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Hit Songs Quotes By Nikki Pink

Shit, I'd heard all the songs about love but never really got them before. Didn't understand that it can come out of nowhere, grab you in a chokehold, then bodyslam you into the road until you give in to it, accept it for what it is: an unpredictable, uncontrollable force of nature that tames you. You don't choose it, you can't rationalize it, and you sure as shit don't know when it's going to hit. — Nikki Pink

Hit Songs Quotes By Mark Mothersbaugh

With MTV in the '80s, you made your album but then you needed to use any money you made to create a video - instead of being able to use that money to pay for you and your band to live on while you wrote new songs. So MTV upped the ante of looking for one hit. Conceptual bands who didn't have a hit were going to lose. — Mark Mothersbaugh

Hit Songs Quotes By Ed Sheeran

My love songs are very personal and quite weird. They don't really have the big radio hit choruses because basically they're my therapy, stuff I have to get off my chest. — Ed Sheeran

Hit Songs Quotes By A.R. Rahman

The demand in India is to have a hit, which becomes a promotion for the movie and makes people come to the theater. You have five songs and different promotions based on those. But when I do Western films, the need for originality is greater. Then I become very conscious about the writing. — A.R. Rahman

Hit Songs Quotes By Woody Guthrie

I am out to sing songs that will prove to you that this is your world and that if it has hit you pretty hard and knocked you for a dozen loops, no matter what color, what size you are, how you are built, I am out to sing the songs that make you take pride in yourself and in your work. And the songs that I sing are made up for the most part by all sorts of folks just about like you. — Woody Guthrie

Hit Songs Quotes By Missy Higgins

Things would hurt me in a big way because I didn't seem to have a very thick layer of skin, but this also meant I had extreme empathy for other people. I think perhaps that's what makes my songs hit home for some people, because I've tried to see the world through their eyes and I recognise- even just for a second- that we all ultimately are struggling with the same things. — Missy Higgins

Hit Songs Quotes By Beck

There are a lot of people who really abused sampling and gave it a bad name, by just taking people's entire hit songs and rapping over them. It gave publishers license to get a little greedy. — Beck

Hit Songs Quotes By Andrea Bocelli

I listen to music every day for study reasons, and I confess that I have very little knowledge of what is going on in the hit parades around the world. I have no prejudices for any kind of music genre, and I listen with pleasure to many songs on the radio that my children already know of by heart, while I hear them practically for the first time. — Andrea Bocelli

Hit Songs Quotes By Jason Aldean

Country music in the mid-'90s was a big influence on my career, and I played all the songs that are referenced in '94' back in my club days. Joe Diffie was rocking a sick mullet, and he was hotter than ever ... just putting out monster hit after monster hit. It totally takes me back to those days, and it makes me smile every time I hear it. — Jason Aldean

Hit Songs Quotes By Isaac Hayes

All the time I was writing hit songs with my partner David Porter, I always had the yen to perform. Sure did. And when the opportunity came, I took it. The first album, 'Presenting Isaac Hayes,' didn't do so hot, but it was like a prelude for what was to come. — Isaac Hayes

Hit Songs Quotes By Bun B.

[Best original song nomination in 2016] should be Wiz Khalifa for "See You Again," but this is an amazing song and it's easily the biggest song out of any of the songs nominated. It was a huge hit. And really, I'm just happy for Weeknd as a person. — Bun B.

Hit Songs Quotes By Jordin Sparks

'Battlefield' was one of those slow-building songs, the way 'Tattoo' was. It was kind of a word-of-mouth hit. The more people heard it, the more they started requesting it on the radio. — Jordin Sparks

Hit Songs Quotes By Alex Goot

When I began to cover songs for YouTube, they all tended to be in the super pop-genre.. as in, smash-hit songs. My writing process was heavily influenced by this - I went from a more heavy punk rock style to straight up sugary-sweet pop. — Alex Goot

Hit Songs Quotes By Jeff Lynne

It was a great thrill just to know Roy Orbison, so to play, sing, write hit songs with him and have him in The Traveling Wilburys was beyond my wildest dreams! — Jeff Lynne

Hit Songs Quotes By Jorma Kaukonen

Some hit songs are really stupid, and who knows why they're hits. But a lot of hit songs are really good. I agree with Jim [Lauderdale] in that I think the really good ones are songs that when you hear it [sic] ... there's just something about it that touches your heart, and you don't know why. — Jorma Kaukonen

Hit Songs Quotes By Ashley Bryan

When John Lennon left the Beatles and started making music with Yoko Ono, many people scoffed at the idea. How could this talented man with so many hit songs give it all up? Well, we all know it was love, but beyond that, it was a leap of faith to try something new. — Ashley Bryan

