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Top Hellenism Quotes

Hellenism Quotes By Hermann Rauschning

"It is against their own insoluble problem of being human that the dull and base in humanity are in revolt in anti-Semitism. Judaism, nevertheless, together with Hellenism and Christianity is an inalienable component of our Christian Western civilization, the eternal "call to Sinai" against which humanity again and again rebels." — Hermann Rauschning

Hellenism Quotes By Matthew Arnold

The uppermost idea with Hellenism is to see things as they really are; the uppermost ideas with Hebraism is conduct and obedience.Nothing can do away with this ineffaceable difference. The Greek quarrel with the body and its desires is, that they hinder right thinking; the Hebrew quarrel with them is, that they hinder right acting. — Matthew Arnold

Hellenism Quotes By Matthew Arnold

The governing idea of Hellenism is spontaneity of consciousness ; that of Hebraism, strictness of conscience . — Matthew Arnold

Hellenism Quotes By Jose Ortega Y Gasset

Diogenes, in his mud-covered sandals, tramps over the carpets of Aristippus. The cynic pullulated at every corner, and in the highest places. This cynic did nothing but saboter the civilisation of the time. He was the nihilist of Hellenism. He created nothing, he made nothing. His role was to undo - or rather to attempt to undo, for he did not succeed in his purpose. The cynic, a parasite of civilisation, lives by denying it, for the very reason that he is convinced that it will not fail. What would become of the cynic among a savage people where everyone, naturally and quite seriously, fulfils what the cynic farcically considers to be his personal role? — Jose Ortega Y Gasset

Hellenism Quotes By Timothy Tennent

Christianity is the only world religion whose primary source documents are in a language other than the language of the founder of the religion. This is unheard of among world religions. Muhammad spoke Arabic, and the Qur'an is in Arabic; the Brahmin priests in India spoke Sanskrit, and the Upanishads are in Sanskrit. Jesus spoke Aramaic, and yet the primary documents that record Christ's teachings are not in Aramaic but in Koine Greek, the language of Gentile Hellenism. — Timothy Tennent

Hellenism Quotes By Friedrich Nietzsche

Nietzsche was a Greek born two thousand years too late. His dreams were thoroughly Hellenic; his whole manner of thinking was Hellenic; his peculiar errors were Hellenic no less. But his Hellenism, I need not add, was anything but the pale neo-Platonism that has run like a thread through the thinking of the Western world since the days of the Christian Fathers. From Plato, to be sure, he got what all of us must get, but his real forefather was Heraclitus. It is in Heraclitus that one finds the germ of his primary view of the universe - a view, to wit, that sees it, not as moral phenomenon, but as mere aesthetic representation. The God that Nietzsche imagined, in the end, was not far from the God that such an artist as Joseph Conrad imagines - a supreme craftsman, ever experimenting, ever coming closer to an ideal balancing of lines and forces, — Friedrich Nietzsche

Hellenism Quotes By Konstantinos Karamanlis

Irrespective of its size, Greece, with its intellectual heritage and the brilliance of Hellenism, together with the liveliness of its people, can contribute politically, morally and culturally to the realisation of the idea of a united Europe. — Konstantinos Karamanlis

Hellenism Quotes By Oscar Wilde

For the good we get from art is not what we learn from it; it is what we become through it. Its real influence will be in giving the mind that enthusiasm which is the secret of Hellenism, accustoming it to demand from art all that art can do in rearranging the facts of common life for us - whether it be by giving the most spiritual interpretation of one's own moments of highest passion or the most sensuous expression of those thoughts that are the farthest removed from sense; in accustoming it to love the things of the imagination for their own sake, and to desire beauty and grace in all things. For he who does not love art in all things does not love it at all, and he who does not need art in all things does not need it at all. — Oscar Wilde

Hellenism Quotes By Telly Savalas

I'm a proud Greek. I carry my Hellenism like a badge of merit. — Telly Savalas

Hellenism Quotes By Eric A. Havelock

Over the years, I have become convinced that Hellenism as a culture represents not a static condition of uniform sublimity mysteriously achieved and maintained as an effect of some racial advantage. Rather it should be understood as an evolving process, governed by a dynamic of change, as both language and thought underwent transformational alteration caused by a transition from orality to literacy. The instrument of change is discerned to be the invention of the Greek alphabet, at a quite late stage in the history of developing cultures. — Eric A. Havelock

Hellenism Quotes By Nicolas Bourriaud

How can we prevent this telescoping of cultures and styles from ending up in kitsch eclecticism, a cool hellenism excluding all critical judgment? — Nicolas Bourriaud

Hellenism Quotes By Frithjof Schuon

The Semitic religions of Abrahamic lineage present themselves as gifts come down from Heaven at a particular moment in history; now in order for them to be able to impinge on whole collectives, that is, to convert them and to integrate them, they must appeal to volitive and emotional factors, and this clearly has nothing to do with pure intellection, or a sophisticated dialectic. The monotheists were finally in need of Hellenism, not only to learn how to give more explicit account of their intellectual intentions, but also in order to promote the blossoming forth of intellection itself, thanks precisely to the aid of a more supple means of expression than the symbols and ellipses of the Scriptures. — Frithjof Schuon

Hellenism Quotes By Victor Davis Hanson

Greeks and Romans were anti-Mediterranean cultures, in the sense of being at odds with much of the political heritages of Persia, Egypt, and Phoenicia. While Hellenism was influenced - and enriched - at times by Near Eastern, Egyptian, and Persian art, literature, religion, and architecture, its faith in consensual government and free markets was unique. Greek and Latin words for "democracy," "republic," "city-state," "constitution," "freedom," "liberty," and "free speech" have no philological equivalents in other ancient languages of the Mediterranean (and few in the contemporary languages of the non-West as well). — Victor Davis Hanson