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Government Job Quotes By Steve Largent

People say, 'I'm for job training. We can train people to increase the likelihood that they can be self-sufficient.' Okay, that's great, you're for job training - I like job training - but do you think the federal government should have 163 different job-training programs? — Steve Largent

Government Job Quotes By Michael Crapo

It is not government's job to mandate responsibility on our behalf. We have the intelligence and good sense to make wise consumption choices for ourselves and our children. It is up to us to do what is best for our health and our children's health. — Michael Crapo

Government Job Quotes By Richard M. Nixon

I don't think a woman should be in any government job whatever. I mean, I really don't. The reason why I do is mainly because they are erratic. And emotional. — Richard M. Nixon

Government Job Quotes By Kofi Annan

The preservation of biodiversity is not just a job for governments. International and non-governmental organisations, the private sector and each and every individual have a role to play in changing entrenched outlooks and ending destructive patterns of behaviour — Kofi Annan

Government Job Quotes By Jay Leno

The Obama administration asked General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner to step down, and he agreed. This is good news for Obama; the last time he tried to get someone to quit, it took months
and even then, he had to promise her a job as secretary of state ... According to the government, Rick Wagoner was forced to resign because of poor performance. That's embarrassing
run an organization that loses billions of dollars and then get fired by a guy who heads up an organization that loses trillions of dollars. — Jay Leno

Government Job Quotes By Bob Beauprez

I've found that when you roll up your sleeves and join people in their daily work, they tend to open up quite a bit and let you know what they really think about the issues facing our country and what kind of job they think the government is doing. — Bob Beauprez

Government Job Quotes By Marco Rubio

I traveled the state of Florida for two years campaigning. I have never met a job creator who told me that they were waiting for the next tax increase before they started growing their business. I've never met a single job creator who's ever said to me I can't wait until government raises taxes again so I can go out and create a job. — Marco Rubio

Government Job Quotes By Peter Roskam

Small business owners are fighting every day to create and innovate, but continue to face government barriers to job creation. — Peter Roskam

Government Job Quotes By Jonah Goldberg

As a broad generalization, liberals see income as a public good that is distributed, like crayons in a kindergarten class. If so-and-so didn't get his or her fair share of income, it's because someone or something - government, the system - didn't distribute income properly. To the extent conservatives see income inequality as a problem, it is as an indication of more concrete problems. If the poor and middle class are falling behind the wealthy, it might be a sign of declining or stagnating wages or lackluster job creation. In other words, liberals tend to see income inequality as the disease, and conservatives tend to see it as a symptom. — Jonah Goldberg

Government Job Quotes By Barbara Ehrenreich

It used to be almost the first question (just after 'Can you type?') in the standard female job interview: 'Are you now, or have you ever, contemplated marriage, motherhood, or the violent overthrow of the U.S. government? — Barbara Ehrenreich

Government Job Quotes By Scott Brown

I've criticized President Bush for his failure to use his veto pen. There's plenty of blame to go around. The question is how to solve problems. It's not bailouts. What made America great? Free markets, free enterprise, manufacturing, job creation. That's how we're gonna do it, not by enlarging government. — Scott Brown

Government Job Quotes By Robin Talley

One girl said that she'd never support giving immigrants jobs because her dad lost his job a few years ago, and the reason he couldn't find a new one was because the government was letting immigrants have all the jobs. — Robin Talley

Government Job Quotes By William Boyd

That evening, after Romer had left so peremptorily, she had gone through to the salon to talk to her father. A job for the British government, she told him. £500 a year, a British passport. He feigned surprise but it was obvious that Romer had briefed him to a certain extent.
'You'd be a British citizen, with a passport,' her father said, his features incredulous, almost abjectly so - as if it were unthinkable that a nonentity such as he should have a daughter who was a British citizen. 'Do you know what I would give to be a British citizen?' he said, all the while with his left hand miming a sawing motion at his right elbow. — William Boyd

Government Job Quotes By Michael Bloomberg

The public is upset. If they haven't lost their job, they know somebody that has. If they haven't lost their house, they know somebody that has. What do you do? When something's wrong, it's government's job to fix it, it must be government that's responsible for causing it. — Michael Bloomberg

Government Job Quotes By Wesley Pruden

Cutting corners no doubt makes the job easier for the government, but making the government's job easier is rarely a priority. Preserving the Constitution, fighting off the nibblers and chippers, even nibblers and chippers with good intentions, was once regarded by conservatives as the first duty of the citizen. It still is. — Wesley Pruden

