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Happy Pretty Quotes By Jason Aaron

I'm happy I can sit home in my office and make up stories about superheroes. And I only have to deal with a pretty limited amount of people to get those comics produced. — Jason Aaron

Happy Pretty Quotes By Shamir

If you listen to most of my songs, the lyrics are pretty kind of dark, but I like to put it behind happy music because then it evens it out ... I'm really happy, actually. Obviously I have my bad moments, but I always challenge myself to not put negativity out there because there's already enough. — Shamir

Happy Pretty Quotes By Angela Carter

The enchantment of that bright, sad, pretty place enveloped her and she found that, against all her expectations, she was happy there. — Angela Carter

Happy Pretty Quotes By Leisa Rayven

It's not like I didn't have friends in high school. I did. But I was always careful to be the Cassie I thought they expected. Happy, easy-going, nonthreatening. Smart but not intimidating. Pretty but not desired. The one who acted as the go-between when someone liked a boy, but never the one the boy liked. — Leisa Rayven

Happy Pretty Quotes By Malcolm Gladwell

Think, for example, has a higher suicide rate: countries whose citizens declare themselves to be very happy, such as Switzerland, Denmark, Iceland, the Netherlands, and Canada? or countries like Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain, whose citizens describe themselves as not very happy at all? Answer: the so-called happy countries. It's the same phenomenon as in the Military Police and the Air Corps. If you are depressed in a place where most people are pretty unhappy, you compare yourself to those around you and you don't feel all that bad. But can you imagine how difficult it must be to be depressed in a country where everyone else has a big smile on their face?2 Caroline Sacks's decision to evaluate herself, then, by looking around her organic chemistry classroom was not some strange and irrational behavior. It is what human beings do. We compare ourselves to those in the same situation as ourselves, which means that students in an elite school - except, perhaps, — Malcolm Gladwell

Happy Pretty Quotes By Scott Westerfeld

There was a species of middle pretty who smiled at everything: happy smile, disappointed smile, you're-in-trouble smile. — Scott Westerfeld

Happy Pretty Quotes By Adele

I'm like the opposite of one of those comedians who's funny on stage and depressed behind closed doors . On record, I can get pretty dark, but in real life I'm very carefree. But when I'm happy, I ain't writing songs, I'm out having a laugh, being in love. I wouldn't have the time. If I ever get married, it'll be 'Darling, I need a divorce, it's been three years, I've got a record to write!' — Adele

Happy Pretty Quotes By Mindy Kaling

I'm not complaining about Romance Being Dead - I've just described a happy marriage as based on talking about plants and a canceled Ray Romano show and drinking milkshakes: not exactly rose petals and gazing into each other's eyes at the top of the Empire State Building or whatever. I'm pretty sure my parents have gazed into each other's eyes maybe once, and that was so my mom could put eyedrops in my dad's eyes. — Mindy Kaling

Happy Pretty Quotes By Lauren Oliver

The funny thing about almost-dying is that afterward everyone expects you to jump on the happy train and take time to chase butterflies through grassy fields or see rainbows in puddles of oil on the highway. It's a miracle, they'll say with an expectant look, as if you've been given a big old gift and you better not disappoint Grandma by pulling a face when you unwrap the box and find a lumpy, misshapen sweater.
That's what life is, pretty much: full of holes and tangles and ways to get stuck. Uncomfortable and itchy. A present you never asked for, never wanted, never chose. A present you're supposed to be excited to wear, day after day, even when you'd rather stay in bed and do nothing.
The truth is this: it doesn't take any skill to almost-die, or to almost-live, either. — Lauren Oliver

Happy Pretty Quotes By Rachel Van Dyken

Boys are told since they're little that pretty things are good. Pretty things equal happy things. So when we grow up and see a shiny pretty thing, we're drawn like moths to a flame. We keep flying toward the light until it's too late. You know, like that Sleeping Beauty chick with the spinning wheel? — Rachel Van Dyken

Happy Pretty Quotes By Mark Hall

If people like us, our life is good. If somebody doesn't like us, our whole life is tanked. That happens at your job, especially in church ministry. It seems like everybody's your boss sometimes. You're trying to keep everybody happy and pretty soon you realize you're filling yourself up with other people's opinions of you. That's a dangerous place to live. — Mark Hall

Happy Pretty Quotes By John Inman

he pretty much slipped his ass over my face like a Halloween mask. I had never been so happy in my life.

