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Healed Wounds Quotes By Franz Kafka

His wounds, incidentally, must have healed up by now, he felt no handicap anymore, which was astonishing; for, as recalled, after he had nicked his finger with a knife over a month ago, the injury had still been hurting the day before yesterday. "Am I less sensitive now?" he wondered, greedily sucking at the cheese, which had promptly exerted a more emphatic attraction on him than any of the other food. His eyes watered with contentment as he gulped down the cheese, the vegetables, and the sauce in rapid succession. By contrast, he did not relish the fresh foods, he could not even stand their smells, and he actually dragged the things he wanted to eat a short distance away. — Franz Kafka

Healed Wounds Quotes By Adeline Yen Mah

Revenge is not worthy of you. If you concentrate on revenge, you will keep those wounds fresh that would otherwise have healed. — Adeline Yen Mah

Healed Wounds Quotes By Garth Brooks

His eyes are cold and restless
His wounds have almost healed
And she'd give half of Texas
Just to change the way he feels
She knows his love's in Tulsa
And she knows he's gonna go
Well it ain't no woman flesh and blood
It's that damned old rodeo

Well it's bulls and blood
It's dust and mud
It's the roar of a Sunday crowd
It's the white in his knuckles
The gold in the buckle
He'll win the next go 'round
It's boots and chaps
It's cowboy hats
It's spurs and latigo
It's the ropes and the reins
And the joy and the pain
And they call the thing rodeo

She does her best to hold him
When his love comes to call
But his need for it controls him
And her back's against the wall
And it's So long girl I'll see you
When it's time for him to go
You know the woman wants her cowboy
Like he wants his rodeo — Garth Brooks

Healed Wounds Quotes By Hussain Rasheed

The wounds on the body can be healed by medicine but the wounds in heart can only be healed by love. — Hussain Rasheed

Healed Wounds Quotes By Catherine Marshall

I learned that true forgiveness includes total self-acceptance. And out of acceptance wounds are healed and happiness is possible again. — Catherine Marshall

Healed Wounds Quotes By Sanhita Baruah

I asked myself only when he needed my help, "How will the broken heal the wounded? — Sanhita Baruah

Healed Wounds Quotes By Henry Miller

I could put up with heartbreaks and abortions and busted romances, but I had to have something under my belt to carry on, and I wanted something nourishing, something appetizing. I felt exactly like Jesus Christ would have felt if he had been taken down from the cross and not permitted to die in the flesh. I am sure that the shock of crucifixion would have been so great that he would have suffered a complete amnesia as regards humanity. I am certain that after his wounds had healed he wouldn't have given a damn about the tribulations of mankind but would have fallen with the greatest relish upon a fresh cup of coffee and a slice of toast, assuming he could have had it. — Henry Miller

Healed Wounds Quotes By Angie Smith

But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed. (Isa. 53:5) — Angie Smith

Healed Wounds Quotes By Anonymous

He Himself bore our sins in His body on the TREE So that we might die to sin and live for righteousness By His wounds you have been healed — Anonymous

Healed Wounds Quotes By Steven Erikson

As he made his way back to his estate, Baruk recalled his lone meeting with Vorcan, only a few nights after her awakening. She had entered the chamber with her usual feline grace. The wounds she had borne were long healed and she had found a new set of clothes, loose and — Steven Erikson

Healed Wounds Quotes By William Sloane Coffin

Remember also that scars of all sorts are all right. Scars are wounds that have healed, not without a trace, but have healed nonetheless. Think of all the scar tissue around Christ's heart, Jesus our wounded healer. — William Sloane Coffin

Healed Wounds Quotes By Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Time is a double-edged sword: while it might heal all wounds; it also kills all the healed. — Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Healed Wounds Quotes By Juanes

Music is a really powerful way for me to catalyze all kinds of things. It's always been the cure. Through music, I've healed all the wounds I've had and celebrated all the good things in life. Through music, I turn things, good or bad, into energy. — Juanes

Healed Wounds Quotes By Nate Parker

How many films are there about friendships between teenagers? And how many projects are there dealing with friendships among adults? True friendships - really dealing with the intimacy behind what happened then, and how long you've known each other, and the wounds that haven't healed. That's what [About Alex] film is about. — Nate Parker

