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He Deserves Better Quotes By Halldor Laxness

Icelanders are grateful to meet foreigners who have heard of their country. And even more grateful to hear someone say it deserves better. — Halldor Laxness

He Deserves Better Quotes By Dorothy Dunnett

This time, after a moment, he called her bluff.

"Perhaps Philippa and I should be thrown together a little more. She might become attached to me if she knew me better." Kate, brightening visibly, ignored the gleam in his eye.

"That would make her sorry for you?"

"It might. The object of any sort of clinical study deserves compassion, don't you think?"

"Snakes don't," said Katherine inconsequently. "I hate snakes."

"And yet you feed them on honey cakes and forbid them to defend themselves."

"Defencelessness is not a noted characteristic of serpents. Anyhow, I can't have them lying rattling about the house. It gets on the nerves."

"It does if you handle it by rattling back. — Dorothy Dunnett

He Deserves Better Quotes By Tom Harkin

[A]s we celebrate 75 years of the minimum wage, we must also recognize that it is no longer achieving its potential impact in our economy or for America's working families. Every American deserves the chance to build a better life for his or her family - and raising the minimum wage will provide that opportunity. — Tom Harkin

He Deserves Better Quotes By Claudia Gray

He deserves better than this. But "deserves" doesn't have a lot to do with falling in love. — Claudia Gray

He Deserves Better Quotes By William J. Clinton

Life is a journey towards truth, we have something to learn from each other, and everybody ought to have a chance to make the journey. So for us, a community is just made up of anybody who accepts the rules of the game, everybody counts, everybody has a role to play, everybody deserves a chance and we all do better when we work together — William J. Clinton

He Deserves Better Quotes By Christopher Morley

I have always suffered from the feeling that it's better to read a good book than to write a poor one; and I've done so much mixed reading in my time that my mind is full of echoes and voices of better men. But this book I'm worrying about now really deserves to be written, I think, for it has a message of its own. — Christopher Morley

He Deserves Better Quotes By Lavinia Kent

Every woman deserves a wedding night. And what could be better than one that comes without a husband? — Lavinia Kent

He Deserves Better Quotes By Mitt Romney

Now is the moment when we can stand up and say, 'I'm an American. I make my destiny. And we deserve better! My children deserve better! My family deserves better. My country deserves better!' So here we stand. Americans have a choice. — Mitt Romney

He Deserves Better Quotes By Hunter S. Thompson

I have never felt comfortable around people who talk about their feelings for Jesus, or any other deity for that matter, because they are usually none too bright ... Or maybe "stupid" is a better way of saying it; but I have never seen much point in getting heavy with either stupid people or Jesus freaks, just as long as they don't bother me. In a world as weird and cruel as this one we have made for ourselves, I figure anybody who can find peace and personal happiness without ripping off somebody else deserves to be left alone. They will not inherit the earth, but then neither will I. — Hunter S. Thompson

He Deserves Better Quotes By Marco Rubio

We are still a country where hard work and perseverance can earn you a better life ... Yet we are rightfully troubled that many of our people are still caught in what seems to be a pervasive, unending financial struggle ... every American deserves an equal opportunity to achieve success. — Marco Rubio

He Deserves Better Quotes By Leigh Bardugo

You're the fool," Jesper snarled. "He's smarter than most of us put together, and he deserves a better father than you. — Leigh Bardugo

He Deserves Better Quotes By Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

I am the spirit that negates. And rightly so, for all that comes to be Deserves to perish wretchedly; 'Twere better nothing would begin. Thus everything that that your terms, sin, Destruction, evil represent - That is my proper element. — Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

He Deserves Better Quotes By Debby Ryan

I know firsthand how alone you can feel when you're being broken down in a relationship and forced to defend it or stay silent. Just being able to send a text message is anonymous and safe. Mary Kay and I believe that everyone deserves a safe, healthy relationship that makes you stronger and better and I want to make sure people know how to get the help they need. — Debby Ryan

He Deserves Better Quotes By Brian Zahnd

Pilate deserves our sympathies, not because he was a good though tragically mistaken man, but because we are not much better. We may believe in Jesus, but we do not believe in his ideas, at least not his ideas about violence, truth, and justice.2 — Brian Zahnd