Hit Songs Quotes By Dan Hill

Hit songs are mysterious and slippery beasts; few artists have a lock on them. This means that many people, like me, have become fans of songs rather than fans of artists. — Dan Hill

Hit Songs Quotes By Grace Slick

Starship was a whole different thing. It was pop rock. It made more money and had more hit songs than Airplane. There was no cultural or social ethic behind it. For me, it was like selling out. I was the only one selling out. The rest enjoyed doing what they were doing. — Grace Slick

Hit Songs Quotes By Dreezy

I'm learning how to work my voice. I got some songs that you probably wouldn't even know it's me singing on there. I will sit there and take 20 takes until I hit that note right. It's different on stage - you've got to hit the notes that one time. — Dreezy

Hit Songs Quotes By Bob Dylan

Being singer is different than being an actor, where you call up sources from your own experience that you can apply to whatever Shakespeare drama you're in. But an actor is pretending to be somebody, a singer isn't. And that's the difference. Singers today have to sing songs where there's very little emotion involved. That and the fact that they have to sing hit records from years gone by doesn't leave a lot of room for any kind of intelligent creativity. — Bob Dylan

Hit Songs Quotes By R. Kelly

No matter how much money I make, no matter how many hit songs. I still perform like a street performer. — R. Kelly

Hit Songs Quotes By Duncan Sheik

And frankly, when I made that record, hit songs were not what I was trying to achieve. — Duncan Sheik

Hit Songs Quotes By Patti Smith

I was both scattered and stymied, surrounded by unfinished songs and abandoned poems. I would go as far as I could and hit a wall, my own imagined limitations. And then I met a fellow who gave me his secret, and it was pretty simple. When you hit a wall, just kick it in. Todd — Patti Smith

Hit Songs Quotes By Billy Corgan

I don't think people are fans of me because I wrote hit songs. I think they're fans because I'm a lunatic or a weirdo. The hit songs came out of my idiosyncratic personality, not the other way around. — Billy Corgan

Hit Songs Quotes By Ahmet Ertegun

Whenever a songwriter writes a big hit, then the next 20 songs they write - no matter how bad they are - get recorded. — Ahmet Ertegun

Hit Songs Quotes By Jason Aldean

Records are one thing, and obviously, without hit songs, you don't have the opportunity to do your shows. But my live show has always been my selling tool. — Jason Aldean

Hit Songs Quotes By Alice Quinn

The solutions to my problems can be found in the songs she sends. I just have to hit the right note. — Alice Quinn

Hit Songs Quotes By Alessia Cara

I don't want to have one hit, one song of the summer, and then have me disappear forever. I really want my things to last, and I want my songs and my bodies of work to resonate with people. I want to hit people - at least make a dent in them. I want to make a mark somehow. — Alessia Cara

Hit Songs Quotes By Stacie Orrico

As far as spiritual influences in Christian music, I would say Crystal Lewis - a lot of her songs especially. The ministry she has through her songs has really hit me. — Stacie Orrico

Hit Songs Quotes By Dave Keuning

That's the perfect audience: singing along to every word, knowing the songs, appreciating the non-hit songs, stuff like that. — Dave Keuning

Hit Songs Quotes By Meg Ryan

Maybe that whole love thing is just a grown-up version of Santa Claus; just a myth we've been fed since childhood. So, we keep buying magazines, joining clubs, and doing therapy and watching movies with hit pop songs played over love montages all in a pathetic attempt to explain why our love Santa keeps getting caught in the chimney. — Meg Ryan

Hit Songs Quotes By Rick Astley

You can't explain the feeling of singing hit songs to an audience - it's like being a genuine sports star at the peak of their powers. — Rick Astley

Hit Songs Quotes By Jason Isbell

I know people who have written big hit country songs that are really kind of terrible songs, but for the rest of their life, they're the guy who wrote that. You've got to be careful; if you don't want that to happen, don't write those songs. — Jason Isbell

Hit Songs Quotes By Diane Warren

You should listen to songs and listen to what works. Listen to why a song is a hit. Check it out-not to imitate it, but there are certain things that work-hooks and melodies. Hear what works through the ages. — Diane Warren

Hit Songs Quotes By Emily Robison

It's really hard to write personal songs. I'm not good at writing ditties because as far as writing hit songs that you pitch to the national artist, I just don't write that way. — Emily Robison

Hit Songs Quotes By Callan McAuliffe

I can play songs that I hear from a movie and just play it a few times on the keyboard. I will hit all the notes on the keyboard until I find the right key, and then I will play the rest of the song. — Callan McAuliffe

