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Quotes & Sayings About Good Business Partners

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Good Business Partners Quotes By Elliot Morley

Cost-effective, attractive to business partners, environmentally friendly, easy access to a wide range of guidance and support - it makes good business sense to implement and maintain a robust and effective environmental management system — Elliot Morley

Good Business Partners Quotes By Joseph Barbera

Friends don't necessarily made good business or creative partners. — Joseph Barbera

Good Business Partners Quotes By Claudia Schiffer

This is not a change of career for me. Just an expansion of it. I have contracts and obligations and business partners who are counting on me. And I would only want to do another movie if it's as good as this one. — Claudia Schiffer

Good Business Partners Quotes By Nina George

Jeanno, women can love so much more intelligently then us men! They never love a man for his body, even if they can enjoy that too ---- and how." Joaquin sighed with pleasure. "But women love you for your character, your strength, your intelligence. Or because you can protect a child. Because you're a good person, you're honorable and dignified. They never love you as stupidly as men love women. Not because you've got especially beautiful calves or look so good in a suit that their business partners look on jealously when they introduce you. Such women do exist, but only as a cautionary example to others. — Nina George

Good Business Partners Quotes By Robert Kiyosaki

Finding good partners is the key to success in anything: in business, in marriage and, especially, in investing. — Robert Kiyosaki

Good Business Partners Quotes By Irene Rosenfeld

To build and sustain brands people love and trust, one must focus-not only on today but also on tomorrow. It's not easy ... but balancing the short and long term is key to delivering sustainable, profitable growth-growth that is good for our shareholders but also good for our consumers, our employees, our business partners, the communities where we live and work, and the planet we inhabit — Irene Rosenfeld