He Deserves Better Quotes By Colleen Hoover

She deserves better. So much better. She deserves me. If only she knew that. — Colleen Hoover

He Deserves Better Quotes By Colleen Hoover

She deserves so much better than what I can give her. I don't, however, think she deserves better than me. I think she would be perfect for me and I would be perfect for her, but all the bad choices I've made in my life are what she doesn't deserve to be a part of. — Colleen Hoover

He Deserves Better Quotes By Martin O'Malley

Justice must be done in investigating the tragic death of Mr. Freddie Gray. His family deserves our deepest sympathy and respect for their loss, and our admiration for their courage in calling us, as a city, to act as our better selves. — Martin O'Malley

He Deserves Better Quotes By Elliott Abrams

The U.A.E. is a firm ally of the United States and deserves better treatment than it received in the Dubai Ports World fiasco in 2006. — Elliott Abrams

He Deserves Better Quotes By Harold S. Kushner

I don't know why one person gets sick, and another does not, but I can only assume that some natural laws which we don't understand are at work. I cannot believe that God "sends" illness to a specific person for a specific reason. I don't believe in a God who has a weekly quota of malignant tumors to distribute, and consults His computer to find out who deserves one most or who could handle it best. "What did I do to deserve this?" is an understandable outcry from a sick and suffering person, but it is really the wrong question. Being sick or being healthy is not a matter of what God decides that we deserve. The better question is "If this has happened to me, what do I do now, and who is there to help me do it?" As we saw in the previous chapter, it becomes much easier to take God seriously as the source of moral values if we don't hold Him responsible for all the unfair things that happen in the world. — Harold S. Kushner

He Deserves Better Quotes By Seth Rogen

Americans whisper the word Alzheimer's because their government whispers the word Alzheimer's. And although a whisper is better than the silence that the Alzheimer's community has been facing for decades, it's still not enough. It needs to be yelled and screamed to the point that it finally gets the attention and the funding that it deserves and needs. — Seth Rogen

He Deserves Better Quotes By Hillary Clinton

How do we create jobs for so many Americans who are feeling pushed out, not just left out, pushed out of the modern economy. Obviously it's skills and education. But it's also jobs. So if I could do anything it would be to take this moment in time that we've got when, yes, our recovery is better, we've had steadier growth, I don't think President [Barack] Obama frankly gets the credit he deserves for the kind of steady hand that he and his advisers apply to moving through that really dangerous period. — Hillary Clinton

He Deserves Better Quotes By Jacob Bronowski

Who has not hoped
To outrage an enemy's dignity?
Who has not been swept
By the wish to hurt?
And who has not thought that the impersonal world
Deserves no better than to be destroyed
By one fabulous sign of his displeasure? — Jacob Bronowski

He Deserves Better Quotes By A.W. Tozer

The most godly Christian is the one who knows himself best, and no one who knows himself will believe that he deserves anything better than hell. — A.W. Tozer

He Deserves Better Quotes By Gerald R. Ford

In the firm belief that the American public deserves a better explanation than that thus far given by the Air Force, I strongly recommend that there be a committee investigation of the UFO phenomena. I think we owe it to the people to establish credibility regarding UFOs, and to produce the greatest possible enlightenment of the subject. — Gerald R. Ford

He Deserves Better Quotes By George Brett

I could have played another year, but I would have been playing for the money, and baseball deserves better than that. — George Brett

He Deserves Better Quotes By John Kendrick Bangs

If there is any animal in the whole category of four-legged creatures that more thoroughly deserves to be called a pig than the pig, I don't know what it is. He looks like a pig, he behaves like a pig, and he eats like a pig - in fact he is a pig, and Adam never did anything better than when he invented that name and applied it. — John Kendrick Bangs

He Deserves Better Quotes By Kerrelyn Sparks

She's an innocent mortal. She deserves better than me."
"Right, because you're a disgusting, slobbering beast who'll rip her throat out and toss her dead body out to sea. — Kerrelyn Sparks

He Deserves Better Quotes By Emily Murdoch

I hate her with the fury of gasoline set on fire. I burn for Jenessa, who deserves better than this, better than some screwed-up, drug-addicted mother, better than this chaos that always seems to find us, rubbin' off on us like some horrible rash. — Emily Murdoch

