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Good Role Models Quotes By James Baldwin

Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them. — James Baldwin

Good Role Models Quotes By Justin Bieber

Young people in the business have grown up and made the wrong decisions, or bad decisions, and haven't been good role models. To be someone that people look up to is important to me. — Justin Bieber

Good Role Models Quotes By Banksy

If you feel dirty, insignificant or unloved, then rats are a good role model. They exist without permission, they have no respect for the hierarchy of society, and they have sex 50 times a day. — Banksy

Good Role Models Quotes By Thomm Quackenbush

At least the more modern princesses had the guts to do something aside from clean and wait to be rescued. They armed themselves and tried to provide good role models to impressionable girl tykes. It riled some innate feminist ... that the princesses were strongest when they were acting like the men ... — Thomm Quackenbush

Good Role Models Quotes By Phoebe Tonkin

It's important for little girls to have characters to look up to, and also be entertained by the fantasy parts. There are a lot of not-so-good role models out there for younger kids, it's good to have someone they can relate to on television. — Phoebe Tonkin

Good Role Models Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

Creativity is a path for the brave, yes, but it is not a path for the fearless, and it's important to recognize the distinction. Bravery means doing something scary. Fearlessness means not even understanding what the word scary means. If your goal in life is to become fearless, then I believe you're already on the wrong path, because the only truly fearless people I've ever met were straight-up sociopaths and a few exceptionally reckless three-year-olds - and those aren't good role models for anyone. — Elizabeth Gilbert

Good Role Models Quotes By Brandi Chastain

Women can be incredible role models for their kids, neighbors and communities just by making good choices in terms of what they're eating and whether they're exercising. — Brandi Chastain

Good Role Models Quotes By Tony Dungy

We are all role models to someone in this world, and we can all have an impact - for good. — Tony Dungy

Good Role Models Quotes By Lisa Natoli

THE LIGHT DOES THE WORK. It makes you look good. How do we begin to change the world standard? I have no idea. I suppose it would start with a few good role models. People who would say, "I'm going to be myself" and let this be enough. It starts with me. To demonstrate that I am good enough. Not later, but now. I am whole and perfect as God created me. — Lisa Natoli

Good Role Models Quotes By Brian Molko

I'd like to be more of a bad influence than a role model. I'm getting lots of boys to wear eye-liner again which is good. — Brian Molko

Good Role Models Quotes By S. Bear Bergman

I had great femme mentors, I had good role models of gentle men, I found ways to be a butch that did not require being an ass in public, ways of masculinity that were not misogyny - which is what I see more often than I used to these days, this way of butches distancing themselves from any and all things feminine by embodying the worst excesses of men, from relatively harmless ones like spitting on the street and wearing too much cheap cologne to behaving as though women were an entirely separate species of second-class citizen, the objects of jokes and derision. — S. Bear Bergman

Good Role Models Quotes By Condoleezza Rice

It's good to have female or minority role models. But the important thing is to have mentors who care about you, and they come in all colors. — Condoleezza Rice

Good Role Models Quotes By Jennie Finch

I had the vision of creating my own camp to make sure I was teaching the campers what I wanted. Plus I picked other players that were good on the field and off so we could be great role models for these girls to look up to. I hope to inspire others and encourage them to go after their dreams. — Jennie Finch

Good Role Models Quotes By Magnus Scheving

I realised there were no good role models for kids. Popeye eats spinach, but also smokes and hits people. — Magnus Scheving

Good Role Models Quotes By Tom Kenny

SpongeBob is a good role model as far as imaginary creatures go. He works hard and his emotional highs are very high, he's either giddy or utterly devastating and crying like a lawnsprinkler ... SpongeBob is bipolar. — Tom Kenny

Good Role Models Quotes By Jonathan Vilma

Whether we like it or not, we are high-profile athletes. We're role models. Kids come up to me all the time to talk and it makes me remember when I was a kid and I got to meet Jerry Rice and how much that meant to me. And how we've got to set a good example. — Jonathan Vilma

Good Role Models Quotes By Jill Bryant

A well-dressed, self-assured business executive steps into a quiet corner of the conference room, crowded with people. Everyone there is aware of her presence. She's dark-haired, petite, and alluring. She is quick to smile, and when she does, her whole face lights up. Her enthusiasm is infectious. Young men and women nod as they pass by, briefly breaking off their conversations with colleagues. The executive looks down at her compact electronic device and quickly texts: "Smile. Talk into the mic. Good luck. — Jill Bryant

Good Role Models Quotes By Robert Sherrill

The Christian-Judaic God does not exist, and if He did exist as described in the Bible, He would certainly not be a good role model. — Robert Sherrill

Good Role Models Quotes By Barbara Kingsolver

[from an entry by her daughter Camille] American culture doesn't allow much room for slow reflection. I watch the working people who are supposed to be my role models getting pushed to go, go, go and take as little vacation time as possible. And then, often, vacations are full of endless activity too, so you might come back from your "break" feeling exhausted ... Whether you prefer to sit on a rock in a peaceful place, or take a wooden spoon to a simmering pot, it does the body good to quiet down and tune in. — Barbara Kingsolver

