower we call mean. To rob a field is chivalry; Who kills the body he must die, Who kills the spirit he goes free. — Khalil Gibran

Honor And Chivalry Quotes By Stefan Emunds

Waiting for one's execution is worse than dying. To seek my beheading is glory. Who went to his execution willingly? Jesus did. Jesus even dragged his cross half way to Golgotha. I think he would have nailed himself to the cross if he had to. — Stefan Emunds

Honor And Chivalry Quotes By Jesikah Sundin

Love has little to do with romance and everything to do with honor. — Jesikah Sundin