He Deserves Better Quotes By Roberto Bolano

An intellectual can work at the university, or, better, go to work for an American university, where the literature departments are just as bad as in Mexico, but that doesn't mean they won't get a late-night call from someone speaking in the name of the state, someone who offers them a better job, better pay, something the intellectual thinks he deserves, and intellectuals always think they deserve better. — Roberto Bolano

He Deserves Better Quotes By Tammy Falkner

The movie starts and he motions for me to sit down next to him. I don't, though. I pat my lap so he'll lay his head down, and then I thread my fingers into his hair. He tenses immediately. "What's wrong?" I ask. "No one has ever done that before," he says quietly. He rolls to face the TV so I can't see his face. "I'm going to do it all the time," I promise. And I mean it. I'm going to do it every time I'm with him. He deserves to have someone show him how wonderful he is. I can tell when he goes to sleep. He gets soft in my lap and his face gets heavy against my thigh. But I don't stop rubbing. I keep touching him, because giving him comfort feels better than any kiss I have ever had. — Tammy Falkner

He Deserves Better Quotes By Wendell Berry

It is presumptuous, personally and historically, to assume that one is a part of a "saving remnant." One had better doubt that one deserves such a distinction, and had better understand that there may, after all, be nothing left to save. Even so, if one wishes to save anything not protected by the present economy - topsoil, groves of old trees, the possibility of the goodness or health of anything, even the economic relevance of the biblical tradition - one is a part of a remnant, and a dwindling remnant too, though not without hope, and not without the necessary instructions, the most pertinent of which, perhaps, is this, also from Revelation: "Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die. — Wendell Berry

He Deserves Better Quotes By Robin Sharma

To achieve the impossible, you need to first develop the mindset that it's probable. Please don't allow the current limits of your life define your future reality. You deserve so much better. And the world deserves your best. — Robin Sharma

He Deserves Better Quotes By Kirsten Miller

The problems come when it's time to put our faith in things other than the Lord. There's no doubt that other people can be tricky. But once again, it's all about listening to your heart. That don't mean you should ignore what your head's telling you. But your heart will do a much better job of helping you figure out who's good and who ain't. Who deserves your faith, and who doesn't. If you judge solely by evidence, you could wind up making some big mistakes. — Kirsten Miller

He Deserves Better Quotes By Bryan Singer

What we call 'evil' doesn't necessarily deserve any kind of respect or understanding, by any means; it just deserves an acknowledgement of its complexity so we can better understand it - so we can help prevent it. — Bryan Singer

He Deserves Better Quotes By Erica Maples And Stefany Terherst

Ladies, set your standards high. Never lower them.. The day you do, you will get less then what you deserve.
Every woman, deserves to be treated like a queen with respect. It's better to be single and fabulous on your own then to be in a relationship that isn't what you always dreamed of. — Erica Maples And Stefany Terherst

He Deserves Better Quotes By Alyssa Day

Alaric, go after her. Since Daniel forced the blood bond on her, Quinn has been different. Lost. She deserves better than for you to abandon her and, priest or no, you know it. — Alyssa Day

He Deserves Better Quotes By E.W. Howe

No woman ever falls in love with a man unless she has a better opinion of him than he deserves. — E.W. Howe

He Deserves Better Quotes By Sarah Dessen

Why are you being so nice to me?' I asked her.
'You know,' she said, 'when you say stuff like that I just want to slap you.'
'You heard me.' She picked up her beer and took a swallow, still watching me. Then she said, 'Colie, you should never be surprised when people treat you with respect. You should expect it.'
I shook my head. 'You don't know-' I began. But, as usual, she didn't let me finish.
'Yes,' she said simply. 'I do know. I've watched you, Colie. You walk around like a dog waiting to be kicked, and when someone does, you pout and cry like you didn't deserve it.'
'No one deserves to be kicked,' I said.
'I disagree,' she said flatly. 'You do if you don't think you're worth any better. — Sarah Dessen

He Deserves Better Quotes By Ruth Davidson

Britain deserves better than people who say they've got a quick fix but won't tell you what it actually means for Britain, we need a much bigger conversation than this. — Ruth Davidson

He Deserves Better Quotes By Brittany Ann

Of the countless reasons why we could put God first, six major ones immediately come to mind: because He deserves it, because He commands it, so we are available for God-ordained appointments, so we don't miss out on the fullness that God offers, to keep us near to God and because life goes that much better when we do. — Brittany Ann

He Deserves Better Quotes By Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Only that type of story deserves to be called moral that shows us that one has the power within oneself to act, out of the conviction that there is something better, even against one's own inclination. — Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

He Deserves Better Quotes By Cathy Burnham Martin

Cheating is pure hypocrisy. Our partner deserves better than that. If we don't love someone, we should not be with them. That would also be hypocrisy. — Cathy Burnham Martin

He Deserves Better Quotes By Seneca.

