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Quotes & Sayings About Hajj

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Hajj Quotes By Karen Armstrong

The world passed through Mecca, but did not stay long enough to interfere. Arabs were able to develop their own ideology and could interpret the knowledge and expertise of their more sophisticated neighbors as they chose. They were not pressured to convert to an alien religion or conform to official orthodoxy. The closed circle of both the trade cycle and the hajj rituals symbolized their proud self-sufficiency, which, as the years passed, would become a mark of their urban culture. — Karen Armstrong

Hajj Quotes By Kristiane Backer

the essence of the Hajj is Arafat. On the ninth day of the Hajj month all pilgrims gather on the great Plain of Arafat to offer their deepest heartfelt prayers. It's a reminder of Resurrection, when everyone will stand "naked" before God on Judgement Day and nothing counts but our actions and their effects upon our soul'. — Kristiane Backer

Hajj Quotes By Michael Muhammad Knight

During his hajj, Malcolm [Malcolm X] fell into a new Islam with the same blind faith that he had given to Elijah. Since he lived just a year after his hajj, Mecca became the neatly presented and cinema-friendly conclusion to his lifelong thread of transformations: but he finally found the Truth and then Allah took him home. But if he lived longer, I think he would have called out the Arabs. — Michael Muhammad Knight

Hajj Quotes By Yann Martel

So, Swami Jesus, will you go on the hajj this year?" Ravi said, bringing the palms of his hands
together in front of his face in a reverent namaskar. "Does Mecca beckon?" He crossed himself. "Or
will it be to Rome for your coronation as the next Pope Pius?" He drew in the air a Greek letter,
making clear the spelling of his Mockery. "Have you found time yet to get the end of your pecker
cut off and become a Jew? At the rate you're going, if you go to temple on Thursday, mosque on
Friday, synagogue on Saturday and church on Sunday, you only need to convert to three more
religions to be on holiday for the rest of your life. — Yann Martel

Hajj Quotes By Bob Enyart

If Islam opposes terrorism, then Saudi Arabia should announce that no one supportive of ISIS or Al Qaeda is welcome in Mecca to make Hajj. — Bob Enyart

Hajj Quotes By Yousef Al-Mohaimeed

Those dogs of the hajj go to Mecca to pray when they don't possess even the decency or generosity of spirit to pardon or forgive. — Yousef Al-Mohaimeed

Hajj Quotes By Rahman Baba

There is no doubt in the sanctity of Mecca, but a donkey won't become a Hajj pilgrim by just going through the motions. — Rahman Baba

Hajj Quotes By Fatima Bint Muhammad

Allah set Hajj for the consolidation and reinforcement of the religion. — Fatima Bint Muhammad

Hajj Quotes By Kristiane Backer

Among the lessons I learned on Hajj was that I needed to be mindful and keep the inner connection with God at all times and that self-improvement is definitely a never-ending struggle. — Kristiane Backer

Hajj Quotes By Osyp Nazaruk

Because if indestructible is every atom of a speck of dust, so must be immortal the spirit of a man. And if every wave of the wind creates eternity, so must the consequences of our acts. So every one of us would leave on a big Hajj to our Creator. — Osyp Nazaruk

Hajj Quotes By Zara J.

my goal for us is jannah. If I fail you as a husband, this gift of hajj, in shaa Allah, will stay with you through the hereafte — Zara J.

Hajj Quotes By Mamadou Sakho

I sent my father to Mecca for Hajj with my first paycheck — Mamadou Sakho

Hajj Quotes By Kristiane Backer

God was inviting me to go on Hajj, but before that I needed to settle my debts. Muslims may only embark on their pilgrimage if they are debt-free or at least have made an arrangement for repayment. — Kristiane Backer

Hajj Quotes By Zarqa Nawaz

Why did God want us to remember these painful stories? I could only think of one reason. Having faith is more than just believing; it's about living with fear and self-doubt and working through those feelings until they bring some sort of answer.
-page 101, Chapter "HajjZarqa Nawaz

Hajj Quotes By Kristiane Backer

As pilgrims we effectively slip into the role of our spiritual ancestress and run back and forth between the hills seven times. This symbolises our own quest in this world for whatever we are seeking and God's Mercy which fulfils our quest even beyond our expectations. — Kristiane Backer

Hajj Quotes By Karen Armstrong

The hajj is one of the five essential practices of Islam; when they make the pilgrimage to Mecca, Muslims ritually act out the central principles of their faith. — Karen Armstrong