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Top Good Point Guard Quotes

Good Point Guard Quotes By Jerry Bridges

From our limited vantage point, our lives are marked by an endless series of contingencies. We frequently find ourselves, instead of acting as we planned, reacting to an unexpected turn of events. We make plans but are often forced to change those plans. But there are no contingencies with God. Our unexpected, forced change of plans is a part of His plan. God is never surprised; never caught off guard; never frustrated by unexpected developments. God does as He pleases and that which pleases Him is always for His glory and our good. — Jerry Bridges

Good Point Guard Quotes By Trey Burke

I definitely feel like I'm a really good playmaker, a really smart point guard that can lead his team and win. — Trey Burke

Good Point Guard Quotes By Matt Haig

(It's a weird thing, depression. Even now, writing this with a good distance of fourteen years from my lowest point, I haven't fully escaped. You get over it, but at the same time you never get over it. It comes back in flashes, when you are tired or anxious or have been eating the wrong stuff, and catches you off guard. I woke up with it a few days ago, in fact. I felt its dark wisps around my head, that ominous life-is-fear feeling. But then, after a morning with the best five- and six-year-olds in the world, it subsided. it is now an aside. Something to put brackets around. Life lesson: the way out is never through yourself.) — Matt Haig

Good Point Guard Quotes By Deron Williams

A point guard is judged by wins and losses. I think I'm doing a good job. — Deron Williams

Good Point Guard Quotes By Sarah Palin

Let me go back to a comfortable analogy for me - sports ... basketball. I use it because you're naive if you don't see the national full-court press picking away right now: A good point guard drives through a full court press, protecting the ball, keeping her eye on the basket ... and she knows exactly when to pass the ball so that the team can WIN. — Sarah Palin

Good Point Guard Quotes By Theresa Grentz

When you have Jessica Davenport in the middle, with some very, very good shooters around her and a good point guard, they have the pieces — Theresa Grentz

Good Point Guard Quotes By Steve Nash

I've always wanted to shoot a good percentage for my team, because I'm the point guard, and I can take fewer shots, still score more, so that I can get my teammates feeling good about themselves. That was always my feeling - that if I shoot a high percentage, I don't have to shoot a ton. — Steve Nash

Good Point Guard Quotes By S.G. Night

Hmm," Joseph shrugged. "Good point. Who needs a caravan guard when you've got a Genshwin? — S.G. Night

Good Point Guard Quotes By Pat Conroy

I was born to be a point guard, but not a very good one, — Pat Conroy