The duty of a man is to be useful to his fellow-men; if possible, to be useful to many of them; failing this, to be useful to a few; failing this, to be useful to his neighbours, and, failing them, to himself: for when he helps others, he advances the general interests of mankind. Just as he who makes himself a worse man does harm not only to himself but to all those to whom he might have done good if he had made himself a better one, so he who deserves well of himself does good to others by the very fact that he is preparing what will be of service to them. — Seneca.

He Deserves Better Quotes By David Whitehouse

Referring to professor Muller's Berkely Earth Surface Temperature Project, The Best project's treatment of science and of the public has been shoddy. That so many so-called reporters in the mainstream media should have been so uncritical and accepting of what was clearly misrepresentation is shocking. Once again they have been found to be supporters and advocates for a particular point of view when they should have been critical commentators and journalists. Climate science is important. It deserves better. — David Whitehouse

He Deserves Better Quotes By C. JoyBell C.

I don't think there are enough words in the world that exist to express exactly just how much I love my son! He's right there in the front of my soul, he can turn me into an eagle, a lioness, a tigress, a swan! A goof or a queen! There's no underestimating just how much I love him; I surround him like the ocean surrounds the ships! I never wanted to change the world, until he came along and showed me that he deserves a better world to live in! — C. JoyBell C.

He Deserves Better Quotes By Tijan

That's good, I mean, you deserve better."
"Any girl deserves better."
"You're right. No one deserves a cheater. — Tijan

He Deserves Better Quotes By David Loades

In no issue of foreign policy could her prevarication and indecisiveness be said to have led to disastrous consequences for her country. On the international stage there was no better survivor. At home her achievement can only be judged with hindsight. A combination of good sense and longevity settled the church, and it was no fault of hers that confessional issues became so divisive forty years after her death. She gave her country pride, and set its commercial development on a course that was eventually to be spectacularly successful; for that she deserves more credit than she is usually given. — David Loades

He Deserves Better Quotes By S.L. Jennings

Kissing Ally would be so easy. Touching her, holding her, tasting her ... it'd be like breathing.
I want to breathe. I want to inhale her in every way possible. I want her life to sustain me, her heartbeat to synchronize with mine.
But I don't want to taint her. I don't want her to be like me. A cheater. A deviant. An outcast. She deserves better, and I'm not better. — S.L. Jennings

He Deserves Better Quotes By Damon Gameau

Respect your body, and look forward to feeling healthy and clean. Your body deserves better than laboratory-made sweetness. — Damon Gameau

He Deserves Better Quotes By Lundy Bancroft

An abuser doesn't change because he feels guilty or gets sober or finds God. He doesn't change after seeing the fear in his children's eyes or feeling them drift away from him. It doesn't suddenly dawn on him that his partner deserves better treatment. Because of his self-focus, combined with the many rewards he gets from controlling you, an abuser changes only when he has to, so the most important element in creating a context for change in an abuser is placing him in a situation where he has no other choice. Otherwise, it is highly unlikely that he will ever change his behavior. — Lundy Bancroft

He Deserves Better Quotes By Karl Kraus

Life is an effort that deserves a better cause. — Karl Kraus

He Deserves Better Quotes By Arthur Cleveland Bent

The bluebird is well named, for he wears a coat of the purest, richest, and most gorgeous blue on back, wings, and tail; no North American bird better deserves the name, for no other flashes before our admiring eyes so much brilliant blue. — Arthur Cleveland Bent

He Deserves Better Quotes By Aristotle.

And inasmuch as the great-souled man deserves most, he must be the best of men; for the better a man is the more he deserves, and he that is best deserves most. Therefore the truly great-souled man must be a good man. Indeed greatness in each of the virtues would seem to go with greatness of soul. — Aristotle.