Healed Wounds Quotes By Kat Howard

It wasn't that I couldn't say it. I could. But there are times that you don't speak, because silence hurts less. There was no need to reopen old wounds when we both wanted them healed. — Kat Howard

Healed Wounds Quotes By Erica James

part of her didn't want her wounds to be healed. Not yet. She wasn't ready. She still needed to kick against the hurt of her grief. The — Erica James

Healed Wounds Quotes By F.T. McKinstry

Hemlock's attentions had not only healed Aelfric's body of its wounds but also given him curious sensitivity. Aside from the voice in his mind, he felt things in the natural surroundings: the presence of beasts, the whispers of trees to the overcast skies, anger in the earth and sea. Ravens followed him around as they did wolves. And he had developed a rough ability to see in the dark. — F.T. McKinstry

Healed Wounds Quotes By J.D. Robb

He'd tended her wounds, as she had his, and knew she healed well, healed fast. His resilient, hardheaded cop.
But there were parts inside that tough, disciplined body that remained fragile - perhaps always would. And those vulnerable places pulled at him to protect, to comfort, to do anything he could to spare her a bruise or blow.
The vulnerability undid him even as the strength brought him pride. And the whole of her brought him love beyond the measuring of it. — J.D. Robb

Healed Wounds Quotes By Heather Lyons

Time doesn't heal; or at least, it hasn't healed such wounds for me, no matter what i told him earlier. Time is just another captor of mine.
-Medusa — Heather Lyons

Healed Wounds Quotes By J.R. Ward

Abruptly, she yanked the covers over her crippled one, hiding it from him.
Tohr marched right back over to her, and resolutely pulled the duvet back where it had been. Tracing the badly healed wounds with his fingertips, he met her squarely in the eye.
"You're beautiful. Every inch of you. Don't think for a moment there's anything wrong with you. We clear?"
"Nope. I'm not hearing that." Bending down he pressed his lips to her shin, her calf, her ankle, tracing the scars, caressing them. "Beautiful. All of you."
"How can you say that," she whispered blinking back tears.
"Because it's the truth."Straightening, he gave her a final squeeze. "No hiding from me, okay. And after I feed you, I think I'm going to have to show you just how serious I am."
That made her smile ... then laugh a little.
"That's my girl." he murmured. — J.R. Ward

Healed Wounds Quotes By Janette Oke

How else can we become reconciled, except one individual at a time? This Jesus you seek did not come to address nations. He washed the wounds of lepers. He dined with sinners. He healed all who came to him. One person at a time. — Janette Oke

Healed Wounds Quotes By Nalini Singh

Some wounds should be healed, no matter how much time has passed or how much time is left. — Nalini Singh

Healed Wounds Quotes By David Wilkerson

When you are deeply hurt, no person on this earth can shut out the innermost fears and deepest agonies. The best of friends cannot really understand the battle you are going through or the wounds inflicted on you. Only God can shut out the waves of depression and feelings of loneliness and failure that come over you. Faith in God's love alone can salvage the hurt mind. The bruised and broken heart that suffers in silence can be healed only by a supernatural work of the Holy Spirit, and nothing short of divine intervention really works. — David Wilkerson

Healed Wounds Quotes By Publilius Syrus

The wounds of love can only be healed by the one who made them. — Publilius Syrus

Healed Wounds Quotes By Alexandre Dumas-fils

Here is Christianity with its marvellous parable of the Prodigal Son to teach us indulgence and pardon. Jesus was full of love for souls wounded by the passions of men; he loved to bind up their wounds and to find in those very wounds the balm which should heal them. Thus he said to the Magdalen: "Much shall be forgiven thee because thou hast loved much," a sublimity of pardon which can only have called forth a sublime faith.
Why do we make ourselves more strict than Christ? Why, holding obstinately to the opinions of the world, which hardens itself in order that it may be thought strong, do we reject, as it rejects, souls bleeding at wounds by which, like a sick man's bad blood, the evil of their past may be healed, if only a friendly hand is stretched out to lave them and set them in the convalescence of the heart? — Alexandre Dumas-fils

