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Hell Bent Quotes By Penelope Grenoble

Southern California is a landscape of edges and contradictions set upon by a variegated human population that at times seems hell bent to leave its destructive footprints from desert to ocean, mountain to flat coastal plain. I have discovered that the sharp divisions and false syntheses of this place reflect the inconsistencies and unexplored edges in my personality, and that as much as I might have longed to live quietly in some less densely populated place, this would never do...When I settled in Malibu I discovered the strong pull of place and began to incorporate landscape as a dominant character in my writing. — Penelope Grenoble

Hell Bent Quotes By Alanis Morissette

When I was producing on my own, I was doing it in order to - in a very patriarchal entertainment industry, let alone planet - very much hell-bent on trying to prove to myself, if nothing else, that I could do it as a woman. — Alanis Morissette

Hell Bent Quotes By Helen Oyeyemi

Sometimes you laughed, and then my glove puppet would weep piteously. When you took the glove puppet he alternated between flirtatious and suicidal, hell-bent on flinging himself from great heights and out of the windows. I noticed that you didn't make a voice or a history for the puppet, but you became its voice and history. I'd have liked to admire that but felt I was watching a distressing form of theft, since the puppet could do nothing but suffer being forced open like an oyster. — Helen Oyeyemi

Hell Bent Quotes By Bill O'Reilly

Many Americans simply don't want the pinheads in Washington or the various state capitals to be telling us how to live. But we are absolutely going in that direction. President Obama is hell-bent on imposing a bureaucracy that levels all playing fields at great expense in coin and in freedom. — Bill O'Reilly

Hell Bent Quotes By Michelle Hodkin

Look," I said to Daniel and Jamie, "what's the most terrifying thing you can think of in these tunnels? Rats? Mole people?"
"Evil mastermind hell bent on killing you?" Jamie suggested.
"Wrong. The most terrifying thing in these tunnels is me." I shut the door on both of them and jumped onto the tracks. — Michelle Hodkin

Hell Bent Quotes By Nora Roberts

In today's climate no one wants imperfection in their leaders. Once a flaw is dug out, as the press is hell-bent to do, it's maximized and twisted until it becomes a bigger issue than a man's record. — Nora Roberts

Hell Bent Quotes By Terry Pratchett

What was magic, after all, but something that happened at the snap of a finger? Where was the magic in that? It was mumbled words and weird drawings in old books, and in the wrong hands it was as dangerous as hell, but not one half as dangerous as it could be in the right hands. The universe was full of the stuff; it made the stars stay up and the feet stay down.

But what was happening now . . . this was magical. Ordinary men had dreamed it up and put it together, building towers on rafts in swamps and across the frozen spines of mountains. They'd cursed and, worse, used logarithms. They'd waded through rivers and dabbled in trigonometry. They hadn't dreamed, in the way people usually used the word, but they'd imagined a different world, and bent metal around it. And out of all the sweat and swearing and mathematics had come this . . . thing, dropping words across the world as softly as starlight. — Terry Pratchett

Hell Bent Quotes By Martin Amis

Who's straight? I'm not. I am bent gouged pinched and tugged at, and squeezed into this funny shape. Each life is a game of chess that went to hell on the seventh move, and now the flukey play is cramped and slow, a dream of constraint and cross-purpose, with each move forced, all pieces pinned and skewered and zugzwanged ... But here and there we see these figures who appear to run on the true lines, and they are terrible examples. They're rich, usually. — Martin Amis

Hell Bent Quotes By Jennifer L. Armentrout

This was how I was going to die - not in battle, not from the plot of some Council member hell-bent on destroying me, but trampled to death by a bunch of pure-bloods. Of all the ways to die.

I was so going to haunt every last one of them. — Jennifer L. Armentrout

Hell Bent Quotes By Joe McNally

I can't tell you how many pictures I've missed, ignored, trampled, or otherwise lost just 'cause I've been so hell bent on getting the shot I think I want. — Joe McNally