Inman,John. Ben and Shiloh (The Belladonna Arms Book 4) (Kindle Location 1941). Dreamspinner Press. Kindle Edition. — John Inman

Happy Pretty Quotes By Jimmy Soul

If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife. From my personal point of view, get an ugly girl to marry you. — Jimmy Soul

Happy Pretty Quotes By Andrew Bird

I think life is a wondrous thing. I'm happy to try pretty hard. — Andrew Bird

Happy Pretty Quotes By Charlotte Bronte

When first I saw Isidore, I believed he would help me to enjoy it I believed he would be content with my being a pretty girl; and that we should meet and part and flutter about like two butterflies, and be happy — Charlotte Bronte

Happy Pretty Quotes By David Shrigley

I think my books are better than my exhibitions. If people don't like my books then I don't mind. I guess you like them enough to write an essay about them so that makes me pretty happy. — David Shrigley

Happy Pretty Quotes By John Cena

Wrestling is a performance. Its entertainment, we [wrestlers] tell stories. We make our fans happy by telling stories but the long and short of it its pretty much the same thing as acting. — John Cena

Happy Pretty Quotes By Nina Dobrev

I think everyone's dream is to be an actress, but I never really thought it was going to happen. Now that it's happening, it's incredible. I do a lot of other things, too. I'm not stuck in this little world. I'm aware that we're in the middle of an economic crisis in the U.S. There's a lot going on in the world, and I'm really happy and excited about what I have and I don't take it for granted. I'm pretty lucky. — Nina Dobrev

Happy Pretty Quotes By Chloe Bridges

Okay, my life isn't that romantic! No one has ever sung to me or wrote a song about me. But, I have to say that it's pretty much the most romantic thing ever. So, if that were ever to really happen to me, I would be really happy about it. — Chloe Bridges

Happy Pretty Quotes By Moss Hart

Quiet, everybody! Quiet! Well, Sir, we've been getting along pretty good for quite a while now, and we're certainly much obliged. Remember, all we ask is to just go along and be happy in our own sort of way. Of course we want to keep our health but as far as anything else is concerned, we'll leave it to You. Thank You. — Moss Hart

Happy Pretty Quotes By Daniel Dae Kim

Well, here's what I'll say: The storytellers of 'Lost' have taken us on a pretty great journey, and there have been questions along the way, and criticisms along the way, but if you look at the totality of the show, or the experience of it as a whole, I think as long as you look at it from that perspective you'll be happy. — Daniel Dae Kim

Happy Pretty Quotes By Paul McCartney

I am quite happy that the Beatles came and went. There is even a sort of glory in not having it go on forever. There is a complete body of work that went from A to Z and it is all pretty damn good stuff. The one thing I am particularly proud of is that nearly every single bit of it has some good message. I feel fortunate when I look back. Life is not easy, but I've been very lucky - and I'm touching wood as I say that. — Paul McCartney

Happy Pretty Quotes By Robert Goolrick

I heard this old country guy say once, "I think you decide pretty early on how happy you're going to be, and then you just go on and be it." But I don't think that's the case for a lot of people. For a lot of people, for a lot of the people I met in the bin, I think personal choice has very little to do with it. — Robert Goolrick

Happy Pretty Quotes By John Cusack

I think that taking night trains or meeting someone on the road is pretty romantic. I've done a couple of things like that. I've surprised someone in Paris. And hopefully, when you surprise someone, they're happy to see you. — John Cusack

Happy Pretty Quotes By Andy Griffith

Mornin' ladies, my goodness don't you look happy. Must be cuttin' somebody up pretty good. — Andy Griffith

Happy Pretty Quotes By Joaquin Phoenix

I don't believe in god. I don't believe in an afterlife. I don't believe in soul. I don't believe in anything. I think it's totally right for people to have their own beliefs if it makes them happy, but to me it's a pretty preposterous idea. — Joaquin Phoenix

Happy Pretty Quotes By Ashton Eaton

To do the best that I possibly could in my world makes me pretty happy. — Ashton Eaton