Government Job Quotes By John F. Kerry

In case after case, President Bush's actions have made American women less safe and less secure
on the job and on the streets. As president, I will put American government and our legal system back on the side of women. I will stand up for their security, ensure their safety, support their rights, and guarantee their dignity. This nation can do no less. — John F. Kerry

Government Job Quotes By Dave Barry

I don't think the press has done a very good job dealing with government spending.The Defense Department with the $9,500 toilet seat, that's not the problem anymore. Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security are the problem. That's us. That's our generation. There the press never says a word. — Dave Barry

Government Job Quotes By Edmund Morgan

The famous convention of 1787 met in Philadelphia to define the additional powers needed to enable Congress to do its job effectively. Instead, the convention proposed a brand new national government. — Edmund Morgan

Government Job Quotes By Bob Beauprez

Barack Obama likes to point to General Motors as the poster child for the job creation success of his economic policies. However, whatever your sentiments about the government's bailout of General Motors, for every job Barack Obama 'saved-or-created' in the U.S. there were two jobs off shore. — Bob Beauprez

Government Job Quotes By Grover Norquist

If you feel the government should leave you alone, you're a Republican. If you think the job of the government is to go push people around and take things for you, then you're a Democrat. — Grover Norquist

Government Job Quotes By Thomas L. Friedman

Intelligent assistance involves leveraging artificial intelligence to enable the government, individual companies, and the nonprofit social sector to develop more sophisticated online and mobile platforms that can empower every worker to engage in lifelong learning on their own time, and to have their learning recognized and rewarded with advancement. Intelligent assistants arise when we use artificial intelligence to improve the interfaces between humans and their tools with software, so humans can not only learn faster but also act faster and act smarter. Lastly, we need to deploy AI to create more intelligent algorithms, or what Reid Hoffman calls "human networks" - so that we can much more efficiently connect people to all the job opportunities that exist, all the skills needed for each job, and all the educational opportunities to acquire those skills cheaply and easily. — Thomas L. Friedman

Government Job Quotes By Jesse Ventura

Okay, fluoride in the water to help our teeth. Well, shouldn't that be the job of your mom and dad? To teach you how to brush your teeth and use mouth wash? What do we need the government to do it for? Clearly, what a scam. Fluoride in the water. — Jesse Ventura

Government Job Quotes By Barack Obama

And I've said this all across the country when I talk to parents about education, government has to fulfill its obligations to fund education, but parents have to do their job too. We've got to turn off the TV set, we've got to put away the video game, and we have to tell our children that education is not a passive activity, you have to be actively engaged in it. If we encourage that attitude and our community is enforcing it, I have no doubt we can compete with anybody in the world. — Barack Obama

Government Job Quotes By Bill Sali

It's government's job to respect and protect the rights of the individual. That vision is centrally important to the principle put forth by the Founding Fathers. If you don't believe that, you shouldn't be in Congress. — Bill Sali

Government Job Quotes By Dalton Trumbo

Dishonesty in government is the business of every citizen. It is not enough to do your own job. There's no particular virtue in that. Democracy isn't a gift. It's a responsibility. — Dalton Trumbo

Government Job Quotes By James Cook

The one thing that flies in the face of all human history and experience, is that the government can do a superior job than the private sector. — James Cook

Government Job Quotes By Michael Bloomberg

I've got the greatest job in the world. There's no other job in government where cause and effect is so tightly coupled where you can make a difference every day in so many different ways and in so many different people's lives. It's a great challenge. — Michael Bloomberg

Government Job Quotes By Rebecca MacKinnon

When U.S. commercial interests press the Chinese government to do a better job of policing Chinese websites for pirated content, a blind eye is generally turned to the fact that ensuing crackdowns provide a great excuse to tighten mechanisms to censor all content the Chinese government doesn't like. — Rebecca MacKinnon

Government Job Quotes By Tom DeLay

I am not a federal employee. I am a constitutional officer. My job is the Constitution of the United States, I am not a government employee. I am in the Constitution. — Tom DeLay

Government Job Quotes By Bill Maher

And he said that 47%-that's pretty high-47% of Americans are basically welfare bums who are mooching off the government. And then he said, 'My job is not to worry about those people.' You know, where do people get this stuff that Mitt Romney is a heartless, calculating c**ksucker? — Bill Maher