Hell Bent Quotes By Jack Ketchum

But there's also the fact that in my experience most of my readers are first and foremost plain old-fashioned readers. Good readers. They're not looking for cozy brand-name output and that means I don't have to give it to 'em. They're not lazy and have little patience with pre-fab beach-bag books or Oprah's opine du jour. They're questers.
They know that every now and then you're gonna get lucky and pure gold like King and Straub's Black House will simply drop into your lap at the local supermarket but after that, if your bent is horror and suspense fiction, you're gonna have to get your hands dirty and root around for more. Find a Ramsey Campbell or an Edward Lee. They expect diversity and search it out. They want what all good readers want - to be taken somewhere in a book or a story that's really worth visiting for a while. Maybe even worth thinking about after.
If that place happens to scare the hell out of you all the better. — Jack Ketchum

Hell Bent Quotes By Carl Levin

We should be hell bent on getting those weapons of mass destruction, hell bent on having a credible approach to them, but we should try to do it in a way which keeps the world together and that achieves our goal which is removing the ... defanging Saddam.. — Carl Levin

Hell Bent Quotes By Amy Lee

There are people hell-bent on the idea that we're a Christian band in disguise, and that we have some secret message. We have no spiritual affiliation with this music. It's simply about life experience. — Amy Lee

Hell Bent Quotes By T. Colin Campbell

Western culture is hell-bent on ignoring, disbelieving, and, in some cases, actively twisting the truth about what we should be eating - so much so that it can be hard for us to believe that we've been lied to all these years. — T. Colin Campbell

Hell Bent Quotes By Christine O'Donnell

It's time to replace career politicians with citizen's politicians. It's time to elect people who are going to stand up to the Washington elite and stand up to a White House and Congress hell-bent on ramming socialism down our throat. — Christine O'Donnell

Hell Bent Quotes By Kristen Kehoe

It took one move, one Podunk town - shit, one girl - to realize that we're all just people. Rich, poor, talented, awkward - we're all just people, trying to survive the world that seems hell bent on trying to ruin us before we can find our place. It — Kristen Kehoe

Hell Bent Quotes By Michele Mannon

My lover is dead.
And they think I killed him.
I'm running rogue.
Hell bent on both revenge and redemption. Whatever it takes, I'm going to finish a job that began nine months ago. An unauthorized assignment that turned horribly, devastatingly wrong. My miscalculation.
My fault.
My heart left shattered into incomplete pieces which will never wholly fit back together again.
But first I have to outsmart my former organization and the hired killer they've sent after me; a ghost from my past who knows my every move, who's been inside my head, my heart, my dreams and memories: Jaxson.
I'm the traitor, Kylie. The rogue mercenary, Jaxon's newest assignment. And this is our love story. — Michele Mannon

Hell Bent Quotes By Chuck Sambuchino

Call them what you want. Garden gnomes. Lawn ornaments. Little evil outdoor statuary hell-bent on world domination. It doesn't matter. What does matter is that, right now, they're hiding in plain sight, pretending to be symbols of merriment and good will. — Chuck Sambuchino

Hell Bent Quotes By Satish Kumar

There is at the moment in the world a battle going on between those who are pursuing materialistic paths-globalizers of economic growth and those hell-bent on this 'big is better' idea-on the one hand, and on the other hand those who are dedicated to spiritual renewal, more small-scale development, more human scale, more sustainability, more crafts and arts. Where human beings are not just sold to companies and money and those kinds of things. Where human beings have a sacred path. — Satish Kumar

Hell Bent Quotes By Margaret Atwood

By extension, anyone who liked smelling the daisies, and having daisies to smell, and eating mercury-free fish, and who objected to giving birth to three-eyed infants via the toxic sludge in their drinking water was a demon-possessed Satanic minion of darkness, hell-bent on sabotaging the American Way and God's Holy Oil, which were one and the same. — Margaret Atwood

Hell Bent Quotes By Anthony Hopkins

I was hell bent on destruction ... it was like being possessed by a demon. — Anthony Hopkins

Hell Bent Quotes By Elon Musk

Optimism, pessimism, f**k that; we're going to make it happen. As God is my bloody witness, I'm hell-bent on making it work. — Elon Musk

Hell Bent Quotes By Charlie Munger

And maybe the cereal makers by and large have learned to be less crazy about fighting for market share-because if you get even one person who's hell-bent on gaining market share ... For example, if I were Kellogg and I decided that I had to have 60% of the market, I think I could take most of the profit out of cereals. I'd ruin Kellogg in the process. But I think I could do it. — Charlie Munger

Hell Bent Quotes By Ziad K. Abdelnour

We've been so afraid; so hell bent on destroying enemies; both foreign and domestic, we've hurt ourselves and our democracy. Time to wake up. — Ziad K. Abdelnour

