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Great Lengths Quotes By Dillon Burroughs

Many go to great lengths to discover God's will or to hear His voice, yet we only need to open His Book. — Dillon Burroughs

Great Lengths Quotes By Angela Thomas

Because when you have been shown mercy by your Father in Heaven, you cannot keep it in inside. People who have been given mercy want to hand it out freely and generously. Once you have known the indescribable joy of receiving love when you had expected judgment, there is no containing the lengths you will go to give it away. And so the life inclined toward mercy becomes a beautiful offering to God. In your great need, you can turn your aching heart toward the Father and ask for His mercy. From the riches of His lavish love, He will tenderly give all that you need. Humbled by such a gracious gift, your heart will long to share with others who need mercy too. And when the one who gives mercy remains in the presence of God, all the mercy required is continually being provided. — Angela Thomas

Great Lengths Quotes By Rabindranath Tagore

I've travelled all around the world to see the rivers and the mountains, and I've spent a lot of money. I have gone to great lengths, I have seen everything, but I forgot to see just outside my house a dewdrop on a little blade of grass, a dewdrop which reflects in its convexity the whole universe around you. — Rabindranath Tagore

Great Lengths Quotes By H.P. Lovecraft

The man or nation of high culture may acknowledge to great lengths the restraints imposed by conventions and honour, but beyond a certain point, primitive will or desire cannot be curbed. — H.P. Lovecraft

Great Lengths Quotes By Ronnie Dunn

My own grandmother went to great lengths to make sure I knew simple things like how and when to open the door for a lady. And the best thing my mama taught me was to pray. — Ronnie Dunn

Great Lengths Quotes By Rick Joyner

I have often heard, "I love God but just don't like His people." This may sound glib, but as John explained, this is a basic deception as we do not really love God unless we also love His people. The Scriptures also go to great lengths to explain that love is not to be based on whether people are lovable or not. — Rick Joyner

Great Lengths Quotes By Sarah Addison Allen

When people believe you have something to give, something no one else has, they'll go to great lengths and pay a lot of money for it. — Sarah Addison Allen

Great Lengths Quotes By Steve Jobs

The difference between the best worker on computer hardware and the average may be 2 to 1, if you're lucky. With automobiles, maybe 2 to 1. But in software, it's at least 25 to 1. The difference between the average programmer and a great one is at least that. The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world. And when you're in a field where the dynamic range is 25 to 1, boy, does it pay off. — Steve Jobs

Great Lengths Quotes By Carlos Wallace

Class. You either have it, or you don't. It's not determined by how you dress, your level of education or your social standing. It's conveyed in how you carry yourself and treat others. Some folks go to great lengths to "prove" they make the grade. Ultimately, people with class are outstanding without trying too hard to stand out. — Carlos Wallace

Great Lengths Quotes By Jason Fried

Has no prospects of being either, then you don't just need a remote position - you need a new job. Only the office can be secure Companies often go to great lengths to make employees — Jason Fried

Great Lengths Quotes By Augusten Burroughs

If you believe suicide will bring you peace, or at the very least just an end to everything you hate- you are displaying self-caring behavior. You are still able to actively seek solutions to your problems. You are willing to go to great lengths to provide what you believe will be soothing to yourself.
This strikes me as optimistic. — Augusten Burroughs

Great Lengths Quotes By Zac Goldsmith

Even Karaoke needs higher standards than I can reach, so I have gone great lengths to avoid being bullied into it. — Zac Goldsmith

Great Lengths Quotes By Ron Fournier

White House operatives went to great lengths to show Obama shifting focus from wars abroad to domestic issues at home. — Ron Fournier

Great Lengths Quotes By Pamela Sargent

Ancient Egyptians went to great lengths to avoid change; they couldn't entirely do so, of course, but did preserve a cultural continuity for almost four thousand years. — Pamela Sargent

Great Lengths Quotes By Brandon Sanderson

People rarely want to kill, David. It's not the basic makeup of the healthy human mind. In most situations they will go to great lengths to avoid killing. Remember that, and it will help you. — Brandon Sanderson

Great Lengths Quotes By Ibn Taymiyyah

Indeed, the term body (jism), organs ('arad), extent (mutahayyiz) and their like are all newly-invented terminologies. We have mentioned many a time before that the Salaf and the Imaams have not spoken about such things, neither by way of a negation nor by way of affirmation. Rather, they declared those who spoke about such matters to be innovators and went to great lengths to censure them. — Ibn Taymiyyah

