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Guiding Your Son Quotes By Ravi Zacharias

One day, John asked her to define sin. I doubt any theologian could have done better than she did: "Son, whatever weakens your reasoning, impairs the tenderness of your conscience, obscures your sense of God, or takes away your relish for spiritual things; in short, if anything increases the authority and power of the flesh over the Spirit, then that to you becomes sin, however good it is in itself."1That definition became the guiding beacon for John. He carved it into his consciousness. His mother inbred in him his sensitivity to sin. — Ravi Zacharias

Guiding Your Son Quotes By Yul Brynner

When I am dead and buried, on my tombstone I would like to have it written, 'I have arrived.' Because when you feel that you have arrived, you are dead. — Yul Brynner

Guiding Your Son Quotes By Rick Riordan

Had taught him to sharpen his senses - to trust the instincts that had been guiding him south. His homing radar was tingling like crazy now. The end of his journey was close - almost right under his feet. But how could that be? There was nothing on the hilltop. The wind changed. Percy caught the sour scent of reptile. A hundred yards down the slope, something rustled through the woods - snapping branches, crunching leaves, hissing. Gorgons. For the millionth time, Percy wished their noses weren't so good. They had always said they could smell him because he was a demigod - the half-blood son of some old Roman god. Percy had tried rolling in mud, splashing through creeks, even keeping air-freshener sticks in his pockets so he'd have that new car smell; but apparently demigod stink was hard to mask. He scrambled to the west — Rick Riordan

Guiding Your Son Quotes By T.J. Klune

Eric's ass is so loose it sounds like wind blowing over a cave entrance when he walks. — T.J. Klune

Guiding Your Son Quotes By J.R.R. Tolkien

In the stern sat Aragon son of Arathorn, proud and erect, guiding the boat with skilful strokes; his hood was cast back, and his dark hair was blowing in the wind, a light was in his eyes: a king returning from exile to his own land. — J.R.R. Tolkien

Guiding Your Son Quotes By Michael Shaara

And yet suddenly, terribly, he wanted it again, the way it used to be, arms linked together, all drunk and singing beautifully into the night, with visions of death from the afternoon and dreams of death in the coming dawn, the night filled with a monstrous and temporary glittering joy, fat moments, thick seconds dropping like warm rain, jewel after jewel. — Michael Shaara

Guiding Your Son Quotes By Agatha Christie

So many things are difficult, said Miss Marple. It was a useful phrase which she used often. — Agatha Christie

Guiding Your Son Quotes By George R R Martin

After the bone-grinding cold of the lands beyond the Wall, the caves were blessedly warm, and when the chill crept out of the rock the singers would light fires to drive it off again. Down here there was no wind, no snow, no ice, no dead things reaching out to grab you, only dreams and rushlight and the kisses of the ravens. And the whisperer in darkness. — George R R Martin

Guiding Your Son Quotes By Fennel Hudson

When my heart tells me that something is right, there's rarely an opportunity for logic to intervene. I go with my instinct, and see where it leads. — Fennel Hudson

Guiding Your Son Quotes By Basil King

God is with us to be utilized. His Power, His Love, His Thought, His Love, His Thought, His Presence must be at our disposal, like other great forces, such as sunshine and wind and rain. We can use them or not, as we please. We can use them in proportion to our ability. — Basil King

Guiding Your Son Quotes By Rumi

If God said, 'Rumi pay homage to everything that has helped you enter my arms,' there would not be one experience of my life, not one thought, not one feeling, nor any act, I would not bow to. — Rumi

Guiding Your Son Quotes By Stephen R. Lawhead

To behold Queen Gwenhwyvar and the Lady of the Lake together was to peer too long into the sun's brilliant dazzle, to feel the heart lurch in the breast for yearning, to have the words stolen from the tongue before the lips could speak them. — Stephen R. Lawhead

Guiding Your Son Quotes By Anonymous

We split our time, devotion, and concern among things that, if we took a closer look at, offer little to no return. — Anonymous

Guiding Your Son Quotes By John Owen

Christ is the meritorious cause of the bestowing of those good gifts, faith and constancy unto martyrdom, upon you. — John Owen

Guiding Your Son Quotes By Stacey O'Neale

I gotta say, I was really feeling the robe, but there's something about a girl in cartoon pajamas that does it for me. — Stacey O'Neale

Guiding Your Son Quotes By Lawrence M. Krauss

Reality doesn't owe us comfort. — Lawrence M. Krauss