Healed Wounds Quotes By Sarah J. Maas

She didn't know which one of them moved first, but then Rowan's mouth was on hers, and Aelin gripped his shirt, pulling him closer, claiming him as he claimed her. His arms wrapped tighter around her, but gently - so careful of the wounds that ached. He brushed his tongue against hers, and she opened her mouth to him. Each movement of their lips was a whisper of what was to come once they were both healed, and a promise. The kiss was slow - thorough. As if they had all the time in the world. As if they were the only ones in it. — Sarah J. Maas

Healed Wounds Quotes By Stephen Lee

If there is anything certain in life, it is this. Time doesn't always heal. Not really. I know they say it does, but that is not true. What time does is to trick you into believing that you have healed, that the hurt of a great loss has lessened. But a single word, a note of a song, a fragrance, a knife point of dawn light across an empty room, any one of these things will take you back to that one moment you have never truly forgotten. These small things are the agents of memory. They are the sharp needle points piercing the living fabric of your life.

Life, my children, isn't linear where the heart is concerned. It is filled with invisible threads that reach out from your past and into your future. These threads connect every second we have lived and breathed. As your own lives move forward and as the decades pass, the more of these threads are cast. Your task is to weave them into a tapestry, one that tells the story of the time we shared. — Stephen Lee

Healed Wounds Quotes By Serena Valentino

The words wounded deeper than the bruises and the scars from any physical pain he inflicted on me. At least those wounds healed. — Serena Valentino

Healed Wounds Quotes By Adrian Rogers

A scar is a wound that has healed. We need to bring our wounds to Jesus, let Him heal them, and use our scars for Jesus. Our scars may be our greatest ministry. — Adrian Rogers

Healed Wounds Quotes By Neil Strauss

... each woman is a wonderful world unto herself. And monogamy? It's like choosing to live in a single town and never traveling to experience the beauty, history, and enchantment of all the other unique, wonderful places in the world. Why does love have to limit us?
Perhaps it doesn't. Only fear is restrictive. Love is expansive. And I wonder, since fear of enmeshment impels us to avoid commitment and fear of abandonment makes us possessive, what type of evolved relationship can emerge once those wounds are healed? — Neil Strauss

Healed Wounds Quotes By Richard Bandler

Don't re-open old wounds in order to examine their origins. Leave them healed. — Richard Bandler

Healed Wounds Quotes By David Bowles

When wounds are healed by love,
The scars are beautiful. — David Bowles

Healed Wounds Quotes By Juvenal

An undying hatred, and a wound never to be healed. — Juvenal

Healed Wounds Quotes By Amanda Coplin

He did not go after her himself, but those months after he fell out of the tree, though his physical wounds more or less healed - though he walked with a slight limp afterward - a kind of vacancy, a silence, hung around him, like a mantle on his shoulders. — Amanda Coplin

Healed Wounds Quotes By Richard Sibbes

A sharp reproof sometimes is a precious pearl, and a sweet balm. The wounds of secure sinners will not be healed with sweet words. — Richard Sibbes

Healed Wounds Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

The Lord healed all our wounds. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Healed Wounds Quotes By Tiffany Reisz

A fool's errand, Little One. If you waited until all my wounds were healed, you would be here forever. — Tiffany Reisz

Healed Wounds Quotes By Dorothy L. Sayers

This effect would be increased by extraneous circumstances producing other familiar physical sensations - night, cold or the rattling of heavy traffic, for instance." "Yes." "Yes. The old wounds are nearly healed, but not quite. The ordinary exercise of your mental faculties has no bad effect. It is only when you excite the injured part of your brain." "Yes, I see." "Yes. You must avoid these occasions. You must learn to be irresponsible, Lord Peter." "My friends say I'm only too irresponsible already." "Very likely. A sensitive nervous temperament often appears so, owing to its mental nimbleness." "Oh! — Dorothy L. Sayers

Healed Wounds Quotes By Orson Scott Card

some wounds aren't so easily healed. — Orson Scott Card

Healed Wounds Quotes By Gloria Naylor

She could walk through a lightning storm without being touched; grab a bolt of lightning in the palm of her hand; use the heat of lightning to start the kindling going under her medicine pot. She turned the moon into salve, the stars into swaddling cloth, and healed the wounds of every creature walking up on two or down on four. — Gloria Naylor