Great Lengths Quotes By Garrison Keillor

Humor, a good sense of it, is to Americans what manhood is to Spaniards, and we will go to great lengths to prove it. Experiments with laboratory rats have shown that, if one psychologist in the room laughs at something a rat does, all of the other psychologists will laugh equally. Nobody wants to be left holding the joke. — Garrison Keillor

Great Lengths Quotes By Moira Weigel

Meanwhile, the most cunning men have gotten wise to the ruses of the Rules Girl. They see that beneath her cool exterior, she is highly vulnerable. If you have been conditioned to believe that your life derives value only from male attention and affection, you will presumably go to great lengths to get it. If you are used to thinking that the only way you can pursue your desires is by making yourself into an object of desire for someone else, being ignored can quickly make you feel desperate. — Moira Weigel

Great Lengths Quotes By Mustafa Aksakal

In fact, much of this book, and perhaps that is its main surprise, examines the great lengths to which the Ottomans went to stay out of the war. — Mustafa Aksakal

Great Lengths Quotes By Marya Hornbacher

All of us have theories about the world and about ourselves. We will go to great lengths to prove ourselves right because it keeps the world in our head coherent and understandable. — Marya Hornbacher

Great Lengths Quotes By George Eliot

Tom had never found any difficulty in discerning a pointer from a setter, when once he had been told the distinction, and his perceptive powers were not at all deficient. I fancy they were quite as strong as those of the Rev. Mr Stelling; for Tom could predict with accuracy what number of horses were cantering behind him, he could throw a stone right into the centre of a given ripple, he could guess to a fraction how many lengths of his stick it would take to reach across the playground, and could draw almost perfect squares on his slate without any measurement. But Mr Stelling took no note of those things: he only observed that Tom's faculties failed him before the abstractions hideously symbolized to him in the pages of the Eton Grammar, and that he was in a state bordering on idiocy with regard to the demonstration that two given triangles must be equal - though he could discern with great promptitude and certainty the fact that they were equal. — George Eliot

Great Lengths Quotes By Sue Monk Kidd

The translucence that comes when life hardens into a bead of such cruel perfection you see it with the purest clarity. Everything suddenly there
life as it truly is, enormous, appalling, devastating. You see the great sinkholes it makes in people and the harrowing lengths to which love will go to fill them. — Sue Monk Kidd

Great Lengths Quotes By Lupita Nyong'o

Growing up, I had really bad skin. I had a skin disorder. Yes, I did. And my mother went to great lengths to try to find something to remedy it. I remember she took a trip to Madagascar and came back with all these alternative, medicinal herbs and stuff. They didn't smell so good, but I think they worked some magic. — Lupita Nyong'o

Great Lengths Quotes By David Benatar

It is curious that while good people go to great lengths to spare their children from suffering, few of them seem to notice that the one (and only) guaranteed way to prevent all the suffering of their children is not to bring those children into existence in the first place. — David Benatar

Great Lengths Quotes By Nalini Singh

He and Brenna were different in one crucial respect, a difference they had both gone to great lengths to avoid discussing - the lack of a mating bond between them.
He was a psychic being. He would have seen it had it been present in any form. That it wasn't, was a sign that though they might be drawn to each other, they weren't made to fit. He didn't give a damn. He was keeping her. — Nalini Singh

Great Lengths Quotes By Sidney Sheldon

I go to great lengths to make certain situations feel right to the reader. — Sidney Sheldon

Great Lengths Quotes By Christina Baldwin

When story and behavior are consistent, we relax; when story and behavior are inconsistent, we get tense. We have a deep psychological need for our stories and behaviors to be consistent. We need to be able to trust the story, because it's the lens through which we see reality. We will go to great lengths in the attempt to make a story that explains an action and supports or restores consistency. If we cannot make story and action fit, we either have to make a new story or change the action ... [But] The drive for consistency and the ability to redefine abhorrent action so it fits the story are very complex issues. We have a huge ability to continue believing stories we are told are true in order to stay comfortable with actions we don't want to change, or don't feel capable of changing. — Christina Baldwin

Great Lengths Quotes By Charles Haddon Spurgeon

His mercy is so great that it forgives great sins to great sinners after great lengths of time and then gives great favors and great privileges and raises us up to great enjoyments in the great heaven of the great God! — Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Great Lengths Quotes By Shannon L. Alder

Life is a constant battle of fighting your own fears and not absorbing others. Don't fill the empty spaces of your heart with the fears of others in your life. It is the highly anxious person that will tell you that certain people and experiences need to be labeled and kept either close or at a distance. They go to great lengths to categorize things, in order to feel balance in their life because they are out of balance. Life to them is about control and making you believe that their perfect world is normal when there is nothing normal about it. Highly anxious people live through manipulating their world into what is easy and palatable to them and they can easily pull you into an unrealistic view of the world around them. You constantly have to reassess what is reasonable and what is over exaggerated because fear drives their every action. — Shannon L. Alder