Hell Bent Quotes By Seth MacFarlane

I had - I was pretty hell bent on getting into the cartoon business specifically as an artist from the get-go. — Seth MacFarlane

Hell Bent Quotes By Ovid

Venus of Eryx, from her mountain throne,
Saw Hades and clasped her swift-winged son, and said:
'Cupid, my child, my warrior, my power,
Take those sure shafts with which you conquer all,
And shoot your speedy arrows to the heart
Of the great god to whom the last lot fell
When the three realms were drawn. Your mastery
Subdues the gods of heaven and even Jove,
Subdues the ocean's deities and him,
Even him, who rules the ocean's deities.
Why should Hell lag behind? Why not there too
Extend your mother's empire and your own ... ?
Then Cupid, guided by his mother, opened
His quiver of all his thousand arrows
Selected one, the sharpest and the surest,
The arrow most obedient to the bow,
And bent the pliant horn against his knee
And shot the barbed shaft deep in Pluto's heart. — Ovid

Hell Bent Quotes By Katie Cotugno

Why are you going to let people who are hell-bent on not forgiving you keep you from something that could actually be great? — Katie Cotugno

Hell Bent Quotes By Tracey Emin

All the people in the late '80s and early '90s were really hell-bent on doing something for themselves, and they wouldn't take no for an answer. There was a lot of determination, and I was definitely part of that way of thinking. — Tracey Emin

Hell Bent Quotes By Johnny Marr

In the earlier part of the 90s, I was really hell-bent on discovering how new technology works and how to make records entirely without a producer, which isn't necessarily what fans wanted. But I had to do it because I felt it was in my destiny or whatever. — Johnny Marr

Hell Bent Quotes By Jonathan Maberry

Benny took a steadying breath and let it out slowly.
"Nix, I do understand what you're going through. I'm going through it too."
"It's not the same thing," she said very quietly. An elk poked its head out from behind some sagebrush, studied them for a moment, then bent to eat berries from another bush.
"Then why won't you tell me what it is?"
She glared at him. "Honestly, Benny, sometimes I think you don't even know who I am."
With that she turned and stalked away, her spine as stiff as a board. Benny stood openmouthed until she was almost back to the tree where Chong sat with Eve.
"What the hell was that all about?" he asked the elk.
The elk, being and elk, said nothing. — Jonathan Maberry

Hell Bent Quotes By James Snyder

I was hell-bent on being a soccer player all through junior high and high school. — James Snyder

Hell Bent Quotes By Manny Farber

'Henry V' is a great deal more than almost any other hell-bent-for-armor movie that you've seen. — Manny Farber

Hell Bent Quotes By Jeremy Scott

When I'm hell-bent on something, there's no way around it. I can be a very stubborn. — Jeremy Scott

Hell Bent Quotes By Ben Mitchell

I wouldn't have minded school if they taught you important things like how to have good sex and what brand of wine is the best ... But for some reason they were hell bent on teaching me algebra — Ben Mitchell

Hell Bent Quotes By T.A. Miles

His angelic wings blackened when the dark fury assailed his mind. Summoning new strength from the unholy power that ravaged his soul, grieved to drastic levels of desperation by the tainting of the holy light within him, he combated ally and enemy alike, bent on destroying both sides in order to ensure the quelling of the dark energies there and then. For days and nights, the lone warrior bathed himself in the blood of angels and demons. And when it was over, he stood alone on contaminated land, with a contaminated soul. He was banned forever from Heaven and not even Hell had space for a creature which seemed to cherish Oblivion over Pandemonium. The dark angel, not so far removed from his former self as his superiors seemed to believe, died on the edge of the cliffs, of utter loneliness and despair. — T.A. Miles

Hell Bent Quotes By Kristen Ashley

Yeah, I started to chase you but the way you were goin' after him, hell bent for leather, it occurred to me you would not be best pleased I caught you and stopped you.
I didn't want to deal with that backbone of yours getting any stronger if you were denied what you wanted. Especially in the middle of the night with you in an emotional state, in the throes of dealing with hearing Dobie Gray's undeniably kickass but, no offense to you, honey, or Dobie Gray, in my opinion not cry worthy song.
It also occurred to me you would be pleased I caught the kid for you so I went after him instead. — Kristen Ashley

