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Good Subliminal Quotes By Julie Klausner

A relationship book I once read told women to use the word 'fun' whenever possible. The author claimed it had a subliminal aphrodisiac effect on men, who want a relaxed girl attached only to good times - the human equivalent of Diet Coke. This is not me. — Julie Klausner

Good Subliminal Quotes By Jorge Luis Borges

As to whether a poem has been written by a great poet or not, this is important only to historians of literature. Let us suppose, for the sake of argument, that I have written a beautiful line; let us take this as a working hypothesis. Once I have written it, that line
does me no good, because, as I've already said, that line came to me from the Holy Ghost, from the subliminal self, or perhaps from some other writer. I often find I am merely quoting something I read some time ago, and then that becomes a rediscovering. Perhaps it is better that a poet should be nameless. — Jorge Luis Borges

Good Subliminal Quotes By Owen Pallett

What better metaphor for the subliminal state than capitalism? This whole notion that you're trying to do good and make things good for the world, but at the same time the reality is that you have to eat other people to end up on top. — Owen Pallett

Good Subliminal Quotes By Idries Shah

And there are many people, both Moslem and Christian, who have a good grasp of each others0 conceptions of surrender to God an other principles. But the widespread existence of bias, misinformation and lack of knowledge ( ... ) militate against the effectiveness of dialogue, ( ... ) by the most subtle and one of the most effective of instruments, the subconscious, almost the subliminal, introduction of hostility. — Idries Shah