Hit Songs Quotes By Juicy J

When I'm making songs, I never call them hits. I knew 'Bandz A Make Her Dance' was a good record, but I never knew it was gonna be a hit. — Juicy J

Hit Songs Quotes By Olly Murs

I don't think Flo Rida gets on just any song. If you look at the songs he has done - even The Saturdays one - was a hit. If it's not good enough, then he won't do it. — Olly Murs

Hit Songs Quotes By Gloria Estefan

When I went to do "Carson" that night, they wanted us to do two songs, but we were a brand new band. "Conga" hadn't even hit the top 10 yet. They go, "Do you think you could do something that people know, because we want you to do a second song, but not two originals, because we don't want to lose the audience, just in case." — Gloria Estefan

Hit Songs Quotes By Natalie Cole

One of these days, I'd like to put together a revue of all my music, which would probably turn into a marathon. There's a couple of hit songs from almost every phase of my career. At the same time, visually, if you don't handle it properly, it could be a cacophony of craziness, because there's just so many different kinds of music. — Natalie Cole

Hit Songs Quotes By Bruno Mars

I really wish I knew what I was doing because I'd be writing hit songs every minute. — Bruno Mars

Hit Songs Quotes By Juicy J

Sometimes, I make 50 songs and pick out the best 10. I've been in the studio all day, all night, making the beat, writing the raps. You never know what's gonna be a hit. — Juicy J

Hit Songs Quotes By Adam Jones

My approach is to be part of a band that makes music, not hit songs. — Adam Jones

Hit Songs Quotes By Neil Gaiman

I have never written a musical. I have never written a weird, interactive piece of theater. I wanted to do something that would be disturbing. It will be disturbing theater with songs. There will be no people on wires. That's probably the next one of those things on my bucket list of things that I need to write before I get hit by that car. — Neil Gaiman

Hit Songs Quotes By Van Morrison

If you're a pop singer, you don't need to evolve. You just get a set together, have some hit songs and play them over and over. — Van Morrison

Hit Songs Quotes By George Harrison

I hope somebody does this to all my crap demos when I'm dead, making them into hit songs. — George Harrison

Hit Songs Quotes By Don McLean

I actually feel I'm in a much better place than I've ever been because I'm thankful people still love the songs that I've written, and they seem to like me. And they come to the shows in droves, and they get all excited, and I can still hit all the notes, and I don't look terrible. — Don McLean

Hit Songs Quotes By Jonathan Demme

I'm of Neil Young's generation. Neil Young's songs have spoken to what it's like to be at least a white male of his generation over the years. Endlessly, he's sung about the stuff that I really care about. He's put into words the feelings that hit you at different transitional moments in life. — Jonathan Demme

Hit Songs Quotes By Nelly

Hip-hop is more than music, it's a culture. It's bigger than hit songs. — Nelly

Hit Songs Quotes By Little Richard

A lot of songs I sang to crowds to get their reaction. That's how I knew they'd hit. — Little Richard

Hit Songs Quotes By Kenny Rogers

You know, I've always said, I've never felt I was a particularly good singer, but I've always thought I had a great knack for picking hit songs. — Kenny Rogers

Hit Songs Quotes By John Denver

I was never trying to write a hit. I was just trying to write good songs and get a message out, and it was my great good fortune to be popular. — John Denver

Hit Songs Quotes By Don Felder

Radio was truly diverse in the seventies. A station would play a rock track, then a country track, then something else. You didn't have to change the dial if you wanted to hear a certain kind of sound. We knew we had a good shot at getting on the radio with the original Eagles sound, but we also knew the best-selling hit songs were all rock-oriented, which was why everyone but Bernie wanted to head in this direction. — Don Felder

Hit Songs Quotes By Kara DioGuardi

Good new songs are the backbone of the music industry. There isn't an artist out there who could survive without hit songs. — Kara DioGuardi

Hit Songs Quotes By Eddie Van Halen

Actually, if I could deliberately sit down and write a pop hit, all my songs would be pop hits! Let's put it this way. I play what I like to hear. And sometimes I like to hear something poppy, and sometimes I don't. — Eddie Van Halen

Hit Songs Quotes By Haruki Murakami

When did my youth slip away from me? I suddenly thought. It was over, wasn't it? Seemed just like yesterday I was still only half grown up. Huey Lewis and the News had a couple of hit songs then. Not so many years ago. And now here I was, inside a closed circuit, spinning my wheels. Knowing I wasn't getting anywhere but spinning just the same. I had to. Had to keep that up or I wouldn't be able to survive. — Haruki Murakami