Hell Bent Quotes By Katie McGarry

I stalked over to Echo, feeling like a tiger after its prey. She backed up against the wall, but i kept up my approach. I pressed against her, feeling each sensual curve. I wanted to touch every inch of her body. Her sweet smell intoxicated me.
Her eyes kept their laughter, but her smile faded as she bit her lower lip. Damn, did she have any idea what she was doing? For a girl hell-bent on keeping me away, she sure did everything to turn me on. — Katie McGarry

Hell Bent Quotes By Desmond Tutu

Isn't it sad, that in a time when we face so many devastating problems - poverty, HIV/AIDS, war and conflict - that in our Communion we should be investing so much time and energy on disagreement about sexual orientation?" [The Communion, which] "used to be known for embodying the attribute of comprehensiveness, of inclusiveness, where we were meant to accommodate all and diverse views, saying we may differ in our theology but we belong together as sisters and brothers" now seems "hell-bent on excommunicating one another. God must look on and God must weep. — Desmond Tutu

Hell Bent Quotes By Steven Poore

I wondered: if I was so hell-bent on chaos, why would I adopt a military rank? Perhaps there was a part of me that needed rules, needed regulations and order. — Steven Poore

Hell Bent Quotes By Audrey Niffenegger

I never understood why Clark Kent was so hell bent on keeping Lois Lane in the dark. — Audrey Niffenegger

Hell Bent Quotes By Lionel Shriver

In truth we are bigger, greedier versions of the same eating, shitting, rutting ruck, hell-bent on disguising from somebody, if only from a three-year-old, that pretty much all we do is eat and shit and rut. The secret is there is no secret. that is what we really wish to keep fom our kids, and it's suppression is the true collusion of adulthood ... — Lionel Shriver

Hell Bent Quotes By Tonya Hurley

Cup check, she heard Bradley Grayson, an arrogant freshman lacrosse player, yell as he slammed his forearm, without warning, into Sam Wolfe's groin.
Sam, naked, bent over and clutched himself, thrusting his large, pale, Sasquatch-like hairy, pimply ass right in her face.
This was every girl's greatest fear come to life. The Gates of Hell had opened. She would never, she thought, be allowed to enjoy a moment's pleasure without an eternity of pain in exchange. For little Damen, she'd have to endure a LOT of Sam. The metaphor was not lost of Charlotte.
And it got worse. As Same clenched, a tiny involuntary puff of sulfurous gas escaped. For the first time ever, she was glad to be dead, for no other reason than his butt smelled as bad as it looked ... Was it even possible to die twice? — Tonya Hurley

Hell Bent Quotes By Hilary T. Smith

Whatever it is, it can't possibly be as important as the Italian Concerto. Now let's get to work."
We work for three and a half hell-bent hours, until the keys are literally smeared with blood and my mind has been bleached to a glorious blankness, a lunar eclipse of the soul. The music is a castle I conjure around myself, a fortress of notes no feeling can storm. — Hilary T. Smith

Hell Bent Quotes By Sue Grafton

clients you'd swear up and down were total, unmitigated slobs, but they're actually the opposite - so hell-bent on 'clean and tidy,' they can't even start. Rather than fail, they give up. Their standards are so high, they're overwhelmed before they start. To them, it's better not even tackling the job. — Sue Grafton

Hell Bent Quotes By Emma Chase

I've learned my lesson. For good this time. Seriously. If I come home and Kate is screwing some random guy in our bed? I won't freak out - I won't say a word.
I'll just pick her up, toss her over my shoulder, and carry her to the nearest DNA lab to make sure it's actually Kate, and not some evil long-lost twin hell-bent on wrecking our lives. — Emma Chase

Hell Bent Quotes By Christopher Lukas

People ask why my brother killed himself. "Why would such a gifted journalist, whose works have won all the prizes in the world, do such a thing?" "He had so many friends, why would he want to leave them?" "But what about all he had to live for?"
In a short space of time, I had a drawerful of articles wirtten by reporters pondering the death of one who, like them, made a living out of trying to sort out the truth, separating fact from conjecture. They were hell-bent on making sense out of this event.
When they phoned, I told them they were going to fail. I told them that the problem with suicide is that it is a senseless event. There is no why.
But of course that's wrong. There are numerous whys, though it's almost impossible, or unlikely that any single one of them is "the answer" that people want to hear. — Christopher Lukas