Good Role Models Quotes By Greg Graffin

I wouldn't say there's a need for the Spice Girls, but I'd say there's a place for the Spice Girls. There's certainly a place for them, but you don't promote the Spice Girls at the expense of promoting what I think are good role models for girls. You need to create some kind of equality. — Greg Graffin

Good Role Models Quotes By Jesse Bering

The public debate plays out in an infinite regress of blame over who's responsible for those who fail to fit the standard erotic mold. This is variously ascribed to the people choosing to be the deviants they are, porn, the Devil (always a shoo-in), bad parents, poor role models, our sexually repressed culture, or the psychiatrists who keep needling sexual minorities by branding them mentally ill. It's a rabbit hole of endless (and usually endlessly bad) arguments. Morally, all that matters - and allow me to reiterate that because I feel it's quite important, all that matters - is whether a person's sexual deviancy is demonstrably harmful. If it's not, and we reject the person anyway, then we're not the good guys in this scenario; we're the bad guys. — Jesse Bering

Good Role Models Quotes By Tucker Elliot

When I was a kid, my parents were very careful about who was "acceptable" as my heroes if you will, because they didn't want me being influenced by athletes who lacked morals. Cal Ripken and Dale Murphy were at the top of my mom's list of players she felt were good role models, so of course I was a diehard fan of both those guys. — Tucker Elliot

Good Role Models Quotes By Cicely Tyson

Whatever good I have accomplished as an actress I believe came in direct proportion to my efforts to portray black women who have made positive contributions to my heritage. — Cicely Tyson

Good Role Models Quotes By Britney Spears

So many people have asked me how I could possibly be a role model and dress like a tramp and get implants ... all I have to say is that self-esteem is how you look at yourself and I feel good enough about myself so wear that kind of clothing ... the breast implant issue has nothing to do with that ... — Britney Spears

Good Role Models Quotes By Christopher Parker

I don't have role models or watch much TV. I go to awards ceremonies but often I don't even know who the people are. I think that's good, because then you don't have preconceived ideas about them. — Christopher Parker

Good Role Models Quotes By Larry Ellison

I wish HP nothing but the best. I think HP is an icon. Those of us who had their careers in the Valley think of Dave Packard and Bill Hewlett as role models. We would love to be half as good as they were. — Larry Ellison

Good Role Models Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

the only truly fearless people I've ever met were straight-up sociopaths and a few exceptionally reckless three-year-olds - and those aren't good role models for anyone. The — Elizabeth Gilbert

Good Role Models Quotes By Lauren Conrad

My mother taught me to focus on being myself and not to worry what other people think about you. I know that as long as I'm a good person I'll stay on the right path. From my dad I learned that when someone tells you "No" it's only the beginning of a conversation. They both have always let me know that I can do anything I want to do as long as I don't give up. They are the most important role models in my life because they are exactly who I want to be when I grow up. They are supportive and understanding and I try every day to remember what they've taught me. — Lauren Conrad

Good Role Models Quotes By Karl Alexander

It is useful to be reminded that in even the most distressed black neighborhoods, the majority of residents are "decent folk" who live by the rules and strive to lead respectable lives (Anderson 2000), yet crime and the fear of it weakens conventional social capital in these communities. Strong role models may be in short supply, the institutional infrastructure is weak, and, of most immediate relevance, bridges to good job opportunities in the wider world are in short supply. — Karl Alexander

Good Role Models Quotes By Tom Walsh

Unfortunately, we don't have all that many good examples to follow. The people that our cultures label as "successful" are the ones who have become wealthy or famous or celebrities, but the truly successful people
those who have become happy and who are living happy, loving, giving lives
aren't often featured in our newspapers or newscasts. We see the politicians and the criminals and the athletes and the entertainment "stars," but we don't see the people who can truly inspire us to be happy by being just who we are. — Tom Walsh

Good Role Models Quotes By Julian D. Ford

Take a few minutes and come up with a personal list of what's most important to you. Consider the following: People like family, friends, role models, and mentors (animals count too) Places you've been and loved Places you dream of visiting Activities you love to do and look forward to Beliefs about what is good in life Moments that you've most treasured Values about how the world should be Goals, both for personal achievement and making the world a better place Now take this list and circle four or five items that mean the most to you in terms of giving you a feeling that your life has been and — Julian D. Ford

Good Role Models Quotes By Gal Gadot

I always tell myself that it is very, very important for me to be a good role model for Alma, my daughter. — Gal Gadot

Good Role Models Quotes By Dan Shechtman

I see the root of the education crisis in the primary and secondary schools. Academia is doing a fairly good job. The root of the problem is the teachers. Some are great. But too many of them are not capable of being good role models. They can't control the classes. They lose too much time trying to create a learning environment. — Dan Shechtman

Good Role Models Quotes By Eric Metaxas

You can talk about right and wrong and good and bad all day long, but ultimately people need to see it. Seeing and studying the actual lives of people is simply the best way to communicate ideas about how to behave and how not to behave. We need heroes and role models. — Eric Metaxas