Hit Songs Quotes By Francesca Lia Block

Why was fabulousness important? The world was a scary, sad place and adornment was one of the only ways she knew to make herself and the people around her forget their troubles. That was why she had opened her store almost five years ago. Everyone who entered the little square white house with miniature Corinthian columns, cherub statues, and French windows seemed to leave carrying armloads of newly handmade and well spruced-up recycled vintage clothing, humming sixties girl-group songs, seventies glam and punk, eighties New Wave one-hit wonders, or nineties grunge, doing silly dances, and not caring what anyone thought.
Weetzie loved the old dresses she found and sold, because they had their own secret histories. She always wondered where, when, and how they had been worn. What they had seen. Old dresses were like old ladies. — Francesca Lia Block

Hit Songs Quotes By Billy Corgan

Smashing Pumpkins has never been a band about hit songs. — Billy Corgan

Hit Songs Quotes By Melina Marchetta

The chorus of disapproval is like one of those formula songs that seem to hit number one all the time. You know the tune in a moment and it begins to bore you in two. — Melina Marchetta

Hit Songs Quotes By Action Bronson

You can make a hit song in 15 minutes. I don't know about someone else's song, but songs that people like of mine, I've created in 15 minutes or less. — Action Bronson

Hit Songs Quotes By Bert McCracken

I'll never be bothered if I don't have a hit because you look at the songs that are hits and they're none of my favourites. Just the fact that we do have fans waiting here, that's exciting enough. — Bert McCracken

Hit Songs Quotes By Bryan Ferry

I like lots of songs, and I find it quite interesting to do [cover songs] from time to time. My first solo hit was in 1973, the [Bob] Dylan song "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall." — Bryan Ferry

Hit Songs Quotes By Megan Lee

I met Jason Mraz when he had a concert in Korea as a cover contest winner of his songs! He was super nice to even tune the guitar that I also won from the contest for me and we decided to jam to one of his hit songs, " Lucky". I actually don't remember how I was able to sing because I was so nervous at the time but it would also be a dream come true if i can have the honor to share the stage with Jason Mraz one day! — Megan Lee

Hit Songs Quotes By Chet Faker

I hate fame. There's this assumption that everyone wants it - that by being a musician, I've signed up for it at some point. But personally, what I signed up for is sharing my music. I've always said I'd rather have four No. 10 songs than one No. 1 hit. — Chet Faker

Hit Songs Quotes By Brad Paisley

We're all about trying to play better every night, not just singing hit songs ... we ad lib, and every night there's jamming .. it's almost like the Grateful Dead meets Buck Owens some nights, because we'll go off on little adventures and sometimes we do crash the bus! ... — Brad Paisley

Hit Songs Quotes By B.o.B

A lot of artists go in the studio and say, 'OK, whaddaya want me to do? Is it gonna be a hit? I'll do it. Is it gonna get played on the radio? I'll do it.' So they start makin' these songs, and they fall in the same tempo, same category, same this, same that, and it'll just all sound the same. — B.o.B

Hit Songs Quotes By David Archuleta

I don't think songs have to be like these super-#1-smash-hit-sounding songs, because I think it's more important that it's like, 'Hey! This is coming out of me. This is something I connect with. This is something that I like to sing.' — David Archuleta

Hit Songs Quotes By Stephen Sondheim

Hit songs did not come out of musicals. Pop-rock was creating the hits. There were very few songs that made the charts out of any Broadway musical. — Stephen Sondheim

Hit Songs Quotes By Waylon Jennings

The Hank Williams Syndrome: Come to Nashville, write some good songs, cut some hit records, make money, take all the drugs you can and drink all you can, become a wild man and all of a sudden die. — Waylon Jennings

Hit Songs Quotes By Ray Stevens

I did recording sessions as a musician as well as a background vocalist and enjoyed every minute of it. I remember singing harmony with Waylon Jennings on a few songs that were hits. Chet Atkins always put me up so high that I strained to hit every note. It was a lot of fun. — Ray Stevens

Hit Songs Quotes By Kenny Chesney

As a songwriter, you're never off - for me, anyway. There's a certain mentality of people that decide, "Oh, we're going to try to write songs from this time of the day to this time of the day." Almost treat it like a real job. I can't do that. I've never been able to write songs like that. You never know when something creative is going to hit you, or emotion or whatever. You can take it, and turn it into something that makes somebody feel something. I love that about my job. — Kenny Chesney

Hit Songs Quotes By Kenny Chesney

Social topics may hit too close to home for people, but then again, if you pull a heartstring, then that's what country music is. It's not just songs about getting drunk and leaving your girl. — Kenny Chesney