Hell Bent Quotes By Steven Craig

When a Narcissist is victimizing a person, the abused becomes someone they are not and behave in ways out of the norm. Where some may view the behavior as childish or immature, it is actually a person fighting to hang onto his or her sanity. He or she feels as if they are going crazy and those on the outside view them as such. This is what it is to love a Narcissist. The story can and will be melodramatic and confusing at times, but this is real life, and is what goes on in the mind of a person being victimized by a sick and twisted individual hell bent on destroying love. — Steven Craig

Hell Bent Quotes By Gary F. Marcus

In place of a view of the genome as a static blueprint that operates independently of experience and only up to the moment of birth, we have come to understand the genome as a complex, dynamic set of self-regulating recipes that actively modulate every step of life. Nature is not a dictator hell-bent on erecting the same building regardless of the environment, but a flexible Cub Scout prepared with contingency plans for many occasions. — Gary F. Marcus

Hell Bent Quotes By Richard Dawkins

Fundamentalist religion is hell-bent on ruining the scientific education of countless thousands of innocent, well-meaning, eager young minds. Non-fundamentalist, "sensible" religion may not be doing that. But it is making the world safe for fundamentalism by teaching children, from their earliest years, that unquestioning faith is a virtue. — Richard Dawkins

Hell Bent Quotes By Warren Hinckle

It takes a lot of moola to fool around with national magazines, regardless of their politics. It takes even more if the paper is hell bent on shoving a hot poker up the rear end of the Establishment, as that editorial posture is not conducive to a massive influx of advertising dollars ... a lot of people on the left still cherish the idea that Ramparts went under because I bought people drinks. — Warren Hinckle

Hell Bent Quotes By Sylvia Day

Must've been some lay for her to be so bent out of shape over it."
"I couldn't say," he muttered. "I don't remember."
"Were you drunk?"
"No. Jesus." He scrubbed at his face. "What the hell did she tell you? — Sylvia Day

Hell Bent Quotes By Joey K.

batter hell-bent on hitting a home run. — Joey K.

Hell Bent Quotes By Marc Warren

My teachers probably tried to get me interested in other things at school, but I was very young when I decided that I wanted to act. By the time I was 12, I was hell-bent on it. — Marc Warren

Hell Bent Quotes By Andrew Breitbart

If the political left weren't so joyless, humorless, intrusive, taxing, over-taxing, anarchistic, controlling, rudderless, chaos-prone, pedantic, unrealistic, hypocritical, clueless, politically correct, angry, cruel, sanctimonious, retributive, redistributive, intolerant, and if the political left wasn't hell-bent on expansion of said unpleasantness into all aspects of my family's life the truth is: I would not be in your life. If the democratic party were run by Joe Lieberman and Evan Bayh, if it had the slightest vestige of JFK and Henry "Scoop" Jackson I wouldn't be on the political map. If the American media were run by biased but not evil Tim Russert and David Brinkley types I wouldn't have joined the fight. You would not know who I am. The left made me do it, I swear, I am a reluctant cultural warrior. — Andrew Breitbart

Hell Bent Quotes By Elizabeth Wurtzel

But just as a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing, a little bit of energy, in the hands of someone hell-bent on suicide, is a very dangerous thing. — Elizabeth Wurtzel

Hell Bent Quotes By Madonna Ciccone

Trying to be a professional dancer, paying my rent by posing nude for art classes, staring at people staring at me naked. Daring them to think of me as anything but a form they were trying to capture with their pencils and charcoal. I was defiant. Hell-bent on surviving. On making it. But it was hard and it was lonely, and I had to dare myself every day to keep going. — Madonna Ciccone

Hell Bent Quotes By James Purdy

I have wrote my name in hell, Brian McFee had said as he was dying on the sawdust of the floor in the Bent Ridge Tavern. — James Purdy

Hell Bent Quotes By Saurabh Singal

IT will find you, if you are hell-bent on finding IT....Success or Failure? — Saurabh Singal

Hell Bent Quotes By Dorothy Uhnak

I picked up the butter-soft suede shirt and slacks and held them toward Martucci, but he bent over, grabbing at his stomach, and made it into the dark little cubicle in time to vomit into the toilet. He ran the small trickle of water in the sink over his hands, dabbed water on his face, then blotted himself on the rough paper towels. Within the next five minutes, he was dressed and deposited in the rear seat of my car between Haley and Finn. Vito, who had scared the living hell out of the hustler before giving him a kick in the ass out the hotel's side door, sat next to me as I drove. Vito was breathing heavily; it was the only sound in the car. — Dorothy Uhnak