Great Lengths Quotes By D.L. Moody

So, many of us have discovered something of the love of God; but there are heights, depths and lengths of it we do not know. That Love is a great ocean; and we require to plunge into it before we really know anything of it. — D.L. Moody

Great Lengths Quotes By Rumi

I searched for God among the Christians and on the Cross and therein I found Him not.
I went into the ancient temples of idolatry; no trace of Him was there.
I entered the mountain cave of Hira and then went as far as Qandhar but God I found not.
With set purpose I fared to the summit of Mount Caucasus and found there only 'anqa's habitation.
Then I directed my search to the Kaaba, the resort of old and young; God was not there even.
Turning to philosophy I inquired about him from ibn Sina but found Him not within his range.
I fared then to the scene of the Prophet's experience of a great divine manifestation only a "two bow-lengths' distance from him" but God was not there even in that exalted court.
Finally, I looked into my own heart and there I saw Him; He was nowhere else. — Rumi

Great Lengths Quotes By Henry Rollins

I have gone to great lengths to expand my threshold of pain. — Henry Rollins

Great Lengths Quotes By Barbara Demick

Because Pyongyang is the only North Korean city frequented by foreigners, the regime goes to great lengths to ensure that its inhabitants make a good impression with their appearance and are ideologically sound. — Barbara Demick

Great Lengths Quotes By Victoria Osteen

When God created you, He went to great lengths to make you exactly the way He wanted you to be. You are His ultimate work of art. — Victoria Osteen

Great Lengths Quotes By Evan Esar

Diets show to what great lengths women will go so as not to go to great widths. — Evan Esar

Great Lengths Quotes By Francis Chan

Grandma Clara acted toward God the way we act toward people we're madly in love with.
When you are truly in love, you go to great lengths to be with the one you love. You'll drive for hours to be together, even if it's only a short while. You don't mind staying up late to talk. Walking in the rains is romantic, not annoying. You'll willingly spend a small fortune on the one you're crazy about. When you are apart from each other, it's painful, even miserable. He or she is all you think about; you jump at any chance to be together. — Francis Chan

Great Lengths Quotes By David G. McAfee

If there's a god, it knows exactly what it would take to convince me and has refused to provide it. In fact, it has gone to great lengths to hide any evidence of its existence. That doesn't seem like a deity that wants to be worshiped to me. — David G. McAfee

Great Lengths Quotes By Scott Anderson

To the degree that the British right hand didn't know what the left was doing, it was because a select group of men at the highest reaches of its government went to great lengths to ensure it. To that end, they created a labyrinth of information firewalls - deceptions, in a less charitable assessment - to make sure that crucial knowledge was withheld from Britain's wartime allies and even from many of her own seniormost diplomats and military commanders. — Scott Anderson

Great Lengths Quotes By Donna Lynn Hope

I love men. I also hate men; I wouldn't want to be in a world without them but I have to say, it's not a compliment to know a man wants to sleep with you. It's only a compliment when he will go to great lengths for you. — Donna Lynn Hope

Great Lengths Quotes By Martin Jacques

If anything, Brown is more oriented towards the other side of the Atlantic than Blair. Most of his reforming ideas and intellectual influences seem to come from the United States, and in a recent speech he went to great lengths to emphasise the historical affinity and shared characteristics of the U.K. and the U.S. — Martin Jacques

Great Lengths Quotes By Sam Kean

Unlike uranium, plutonium was created in an American lab in 1940, but scientists soon realized that it could produce even wilder chain reactions and even bigger explosions. In fact, fearing another country would create it, too, the American government went to great lengths to keep even the existence of plutonium a secret. — Sam Kean

Great Lengths Quotes By Lee Salk

Being natural and matter-of-fact about nudity prevents your children from developing an attitude of shame or disgust about the human body. If parents are very secretive about their bodies and go to great lengths to prevent their children from ever seeing a buttock or breast, children will wonder what is so unusual, and even alarming, about human nudity. — Lee Salk

Great Lengths Quotes By Brandon Sanderson

They got these pancakes here," she said, "with things cooked into them. Supposed to be super tasty, and they eat them during the Weeping. Ten varieties. I'm gonna steal one of each."
"You came all this way, leaving behind luxury, to eat some pancakes."
"Really awesome pancakes."
"Despite the fact that a deific Shardbearer is here-a man who went to great lengths to try to execute you. — Brandon Sanderson

Great Lengths Quotes By Aziz Gazipura

... you might go to great lengths to avoid disappointing the people in your life, as I did for many years in relationships. The problem with this approach, however, is that it sets an impossible standard. Disappointment is inevitable in all relationships. It is impossible for two people to have the exact same feelings and desires all of the time. Inevitably, someone will want something, and the other person will not. A natural response to not getting something that we want is disappointment.

