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Herzenssache Quotes By Randal Marlin

In a general way, a major goal of the propagandist is to seek some kind of authoritative backing for the belief he or she is propagating. — Randal Marlin

Herzenssache Quotes By Tite Kubo

I've decided. I'm going to become a Shinigami. Become a Shinigami and change things. So that they'll end ... without Rangiku having to cry. — Tite Kubo

Herzenssache Quotes By Russell Miller

What is most satisfying for a photographer,' he noted 'is not recognition, success and so forth. It's communication: what you say can mean something to other people, can be of certain importance. . . The photographer's task is not to prove anything about a human event. We're not advertisers; we're witnesses of the transitory. — Russell Miller

Herzenssache Quotes By Dorian Yates

The path to added muscle is consuming more calories than the amount needed to keep your current bodyweight unchanged. — Dorian Yates

Herzenssache Quotes By Terry Pratchett

To Tiffany's surprise, Nanny Ogg was weeping gently. Nanny took another swig from her flagon and wiped her eyes. 'Cryin' helps sometimes,' she said. 'No shame in tears for them as you've loved. Sometimes I remember one of my husbands and shed a tear or two. The memories're there to be treasured, and it's no good to get morbid-like about it. — Terry Pratchett

Herzenssache Quotes By Evan Wolfson

Marriage is also a social statement, preeminently describing and defining a person's relationship and place in society. Marital status, along with what we do for a living, is often one of the first pieces of information we give to others about ourselves. It's so important, in fact, that most married people wear a symbol of their marriage on their hand. — Evan Wolfson

Herzenssache Quotes By George Orwell

Certainly it was his own face, but it seemed to him that it had changed more than he had change inside. The emotions it registered would be different from the ones he felt. — George Orwell

Herzenssache Quotes By Ian Leslie

Only fiction has the power to cross the mental barricades, to make strangers intelligible to each other, because it moves people's hearts as well as engaging their minds. — Ian Leslie

Herzenssache Quotes By Ashleigh Banfield

The hardest thing is that I never do anything the same way twice, and when I'm on the air, I'm very unscripted, and I'm very comfortable in that role. So me being scripted is not a comfortable place for me. — Ashleigh Banfield

Herzenssache Quotes By Diane Schoemperlen

I remind myself that not everything is a sign, that some things simply are what they appear to be and should not be analyzed, deconstructed, or forced to bear the burden of metaphor, symbol, omen, or portent. — Diane Schoemperlen