Hell Bent Quotes By Maria Semple

If you're so hell-bent on placing blame, I suggest you look in the mirror. — Maria Semple

Hell Bent Quotes By Aleksandar Ristovic

Nobody reads poetry anymore
So who the hell are you
I see bent over this book? — Aleksandar Ristovic

Hell Bent Quotes By Jeannette Walls

Mom, you have to leave Dad," I said. She stopped doing her toe touches. "I can't believe you would say that," she said. "I can't believe that you, of all people, would turn on your father." I was Dad's last defender, she continued, the only one who pretended to believe all his excuses and tales, and to have faith in his plans for the future. "He loves you so much," Mom said. "How can you do this to him?" "I don't blame Dad," I said. And I didn't. But Dad seemed hell-bent on destroying himself, and I was afraid he was going to pull us all down with him. "We've got to get away. — Jeannette Walls

Hell Bent Quotes By Michael Brooks

These coupling certainly do not fit with the mainstream idea that genes, or at least organisms, are hell-bent on reproducing themselves. They do fit, however, with the idea of a social role for sex, and they fit with the idea that sexual reproduction is a spandrel, a by-product of some other phenomenon. If Roughgarden is on to something, she believes it could have cultural as well as scientific implications. The orthodoxy of biology has corroded our culture like battery acid, she says, In general, we play out the roles prescribed for us by that culture - aggressive male and coy female - because deviation from its "norm" results in emotional and physical violence, bigotry, personal guilt, and criminalized behaviors. If biology has been getting it wrong though, the new orthodoxy could trigger an infusion of tolerance; perhaps the anomalous prevalence of sexual reproduction will end up having deeper repercussions outside of science than within it. — Michael Brooks

Hell Bent Quotes By Audie Murphy

Now comes the picture of mass defeat, the most awesome spectacle of the war. It is in the bent bodies of old women who poke among ruins seeking some miserable object that will link their lives with the old days. It is in the shamed darting eyes of the defeated. It is in the faces of the little boys who regard our triumphant columns with fear and fascination. And above all it is in the thousands of beaten, dusty soldiers who stream along the roads towards the stockades. Their feet clump wearily, mechanically, hopelessly on the still endless road of war. They move as haggard, gray masses, in which the individual had neither life nor meaning. It is impossible to see in these men the quality that made them stand up and fight like demons out of hell a few shorts months ago. — Audie Murphy

Hell Bent Quotes By Akshay Kumar

There's absolutely nothing irrational about me; insane, yes, irrational, no. But my dumbest fear would be spinning in the magic tea cups. Who the hell wants to pay to spin around like a bent yoyo for laughs? — Akshay Kumar

Hell Bent Quotes By Adrian Michael

i needed someone who wasn't hell-bent on fixing me. someone without an agenda. someone who saw beauty marks instead of flaws. someone who wouldn't leave me when my past caught up with me. someone who would love me. unconditionally. — Adrian Michael

Hell Bent Quotes By Heather Heffner

Behind lay loneliness and delusions. Ahead lay answers, and yes, Riley. So bent double beneath my load, but naked no longer, I followed the two demons deeper into Hell. — Heather Heffner

Hell Bent Quotes By Maggi Myers

Hell bent and beautiful, you're my heart. — Maggi Myers

Hell Bent Quotes By Katie Reus

I'm just sorry your dragon is so hell bent on mating with someone as fucked up looking as me," he murmured, keeping his voice light even though he wasn't joking at all. God, everything about her was perfect. It was no surprise she was so resistant to mating with him....
To his surprise, she snorted and smacked his stomach.
"Bran Devlin, you're the sexiest male I've ever met. If you want me to stroke your ego you're out of luck."
Then, to his utter fucking surprise, she slid her hand lower and grasped his already hardening cock before looking up at him. Her smile was an erotic mix of uncertainty and wickedness.
"But I don't mind stroking this. — Katie Reus

Hell Bent Quotes By Seth MacFarlane

At one point, I was hell-bent on being a Disney animator, and sort of got over that in college and wanted to do my own stuff. You know, towards the end of college I had actually planned to go to the Boston Conservatory of Music for musical theater. — Seth MacFarlane

