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Him Not Posting You Quotes By Gigi Hadid

You're on set for 15 hours, and then you go home and make sure you're posting the right stuff on social media, and then you answer your e-mails. It never stops. — Gigi Hadid

Him Not Posting You Quotes By Sufjan Stevens

The Internet is manic. It's very strange. I don't think it's healthy. They should outlaw posting comments! It's a bummer to go somewhere to get information or buy tickets and you encounter profanity everywhere you go. — Sufjan Stevens

Him Not Posting You Quotes By Michael Shermer

Creationists have also changed their name ... to intelligent design theorists who study 'irreducible complexity' and the 'abrupt appearance' of life-yet more jargon for 'God did it.' ... Notice that they have no interest in replacing evolution with native American creation myths or including the Code of Hammarabi alongside the posting of the Ten Commandments in public schools. — Michael Shermer

Him Not Posting You Quotes By Brian Kimberling

A list of birds seen on a given day is also a form of prayer, a thanksgiving for being alive at a certain time and place. Posting that list online is a 21st-century form of a votive offering. — Brian Kimberling

Him Not Posting You Quotes By Brene Brown

Live-tweeting your bikini wax is not vulnerability. Nor is posting a blow-by-blow of your divorce . That's an attempt to hot-wire connection. But you can't cheat real connection. It's built up slowly. It's about trust and time. — Brene Brown

Him Not Posting You Quotes By Cindy Crawford

Twitter is just like posting old-fashioned press releases, and it can be very effective in promoting your business interests and charity work. — Cindy Crawford

Him Not Posting You Quotes By David Chiles

Updates are low quality if we lose more contacts than we gain. It's over posting if all we get is exposure. — David Chiles

Him Not Posting You Quotes By Derek Thompson

Posting dramatic charts or funny pictures is good and giving people smart reasons to believe what they already think is great. — Derek Thompson

Him Not Posting You Quotes By Francis Quarles

Mark, how the ready hands of Death prepare: His bow is bent, and he hath notch'd his dart; He aims, he levels at thy slumb'ring heart: The wound is posting, O be wise, beware. — Francis Quarles

Him Not Posting You Quotes By C.S. Lewis

Often, when I pray, I wonder if I'm not posting letters to a non-existent address. — C.S. Lewis

Him Not Posting You Quotes By William Deresiewicz

Posting information is like pornography, a slick, impersonal exhibition. — William Deresiewicz

Him Not Posting You Quotes By Nir Eyal

Facebook provides numerous examples of variable social rewards. Logging-in reveals an endless stream of content friends have shared, comments from others, and running tallies of how many people have "liked" something (figure 21). The uncertainty of what users will find each time they visit the site creates the intrigue needed to pull them back again. While variable content gets users to keep searching for interesting tidbits in their Newsfeeds, a click of the "Like" button provides a variable reward for the content's creators. "Likes" and comments offer tribal validation for those who shared the content, and provide variable rewards that motivate them to continue posting. — Nir Eyal

Him Not Posting You Quotes By Gena Showalter

It was common knowledge that big, bad city boys spent the bulk of their time sleeping around, coiffing their hair and posting pictures of food on the internet. — Gena Showalter

Him Not Posting You Quotes By Jack Ketchum

Thinking about writing isn't writing. Planning to write isn't writing. Neither is talking about it, posting about it, or complaining how hard it is. These may be part of the process. But only writing is writing. — Jack Ketchum

Him Not Posting You Quotes By Saurabh Sharma

Fools live life; intellectuals only think thoughts arising from borrowed knowledge.
That is why fools enjoy life while so called wise people are busy posting tweets about life.
Unfortunately, I am a wise man. — Saurabh Sharma