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Grave Digging Quotes By Ruta Sepetys

I looked back to the hole. What if we were digging our own grave? — Ruta Sepetys

Grave Digging Quotes By Dominic Cooper

I kept on digging the hole deeper and deeper looking for the treasure chest until I finally lifted my head, looked up and realized that I had dug my own grave. — Dominic Cooper

Grave Digging Quotes By Sebastian Faulks

As he rounded the corner, he saw two dozen men, naked to the waist, digging a hole thirty yards square at the side of the path. For a moment he was baffled. It seemed to have no agricultural purpose; there was no more planting or ploughing to be done. Then he realized what it was. They were digging a mass grave. He thought of shouting an order to about turn or at least to avert their eyes, but they were almost on it, and some of them had already seen their burial place. The songs died on their lips and the air was reclaimed by the birds. — Sebastian Faulks

Grave Digging Quotes By Israelmore Ayivor

Throw your hands and pull up those in the valley to the hill. However, press your feet on the ground so hard that you don't fall into the same valley together. Some people's helping hands became their grave digging tools! — Israelmore Ayivor

Grave Digging Quotes By Devon Monk

Keep digging, Flynn. Six feet makes a grave. — Devon Monk

Grave Digging Quotes By Katherine Heigl

I don't want to be the person digging my own grave. — Katherine Heigl

Grave Digging Quotes By Henri Matisse

A young painter who cannot liberate himself from the influence of past generations is digging his own grave. — Henri Matisse

Grave Digging Quotes By Swati Avasthi

But I'm not the one digging her grave; I didn't open her hole in the earth when I drove away that night or when I couldn't make her come with us. My dad dug it years ago; he forced her to lie down in it and kept her there by fear and beatings. And when she tried to get out, he stomped her back in. She has been lying there for twenty-five years. Her muscles have atrophied, her joints have stiffened, and she can't see anything except him and the tight little space she calls home. I don't know how she'll get out; I can tug and pull and yank, but it won't make any difference. She was right: she's gotta solve it her own way. — Swati Avasthi

Grave Digging Quotes By Giorge Leedy

Tommy asks where Carolyn is.
"She's at Cindy's."
"They live together now," Salvador added.
"Didn't they just start dating?" Tommy asked.
Tiger answered, "Yeah... A couple of WEEKS ago."
Unhappy about the news, Tommy objects to Carolyn moving in with Cindy.
"That's how it happens in our WORLD," Salvador said. "One night you MEET, the next night you MOVE IN, and before you KNOW IT- you're digging a GRAVE IN THE BACK YARD FOR YOUR LOVER DURING A FREAK THUNDERSTORM."
After Salvador apologizes, Tommy asks how Raven's doing in prison.
"Fucking GREAT." Tiger answered. "How do you THINK?"
"No longer on suicide watch?"
"NO... FUCK..."
"Speaking of fucking. Is he still with BULL DOG?"
"I REALLY don't wanna TALK about RAVEN right now- AND WHO HE'S FUCKING. Talk about INAPPROPRIATE. — Giorge Leedy

Grave Digging Quotes By Alison Gaylin

You know the good thing about digging your own grave? You always make it just the right size. — Alison Gaylin

Grave Digging Quotes By Clive Barker

When it was all done, Suzanna found her voice, thanking both the grave diggers and their mothers. "After all that digging," said the eldest of the girls, "I just hope he grows." "He will," said her mother, with no trace of indulgence. "They always do." On — Clive Barker

Grave Digging Quotes By Maggie Nelson

One thing they don't tell you 'bout the blues when you got 'em, you keep on fallin' 'cause there ain't no bottom,' sings Emmylou Harris, and she may be right. Perhaps it would help to be told that there is no bottom, save, as they say, wherever and whenever you stop digging. You have to stand there, spade in hand, cold whiskey sweat beaded on your brow, eyes misshapen and wild, some sorry-ass grave digger grown bone-tired of the trade. You have to stand there in the dirty rut you dug, alone in the darkness, in all its pulsing quiet, surrounded by the scandal of corpses. — Maggie Nelson

Grave Digging Quotes By Sanjida Kay

He places the skull in the palm of my hand. There are four canines; the top two are so long and curved I can feel them pricking my skin. There's a green tinge round the eye socket and in a fine line across the cranium. I'm not sure what animal it's from.
'Stoat,' Harris says, as if I've spoken out loud. 'They hunt grouse and partridge. I found it behind my house. I buried the body in the furze until it was just bone.'
His hand is still beneath mine, supporting it. I think of him seeing the small dead creature and digging a tiny grave for it. Planning ahead for all those months just so he'd see the skeleton. Or maybe he severed the animal's head and that was the only part he buried.
'It's been waiting for you all this time. Like I have. — Sanjida Kay

Grave Digging Quotes By Minda Webber

I come from a long line of body snatchers, probably the top-notch body snatchers in America. No make that the world. Some people might think it's gross digging up bones or corpses, but who asked them? It's no big deal, but then I've been doing it since I got out of diapers. — Minda Webber

Grave Digging Quotes By Ezra Taft Benson

To a significant degree, we are an overfed and undernourished nation digging an early grave with our teeth, and lacking the energy that could be ours because we overindulge in junk foods. — Ezra Taft Benson

Grave Digging Quotes By Emily Bronte

I got the sexton, who was digging Linton's grave, to remove the earth off her coffin lid, and I opened it. I thought, once, I would have stayed there, when I saw her face again - it is hers yet - he had hard work to stir me; but he said it would change, if the air blew on it ... — Emily Bronte

Grave Digging Quotes By Joan Crawford

Any actress who appears in public without being well-groomed is digging her own grave. — Joan Crawford