Hell Bent Quotes By A.S. King

Maybe if I hadn't been so hell-bent on not becoming my parents, I could have saved Charlie. Maybe I would have been his girlfriend. Maybe we could have gotten married and been happy, regardless of who our parents were and what they did to each other. — A.S. King

Hell Bent Quotes By Pat Buchanan

With 80,000 dead of AIDS, our promiscuous homosexuals appear literally hell-bent on Satanism and suicide, — Pat Buchanan

Hell Bent Quotes By Dany Laferriere

Miz Beauty does not speak. You've got to discover her erogenous zones, her favorite subjects of conversation, her sign, all on your own. Meanwhile, Miz Piggy's coming like an express train. She doesn't get it every day. And she's hell-bent to make the most of it. She wants more, more, more. — Dany Laferriere

Hell Bent Quotes By Curtis Sittenfeld

In life we're most hell-bent on proving things that we're not really sure are true. — Curtis Sittenfeld

Hell Bent Quotes By Tom Clancy

Brian had been killed the year before on a Campus black op in Libya. Dom had been there, he'd held his brother in his arms as he died, and then Dominic returned to The Campus, hell-bent on doing the hard, dangerous work that he believed in. — Tom Clancy

Hell Bent Quotes By Henry Doss

Policy makers and politicians want more STEM; educators want more STEAM. Both, in ways that are eerily similar, are engaging in social engineering to support an ideology. At the macro-level, in both worlds, it's all about teaching a point of view, rather than teaching students to learn. We seem hell bent on an arbitrarily linear approach to engineering a "useful" or job-securing education, from which we continue to get mixed results. — Henry Doss

Hell Bent Quotes By Isobel Irons

So completely stunned by the force of that smile, Sam found himself helpless to do anything but watch as she quickly closed the gap between them. Her hands reached up to grasp his chin, and he bent down to her, not really knowing why he did it. It was like gravity, so natural that the compulsion was inescapable. Her heels helped.
she kissed him, every nerve ending in his body exploded into his awareness.
No girl had ever kissed him like that. Hell, no girl had ever kissed any guy like that, at least not that Sam had heard. — Isobel Irons

Hell Bent Quotes By Barbara Longley

Hell-bent on extinguishing — Barbara Longley

Hell Bent Quotes By Nicholas Sparks

In October 1944, we were cruising near Samar, getting ready to help lead the invasion of the Philippines. We had thirteen ships in our group, which sounds like a lot, but aside from the carrier, it was mainly destroyers and escorts, so we didn't have much firepower. And then, on the horizon, we saw what seemed like the entire Japanese fleet coming toward us. Four battleships, eight cruisers, eleven destroyers, hell-bent on sending us to the bottom of the sea. — Nicholas Sparks

Hell Bent Quotes By Mia Sheridan

She learned the same lesson I had learned though - if someone is hell-bent on self-destruction, there isn't a lot you can do to change their mind. — Mia Sheridan

Hell Bent Quotes By Jewel E. Ann

He needed some guy friends. Stat. The women in his life were hell-bent on testing his last bit of patience. — Jewel E. Ann

Hell Bent Quotes By Larissa Ione

The entire hospital seemed to go still, watching and waiting, and what the hell was up with Sin and guys on horses anyway? "Well, who is he?"
Con stared at her. "War. Just ... War. What kind of name is that?" Nope, not jealous at all of muscle-bound handsome guy.
"Yeah, you know, the original War. Second Horseman of the Apocalypse?"
Con nearly swallowed his fucking tongue. Everyone else in the ER scrambled backward. Even Eidolon backed up a step as the guy swung down from the horse. Christ, standing, the guy was damned near seven feet tall.
"Sin," he said in an impossibly deep voice. He approached her, bent to kiss her cheek, and Con bristled.
"Big horse," Con ground out. "Compensating much? — Larissa Ione

Hell Bent Quotes By Bob Dylan

He's hell bent for destruction, he's afraid and confused, and his brain has been mismanaged with great skill. — Bob Dylan

Hell Bent Quotes By Zane Grey

No nerve, hey? Not half a man! ... Buster Jack, why don't you finish game? Make up for your low-down tricks. At the last try to be worthy of your dad. In his day he was a real man ... Let him have the consolation that you faced Hell-Bent Wade an' died in your boots! — Zane Grey

