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Goal Setter Quotes & Sayings

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Top Goal Setter Quotes

Goal Setter Quotes By Bayode Ojo

I am BETTER everyday because I don't allow BITTER people a chance to LITTER my thought factory with their toxic MATTER. I am a SETTER, a goal GETTER&the MASTER of my game — Bayode Ojo

Goal Setter Quotes By Eric Dane

I'm a goal setter, but in broad strokes. I don't have a by-October-2009-I-want-to-be-here plan. All I do is work with an element of challenge and an element of enjoyment. With that, anything can happen. — Eric Dane

Goal Setter Quotes By Kamini Arichandran

Be a goal-setter, a go-getter, all the while, moving, in humility and kindness. — Kamini Arichandran

Goal Setter Quotes By Kiana Tom

I am a goal setter and I set more goals everyday. I keep lists of goals in my office to stay on track. — Kiana Tom

Goal Setter Quotes By Rose McIver

Really, I'm never much of a goal-setter. Whenever I've tried to make big, solid plans, they don't happen. I'm more into whatever the circumstances are that present themselves, making wise decisions around that. — Rose McIver

Goal Setter Quotes By Barry Gallagher

In your thinking be a goal setter, but in your actions be a goal getter. — Barry Gallagher