Healed Wounds Quotes By J.K. Swift

The physical healed quickly, but those of the spirit ran deep, and in most cases, could only be concealed. Wounds of the spirit may scab over, but they never fully heal. — J.K. Swift

Healed Wounds Quotes By Neha Yazmin

We've been through a lot, and though many of the wounds have healed, the scars they've left behind still throb every now and then. — Neha Yazmin

Healed Wounds Quotes By Lauren Slater

I have not healed so much as learned to sit still and wait while pain does its dancing work, trying not to panic or twist in ways that make the blades tear deeper, finally infecting the wounds. — Lauren Slater

Healed Wounds Quotes By LeCrae

A lot of my wounds have healed. They have left scars, and I can either hide my scars, put a long sleeve shirt on, and cover them up. Or, I can show them off and say, "Yeah, it happened." — LeCrae

Healed Wounds Quotes By Costas Taktsis

Before it began to open new wounds, the war healed quite a few old ones: it shook us out of our lethargy, our life took on new meaning, we no longer lived without a purpose, eating and sleeping and excreting like animals. — Costas Taktsis

Healed Wounds Quotes By Diana Gabaldon

D'ye ken that the only time I am without pain is in your bed, Sassenach? When I take ye, when I lie in your arms-my wounds are healed, then, my scars forgotten. — Diana Gabaldon

Healed Wounds Quotes By Orhan Pamuk

Time had not faded my memories (as I had prayed to God it might), nor had it healed my wounds as it is said always to do. I began each day with the hope that the next day would be better, my recollections a little less pointed, but I would awake to the same pain, as if a black lamp were burning eternally inside me, radiating darkness. — Orhan Pamuk

Healed Wounds Quotes By Mayank Kashyap

God is like a lover. Sometimes he gives you so much pain that staying alive seems like a punishment but in the next moment he shows you so much love, affection and care that you forget all your pains. Yes, the wounds can't be healed completely but god compensates it with other happiness. — Mayank Kashyap

Healed Wounds Quotes By Matt Haig

Now, these were wounds I could have healed with a single thought. Just to feel pain, sometimes, was enough to cancel it. — Matt Haig

Healed Wounds Quotes By Harville Hendrix

Romantic Love delivers us into the passionate arms of someone who will ultimately trigger the same frustrations we had with our parents, but for the best possible reason! Doing so brings our childhood wounds to the surface so they can be healed. — Harville Hendrix

Healed Wounds Quotes By Pope John Paul II

Believers know that the presence of evil is always accompanied by the presence of good, by grace ... Where evil grows, there the hope for good also grows ... In the love that pours forth from the heart of Christ, we find hope for the future of the world. Christ has redeemed the world: "By his wounds we are healed." (Isaiah 53:5) — Pope John Paul II

Healed Wounds Quotes By Rachel Naomi Remen

Everyone alive has suffered. It is the wisdom gained from our wounds and from our own experiences of suffering that makes us able to heal. Becoming expert has turned out to be less important than remembering and trusting the wholeness in myself and everyone else. Expertise cures, but wounded people can best be healed by other wounded people. Only other wounded people can understand what is needed, for the healing of suffering is compassion, not expertise. — Rachel Naomi Remen

Healed Wounds Quotes By Francine Rivers

Lord, why was it his child you gave to me? Why did you send me here to this man so that I remember the things done to me? Shimei interceded and brought me to you, and you healed me. Now, I see Atretes and feel the old wounds reopened. Hold me fast, Father. Don't let me slip; don't let me fall. Don't let me think as I used to think or live as I used to live. "Life is cruel, Atretes, but you have a choice. Choose forgiveness and be free." "Forgiveness!" The word came out of the dark shadows like a curse. "There are some things in this world that can never be forgiven." Her eyes burned with tears. "I once felt the same way, but it turns back on you and eats you alive. When Christ saved me, everything changed. The world didn't look the same." "The world doesn't change." "No. The world didn't. I did." He — Francine Rivers