Government Job Quotes By Ann Coulter

Government workers think the job of everyone else in the economy is to protect their high salaries, crazy work rules and obscene pensions. They self-righteously lecture us about public service, the children, a 'living wage' all in the service of squeezing more money from the taxpayer to fund their breathtakingly selfish job arrangements. — Ann Coulter

Government Job Quotes By Naomi Klein

According to one study, "a quarter of the workers rebuilding the city were immigrants lacking papers, almost all of them Hispanic, making far less money than legal workers." In Mississippi, a class-action lawsuit forced several companies to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in back wages to immigrant workers. Some were not paid at all. On one Halliburton/KBR job site, undocumented immigrant workers reported being wakened in the middle of the night by their employer (a subsubcontractor), who allegedly told them that immigration agents were on their way. Most workers fled to avoid arrest; after all, they could end up in one of the new immigration prisons that Halliburton/KBR had been contracted to build for the federal government. — Naomi Klein

Government Job Quotes By Kin Hubbard

If there's any literary ability in a feller, getting fired out of a good government job will bring it out. — Kin Hubbard

Government Job Quotes By David Letterman

I vote Democrat because I believe the government will do a better job of spending the money I earn than I would. — David Letterman

Government Job Quotes By Elio Di Rupo

Being the chief minister of a regional government is just a pastime compared with the hellish job of being prime minister of two different communities brought together. — Elio Di Rupo

Government Job Quotes By Helene D. Gayle

Ethiopia's government is doing a commendable job of working closely with donors and humanitarian organizations to educate parents about child marriage, and to support organizations like the Hamlin Fistula Hospital. — Helene D. Gayle

Government Job Quotes By Sonny Barger

You can say what you want about all the guns in the country [the USA], all the drugs, all the crime, but we all know 400,000 people a year die of cigarette-related deaths. How many people died of drugs, guns, automobile accidents? You add them all together it doesn't come anywhere near that. Yet they let me smoke and get cancer, and they put me in jail for having drugs. What's going on? The government don't care. It's all about money and job security. — Sonny Barger

Government Job Quotes By Condoleezza Rice

When you're in government, of course, you have protection and you have people who are looking out for your wellbeing, but you can't live in a state of fear. If you do, you're not going to do your job very well and you're going to give yourself high blood pressure, which probably isn't worth it. — Condoleezza Rice

Government Job Quotes By Hyeonseo Lee

Her job at the local government bureau also meant that she had access to farm produce managed by her office. — Hyeonseo Lee

Government Job Quotes By Stephen Ambrose

Neither Johnson nor his party nor the government as a whole were willing to raise, train, equip, and then send Vietnam sufficient manpower to do the job. — Stephen Ambrose

Government Job Quotes By Elizabeth Warren

It worries me about what happens if people in government are looking for that next job: 'Yeah I'm working now, not as much money as I could be making, but when I leave here, that's where I'm headed.' That ultimately infects whatever it is that they're doing. — Elizabeth Warren

Government Job Quotes By Tim Scott

If you look at the fact that the best chance we have for a good economy is the private sector. The government cannot create jobs. If the government could create jobs, then Communism would have worked. But didn't work. So what we have to do is allow the private sector and the entrepreneurial spirit to lead us back to a job-filled recovery. — Tim Scott

Government Job Quotes By Mark McKinnon

I think that the press has a duty and an obligation to report on local government, state government, federal government - to be aggressive, to do its job. And its job is to report on whatever it's covering. — Mark McKinnon

Government Job Quotes By Cristian Machado

It's the government's job to come in and help their citizens and guide their citizens to a brighter future and unfortunately in America that's not what's happening. — Cristian Machado

Government Job Quotes By Benjamin Carson

I'm a part of the GOP and let me tell you what my stance is. My stance is that, we the people have the responsibility to take care of the indigent in our society. It's not the government's job. You can read the Constitution all you want, it never says that it is the government's job and I think where we've gotten confused. — Benjamin Carson

Government Job Quotes By Paul Bremer

It is certainly not unrealistic to think we could have elections by mid-year 2004 and when a sovereign government is installed - my job here will be done. — Paul Bremer

Government Job Quotes By Kurt Vonnegut

Or they'll talk about fear, which we used to call politics- job politics, social politics, government politics — Kurt Vonnegut

Government Job Quotes By Ronald Reagan

My basic rule is that I want people who don't want a job in government. — Ronald Reagan

Government Job Quotes By Florence King

It's the Government's job to print the money, deliver the mail and declare war. Now give me my cigarettes. — Florence King