Happy Pretty Quotes By Jamie Dornan

I think when romantic comedies are done well, it's a great genre. 'When Harry Met Sally' is kind of a benchmark for me, but I'm very happy to admit that I love 'Pretty Woman.' I do! It's a great film, and so is 'Sixteen Candles.' I was a big John Hughes fan - still am. I have moments where I have to watch a Hughes film. — Jamie Dornan

Happy Pretty Quotes By David Lynch

Sugar does make people happy, but then you fall off the edge after a few minutes, so I've really pretty much cut it out of my diet. Except for cupcakes. I like those. — David Lynch

Happy Pretty Quotes By Gillian Flynn

I have many friends who are married - not many who are happily married, but many married friends. The few happy ones are like my parents: They're baffled by my singleness. A smart, pretty, nice girl like me, a girl with so many interests and enthusiasms, a cool job, a loving family. And let's say it: money. They knit their eyebrows and pretend to think of men they can set me up with, but we all know there's no one left, no one good left, and I know that they secretly think there's something wrong with me, something hidden away that makes me unsatisfiable, unsatisfying. — Gillian Flynn

Happy Pretty Quotes By Pattie Mallette

For the most part, each day listed a different rendition of "Justin ate well" and "Justin took a great nap". Every now and then they noted Justin doing unusual things, like biting. I was embarrassed to read "Justin is biting his friends again" or "Justin did better with biting and only bit one boy". Other than that, though, my son was a pretty happy-go-lucky kid. — Pattie Mallette

Happy Pretty Quotes By Christopher Buehlman

After a pretty man breaks your heart, you're happy for a plain man. — Christopher Buehlman

Happy Pretty Quotes By Darynda Jones

After a long, labored sigh, I said, "She was really happy when I got there. I'm pretty sure she was suicidal when I left."
"You do have that effect on people. — Darynda Jones

Happy Pretty Quotes By Laura Riding

Daisy was a consciously happy young woman without any of the usual endowments that make for conscious happiness, money apart. She was not pretty, she was not clever, she had no friends, no talents, nor even an imagination to make her think she was happy when she was really miserable. As she was never miserable, she had no need of an imagination. — Laura Riding

Happy Pretty Quotes By Asher Roth

I'm a pretty happy dude, and don't let much get to me. If something does, I don't like to hold onto it. — Asher Roth

Happy Pretty Quotes By Eliza Coupe

I'd say I'm a pretty intense person. I'm definitely not my Denise character on 'Scrubs,' nor my Jane character on 'Happy Endings,' but I'm a mix of the two. I really feel that I'm kind of every character that I've ever played; it's just a part of me. And I am a bit of a control freak like Jane. I'm very, perhaps, obsessive like that. — Eliza Coupe

Happy Pretty Quotes By Louisa May Alcott

How little it takes to make a young girl happy! A pretty dress, sunshine, and somebody opposite, and they are blest. — Louisa May Alcott

Happy Pretty Quotes By Nick Carter

I think that all of the scars and all of the layers that I've built over the years made me the person that I am today, and I'm pretty happy about that person. — Nick Carter

Happy Pretty Quotes By John Battelle

I have done a pretty good job of partitioning my life digitally, posting utterances and stories that I'm happy to share with anyone on Twitter, leaving a few sparse comments and 'Likes' on Facebook (I'm not a huge user of the service, I'll be honest), and sending any number of photos to thousands of 'followers' on Instagram and Tumblr. — John Battelle

Happy Pretty Quotes By Matt Berninger

I became at peace with the darkness or the personality that I have. I am usually pretty funny and happy. — Matt Berninger

Happy Pretty Quotes By Harriet Evans

She, who had never liked weddings, had allowed herself this fantasy. Her wedding day to Rory. A pretty church in Sussex, festooned with spring flowers. Rows of relatives, and her, Elle, floating down the aisle in cream silk to 'The arrival of queen Sheba', with eyes only for him ... Rory, slightly rumpled, slightly scared, her love, her only one.
But that wasn't how it had turned out. She knew she was OK, watching him, in fact she was happy for him, happy for Libby. But she couldn't help but feel a pang of sympathy for the girl she'd been, who'd loved him so much. She was still dreaming somewhere, hoping this day would come. — Harriet Evans

