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Hammerhead Quotes & Sayings

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Top Hammerhead Quotes

Hammerhead Quotes By Tim Dorsey

I smell panic," said Serge. "These are different animals now. They're starting to winnow out the weak at the fringe of the herd. We need to hurry or this could affect our snack situation. — Tim Dorsey

Hammerhead Quotes By Camille Paglia

If men are obsolete, then women will soon be extinct
unless we rush down that ominous Brave New World path where women clone themselves by parthenogenesis, as famously do Komodo dragons, hammerhead sharks, and pit vipers. — Camille Paglia

Hammerhead Quotes By Warren Ellis

Really?" Mister Sun said. "You killed a man with the same knife you use to make brunch, and you're suddenly squeamish about a hammer. — Warren Ellis

Hammerhead Quotes By Yann Martel

I went about the job in a direct way. I took the hatchet in both my hands and vigorously beat the fish on the head with the hammerhead (I still didn't have the stomach to use the sharp edge). The dorado did the most extraordinary thing as it died: it began to flash all kinds of colours in rapid succession. Blue, green, red, gold, and violet flickered and shimmered neon-like on its surface as it struggled. I felt I was beating a rainbow to death. — Yann Martel

Hammerhead Quotes By Karen Shanor

Also surprising to scientists have been the recently documented virgin births in captivity of several types of sharks - the hammerhead, the bonnethead (also known as the shovelhead), and the blacktip. — Karen Shanor

Hammerhead Quotes By Clifton Adams

Annie Taliaferro had that hammerhead look about her, like a breachy range cow, or a bunch-quitting steer. — Clifton Adams

Hammerhead Quotes By Sean DeLauder

At that moment he understood, far better than he had before when he studied their histories and their political structures before he arrived, what it was to be human. Their whole existence was centered upon suffering. That was the first time he considered humanity's massive potential. They made frequent mistakes, yes, but if those mistakes were adequately painful they made every effort to avoid repeating them, to improve upon their errors. To be more careful so they didn't catch their thumb under the hammerhead. — Sean DeLauder

Hammerhead Quotes By Jeff Lindsay

He smirked at me. "Channel Hog," he said. "Biggest goddamned hammerhead shark known to man. Over twenty feet long, and always hungry. I truly would not recommend taking a swim out there, buddy. — Jeff Lindsay