Government Job Quotes By Matthew Lesko

If the government did a good job of publicizing this information, my products wouldn't sell. — Matthew Lesko

Government Job Quotes By Kristi Noem

We have to get government out of the job of picking winners and losers. That's what they've been doing the last year and a half, getting in the way of businesses that are trying to reinvest to get our economy back on its feet. — Kristi Noem

Government Job Quotes By Alex Chiu

I think the Chinese government is doing a great job right now. — Alex Chiu

Government Job Quotes By Jim DeMint

Not federal government's job to do good deeds. — Jim DeMint

Government Job Quotes By Andy Stern

The union movement has been the best middle class job creating program that America has ever had, and it doesn't cost the government a dime. — Andy Stern

Government Job Quotes By George Orwell

The man who did the shouting at the P.S.U.C. post down on our right was an artist at the job. Sometimes, instead of shouting revolutionary slogans he simply told the Facists how much better we were being fed than they were. His account of the Government rations was apt to be a little imaginative. 'Buttered toast!' - you could hear his voice echoing across the lonely valley - 'We're just sitting down to buttered toast over here! Lovely slices of buttered toast!' I do not doubt that, like the rest of us, he had not seen butter for weeks or months past, but in the icy night the news of buttered toast probably set many a fascist mouth wattering. It even made mine water, though I knew he was lying. — George Orwell

Government Job Quotes By James A. Michener

[The church's] job is to provide permanent solace and spiritual leadership to the people as a whole, whatever their government at the moment, so long as it stays within the bounds of moral decency. — James A. Michener

Government Job Quotes By Jesse Ventura

My position is that it isn't government's job to mandate patriotism. To me, mandating a pledge of allegiance to a government is something Saddam Hussein would do. — Jesse Ventura

Government Job Quotes By John Bercow

The prime minister's job is to captain his team, his party and his government. — John Bercow

Government Job Quotes By Barrett Brown

The US government decided today that because I did such a good job investigating the cyber-industrial complex, they're now going to send me to investigate the prison-industrial complex. — Barrett Brown

Government Job Quotes By Craig Schaefer

When you're part of an illegal government conspiracy, your actual job description gets hazy. [...] If you're working off the books, but the books don't officially exist in the first place, have you really gone rogue, or are you just putting in unpaid overtime? — Craig Schaefer

Government Job Quotes By Mike Pompeo

You eventually have to figure out how to balance the books. So that's the reason I gave up my day job to come do this was to go fight to create the space where spending matches America's capacity to tax, and that means economic growth and a smaller, humbler federal government. — Mike Pompeo

Government Job Quotes By Nathan Myhrvold

An efficient government is dangerous in the hands of the wrong man. Sadly, the right sort of man never seems interested in the job. — Nathan Myhrvold

Government Job Quotes By Mohamedou Ould Slahi

I felt ashamed that my people were being used for this horrible job by a government that claims to be the leader of the democratic free world, a government that preaches against dictatorship and "fights" for human rights and sends its children to die for that purpose: What a joke this government makes of its own people! — Mohamedou Ould Slahi

Government Job Quotes By James Cook

Taking money from job creating entrepreneurs and giving it to ever-failing government programs has to be the ultimate in economic illiteracy. — James Cook

Government Job Quotes By Jacob Sullum

If the fact that people make poor decisions is reason enough for the government to second-guess their decisions about dangerous activities such as smoking cigarettes and riding motorcycles, why on earth should the government let people make their own choices when it comes to such consequential matters as where to live, how much education to get, whom to marry, whether to have children, which job to take, or what religion to practice? — Jacob Sullum

Government Job Quotes By Ben Shapiro

The story of Detroit's bankruptcy was simple enough: Allow capitalism to grow the city, campaign against income inequality, tax the job creators until they flee, increase government spending in order to boost employment, promise generous pension plans to keep people voting for failure. Rinse, wash and repeat. — Ben Shapiro

Government Job Quotes By Rick Perry

Being the governor of a state is a more pivotal job in the future. I do indeed hope there's someone that says, "I'm going to go to Washington, try to get back to our constitutional roots, devolve the centralization of government back to the states." So why would you want to be up there if the action is down here in the states? — Rick Perry