Happy Pretty Quotes By Haruki Murakami

Am I happy? All I can say is I guess so. That's pretty much the way it is with dreams. — Haruki Murakami

Happy Pretty Quotes By Kristen Ashley

He kept grinning. "Told the guys. They're pretty happy about the new shit that's coming." "Of course they are," I returned. "It's a sixty inch TV. A woman is happy with six inches. For a man to get happy, it has to be sixty." He burst out laughing. "Do I speak truth?" I asked. His brows shot up. "You'd be happy with six inches?" "I was happy with less than that for sixteen years so I guess the answer is yes." He kept laughing but started doing it so hard the bed shook. — Kristen Ashley

Happy Pretty Quotes By Avril Lavigne

I'm very comfortable with how I look. I always have been. I think I look pretty good. There's nothing I want to change. I'm pretty happy with what I've got. — Avril Lavigne

Happy Pretty Quotes By Jo Knowles

I'm lying in my room listening to the birds outside. I used to think they sang because they were happy. But then I learned on a nature show they're really showing off. Trying to lure in some other bird so they can mate with it. Or let the other birds know not to get too close to their turf. I wish I never watched that show, because now all I think about is what those pretty sounds mean. And how they're not pretty at all. — Jo Knowles

Happy Pretty Quotes By Robin Bielman

Give me a few minutes," he said, sounding tired but happy, "before I make good on my promises."
She circled his nipple with her finger. "That's a pretty short recovery time."
"You inspire me. — Robin Bielman

Happy Pretty Quotes By Mark Hadlow

Relaxing is important; I would like to do more! Golf is a pretty good attempt, but good television, I find, is a great way to chill out and let it do the thinking for you. As long as the programme has got some substance and is well made, happy as a par round of 72! — Mark Hadlow

Happy Pretty Quotes By Rory Freedman

Now that you're a Skinny Bitch, don't turn into a skinny bitch. We conceived of the title, Skinny Bitch, to get attention and sell books ... But we are not bitches, and we have no desire to promote bitchiness. There is nothing uglier than a pretty woman who's nasty. If you look great, you should feel good about yourself and be happy. — Rory Freedman

Happy Pretty Quotes By Timothy Pina

In My Life, I've Been Through Some Pretty Low Valleys & Some Beautiful Mountain Tops. Yet ... Through all my happy & sad days,If I learned One Thing In My Life It's That What An A Extremely Awesome God I Serve! — Timothy Pina

Happy Pretty Quotes By Nicholas Sparks

People want pretty much the same things: They wanted to be happy. Most young people seemed to think that those things lay somewhere in the future, while most older people believed they lay in the past. — Nicholas Sparks

Happy Pretty Quotes By Amy Smart

But I have to say, probably when I'm about 30 I'll be pretty, not settled, but happy with what I've accomplished so far. I'm happy where I am now. — Amy Smart

Happy Pretty Quotes By Laura Moriarty

She wondered when her daughter would realise that for the most part, people weren't that different. Young and old, male or female, pretty much everyone she knew wanted the same things: The wanted to feel peace in their hearts, they wanted a life without turmoil, they wanted to be happy. The difference, she thought, was that most young people seemed to think that those things lay somewhere in the future. While most older people believed that they lay in the past. — Laura Moriarty

Happy Pretty Quotes By Mara Wilson

I meet Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson at a book signing and ask him how he doesn't have an existential crisis every day; he knows exactly how insignificant he is, but he seems pretty happy. "Your name's Mara?" he says, and I nod. "Mara, let me ask you something. Have you taken a philosophy class?" "Yeah, I took ethics and logic and some other ones," I say. "How did you know?" "Because only people who have taken philosophy classes use the word 'existential.'" I am officially less down-to-earth than an astrophysicist. — Mara Wilson

Happy Pretty Quotes By Michael Dorris

She'd have the two of them eating out of her shoe. I've watched her in action, but I could never get away with it. And, I console myself, being cute hasn't made her all that happy. — Michael Dorris

Happy Pretty Quotes By Edward Furlong

Little Odessa. Of all my movies, it's the one that I still really love when I watch it and I'm pretty happy with what I didn in that. — Edward Furlong