He Deserves Better Quotes By Ayn Rand

I mean that there is no way to disarm any man," said Dr. Ferris, "except through guilt. Through that which he himself has accepted as guilt. If a man has ever stolen a dime, you can impose on him the punishment intended for a bank robber and he will take it. He'll bear any form of misery, he'll feel that he deserves no better. If there's not enough guilt in the world, we must create it. If we teach a man that it's evil to look at spring flowers and he believes us and then does it - we'll be able to do whatever we please with him. He won't defend himself. He won't feel he's worth it. He won't fight. But save us from the man who lives up to his own standards. Save us from the man of clean conscience. He's the man who'll beat us." "Are — Ayn Rand

He Deserves Better Quotes By Jim Ross

Michael Cole does not deserve to be piled on like many are doing. He deserves respect. Michael is fulfilling a role on a fictional, TV show. He has been 'cast' to play this role as best as he can. For those that have never sat in that particular seat, let me assure you that it isn't easy. Cole's new persona must be working because never before have so many fans, for better or for worse, commented on Cole's work. — Jim Ross

He Deserves Better Quotes By David Hewson

There are any number of reasons for visiting Filey. The beach is clean, long, and rarely crowded. The countryside is bold and handsome, with one maritime feature that deserves to be better known: the long, thin rock finger of the Brigg, pointing into the chilly grey waters of the North Sea. — David Hewson

He Deserves Better Quotes By Viktor Yanukovych

I am sure that the Ukrainian nation deserves a better life. That is why I have voted for good changes and for stability. — Viktor Yanukovych

He Deserves Better Quotes By John Burnside

Hunted for sport by the rich, then driven from large tracts of its natural habitat by agricultural and housing development, the giant panda deserves better than to be scrubbed from conservation's ledger books through false accounting. — John Burnside

He Deserves Better Quotes By Tessa Bailey

When you think she deserves someone better? When you can't imagine being the one who actually gets to keep her? That's how you know you're the one who deserves her. Not some asshole in a puffy shirt carrying a sword. — Tessa Bailey

He Deserves Better Quotes By Jessica Sorensen

She deserves better than the piece of shit I am. — Jessica Sorensen

He Deserves Better Quotes By Charlie Cochet

Eli's a good kid, Jasper. Too good for the likes of me. He deserves better."
Jasper shot him a penetrating look. "What he deserves is a nice dame, but seeing as how that ain't in the cards, you're the next best thing." "Wow." Jessie stared in disbelief. "No one's ever insulted me with a compliment before. That's some talent you got there, Jasper. — Charlie Cochet

He Deserves Better Quotes By Oprah Winfrey

She is the mother I never had, she is the sister everybody would want. She is the friend that everybody deserves. I don't know a better person. — Oprah Winfrey

He Deserves Better Quotes By George R R Martin

She is of the north. She deserves better than a butcher. — George R R Martin

He Deserves Better Quotes By James Berardinelli

[Director Christopher] Nolan has not only crafted the best Batman movie, but arguably the second-best motion picture superhero narrative (topped only by the linked duo of Superman and Superman II ). For those who thought Spider-Man and X-Men had a lot to offer, wait till you see where this film goes ... Batman Begins is a strong re-start to a franchise that deserves better than it has often been accorded. — James Berardinelli

He Deserves Better Quotes By Glennon Doyle Melton

If I want my world to be less vicious, then I must become more gentle. If I want my children to embrace other children for who they are, to treat other children with the dignity and respect every child of God deserves, then I had better treat other adults the same way. And I better make sure that my children know beyond a shadow of a doubt that in God's and their father's and my eyes, they are okay. They are loved as they are. Without a single unless. Because the kids who bully are those who are afraid that a secret part of themselves is not okay. — Glennon Doyle Melton

He Deserves Better Quotes By Anna Cruise

All I'm saying is I think you deserve better," Case said. "From my point of view, anyway. You deserve better."
I threw my head back on the sofa and laughed. It was a harsh laugh with no mirth. "Most of the time, I don't think I deserve better."
"Everyone deserves better."
"Not me." I didn't look at him. "No one else would want me. I've royally fucked up. Everything. There isn't anything better out there. Anything or anyone."
"Yeah, there is."
"Oh, really?" I brought my eyes back to him. "And where exactly would I find better?"
It was quiet for a moment. Then he said,"Well, you might start with me. — Anna Cruise

