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Top Hiya App Quotes

Hiya App Quotes By Chris Matakas

The major events in our lives receive the entire spotlight, but ultimately your life will be defined by the same handful of choices you make each day. — Chris Matakas

Hiya App Quotes By Rick Riordan

I pictured my mom, alone in our little apartment on the Upper East Side. I tried to remember the smell of her blue waffles in the kitchen. It seemed so far away. — Rick Riordan

Hiya App Quotes By Bella Thorne

The Humane Society is so great to work with. Because everyone there is so nice and supportive, and they're all animal lovers like me. — Bella Thorne

Hiya App Quotes By Howard Dean

I supported the war in Afghanistan because 3000 of our people were murdered and I thought we had a right to defend the people of the United States. — Howard Dean

Hiya App Quotes By Rainbow Rowell

Her hair smelled like poisonous cupcakes. — Rainbow Rowell

Hiya App Quotes By Slimkid3

Whether two birds of a feather fly or fall, it'll be together. — Slimkid3

Hiya App Quotes By Bobby Blaze Smedley

I think it's a good idea to always question authority, but don't judge, have empathy towards your fellow man. — Bobby Blaze Smedley

Hiya App Quotes By Clara A. Tobin

Our world is like an enraged teen threatening to explode if an adult even raises a finger. — Clara A. Tobin

Hiya App Quotes By George Herbert

Shewa good man his errour and he turnes it to a vertue, but an ill, it doubles his fault. — George Herbert

Hiya App Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

The word of testimony is the strongest weapon. — Sunday Adelaja

Hiya App Quotes By Hermann Hesse

Oh, I know it today: nothing in the world is more repugnant to a man than following the path that leads him to himself! Nevertheless, — Hermann Hesse