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God Gave Us Sisters Quotes & Sayings

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God Gave Us Sisters Quotes By Courtney Milan

Perhaps God gave one sisters to teach one to love the inexplicable. — Courtney Milan

God Gave Us Sisters Quotes By Peter Julian Eymard

God loved us, and to prove it to us became human in order to become our brother in the flesh. He became poor, the poorest of the poor, in order to be able to include us all as his brothers (and sisters). He became a little child in order to be like children, even born, children from the slums.
God has loved us and has given us all that he is and has. The Father gave the Son, the Son gave his very self, the Holy Spirit became our habitual sanctifier ... How grateful I should be to this kind Savior! — Peter Julian Eymard

God Gave Us Sisters Quotes By George Coyne

God gave me the gift of faith. I don't mean that in any miraculous sense, I mean through the parents who educated me, through the brothers and sisters I grew up with, the schools I went to, there was this influence upon me which was the faith, in the concrete. I accepted it, I questioned it, I grew up with it, and in the end, as a mature adult, I continue to accept it. — George Coyne

God Gave Us Sisters Quotes By Kiera Cass

There is a God," I said absentmindedly as my sisters spoke of spirituality.

"Oh yeah?" Elizabeth snapped, not rudely, but in disbelief. "How do you know?"

"She told me."

"Huh?" Miaka chimed in.

"The Ocean told me. He's there. He makes the waves and the storms, She just has to be strong enough to hold them. She wouldn't need us if She could bring the storm to the ship. She is the most powerful thing we know of, and yet, She has to yield. Trust me, there is a God."

They stared at me for a while. Probably because that was the most I had said in weeks. Those words comforted me because I was tired of answering to Her, obeying Her, bending to Her. It gave me the deepest comfort I had felt in a while to remember that there was Someone, Something out there who could squash Her. — Kiera Cass