As long as we avoid disappointing others at any cost to our ourselves, we will never feel truly safe and connected in our relationships. We will always have that nagging fear that if we were to disappoint them, they would be gone. This is a fine razor's edge to walk along. It can be incredibly freeing and relaxing to acknowledge that you will disappoint people in your life, and that they will disappoint you. — Aziz Gazipura

Great Lengths Quotes By Robert Wright

Nature has gone to great lengths to hide our subconscious from ourselves. Why? — Robert Wright

Great Lengths Quotes By Sandy Hotchkiss

UNREALITY IS THE HALLMARK of narcissism. Whether it's idealizations, expectations of perfection, manufactured images, illusions, distortions of fact, catastrophizing or other kinds of exaggerations, denial, or outright lying, Narcissists will go to great lengths to avoid any reality that evokes shame and to promote fanatasies that sustain their grandiosity and omnipotence. They require accomplices for this, people to admire them and do their bidding, — Sandy Hotchkiss

Great Lengths Quotes By Nate Silver

Expert estimates of probability are often off by factors of hundreds or
thousands. [ ... ] I used to be annoyed when the margin of error was high in
a forecasting model that I might put together. Now I view it as perhaps the
single most important piece of information that a forecaster provides. When
we publish a forecast on FiveThirtyEight, I go to great lengths to document
the uncertainty attached to it, even if the uncertainty is sufficiently
large that the forecast won't make for punchy headlines. — Nate Silver

Great Lengths Quotes By H.L. Mencken

The more noisy Negro leaders, by depicting all whites as natural and implacable enemies to their race, have done it a great disservice. Large numbers of whites who were formerly very
friendly to it, and willing to go to great lengths to help it, are now resentful and suspicious. — H.L. Mencken

Great Lengths Quotes By Sebastian Smee

Still, there is a basic reticence about his approach that feels refreshing in today's culture of maximum exposure. Brandt did not go to great lengths to turn people into icons, nor did he presume to show their "true nature" in something so transient as a photograph. Instead, he used photography's special qualities to suggest intimate things about his subjects, things that cannot be put into words, and may not even be possible to put into pictures. — Sebastian Smee

Great Lengths Quotes By Heather James

I couldn't be certain whether their eagerness to leave was fueled by their desire to see more fire or to get away from my mother. I wouldn't have blamed them at all if it was the latter - most people went to great lengths to avoid her on a regular basis, myself and my father included. — Heather James

Great Lengths Quotes By Kyle Idleman

The truth is that most of us go to great lengths to disguise our weaknesses. — Kyle Idleman

Great Lengths Quotes By Bob Corker

I have gone to great lengths, and in some cases beyond what is required by the reporting guidelines to ensure all of my filings are beyond reproach, by hiring an independent third-party accounting firm to review and audit all of my previous annual financial disclosures. — Bob Corker

Great Lengths Quotes By Hugh Laurie

I think my father gave me a great reverence for medical science. He was about as opposite to the personality of House as one could imagine. He was polite and easygoing, and would have gone to great lengths to make his patients feel attended to and heard and sympathized with. — Hugh Laurie

Great Lengths Quotes By Jennifer Niven

We can't always see what others don't want us to. Especially when they go to great lengths to hide it -Mr. Embry — Jennifer Niven

Great Lengths Quotes By John C. Maxwell

If I expect great things from my people, they'll go to great lengths to keep from disappointing me. — John C. Maxwell

Great Lengths Quotes By Helen Smith

When I first learned to drive and I bought petrol I went to great lengths to trickle the final drops into the petrol tank so it cost a round amount of money like £10. Now I try and spend £19.87 or £20.04 or some other amount that I hope will disturb the cashier's sense of neatness and uniformity. — Helen Smith

Great Lengths Quotes By Ryan Kwanten

The fact that 'True Blood' affects people in this way is incredible to me - the fact we have to go to such great lengths to hide storylines just proves the cache our show has. — Ryan Kwanten

Great Lengths Quotes By George Carlin

Sometimes a fireman will go to great strenuous lengths to save a raccoon that's stuck in a drainpipe and then go out on the weekend and kill several of them for amusement. — George Carlin

Great Lengths Quotes By Alan Loy McGinnis

If people know we expect good things from them, they will in most cases go to great lengths to live up to our expectations. — Alan Loy McGinnis