Good Role Models Quotes By Hazel Rochman

Books can make a difference in dispelling prejudice and building community: not with role models and recipes, not with noble messages about the human family, but with enthralling stories that make us imagine the lives of others. A good story lets you know people as individuals in all their particularity and conflict; and once you see someone as a person - flawed, complex, striving - you've reached beyond stereotype. — Hazel Rochman

Good Role Models Quotes By Leslie Morgan Steiner

My mom is one of my role models in a complicated way. I learned from her how to be a good mom. She was one of those natural moms who really took to it. Her chosen profession was teaching. She loves kids. But she was extremely frustrated and unhappy because for much of my life she was a stay-at-home mom. — Leslie Morgan Steiner

Good Role Models Quotes By Michael Ray

Executives run organizations. In business, we need executives who have clarity, people who are in touch with themselves. Then, in leadership and management positions, they can be good role models and leaders. The people I know who have really moved their organizations are scrupulous role models. They are so clear about honesty, integrity, openness, mutual self-respect, dignity for the individual, and creativity, that they don't deviate from these principles at all in their behavior. — Michael Ray

Good Role Models Quotes By Edwidge Danticat

I hope to be a good role model for my daughters. — Edwidge Danticat

Good Role Models Quotes By Doris Anderson

If I had had a daughter, I always knew what I would tell her. First of all, I would try to counter all outdated stereotypical claptrap that girls are commonly told about their sex--that women are valued far more for their sexual characteristics than their character and brains--and encourage her to be a truly independent person. Only knowing who she is herself will she be able to find find her own life's work and make good decisions in choosing a partner and having children. — Doris Anderson

Good Role Models Quotes By Andrew Shue

People who dream of something bigger and better are good role models. — Andrew Shue

Good Role Models Quotes By Sharon M. Draper

Teenage girls today need strong, positive role models that can show them how to be independent thinkers and confident decision-makers. Dana is proud and self-confident, which is good, but she does not always make wise decisions. Rather than make her a super woman, I balanced her with difficult situations that could have been handled better. Her strength, however, shines through. This way, a young woman can read the book, discuss Dana's actions, and reflect on the decision-making in her own life. — Sharon M. Draper

Good Role Models Quotes By Dante Hall

The only reason we make good role models is because you guys look up to athletes and we can influence you in positive ways. But the real role models should be your parents and teachers! — Dante Hall

Good Role Models Quotes By Fiona Apple

I've done things that can be made fun of. It's not such a bad thing. If I'm going to end up a role model, then I'd rather not end up being the kind of role model that pretends to be perfect, and pretends that she always has the right thing to say. I'm a product of role models that didn't make me feel like I was as good as them. — Fiona Apple

Good Role Models Quotes By Michael Redhill

I wasn't against becoming a dad: I'd had a good childhood, as childhoods go, and as role models, my imperfect parents were as good as or better than most. — Michael Redhill

Good Role Models Quotes By Sidney Altman

I should mention that while I was growing up, Einstein was presented as a worthy role model for a young boy who was good at his studies. — Sidney Altman

Good Role Models Quotes By Sophie Ellis-Bextor

My parents are good role models because they've worked hard and gave me a happy childhood. — Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Good Role Models Quotes By William S. Burroughs

All the role models are being exposed and this is good because role models are shit. The quicker we exposed them the better. The whole concept of role models is frightful! You gotta make your own role. — William S. Burroughs

Good Role Models Quotes By Leila Aboulela

I write fiction that reflects Islamic logic: fictional worlds where cause and effect are governed by Muslim rationale. However, my characters do not necessarily behave as 'good' Muslims; they are not ideals or role models. — Leila Aboulela

Good Role Models Quotes By Kevin James

I had many teachers that were great, positive role models and taught me to be a good person and stand up and be a good man. A lot of the principals they taught me still affect how I act sometimes and it's 30 years later. — Kevin James

Good Role Models Quotes By Melanie Iglesias

I'd have to say, what inspires me is making sure my siblings have a good role model to look up to. — Melanie Iglesias

Good Role Models Quotes By James Patterson

Let's face it: Most of us don't realize it, but we are failing our kids as reading role models. The best role models are in the home: brothers, fathers, grandfathers; mothers, sisters, grandmothers. Moms and dads, it's important that your kids see you reading. Not just books - reading the newspaper is good, too. — James Patterson

Good Role Models Quotes By Lundy Bancroft

ABUSIVE MEN COME in every personality type, arise from good childhoods and bad ones, are macho men or gentle, "liberated" men. No psychological test can distinguish an abusive man from a respectful one. Abusiveness is not a product of a man's emotional injuries or of deficits in his skills. In reality, abuse springs from a man's early cultural training, his key male role models, and his peer influences. In other words, abuse is a problem of values, not of psychology. When someone challenges an abuser's attitudes and beliefs, he tends to reveal the contemptuous and insulting personality that normally stays hidden, reserved for private attacks on his partner. An abuser tries to keep everybody - his partner, his therapist, his friends and relatives - focused on how he feels, so that they won't focus on how he thinks, perhaps because on some level he is aware that if you grasp the true nature of his problem, you will begin to escape his domination. — Lundy Bancroft