Government Job Quotes By Barack Obama

And that brings me to one last point. I've got a simple message for all the dedicated and patriotic federal workers who have either worked without pay, or who have been forced off the job without pay for these last few weeks. Including most of my own staff. Thank you. Thanks for your service. Welcome back. What you do is important. It matters. You defend our country overseas, you deliver benefits to our troops who earned them when they come home, you guard our borders, you protect our civil rights, you help businesses grow and gain footholds in overseas markets. You protect the air we breathe, and the water our children drink, and you push the boundaries of science and space, and you guide hundreds of thousands of people each day through the glories of this country. Thank you. What you do is important, and don't let anybody else tell you different. — Barack Obama

Government Job Quotes By Margot Lee Shetterly

In 1951, Air Scoop published a long list of organizations that the government had labeled totalitarian, Communist, or subversive, the clear message that affiliation with any of them might jeopardize one's job. — Margot Lee Shetterly

Government Job Quotes By George Pataki

I knew that good people who wanted to be a part of the American dream have become trapped in dependency because the federal government and the state government had made it in their economic interest not to take a job because the benefits that they didn't work were better. I changed that. — George Pataki

Government Job Quotes By David Pritchard

There will always be bosses, pastors and government officials over us - and this structure is actually a good thing. It is not our job to derail it or work around it. — David Pritchard

Government Job Quotes By M.C. Mary Kom

What did I hope to gain from my game and from putting my parents through all this? The truth is that I loved to play. My body was fit and my mind raring to go. But I also hoped that I would get a government job through the sports quota. — M.C. Mary Kom

Government Job Quotes By Steven Magee

President Trump is doing a great job of demonstrating how mean the rich can be to the poor, sick and elderly. — Steven Magee

Government Job Quotes By Joe Craft

Increased spending, growing government debt and overreaching regulations are stifling job creation and economic growth. — Joe Craft

Government Job Quotes By Jan Brewer

Texas has done a very good job of securing their borders with the help of the federal government. California has done a good job. — Jan Brewer

Government Job Quotes By Cassie Peterson

I am overwhelmed by the rigmarole of bureaucratic paperwork. I can't keep it all straight - the unemployment forms, the food-stamp applications, the drastically increasing number of ID cards that I am being forced to carry around with me. Being poor is a full-time job. Every minute, the government demands that you prove your current economic status, leaving absolutely no time to improve it. I have to schedule job interviews between all my other red-tape appointments. — Cassie Peterson

Government Job Quotes By Matthew Polly

This was not uncommon in government-run operations, where a request that someone do their job often induced a catatonic state that might last anywhere from a couple of minutes to an hour. — Matthew Polly

Government Job Quotes By Mort Sahl

A political satirist's job is to draw blood. I'm not so much interested in politics as I am in overthrowing the government. — Mort Sahl

Government Job Quotes By Karen Mills

It's not government that creates jobs; it's small business. Our job is to make sure they have the access to capital, the access to contracting opportunities, and the help, advice and mentoring that they need to go out and be successful. — Karen Mills

Government Job Quotes By Daniel Ellsberg

The courage we need is not the fortitude to be obedient in the service of an unjust war, to help conceal lies, to do our job for a boss who has usurped power and is acting as an outlaw government. It is the courage at last to face honestly the truth and reality of what we are doing in the world and act responsibly to change it. — Daniel Ellsberg

Government Job Quotes By Roy Spencer

I would wager that my job has helped save our economy from the economic ravages of out-of-control environmental extremism. I view my job a little like a legislator, supported by the taxpayer, to protect the interests of the taxpayer and to minimize the role of government. — Roy Spencer

Government Job Quotes By Sonia Sotomayor

Outside of the marriage context, can you think of any other rational basis, reason, for a state using sexual orientation as a factor in denying homosexuals benefits or imposing burdens on them? Is there any other rational decision-making that the government could make? Denying them a job, not granting them benefits of some sort, any other decision? — Sonia Sotomayor

Government Job Quotes By Tony Abbott

At one level, the Opposition's most urgent job, between now and the next election, is to publicise the government's mistakes. Randolph Churchill once declared that oppositions should oppose everything, propose nothing and turf the government out. He was right in this fundamental respect: the opposition's job is to get elected. Intelligent oppositions have no unnecessary enemies. They make the government rather than themselves the issue by ensuring that everyone harmed by government decisions well and truly
knows about it. — Tony Abbott

Government Job Quotes By Grace Slick

Ideal government would be a very boring job - it would be a matter of organizing a lot of utilities and keeping the wires together and the power plant and all that kind of stuff. It's not a matter of telling people how to live, it's a matter of making it pleasant for them to live. Government should be in the position of distributing food, stuff like that. — Grace Slick