Healed Wounds Quotes By Jamie Schoffman

They say that time heals all wounds. I've never believed that. Time may dampen the severity of a wound, but no true wound is ever completely healed. A scar lasts forever no matter how much Mederma you lather on it. The memory of a tattoo will be there long after you've had it burnt off. — Jamie Schoffman

Healed Wounds Quotes By Anonymous

Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion. — Anonymous

Healed Wounds Quotes By Howard Pyle

So endeth the story of the winning of Excalibur, and may God give unto you in your life, that you may have His truth to aid you, like a shining sword, for to overcome your enemies; and may He give you Faith (for Faith containeth Truth as a scabbard containeth its sword), and may that Faith heal all your wounds of sorrow as the sheath of Excalibur healed all the wounds of him who wore that excellent weapon. For with Truth and Faith girded upon you, you shall be as well able to fight all your battles as did that noble hero of old, whom men called King Arthur. — Howard Pyle

Healed Wounds Quotes By E. Lockhart

He cried like a man,not like a boy.Not like he was frustrated or hadn't gotten his way,but like life was bitter.Like his wounds couldn't be healed. — E. Lockhart

Healed Wounds Quotes By Seneca.

I shall expose and reopen all the wounds which have already healed. — Seneca.

Healed Wounds Quotes By Sidney Sheldon

They had lied. Time was not a friend that healed all wounds ;it was the enemy that ravaged and murdered youth. — Sidney Sheldon

Healed Wounds Quotes By Sara Gran

Be grateful for every scar life inflicts on you. Where we're unhurt is where we are false. Where we are wounded and healed is where our real self gets to show itself. That's where you get to show who you really are — Sara Gran

Healed Wounds Quotes By Frank Herbert

Remember that there exists a certain malevolence about the formation of any social order. It is the struggle for existence by an artificial entity. Despotism and slavery hover at the edges. Many injuries occur and, thus, the need for laws. The law develops its own power structure, creating more wounds and new injustices. Such trauma can be healed by cooperation, not by confrontation. The summons to cooperate identifies the healer. — Frank Herbert

Healed Wounds Quotes By Louie Giglio

Our scars are a witness to the world. They are apart of our story. Healed wounds that are symbols that God has restored us. — Louie Giglio

Healed Wounds Quotes By Chrissy Olinger

Time healed all wounds, but there was nothing you could do to fix stupid. — Chrissy Olinger

Healed Wounds Quotes By Emil Cioran

Nobody would dare look at himself in the mirror, because a grotesque, tragic image would mix in the contours of his face with stains and traces of blood, wounds which cannot be healed, and unstoppable streams of tears. I would experience a kind of voluptuous awe if I could see a volcano of blood, eruptions as red as fire and as burning as despair, burst into the midst of the comfortable and superficial harmony of everyday life, or if I could see all our hidden wounds open, making of us a bloody eruption forever. Only then would we truly understand and appreciate the advantage of loneliness, which silences our suffering and makes it inaccessible. The venom drawn out from suffering would be enough to poison the whole world in a bloody eruption, bursting out of the volcano of our being. There is so much venom, so much poison, in suffering! — Emil Cioran

Healed Wounds Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

One of the blessings human beings take for granted is the ability to remember pain without re-feeling it. The pain of the physical wounds is long gone ... and the other kind of hurt, the damage done to our spirits, has been healed. We are careful with those scarred places in each other. — Lisa Kleypas

Healed Wounds Quotes By M T Anderson

Do not speak glibly of virtue. Nothing shall change-nothing-so long as each individual awaits preferment rather than embodying beneficence in himself; so long as we wait upon the edicts of a government ruled by invested and interested men looking to their private purses; so long as we idle in expectation that all shall be healed, and that we shall somehow be stopped in our career of plunder by an eighteen-hundred-year-old mummy, scarred with the wounds of torture, falling out of the sky or stumbling out of the desert, eyes filled with the tears that we should weep ourselves. — M T Anderson

Healed Wounds Quotes By Horace

It is the false shame of fools to try to conceal wounds that have not healed. — Horace

Healed Wounds Quotes By Thomas Keating

Psychotherapy is what God has been secretly doing for centuries by other names; that is, he searches through our personal history and heals what needs to be healed - the wounds of childhood or our own self-inflicted wounds. — Thomas Keating