Hell Bent Quotes By John Marsden

He carried Hell with him, as we all did, like a little load on our backs that we hardly noticed most of the time, or like a huge great hump of suffering that bent us over with its weight. — John Marsden

Hell Bent Quotes By Andrew Holleran

They seldom looked happy. They passed one another without a word in the elevator, like silent shades in hell, hell-bent on their next look from a handsome stranger. Their next rush from a popper. The next song that turned their bones to jelly and left them all on the dance floor with heads back, eyes nearly closed, in the ecstasy of saints receiving the stigmata. — Andrew Holleran

Hell Bent Quotes By Nora Roberts

The old goes into making us what we are, or what we're hell-bent on not being. — Nora Roberts

Hell Bent Quotes By Chelsea Handler

I had heard my brothers and sisters use curse words but had never dared use one myself in front of anyone. But I had practiced alone in my room lots of times, trying out different cadences and into nations: 'Fuck, fuck, fuck you, fucknut. Shit, shitstain, fucker! Go fuck a duck, you asswipe!' My favorite was, 'What a fucking cocksucker.' The plan was to say this casually to one of my new friends while one of our teachers walked by. No one in kindergarten ever really got my sense of humor, so I was hell-bent on making my mark in the first grade. — Chelsea Handler

Hell Bent Quotes By Ernie Lindsey

We think of "enemies" as these units of destruction on the other side of the line, hell-bent on destroying us. And, just like when the battle had begun outside the walls of Warrenville and I thought about the men in the tank and their families, it always hits the hardest when you realize your enemies have lives, too. — Ernie Lindsey

Hell Bent Quotes By Jim Thompson

He was staring off across the long broad fields, raising his eyes above the red clay soil to the horizon, looking across the fiery-red plains of Hell with its endless gauntlet of dead-brown imps
the cotton, the cotton, cotton, cotton
closing his eyes to them and seeing only the horizon and its towering ranks of derricks. Steel giants, snorting and chuckling amongst themselves; sneering wonderingly at the cotton and the bent-backed pigmies admist it. Huffing and puffing and belching up gold. — Jim Thompson

Hell Bent Quotes By Fran Lebowitz

Japanese food is very pretty and undoubtedly a suitable cuisine in Japan, which is largely populated by people of below average size. Hostesses hell-bent on serving such food to occidentals would be well advised to supplement it with something more substantial and to keep in mind that almost everybody likes french fries. — Fran Lebowitz

Hell Bent Quotes By Carolyn Brown

Dammit? Why would you give a dog such a name? Or is that a third date story too?"
"No, it's only a dog story." Rhett smiled and the temperature in the store shot up several degrees. "I named him Lambert after Miranda Lambert, but I guess he didn't like bein' named after a girl, so he sat there like a knot on a log every time I called him. So I'd say, 'Dammit, come here.' And here he'd come runnin' hell-bent for leather. So I gave up and called him Dammit. — Carolyn Brown

Hell Bent Quotes By Sally Gardner

What more can anyone take from me?" said my father, his head bent down. "Everywhere I go I carry my hell with me. — Sally Gardner

Hell Bent Quotes By Hank Williams Jr.

I get whiskey bent and hell bound. — Hank Williams Jr.

Hell Bent Quotes By Michelle Richmond

I guess I'm just stuck on the idea that there's this monumental machine, and we're all part of it. Most of the time, we don't even stop to think about how it works. We just go about our business, doing our part, trusting that everyone else will do their part, and the machine will keep functioning. But all it takes is for someone to come along who isn't thinking straight, some who's not paying attention, or worse, hell-bent on self-destruction and everything turns to shit. — Michelle Richmond

Hell Bent Quotes By Vonnie Davis

He held his crotch, his knees bent and his kilt showing he wore nothing beneath it.
She shuffled from one foot to the other as she stared at his Scottish bagpipe. Bet he could hit a lot of high notes with that thing. "You...you startled me when you grabbed me like that."
"Well, ye needna be afraid now. I couldna molest ya, even if I wanted to, which I dinna.I'm betting foreplay with ye would be like grabbing hold of an electrical wire while sitting in a tub of water." He groaned and cussed some more. "Hell, I bet yer vagina is lined with shark's teeth. — Vonnie Davis