Government Job Quotes By Nicholas Royle

There has been corruption in the Belgian civil service and at government level for decades. The Royal family do what they can to hold things together, and they don't do a bad job. — Nicholas Royle

Government Job Quotes By Ted Nugent

I am a political animal, because for God's sakes I think "We The People" is a job. I think experienced self government demands on all levels - intellectual, moral, historical, and spiritual level. We are supposed to be engaged and give directions to our elected employees. — Ted Nugent

Government Job Quotes By Dennis Kucinich

Republican leaders have made clear they have no plans to use the power of government to stimulate the economy, invest in job creation and spur job growth. The Fed's plan is to give banks more money to finance the private sector job creation. But banks have ample cash now; they aren't lending, and the private sector is not creating the jobs. That is why we have 15 million people unemployed. — Dennis Kucinich

Government Job Quotes By Girdhar Joshi

If you have not seen a latest movie by taking a furlough, you have not really enjoyed the perks of a government job. — Girdhar Joshi

Government Job Quotes By Jack London

You are one with a crowd of men who have made what they call a government, who are masters of all the other men, and who eat the food the other men get and would like to eat themselves. You wear the warm clothes. They made the clothes, but they shiver in rags and ask you, the lawyer, or business agent who handles your money, for a job.
'But that is beside the matter,' I cried.
Not at all. It is piggishness and it is life. Of what use or sense is an immortality of piggishness? What is the end? What is it all about? You have made no food. Yet the food you have eaten or wasted might have saved the lives of a score of wretches who made the food but did not eat it. What immortal end did you serve? Or did they? — Jack London

Government Job Quotes By Ann Coulter

To promote the sales of GM vehicles, Obama says the government will stand by your GM car warranty. And all the taxpayers will get a lube job. — Ann Coulter

Government Job Quotes By Steve Bivans

What's interesting is that most free-marketers don't seem to want a free market at all, but a status quo market. The market in the United States is anything but free. If it were, big business would have to survive without corporate welfare to the tune of about $1 trillion (that's trillion) in government subsidies, the majority of which, about $650 billion, go to the fossil fuel industry! They are living off of the public dole on subsidies totaling billions of dollar - that we hand out either directly, or through tax breaks for their big corporations - with the false assumption that they are creating jobs. They are not. They are creating yachts, Leer Jets, and McMansions with swimming pools. — Steve Bivans

Government Job Quotes By Rob Lowe

Individuals usually do a better job than the government. — Rob Lowe

Government Job Quotes By Ann Wagner

When we get government off the backs of our job creators, small businesses have a better chance of thriving. And when small businesses thrive, so does our economy. — Ann Wagner

Government Job Quotes By Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

There isn't a day I do not work at my job, or a waking moment when I do not think through a work-related problem. Even my critics cannot begrudge the long hours I put in. Our people deserve a government that works just as hard as they do. — Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

Government Job Quotes By Malcolm Gladwell

So why don't Americans cheat? Because they think that their system is legitimate. People accept authority when they see that it treats everyone equally, when it is possible to speak up and be heard, and when there are rules in place that assure you that tomorrow you won't be treated radically different from how you are treated today. Legitimacy is based on fairness, voice and predictability, and the U.S. government, as much as Americans like to grumble about it, does a pretty good job of meeting all three standards. Pg. 293 — Malcolm Gladwell

Government Job Quotes By Frank Zappa

Schools train you to be ignorant with style [ ... ] they prepare you to be a usable victim for a military industrial complex that needs manpower. As long as you're just smart enough to do a job and just dumb enough to swallow what they feed you, you're going to be alright [ ... ] So I believe that schools mechanically and very specifically try and breed out any hint of creative thought in the kids that are coming up. — Frank Zappa

Government Job Quotes By Michael Bloomberg

And I keep saying, whether you like the president or not, everybody has to pull together and help the president because, as the president goes, so goes the country, as the country goes, so goes your job, your ability to feed your family, your government. — Michael Bloomberg

Government Job Quotes By John F. Kennedy

Anyone who is honestly seeking a job and can't find it, deserves the attention of the United States government, and the people. — John F. Kennedy

Government Job Quotes By Stephen Hawking

If the government is covering up knowledge of aliens, they are doing a better job of it than they do at anything else. — Stephen Hawking

Government Job Quotes By Ted Nugent

I have a job to pay attention. It is my number one duty as a human being - to earn an experiment in self-government every day by spotlighting cockroaches who violate their oath to the US constitution and wipe their ass with the US Constitution — Ted Nugent