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Top Hersenschudding Quotes

Hersenschudding Quotes By James Madison

It would have marked a want of foresight in the convention, which our own experience would have rendered inexcusable. — James Madison

Hersenschudding Quotes By David Gemmell

You were a warrior, Lantern. Such men are not renowned for understanding the infinite shades of gray that govern the actions of men. Black and white are your colors." "Scholars tend to overcomplicate matters," said Skilgannon. "If a man runs at you with a sword it would be foolish to spend time wondering what led him to such action. Was his childhood scarred by a cruel father? Did his wife leave him for another man? Was he perhaps misinformed about your intentions, and therefore has attacked you in error?" Skilgannon laughed. "Warriors need black and white, Elder Brother. Shades of gray would kill them." "True," admitted the abbot, "and yet a greater understanding that there are shades of gray would prevent many wars beginning. — David Gemmell

Hersenschudding Quotes By Per Petterson

I do not think of literature as something confessional or therapeutic. I make sentences in order to be precise about experiences and things. I am urged by many things and no things in particular. — Per Petterson

Hersenschudding Quotes By Nick Nolte

Living in a small town, one of the keys to survival was your imagination. — Nick Nolte

Hersenschudding Quotes By Edgar Cayce

For what we think upon, that we become. — Edgar Cayce

Hersenschudding Quotes By George Orwell

Almost any situation is bearable if you have a home to go back to and a family who will stand by you. With — George Orwell

Hersenschudding Quotes By James Lee Burke

Then she walked away, like Helen of Troy turning her back on Attica. A gust of warm wind blew newspapers along the boulevard into the sky. The light was orange and bleeding out of the clouds in the west, the horizon darkening, the waves crashing on the beach just the other side of Seawall Boulevard, the palm trees rattling dryly in the wind. I could smell the salt and the seaweed and the tiny shellfish that had dried on the beach, like the smell of birth. I — James Lee Burke

Hersenschudding Quotes By Bill Viola

I hope we'll be able to see that in our lifetime: the end of the camera! When I'm in Paris, I'll buy a big bottle of champagne and I'll save it for that day, for the day when they'll be no more camera. — Bill Viola

Hersenschudding Quotes By Leonard Gardner

The sky darkened, the liquid singing of the blackbirds diminished and ceased, mud hens swam back to shore, climbed up the banks and huddled in the willows. The lights of a farm came on in the brown distance where patches of tule fog lay on the barren muddy fields. A wind came with the darkness, rattling the license plate, and a low, honking flight of geese passed. — Leonard Gardner

Hersenschudding Quotes By Gertrude Chandler Warner

because we must have a full day. We can drive to Old Flat Top in — Gertrude Chandler Warner

Hersenschudding Quotes By Connie Willis

There are moments when rather than reforming the human race I'd like to abandon it altogether and go become, say, one of Dr. O'Reilly's macaques, which have to have more sense. — Connie Willis