Healed Wounds Quotes By Ian St. John

We went to dinner and healed the wounds, at least to a certain degree. But I hope he understands the hurt he did to me. He put the boot into a pal and I don't think you should do that. — Ian St. John

Healed Wounds Quotes By Sanober Khan

A single poem
is worth a hundred
cozy winter nights
kind words
and healed wounds. — Sanober Khan

Healed Wounds Quotes By Josephine Angelini

Helen decided that the saying about "time healing all wounds" was a bunch of bull and probably only worked for people with very poor memories. The time she's spent apart from Lucas hadn't healed anything. The distance only made her miss him more. — Josephine Angelini

Healed Wounds Quotes By F Scott Fitzgerald

One writes of scars healed, a loose parallel to the pathology of the skin, but there is no such thing in the life of an individual. There are open wounds, shrunk sometimes to the size of a pin-prick but wounds still. The marks of suffering are more comparable to the loss of a finger, or of the sight of an eye. We may not miss them, either, for one minute in a year, but if we should there is nothing to be done about it. — F Scott Fitzgerald

Healed Wounds Quotes By Publilius Syrus

Love's wounds can be healed only by the one who inflicts them. — Publilius Syrus

Healed Wounds Quotes By Kele Moon

Wyatt knew with absolute conviction Clay didn't mean it. They didn't suffer through two very painful concussions together to walk the other way once they'd healed up. Those were battle wounds. It was like surviving a war together. Wyatt just chose to forget they'd been on opposing sides. He knew Clay was supposed to be his best friend. It felt like destiny.
Just like he knew he was supposed to grow up, be sheriff, and marry Tabitha McMillen. — Kele Moon

Healed Wounds Quotes By LeCrae

There's a lot of wounded people out there who don't believe that there's any way they'll ever be healed from those wounds. — LeCrae

Healed Wounds Quotes By Pierce Brown

All wounds heal. Even these."
"That's a lie." I tell him.
I'll never be healed of Eo. That pain will last forever.
"Some things do not fade. Some things can never be made right. — Pierce Brown

Healed Wounds Quotes By Albert Camus

Caligula - And what has Nature done for you?

Scipio - It consoles me for not being. Ceasar.

Caligula - Really? And do you think Nature could console me for being Ceasar?

Scipio - Why not? Nature has healed worse wounds than that. — Albert Camus

Healed Wounds Quotes By Millicent Ashby

Wounds that haven't healed properly still hurt you. You pretend to allow them faze you, but I see past the mask. Shame, that a pretty woman like you has to perish by fire." Cain shrugged. "I'm surprised they didn't burn you in the witch trials." He shook his head as if he corrected himself. "No, what am I saying? You were with Saain during that time. — Millicent Ashby

Healed Wounds Quotes By Rick Joyner

It is by the Lord's stripes that we are healed, and it is through our own stripes that we, too, are given the authority for healing. In the place where the enemy wounds us, once we are healed, we are given the power to heal others. — Rick Joyner

Healed Wounds Quotes By Helen Garner

But there are some wounds that can never be healed. — Helen Garner

Healed Wounds Quotes By J.R.R. Tolkien

But the Queen Arwen said: 'A gift I will give you. For I am the daughter of Elrond. I shall not go with him now when he departs to the Havens; for mine is the choice of Luthien, and as she so I have chosen, both the sweet and the bitter. But in my stead you shall go, Ring-bearer, when the time comes, and if you then desire it. If your hurts grieve you still and the memory or your burden is heavy, then you may pass into the West, until all your wounds and weariness are healed. But wear this now in memory of Elfstone and Evenstar with whom your life has been woven!'
And she took a white gem like a star that lay upon her breast hanging upon a silver chain, and she set the chain around Frodo's neck. 'When the memory of the fear and the darkness troubles you,' she said, 'this will bring you aid. — J.R.R. Tolkien