Happy Pretty Quotes By Chris Parnell

I collect art on a very modest scale. Most of what I have is photography because I just love it and it makes me happy and it looks good in my home. I also have a pretty big collection of art books mainly, again, on photography. A lot of photography monographs, which is great because with photography, the art itself can be reproduced quite well in book form. — Chris Parnell

Happy Pretty Quotes By Stephen Stills

That was when Neil discovered Jack Nietzsche. They went off and pretty much came up with that by themselves, but I thought it was a great song, and I was more than happy to do my harmony parts on it. — Stephen Stills

Happy Pretty Quotes By Samuel Beckett

Estragon: I remember the maps of the Holy Land. Coloured they were. Very pretty. The Dead Sea was pale blue. The very look of it made me thirsty. That's where we'll go, I used to say, that's where we'll go for our honeymoon. We'll swim. We'll be happy. — Samuel Beckett

Happy Pretty Quotes By Eliza Coupe

When I did 'Scrubs', we were able to always do one as scripted, and then we got to play a little bit and do some stuff. I thought that was pretty loose, but then coming on 'Happy Endings,' it's even looser. — Eliza Coupe

Happy Pretty Quotes By Dan Wells

The actual words I used," I said, "were that I followed strict rules to make sure I didn't do anything wrong. It seems like you'd be pretty happy about that, but instead you're yelling at me. This is why I need therapy."
"'Happy' is not a son who has to follow rules to keep himself from killing people," she shot back. "'Happy' is not a psychologist telling me that my son is a sociopath. 'Happy' is - "
"He said I was a sociopath?" That was kind of cool. I'd always suspected, but it was nice to have an official diagnosis. — Dan Wells

Happy Pretty Quotes By Rachel Van Dyken

It goes like this," Max interrupted. "Boys are told since they're little that pretty things are good. Pretty things equal happy things. So when we grow up and see a shiny pretty thing, we're drawn like moths to a flame. We keep flying toward the light until it's too late. You know, like that Sleeping Beauty chick with the spinning wheel?" I chuckled. "Are you seriously comparing us to a Disney princess? — Rachel Van Dyken

Happy Pretty Quotes By Fredrik Backman

If a human being closes her eyes hard enough and for long enough, she can remember pretty well everything that has made her happy. — Fredrik Backman

Happy Pretty Quotes By NisiOisiN

I want to beat them. Even though I'm not cool, or strong, or just, or beautiful, or cute, or pretty, I want to beat the cool, strong, just, beautiful, cute, and pretty people. Even though I wasn't blessed with talent, even though I'm stupid and have a bad personality, have bad grades, am misguided and am a good for nothing, I want to beat the talented, smart, likeable, overachieving people. I want to beat those with friends when I can't have friends. I want to beat the people who work hard when I can't work hard. I want to beat the the victorious people when I can't win. I want to beat the happy people when I'm miserable. Even if I'm hated, even if I'm despised, even if I'm useless, I want to prove that I'm better than the main characters! — NisiOisiN

Happy Pretty Quotes By David Cross

I'm pretty happy. I obviously have complaints about things, but for the most part, I'm on the above-average side of happy people. — David Cross

Happy Pretty Quotes By Drew Barrymore

I think happiness is what makes you pretty. Period. Happy people are beautiful. They become like a mirror and they reflect that happiness. — Drew Barrymore

Happy Pretty Quotes By Victoria Finlay

Human life is fragile: we live in the space between one breath and the next. We often try to maintain an illusion of permanence, through what we do, say, wear, buy, and how we enjoy ourselves and who and how we love. Yet it is an illusion that is constantly being undermined by change and death. We can use diamonds in whatever way we like. They are empty things, pretty as water, yet within them - if we want to see it - there is blood, dust, love, curses, and suffering. There is desire to make someone happy, there is admiration, there is ostentation ... and there is a company's profit curve. — Victoria Finlay

