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Top Grrr Quotes

Grrr Quotes By Marilyn Monroe

Everybody is always tugging at you. They'd all like a sort of chunk out of you. I don' think they realize it, but it's like 'grrr do this, grr do that' But you do want to stay intact-intact and on two feet. — Marilyn Monroe

Grrr Quotes By David Archer

cleaning lady! The gunk I got out of your carpet and kitchen counters? Grrr-oss!" Sam grinned. "We'll talk about it when I get there. Bye!" He called — David Archer

Grrr Quotes By Anthony Burgess

Youth is only being in a way like it might be an animal. No, it is not just like being an animal so much as being like one of these malenky toys you viddy being sold in the streets, like little chellovecks made out of tin and with a spring inside and then a winding handle on the outside and you wind it up grrr grrr grrr and off it itties, like walking, O my brothers. But it itties in a straight line and bangs straight into things bang bang and it cannot help what it is doing. Being young is like being like one of these malenky machines. — Anthony Burgess

Grrr Quotes By Elizabeth Peters

I couldn't help overhearing," he went on. "Grrr," said Emerson. (I assure you, there is really no other way of reproducing this sound.) "Honestly. — Elizabeth Peters

Grrr Quotes By Gena Showalter

Lucien bent down and once again sifted through rock and sand, looking for gods knew what. Sunlight stroked him lovingly, the bitch. He's mine. "Go away, Anya," he repeated. Grrr! She materialized. Rather than slap him, though, she sat on a boulder beside him. He was shirtless again, his skin slightly burned, cut up and bruised. He didn't face her. "I said go away." "Like I'm going to obey you. You aren't my daddy. Unless you want to be. 'Cause I've been a bad, naughty girl and I need a spanking." A — Gena Showalter

Grrr Quotes By Rachel Caine

And how are we supposed to do that, exactly? Shane's all grrr now. — Rachel Caine

Grrr Quotes By Philip Larkin

Empty-page staring again tonight. It's maddening. I suppose people who don't write (like the Connollies) imagine anything that can be though can be expressed. Well, I don't know. I can't do it. It's this sort of thing that makes me belittle the whole business: what's the good of a 'talent' if you can't do it when you want to? What should we think of a woodcarver who couldn't woodcarver? or a pianist who couldn't play the piano? Bah, likewise grrr. — Philip Larkin

Grrr Quotes By Moi

What is the point of "Quotes Steve likes"? — Moi

Grrr Quotes By Jhonen Vasquez

End this pathetic deception! I know you're hiding martians in your head!! Gimme them martians! I am going to put butter on them!! Martians!! Grrr!! — Jhonen Vasquez

Grrr Quotes By Kresley Cole

Now you're just being silly. He's a mercenary- he's not going to go about penning love letters, and really, what would he write? 'Anna ... love you ... grrr?' Olivia to Annalia — Kresley Cole

Grrr Quotes By David Archer

home, I've been cleaning, and you need to fire your cleaning lady! The gunk I got out of your carpet and kitchen counters? Grrr-oss!" Sam grinned. — David Archer