Healed Wounds Quotes By Christine Feehan

Come,we cannot leave the poor man pacing the swamp.He will think we are engaging in something other than conversation."
Wickedly Savannah moved her body against his,her hands sliding provocatively, enticingly, over the rigid thickness straining his trousers. "Aren't we?" she asked with that infuriating sexy smile he could never resist.
"We have a lot of clean-up to do here, Savannah," he said severely. "And we need to get word to our people, spread the society's list through our ranks, warn those in danger."
Her fingers were working at the buttons of his shirt so that she could push the material aside to examin his chest and shoulder,where two of the worst wounds had been.She had to see his body for herself, touch him to assure herself he was completely healed. "I suggest, for now,that your biggest job is to create something for Gary to do so we can have a little privacy. — Christine Feehan

Healed Wounds Quotes By Cecelia Ahern

This house isn't mine anymore, but the memories are; the memories can't be sold. The building that housed my once-upon-a-time dreams stands for someone else now, as it did for the people before us, and I feel happy to let it go. Happy that I can begin again, anew, though bearing the scars of before. They represent wounds that have healed. — Cecelia Ahern

Healed Wounds Quotes By Steven Garber

Kenya, Kazakhstan and K Street too? Yes ... that all of God's people might love and serve him with gladness and singleness of heart, in our various vocations taking the wounds of the world into our hearts - the heartaches and longings, sorrows and disappointments, and sometimes evil - and finding in that calling that our own hearts are healed too. In N.T. Wright's theologically rich image, becoming healed healers. May it be so. — Steven Garber

Healed Wounds Quotes By Jessica Sorensen

People say that time heals all wounds, and maybe they're right. But what if the wounds don't heal correctly, like when cuts leave behind nasty scars, or when broken bones mend together, but aren't as smooth anymore? Does it mean they're really healed? Or is it that the body did what it could to fix what broke ... — Jessica Sorensen

Healed Wounds Quotes By Jeanette Winterson

On the banks of the Euphrates find a secret garden cunningly walled. There is an entrance, but the entrance is guarded. There is no way in for you. Inside you will find every plant that grows growing circular-wise like a target. Close to the heart is a sundial and at the heart an orange tree. This fruit has tripped up athletes while others have healed their wounds. All true quests end in this garden, where the split fruit pours forth blood and the halved fruit is a full bowl for travelers and pilgrims. To eat of the fruits means to leave the garden because the fruit speaks of other things, other longings. So at dusk you leave the place you love, not knowing if you can ever return, knowing you can never return by the same way as this. It may be, some other day, that you will open the gate by chance, and find yourself again on the other side of the wall. — Jeanette Winterson

Healed Wounds Quotes By Katharine Weber

I am in awe of the perpetual tumult of the sea. I am moved by the still place on the horizon where the sky begins. I am stirred by the soaring and dipping fields that make the landscape into a rumpled green counterpane. I thought I would never have such powerful feelings again. I thought I would live through the rest of my life having experiences, and thoughts, but I never thought I would again feel deeply
I was convinced that my wounds had healed and become thick scars, essentially numb. — Katharine Weber

Healed Wounds Quotes By Dan Greenup

You've heard the saying "time heals all wounds." Nothing could be further from the truth. Time won't heal all wounds. Jesus will. By His wounds, we are healed. That's what this book is all about. There is a real answer to the why question, and it's much better than anything you could ever make up. — Dan Greenup

Healed Wounds Quotes By Ambrose

The likeness of Your Church, O Lord, is that woman who went behind and touched the hem of Your garment, saying within herself: 'If I do but touch His garment I shall be whole' (Mt. 9:21). So the Church confesses her wounds, but desires to be healed. — Ambrose

Healed Wounds Quotes By Lexi Blake

Damon needed to be healed. Not from his physical ailments, but from the wounds that came from the ones he loved always leaving him. — Lexi Blake

Healed Wounds Quotes By Stephanie Draven

Paranormal romance gives me the opportunity to explore love outside of its traditional boundaries. Common themes are hunger and uncontrollable desires, but I like to push further into wounds that cannot be healed and the way love can still find its way into the cracks of a fractured soul. — Stephanie Draven

Healed Wounds Quotes By V.C. Andrews

We will not open healed wounds!"
"My wounds are not healed!" I stated just as firmly. "They will never be healed until justice is done! — V.C. Andrews

Healed Wounds Quotes By Terri Osburn

Some choices can't be undone. Some wounds can't be healed. — Terri Osburn