He Deserves Better Quotes By Cathy O'Neil

these models are constructed not just from data but from the choices we make about which data to pay attention to - and which to leave out. Those choices are not just about logistics, profits, and efficiency. They are fundamentally moral. If we back away from them and treat mathematical models as a neutral and inevitable force, like the weather or the tides, we abdicate our responsibility. And the result, as we've seen, is WMDs that treat us like machine parts in the workplace, that blackball employees and feast on inequities. We must come together to police these WMDs, to tame and disarm them. My hope is that they'll be remembered, like the deadly coal mines of a century ago, as relics of the early days of this new revolution, before we learned how to bring fairness and accountability to the age of data. Math deserves much better than WMDs, and democracy does too. — Cathy O'Neil

He Deserves Better Quotes By Jay Nixon

I am deeply saddened for the people of Ferguson who woke up to see parts of their community in ruins. No one should have to live like this; no one deserves this. We must do better, and we will. — Jay Nixon

He Deserves Better Quotes By Richard Stallman

People get the government their behavior deserves. People deserve better than that. — Richard Stallman

He Deserves Better Quotes By Phil Libin

Everything in the world can be made better, and everything in the world therefore should be made better. It deserves to be made better. It's a moral obligation to try to improve things a little bit at a time. — Phil Libin

He Deserves Better Quotes By Barack Obama

We believe that no matter where you live - whether a village in Punjab or the bylanes of Chandni Chowk ... an old section of Kolkata or a new high-rise in Bangalore - every person deserves the same chance to live in security and dignity, to get an education, to find work, and to give their children a better future. — Barack Obama

He Deserves Better Quotes By Trent Shelton

Sometimes you just have to turn the page to realize there's more to your book of life than the page you're stuck on. Stop being afraid to move on. Close this chapter of hurt, and never re-read it. It's time to get what your life deserves, and move on from the things that don't deserve you. Don't try to fix what's been broken in your past, let your future create something better. — Trent Shelton

He Deserves Better Quotes By Herodotus

Great wealth can make a man no happier than moderate means, unless he has the luck to continue in propsperity to the end. Many very rich men have been unfortunate, and many with a modest competence have had good luck. The former are better off than the latter in two respects only, whereas the poor but lucky man has the advantage in many ways; for though the rich have the means to satisfy their appetites and to bear calamities, and the poor have not, the poor, if they are lucky, are more likely to keep clear of trouble, and will have besides the blessings of a sound body, health, freedom from trouble, fine children, and good looks.
Now if a man thus favoured died as he has lived, he will be just the one you are looking for: the only sort of person who deserves to be called happy. But mark this: until he is dead, keep the word "happy" in reserve. Till then, he is not happy, but only lucky. — Herodotus

He Deserves Better Quotes By Melody Anne

No woman deserves to be treated as little more than your toy. If you feel she is nothing more than a cheap hooker, where is your self-respect in spending time with her at all? And if you know she's better than that, where is your decency? You owe it to such a woman to walk away," Martin — Melody Anne

He Deserves Better Quotes By Ted McMeekin

Every Ontarian deserves to have a stable, affordable home. As we update our Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy, I want to hear your views on how we can make Ontario's housing system work better for you, your family, and your community. — Ted McMeekin

He Deserves Better Quotes By Meg Pokrass

She wakes up loving him, but not hard enough. He has dandelion hair. Stars fall and zip between them, they can't stop laughing; she falls asleep curled around him like a comma. He is gay, and often, he reminds her that she deserves better. She nods seriously and then forgets. — Meg Pokrass

He Deserves Better Quotes By Nizar Qabbani

He who fights the destinies to stay with you,
He who finds his life better beside you, and clings to you despite of all the events,
He who hates your sadness, and tires himself to put a smile on your face,
He who cries when you're away before smiling when you're here,
But God didn't decide that you'd stay with them despite of all this strugle,
Is the only one who deserves immortality in your memory. — Nizar Qabbani

He Deserves Better Quotes By Solon

An unlucky rich man is more capable of satisfying his desires and of riding out disaster when it strikes, but a lucky man is better off than him ... He is the one who deserves to be described as happy. But until he is dead, you had better refrain from calling him happy, and just call him fortunate. — Solon