Hit Songs Quotes By Luke Bryan

I love nothing more than to perform my songs in front of a live audience. And whatever I'm doing is driven toward finding or writing songs and putting out hit songs that drive people coming to see me live. Because, at the end of the day, that's what I enjoy the most. — Luke Bryan

Hit Songs Quotes By Withered Hand

When I became a parent and hit my thirties, I got my hands on an acoustic guitar. I started writing quiet, simple songs at home and, with a little encouragement, I got more courage and found my voice. I have people and movements who have inspired me to carry on, but I try to write about things I know, nothing too complicated, really. — Withered Hand

Hit Songs Quotes By Scott Walker

Melodies are far more interesting. They are there, in your face, in certain sections of the songs. People do complain about the melody thing, but we do hit patches of melody and beauty, as well as the other stuff. — Scott Walker

Hit Songs Quotes By Daniel Handler

Love makes the world go round, the hit songs collectively tell us, and the world is full of people you don't know and might as well be nice to because they won't leave. — Daniel Handler

Hit Songs Quotes By Ed Sheeran

Paper or razor blade, never give up And just remember just to hold out more A couple years ago I couldn't just control that thought You'd find me buskin' on the street When it was cold outdoors And now I'm sweating on the stage With the sold out tours Writing love songs for the sake of it Never to make a hit — Ed Sheeran

Hit Songs Quotes By Kara DioGuardi

Just because you're a star on television doesn't mean that you can be a music phenomenon or an artist. You have to have the material to back it, and it's all about hit songs. I can name you every 'Idol' winner and why they didn't go on to have success - their songs. The ones who have - their songs. — Kara DioGuardi

Hit Songs Quotes By Clinton Sparks

To me, racism is so played out and corny and stupid, especially in music, where you now have Nelly doing songs with Tim McGraw, on the hit single 'Over and Over.' Anyone who thinks about that just needs to get a life. — Clinton Sparks

Hit Songs Quotes By M.F. Moonzajer

You have broken my heart
I am a little kid,
I cannot stop crying
I hit my feet to the ground and my hands to my head
Like a fly
I cannot get up from the sticky ground
I cannot talk about you
Because it hurts
I feel the pain inside my bones
I cannot forget you
The reality has become dream and dream has become nightmare
These are my tears
They are not my sweats
I have not pissed on myself
Every drop carries pain and regret
They are all because of you,
You broke my virgin heart and poor soul,
I thought we belonged with each other
We shared dreams and wishes
We shared love and devotion
I did not know they were all lies,
If I knew you were leaving me one day, I would have loved you more than I did
Maybe it would have changed your mind
Because I still love you — M.F. Moonzajer

Hit Songs Quotes By Idina Menzel

As much as I appreciate people putting me in the category of these very acrobatic belters, I feel like my strength is my ... interpretation and my truthfulness with songs, and I don't want young people to think it's all about the high notes that they have to hit. — Idina Menzel

Hit Songs Quotes By Jorma Kaukonen

I was writing a lot of true love songs-true love almost gone wrong but saved at the last moment ... Many of the best songs get written in a state of abject misery. I prefer to write fewer songs and have less cataclysmic events in my life ... Some hit songs are really stupid, and who knows why they're hits. But a lot of hit songs are really good. — Jorma Kaukonen

Hit Songs Quotes By Christopher Bollen

An album for me as a teenager in the '70s was a fully formed concept. It was a body of work from an artist I liked or trusted or who excited me. Maybe one of the songs is really poppy and you listen to it on the radio as a hit single and then more of the world is about to find out about this artist by buying the record. — Christopher Bollen

Hit Songs Quotes By Willie Nelson

When songs fall from the sky, all I can do is catch them before they hit the ground. — Willie Nelson

Hit Songs Quotes By Taylor Swift

I'm perpetually single. Being alone is not the same as being lonely. I like to do things that glorify being alone. I buy a candle that smells pretty, turn down the lights, and make a playlist of low-key songs. If you don't act like you've been hit by the plague when you're alone on a Friday night, and just see it as a chance to have fun by yourself, it's not a bad day. — Taylor Swift

Hit Songs Quotes By Nathaniel Rateliff

I've always been trying to write songs that hit you in the stomach but ones that make people feel like things will be just fine. — Nathaniel Rateliff

Hit Songs Quotes By Bob Dylan

Technology is mechanical and contrary to the emotions that inform a person's life. The country music field has especially been hit hard by this. All my songs have been written by people who went out of fashion years ago. Just like da Vinci and Renoir and van Gogh. Nobody paints like that anymore. But it can't be wrong to try. — Bob Dylan