Happy Pretty Quotes By Ilona Andrews

True beauty isn't in how big your breasts are, or how large your eyes are, or how pretty your nose is. All that is temporary. Breasts sag, skin gets wrinkles, waists become wider, and strong backs stoop. I tried to teach you this when you were younger, but I must've done a bad job, because you never learned it. True beauty is in how that person makes you feel. When a man truly loves you, the longer you are together, the more beautiful you will be to him. When he looks at you and you look at him, you won't just see the surface. You will see everything you shared, everything you've been through, and every happy moment you hope for. — Ilona Andrews

Happy Pretty Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

The secret to happiness is elusive because it is a paradoxical truth. To gain happiness, you must first cease pursuing it. Things perceived to provide happiness are like shiny, pretty bubbles that lure us this way and that way, chasing after their glossy buoyancy. But once they are handled, they "pop" - empty - vanishing along with the hope that happiness could ever be captured. Happiness cannot be caught or won or purchased or even handled. Happiness simply forms like a rainbow in the kindest and most grateful hearts. — Richelle E. Goodrich

Happy Pretty Quotes By Stacey Farber

When I was 18, I was moving to New York to start college at The New School. I had done a year of college in Toronto and wasn't happy there. I didn't have any friends in New York City, but I applied and got in. It was pretty overwhelming, but everyone in New York is so ambitious and creative. — Stacey Farber

Happy Pretty Quotes By Kate Hilton

I believe in marriage. I believe that two good people can be happy together for a lifetime. It's the only thing even close to a religion that I have, and I cling to it with almost messianic zeal. But it is a belief system that makes unreasonable demands on its adherents, all of us sacrificing to the bone for a reward that may or may not come at the end of our days; and all of us steadfastly refusing to see the mounting evidence that long-term happy marriages, if they exist at all, are pretty hard to come by. We all want to think that miracles are possible. Otherwise, marriage is just a lot of hard work. — Kate Hilton

Happy Pretty Quotes By Martin Freeman

However happy the director is, I have to be okay with it. I'm pretty strict with myself, about throwing things out or trying to be true to whatever the situation dictates. — Martin Freeman

Happy Pretty Quotes By Jonny Lee Miller

I'm a pretty happy person, to be honest with you. — Jonny Lee Miller

Happy Pretty Quotes By Spencer Johnson

Them smile. One read: Having Cheese Makes You Happy. Sometimes Hem and Haw would take their friends by to see their pile of Cheese at Cheese Station C, and point to it with pride, saying, "Pretty nice Cheese, huh?" Sometimes they shared it with their friends and sometimes they didn't. "We deserve this Cheese," Hem said. "We certainly had to work long and hard enough to find it." He picked up a nice fresh piece and ate it. Afterward, Hem fell asleep, as he often did. Every night the Littlepeople would waddle home, full of Cheese, and every morning they would confidently return for more. This went on for quite some time. After a while Hem's and Haw's confidence grew into the arrogance of success. Soon they became so comfortable they didn't even notice what was happening. As — Spencer Johnson

Happy Pretty Quotes By Kyle MacLachlan

I'm pretty, for lack of a better word, happy-go-lucky. I take things very seriously, but I'm very aware of people around me. I like to be part of a group that's working together towards something positive. — Kyle MacLachlan

Happy Pretty Quotes By Joe Meno

-Are you ready to return to the outside world, Billy?
-No, definitely not, sir.
-Well, you can't stay here forever now, can you?
-Why not? I'm not bothering anybody, sir.
-Because it's not healthy. You're a very special young man, Billy. It's time you found that out on your own, out there. The world may not be as terrible as you think.
-I would like to stay here one more month, if I may, sir.
-One more month? Why?
-Summer will be over, sir. I can't go out there if it's going to be summertime.
-And why not?
-I wouldn't want to see any young girls playing. I would not want to see any flowers outside.
-Because everything happy right now is going to die.
-But Billy...
-I would not like to be reminded of anything pretty.
-But Billy, of course, anything might...
-I would not like to be reminded.
-OK, OK. We will se what we can do, Billy. — Joe Meno

Happy Pretty Quotes By D.H. Lawrence

I believe a man is born first unto himself - for the happy developing of himself, while the world is a nursery, and the pretty things are to be snatched for, and pleasant things tasted; some people seem to exist thus right to the end. But most are born again on entering manhood; then they are born to humanity, to a consciousness of all the laughing, and the never-ceasing murmur of pain and sorrow that comes from the terrible multitudes of brothers. — D.H. Lawrence

