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Top Good Ja'mie Quotes

Good Ja'mie Quotes By J.A. Perez

If you cannot seat where they sit, you have no right to tell them what's good for them. — J.A. Perez

Good Ja'mie Quotes By Ja Rule

When you go to jail, there's so much simple stuff missing. You just want some good toilet paper or a real toothbrush, a real blanket and a real bed to lay in. — Ja Rule

Good Ja'mie Quotes By Tom Eaton

Ja-nee, there had been some good times at the academy over Scrabble boards. Of course, the long evenings had always ended in recriminations when one or other recruit insisted that 'pzxtrri' was a word, and the others had told him to prove it, and he'd said Fine, give me a dictionary, and they'd said You know we don't have a dictionary, and he'd said Then shut your face, and they'd said Make me, and he'd gone for his service pistol. But before the inevitable arrival of the dog unit with the pepper spray, there had been some real friendships made. — Tom Eaton

Good Ja'mie Quotes By Ja Rule

A lot of people say I tried to emulate Tupac, but when I look back at my career, we're very different artists. I took pages out of Pac's book, of course, and lots of other rappers - Biggie, Nas - of course you take pages out of those books, but you eventually make it your own thing. And I think I did a good job of that. — Ja Rule

Good Ja'mie Quotes By Ja Rule

It's always good to be working. — Ja Rule

Good Ja'mie Quotes By Ja Rule

Money and good pussy's a fatal attraction for men. — Ja Rule

Good Ja'mie Quotes By Joseph Conrad

And because you not always can keep your eyes shut there comes the real trouble
the heart pain
the world pain.
I tell you, my friend, it is not good for you to find you cannot make your dream come true, for the reason that you not strong enough are, or not clever enough ... Ja! ...
And all the time you are such a fine fellow too! Wie? Was? Gott im Himmel! How can that be? Ha! ha! ha!
'The shadow prowling amongst the graves of butterflies laughed boisterously. — Joseph Conrad