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Top Hawaii Five O Quotes

Hawaii Five O Quotes By Michelle Borth

There's nothing - there's nothing - as action-packed as 'Hawaii Five-O.' — Michelle Borth

Hawaii Five O Quotes By James MacArthur

Six years ago, I completed the premier episode of Hawaii Five-O, and Jack Lord and I immediately realized that we had a good series, that this was a success such as we'd never hoped for! — James MacArthur

Hawaii Five O Quotes By Carolyn Gibbs

Goodnight, Sam."
Sam took a deep breath and tried to settle himself. It did not good, instead he inhaled a hint of her vanilla perfume mixed with the smell of sea salt. He couldn't help himself. His mind drifted. He longed to buy his face in her neck and breathe it in. Instead he made due with taking deep breathes as the spicy aroma engulfed him.
After a while he realized this wasn't working for him, her signature scent stimulated him and forced him to long for her. He tried counting backwards from a hundred. Maybe that would work to level off his arousal so he could get some sleep. Just lying there thinking about her cologne or the fact that he could simply reach out and touch her body was enough to keep him hard all night. And frustrated...ninety-five, ninety-four, ninety-three. — Carolyn Gibbs

Hawaii Five O Quotes By Ian Anthony Dale

Hollywood can be a really tough environment for anyone trying to make a living. Unfortunately for actors of color, namely Asian Americans, opportunities have been and remain substantially limited. One place this is not the case is on 'Hawaii Five-0,' where we have three Asian American series regulars and a landscape rich with diversity. — Ian Anthony Dale

Hawaii Five O Quotes By Anonymous

CSI, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Castle, Bones, and Hawaii Five-0 — Anonymous

Hawaii Five O Quotes By James MacArthur

In the case of Five-O, I believe it was a combination of many ingredients - timing, chemistry, Hawaii. — James MacArthur

Hawaii Five O Quotes By Joanna Garcia

I would love to go to Hawaii and do 'Hawaii Five-0,' because who doesn't want to work in Hawaii? — Joanna Garcia

Hawaii Five O Quotes By Harlan Coben

Myron headed down the steps. Without warning a man wearing a blue blazer and aviator sunglasses stepped in front of him. He was a big guy - six-four, two-twenty - just about Myron's size. His neatly combed hair sat above a pleasant though unyielding face. He expanded his chest into a paddleball wall, blocking Myron's path. His voice said, "Can I help you, sir?" But his tone said, Take a hike, bub. Myron looked at him. "Anyone ever tell you you look like Jack Lord?" No reaction. "You know," Myron said. "Jack Lord? Hawaii Five-O?" "I'll have to ask you to leave, sir. — Harlan Coben

Hawaii Five O Quotes By Len Wiseman

I had done 'Die Hard' and it was somebody's franchise. I actually just got done with the 'Hawaii Five-O' pilot and I was developing some things of my own. So 'Total Recall' one of those projects that I read wanting more not to like it. — Len Wiseman

Hawaii Five O Quotes By Stephen Kinzer

In a ravenous fifty-five-day spasm during the summer of 1898, the United States asserted control over five far-flung lands with a total of 11 million inhabitants: Guam, Hawaii, Cuba, the Philippines, and Puerto Rico. Never in history has a nation leaped so suddenly to overseas empire. At — Stephen Kinzer

Hawaii Five O Quotes By Ian Anthony Dale

I've been playing both sides of the law my entire career. It's not really surprising for me to be doing opposing sides simultaneously. I would argue that even though my character on 'Hawaii Five-0' originated on the wrong side of the law, I'd say he's worked his way over to the good side. — Ian Anthony Dale

Hawaii Five O Quotes By Natalie Maines

This sounds cheesy but when I would get in discussions with people about religion or spirituality, a lot of people would say, "I believe God is nature, there's God in that tree" - and I would think, What the hell are they on about? But it was about four or five years ago in Hawaii where that all made sense to me and I got it all, and I felt God was in the trees and in the grass and the flowers, and I completely understood. — Natalie Maines

Hawaii Five O Quotes By Apolo Ohno

I wanted to go back on 'Dancing With the Stars,' I did it. One of my favorite shows is 'Hawaii Five-0.' I went on, guest starred. I wanted to be in a film, did 'Tasmanian Devils' in Vancouver. Wanted to host a show, boom, did it. — Apolo Ohno

Hawaii Five O Quotes By Earl Derr Biggers

Chan shook his head. 'Impossible in Rear Bay at Boston,' he said, 'but here at moonly crossroads of Pacific, not so much so. Twenty-five years of my life are consumed in Hawaii, and I have many times been witness when the impossible roused itself and occurred. — Earl Derr Biggers

Hawaii Five O Quotes By Juliet Mills

We shot on location in our very first weeks, in our very first shows. I would like to go on location again, Hawaii would be good!! But normally, we tape five days a week in the studio starting at about 8:00 a.m. and continuing until about 8:00 p.m. — Juliet Mills

Hawaii Five O Quotes By Bill Medley

There's this Bruno Mars guy. I met him in Hawaii when was doing Elvis imitations at the age of about five or six years old. There's a lot of old school in him. He's got a depth that I just love. — Bill Medley