Happy Pretty Quotes By Michael Thomas Ford

The worst part is, you know they're not going to be together forever. I mean, come on, she's fifteen. Okay, sixteen. Still. It's not like they're going to get married or anything. Even if they last a couple of years which they won't she'll go to one college and he'll go to another, and pretty soon they'll forget all about each other. That's what always happens. That's why teenage dating is so dumb, because it's doomed to fail. You'd think people would have learned that by now, but I guess they haven't. They go right on falling in love and thinking it's going to survive high school. Allie and Burke, true love always. Whatever.
Anyway, happy birthday, Allie. I hope it was a good one. — Michael Thomas Ford

Happy Pretty Quotes By Annie Proulx

And so my father changed his name to William Pretty and here he grew up and led an independent life. And if it was not happy, he didn't know it. — Annie Proulx

Happy Pretty Quotes By Barbara O'Neal

-I don't know that thin and pretty is what Nat is supposed to be, though. Does that make any sense?"
If she'd been holding on to any illusions about how much she liked Vince Grasso-not lusted for him, which she also did-that last speech would have cinched it. "It makes perfect sense. She's beautiful in her own way, but pretty is something ... else. And I've had friends who were really pretty-it didn't always help them all that much.'
"Yeah," he said. "My wife was pretty, and she was miserable her whole life. I just want my girls to be happy. Be themselves, you know, whatever it is. — Barbara O'Neal

Happy Pretty Quotes By Stephen Chbosky

And all the books you've read have been read by other people. And all the songs you've loved have been heard by other people. And that girl that's pretty to you is pretty to other people. and that if you looked at these facts when you were happy, you would feel great because you are describing 'unity. — Stephen Chbosky

Happy Pretty Quotes By Michael Spehn

Especially today, with the enormity of current events, I want to convey to you again, how much you mean to me and how proud I am to be your husband. The hard work that you are engaged in right now is exhausting, invisible and largely thankless in the short term.
But honey, please know that buried at the core of this tedium is the most noble and important work in the world- God's work; the fruits of which you and I will be lucky enough to enjoy as we grow old together. Watching these little guys grow into men is a privilege that I am proud to share with you, and the perfect fulfillment of our marriage bonds.
You are a great mom.
You are a great wife.
You are my best friend.
You are very pretty.
Happy Birthday.

-Matt — Michael Spehn

Happy Pretty Quotes By Mary Anne Radmacher

This day I see that pretty much all my correspondences are love letters. — Mary Anne Radmacher

Happy Pretty Quotes By Lauren Myracle

The best thing you can do is find someone who loves you when you're pretty, when you're ugly, when you're mad, when you're happy. Someone who, no matter what, is still going to think the sun shines out of your ass. — Lauren Myracle

Happy Pretty Quotes By Michael Kroft

I think finding that happy medium is pretty much impossible. I have never seen or heard of a cheerful ghost talker. — Michael Kroft

Happy Pretty Quotes By Nia Long

I was happy she got it and I have to sort of - and one of the reasons I did Third Watch is because I wanted to break that thing of just being the pretty girl and play it down and let it be about the work. — Nia Long

Happy Pretty Quotes By Lanni Marchant

I'm feeling alright, I am pretty happy with it. I was trying to catch her, around 37k my calf started to cramp on me a little so I had to make sure to run smart so I didn't completely cramp up. When the Aussie caught me I figured my medal contention might be up but I ended up catching 4th. — Lanni Marchant

Happy Pretty Quotes By Derek Landy

Emergency Valve Regulators," she repeated. "So you do know what your doing?
"Not really," he said yanking another wire. 'I made up that term to keep you happy. I'm just pulling all the red wires because they're the pretty ones. — Derek Landy

Happy Pretty Quotes By Novala Takemoto

There are so many awful things in this world, but I wanted readers to share with me the small, beautiful, enjoyable things. Things like cute clothes, beautiful art and pretty flowers; items that are overflowing with beauty. If you just become obsessed with your own problems, you miss these things. When you discover them, you become happy. — Novala Takemoto

