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Top Having Friends But Feeling Lonely Quotes

Having Friends But Feeling Lonely Quotes By W. Craig Zwick

Never forget that you are a [child] of God. He loves you. Live by your standards. Stand up for what you believe in. Sometimes it is not easy, and you may be standing alone for a while. Look for friends with integrity and character, then go to them and express appreciation for their examples. You might even find someone who has been feeling as lonely as you. Pray for guidance and protection from the Lord. He will sustain you. He will become a trusted friend, and you will discover that your example will attract many friends who will take courage from your strength of character. — W. Craig Zwick

Having Friends But Feeling Lonely Quotes By Amy Pascale

As soon as I was old enough to have a feeling about it, I felt like I was alone. No matter how much I loved my family -- and I actually got along better with my family than I think most people do -- I just always felt separate from everybody, and was terribly lonely all the time,' Joss said. 'I wasn't living a life that was particularly different from anybody else's ... It wasn't like I didn't have friends, but .. we, all of us, are alone in our own minds, and I was very much aware of that from the very beginning of my life. Loneliness and aloneness -- which are different things -- are very much, I would say, [among the] main things I focus on in my work. — Amy Pascale

Having Friends But Feeling Lonely Quotes By Kiyo Sato

We have no one to go to for help. Not even a church. Anything goes, now that our President Roosevelt signed the order to get rid of us. How can he do this to his own citizens? No lawyer has the courage to defend us. Caucasian friends stay away for fear of being labeled "Jap lovers." There's not a more lonely feeling than to be banished by my own country. There's no place to go. — Kiyo Sato

Having Friends But Feeling Lonely Quotes By David Walliams

He seemed lonely too, not just alone, but lonely in his soul. That made Chloe sad. She knew full well what it was like to feel lonely. Chloe didn't like school very much. Mother had insisted on sending her to a posh all-girls secondary school, and she hadn't made any friends there. Chloe didn't like being at home much either. Wherever she was she had the feeling that she didn't quite fit in. — David Walliams

Having Friends But Feeling Lonely Quotes By Erin Loechner

A girlfriend once shared with me the theory about the three buckets we hold in our lives. One bucket contains our connection, another our vitality, and a third our contribution. The theory goes like this: when one bucket is empty, the others need to be filled. When you're feeling lonely, alienated, and low on connection, boost your vitality and contribution. Take a walk, cook a nutritious meal, volunteer to bake cookies for the blood drive. When you're feeling spent and low on energy, on stamina, perhaps you've been neglecting connections and contributions. Invite a few friends over for takeout and brainstorm creative projects. When you're feeling as if you have nothing to give, nothing to contribute, fill your connection and vitality buckets. — Erin Loechner

Having Friends But Feeling Lonely Quotes By Joyce Rachelle

If I exist, then surely there must be someone else out there like me. — Joyce Rachelle