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Top Good Project Management Quotes

Good Project Management Quotes By Mary Roach

Of all the so-called variety meats, none presents a steeper challenge to the food persuader than the reproductive organs. Good luck to Deanna Pucciarelli, the woman who seeks to introduce mainstream America to the culinary joys of pig balls. "I am indeed working on a project on pork testicles," said Pucciarelli, director of the Hospitality and Food Management Program at - fill my heart with joy! - Ball State University. — Mary Roach

Good Project Management Quotes By Ernest Christo

Perfectionism is an enemy of good time management. If you are one of those people who needs to finish every project with absolutely no imperfections, you are undoubtedly wasting a great deal of time. Learn to recognize what is "good enough" and which activities don't demand absolute precision, and revise your approach accordingly. — Ernest Christo

Good Project Management Quotes By Richard H. Thaler

I found the concept of hindsight bias fascinating, and incredibly important to management. One of the toughest problems a CEO faces is convincing managers that they should take on risky projects if the expected gains are high enough. Their managers worry, for good reason, that if the project works out badly, the manager who championed the project will be blamed whether or not the decision was a good one at the time. Hindsight bias greatly exacerbates this problem, because the CEO will wrongly think that whatever was the cause of the failure, it should have been anticipated in advance. And, with the benefit of hindsight, he always knew this project was a poor risk. What makes the bias particularly pernicious is that we all recognize this bias in others but not in ourselves. — Richard H. Thaler

Good Project Management Quotes By Napoleon Bonaparte

Under a good administration, the Nile gains on the desert. Under a bad one, the desert gains on the Nile. — Napoleon Bonaparte

Good Project Management Quotes By Neil A. Fiore

Remember to avoid self-criticism about setbacks or obstacles that appear in the midst of your project. As management consultant Michael Durst says, "You may not be responsible for causing what happens to you, but you are responsible for what you do to correct it." This powerful message contains a crucial concept that many people miss: let go of worrying about the initial cause of the problem so that you can direct your energies to where they can do the most good - on the solution. — Neil A. Fiore

Good Project Management Quotes By Gerry Geek

A project goal like a joke. If you have to explain it, it is not good / fun. — Gerry Geek

Good Project Management Quotes By Andrew Longman

In short, they're a bit like a referee at a sporting event: Do a good job and nobody notices; make a mistake and the finger pointing begins. — Andrew Longman