Grave Digging Quotes By Thisuri Wanniarachchi

She smiled. She was happy, yet sad. Life had never been more bittersweet. She looked at the
sunset. The pink sky was sinking into the deep blue ocean. It was almost as if the sky knew
it was making a mistake, digging its own grave. But for a moment there, at the very moment
before diving into the darkness of the sea, on the golden horizon, the sky shone brighter
than it ever had. It was glorious in its five seconds of fame. It was serendipitously happy,
like all its life had led to that moment. And then it died into the sea, content. — Thisuri Wanniarachchi

Grave Digging Quotes By Trevor D. Richardson

Listen in close, Wall Street Conquistadors, you're spreading like vapor up through people's floors, you're moving en masse under the cracks of our doors and grabbing our children to work in your stores, feeding the needy to make them your whores, but you need to remember the grave you're digging is yours. — Trevor D. Richardson

Grave Digging Quotes By Leigh Hershkovich

I was walking around in an almost blind, crazy rage of madness. There was a story burning a hole in my brain, and it was dying to come out on paper. It was begging of me to create it, but I didn't know where to begin. A month after giving birth to the idea, I felt like I was losing my mind. Ideas would pop into my head in the middle of the night, or during a midterm, and I missed them, quite narrowly, almost every time. Every time an idea left my mind without taking the shape of a word on paper, my mind would automatically begin to churn something just as impressive, or at least close to it. I was digging myself into a shallow grave, and I was getting nowhere. And this was even before the thoughts were committed to paper. — Leigh Hershkovich

Grave Digging Quotes By Don DeLillo

Now this girl was about twenty-one years old. A sweet little coed. Spends a night with a married man. Goes home the next day and tells her mama and daddy. Don't ask me why. Maybe just to rub their faces in it. They decide she needs a lesson. Whole family drives out into the desert, right out to that spot we just passed. All three of them plus the girl's pet dog. Papa tells the girl to dig a shallow grave. Mama gets down on her hands and knees and holds the dog by the collar. When the girl is all through digging, papa gives her a .22 caliber revolver and tells her to shoot the dog. A real touching family scene. Make a good calendar for some religious group to give away. The girl puts the weapon to her temple and kills herself. Now isn't that a heartwarming story? Restores my faith in just about everything. — Don DeLillo

Grave Digging Quotes By Nancy E. Turner

It is an awful thing to look on such sad circumstance and not be able to shed a tear. It is not because I do not feel for these folks, but maybe I feel too much. Part of me is glad, in a low down, mean way, that it is not Albert's or Mama's graves we are digging. Glad that it is some soldiers I don't know and neighbors and friends but not family. Lord, I must be the cussedest woman there is to think that. Finally, I felt so guilty for thinking those things that I cried. Then I began to feel the heartaches of our friends and neighbors and I cried for them, too, as we said prayers over each and every grave. — Nancy E. Turner

Grave Digging Quotes By Gail Trebesch Opper

The world is nearing spiritual death, and America is second only to Europe in the digging of its grave - a grave dug by deception. — Gail Trebesch Opper

Grave Digging Quotes By Ezra Taft Benson

We are an overfed and undernourished nation digging an early grave with our teeth ... — Ezra Taft Benson

Grave Digging Quotes By Ben Ehrenreich

Unanimity makes me itchy. It almost always hides a grave. I started digging. — Ben Ehrenreich

Grave Digging Quotes By Tushar Upreti

I am digging the grave of love , skeleton not found till now , Just the rotten smell . R v sure it exists ? — Tushar Upreti

Grave Digging Quotes By Sylvia L'Namira

People who talk too much are only digging their own grave. — Sylvia L'Namira

Grave Digging Quotes By Flannery O'Connor

Francis Marion Tarwater's uncle had been dead for only half a day when the boy got too drunk to finish digging his grave and a Negro named Buford Munson, who had come to get a jug filled, had to finish it and drag the body from the breakfast table where it was still sitting and bury it in a decent and Christian way, with the sign of its Savior at the head of the grave and enough dirt on top to keep the dogs from digging it up. Buford had come along about noon and when he left at sundown, the boy, Tarwater, had never returned from the still. — Flannery O'Connor

Grave Digging Quotes By Richard Siken

Someone is digging your grave right now. — Richard Siken

Grave Digging Quotes By Christine Keeler

We knew we were talking about spies. I knew he knew I knew. I was digging my own grave. — Christine Keeler

Grave Digging Quotes By Flannery O'Connor

He kept on digging but the grave did not get any deeper. "The dead are poor," he said in the voice of the stranger. You can't be any poorer than dead. — Flannery O'Connor

Grave Digging Quotes By Andrea Heltsley

I agree, and I doubt coma boy will even notice. I mean seriously, the guy was buried alive for heaven's sake, I added.
-Cora — Andrea Heltsley

Grave Digging Quotes By Joseph McGinnis

As the night air started to creep in, he lifted her in his arms and walked the back way to their home on campus. He spent the evening digging her grave, not even caring who came his way. He didn't care whether he lived or died, now that he had lost his only love. Mike glanced into her face one more time, and then covered her with dirt. "We bury our own. We take care of the ones we love." He spoke softly, then placed a flower on her grave and made his way back to their dorm room. — Joseph McGinnis

Grave Digging Quotes By Anthony Kiedis

My work was done, so it was time to start digging my grave again. — Anthony Kiedis

Grave Digging Quotes By Stephen King

What are you planning?" "I think you've already guessed," I said. "I have spent the last thirty-six hours digging the world's longest grave, and now I'm going to bury you in your fucking Cadillac." The — Stephen King

Grave Digging Quotes By Drew Carey

I can't do that. I'm already the single guy living in his parents' house. I can't be seen digging a grave in the middle of the night. — Drew Carey