Happy Pretty Quotes By Josh Billings

There is one kind of laugh that I always did recommend; it looks out of the eye first with a merry twinkle, then it creeps down on its hands and knees and plays around the mouth like a pretty moth around the blaze of a candle, then it steals over into the dimples of the cheeks and rides around in those whirlpools for a while, then it lights up the whole face like the mellow bloom on a damask rose, then it swims up on the air, with a peal as clear and as happy as a dinner-bell, then it goes back again on gold tiptoes like an angel out for an airing, and it lies down on its little bed of violets in the heart where it came from. — Josh Billings

Happy Pretty Quotes By Lily Collins

No, I like to wear as least amount of makeup as I can during my everyday life because I'm just all about keeping my skin healthy and hydrated and I love to laugh and have a great time and smile - that's when I feel the most pretty so I just want to make sure that I stay happy. — Lily Collins

Happy Pretty Quotes By Elizabeth Smart

As of this writing, I am twenty-five years old. I have been alive for 307 months. Nine of those months were pretty terrible. But 298 of those months have been very good. I have been happy. I have been very blessed. Who knows how many more months I have to live? But even if I died tomorrow, nine out of 307 seems like pretty good odds. — Elizabeth Smart

Happy Pretty Quotes By Russell Banks

All those happy, pretty, successful people- he hated them because he knew they didn't really exist, and he hated even more the magazine that glorified them and in a way that made them exist, actors, rock musicians, famous writers, politicians. Those aren't people, he fumed, they're photographs. — Russell Banks

Happy Pretty Quotes By Vannetta Chapman

I'm glad you are happy in your new job." "As you said I'd be, Mamm. How did you know?" "I've known you a long time." Eunice resumed hoeing, though she stayed close enough that they could continue talking. "You're pretty much happy wherever you are planted, sort of like these tomato plants. As long as they receive a little sun, some water, and a bit of care ... they thrive. — Vannetta Chapman

Happy Pretty Quotes By Jeff Tweedy

I'm usually pretty happy. I don't ever really get disturbed in any way, or feel like I need to go back and change something. — Jeff Tweedy

Happy Pretty Quotes By Scott Joplin

Marching onward, marching onward
Marching to that lovely tune
Marching onward, marching onward
Happy as a bird in June

Sliding onward, sliding onward
Listen to that rag
Hop and skip now do that slow, oh
Do that slow drag

Dance slowly, prance slowly
Now you hear that pretty rag
Dance slowly, prance slowly
Now you do the real slow drag

Waltz slowly, waltz slowly
Listen to the ragtime
Hop and skip
Now do the slow, oh, do the slow drag — Scott Joplin

Happy Pretty Quotes By Jill Conner Browne

We read in the paper about a fifty-five-year-old woman-you read right, that's fifty five- who had quadruplets! Since the pregnancy was in vitro, it was clearly on purpose. I've got to tell you, we were all pretty happy that we hadn't done this and also none of us had ever considered it. Nor had we considered pulling out all our teeth with pliers or slamming our fingers in the car door repeatedly just to see what it feels like. — Jill Conner Browne

Happy Pretty Quotes By Ryan Leaf

I'm pretty darn happy. I really wanted to go to San Diego and play for those offensive masterminds. I'm looking forward to a 15-year career, a couple of trips to the Super Bowl and a parade through downtown San Diego. — Ryan Leaf

Happy Pretty Quotes By David Levithan

Singing in the rain. I'm singing in the rain. And it's such a fucking glorious feeling. An unexpected downpour and I am just giving myself into it. Because what the fuck else can you do? Run for cover? Shriek and curse? No
when the rain falls you just let it fall and you grin like a madman and you dance with it because if you can make yourself happy in the rain, then you're doing pretty alright in life. — David Levithan

Happy Pretty Quotes By John Warnock

I'm a pretty happy camper. Look a little more like Paul Newman, maybe. Haha. — John Warnock

Happy Pretty Quotes By Rod Hundley

We were so happy to be alive. There was a motel there pretty close. We had a big cup of coffee. Everybody had a room to themselves. But nobody wanted to go to bed. Everybody wanted to stay up and drink coffee and have doughnuts. We had made it. The weather was perfect when we woke up the next morning. — Rod Hundley