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Top Go Kart Quotes

Go Kart Quotes By Joss Whedon

I don't know video games.The last video game I played, apart from Dance Dance Revolution at Jeremy's house, which I was very good at - Scarlett [Johansson] and I will always have "Billie Jean" - was Super Mario Kart on the Super Nintendo. I'm from the Dark Ages. — Joss Whedon

Go Kart Quotes By Jennifer L. Armentrout

Persephone smiled. "Caleb and I play Super MArio Kart every day at one, and when he cancelled on me I knew something was up."
I looked at Caleb slowly. — Jennifer L. Armentrout

Go Kart Quotes By Brittany Cavallaro

We weren't Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. I was ok with that, I thought. We had things they didn't, too. Like electricity, and refrigerators. And Mario Kart. — Brittany Cavallaro

Go Kart Quotes By Pastor Maldonado

In my city of Maracay, there is a go kart circuit about five minutes from my home. When I was about three or four years old, I said I wanted to race, but I was too young; then, when I reached the age of seven, my father gave me a kart and we started from there. — Pastor Maldonado

Go Kart Quotes By Fernando Alonso

For me, it was not destiny to make it to where I am now - I thought for a long- time I would become a go-kart mechanic, or a job like this, not an F1 driver. — Fernando Alonso

Go Kart Quotes By Bruce Springsteen

Go-kart Mozart was checking out the weather chart to see if it was safe outside. — Bruce Springsteen

Go Kart Quotes By Eva Morgan

Did you learn to drive - by playing Mario Kart - "
"I've never put a Mario in a cart and I never will. — Eva Morgan

Go Kart Quotes By Hideki Konno

Game balance is a really important element of Mario Kart that we look very, very closely at and place a lot of value on, — Hideki Konno

Go Kart Quotes By Clifford Riley

He looked back at the mirror. "I know it's completely ridiculous, but I can't keep quiet about it any longer. Your closet looks like it was put together by a blind nun, and your brother acts like a cross between a monkey and a go-kart, and you have the social skills of a rock. But I like you, Amy. Quite - quite a bit." He paused. "So, congratulations. — Clifford Riley

Go Kart Quotes By Cary S. Kart

Get sleep....get sharp!! — Cary S. Kart

Go Kart Quotes By Poppy Adams

A moth is such a simple machine in the animal world - the go-kart to the modern car - and it takes a lot of glitches to prevent it going. It's this intriguing simplicity, the idea that you could pull it into its constituent parts and put it back together in the same rainy day, that if you pulled back the skin, you could watch the inner workings, that makes a moth such an absorbing creature to study. Moths have a universal character: there are no individuals. Each reacts to a precise condition or stimulus in a predictable and replicable way. They are pre-programmed robots, unable to learn from experience. For instance, we know they will allways react to a smell, a pheromone or a particular spectrum of light in the same way. I can mimic the scent of a flower so that a moth will direct itself towards that scent ... — Poppy Adams

Go Kart Quotes By Pastor Maldonado

After karting in Venezuela, I came to Europe in 1998 to compete in international kart races, which was great for me to get experience racing outside my country. After consistently being at the top, I decided to move to Italian Formula Renault. — Pastor Maldonado

Go Kart Quotes By Hideki Konno

When we were designing Mario Kart 64, we wanted it to feel like the player is controlling an RC car ... If you play this game and get this feeling, then we will be happy because we accomplished our goal. — Hideki Konno

Go Kart Quotes By RJ Mitte

I like to dirt bike ride, four wheeler, go-kart. — RJ Mitte

Go Kart Quotes By Sarah Hyland

I've always been a fan of Nintendo. My first memories of playing games are on my Nintendo 64 with 'Mario Kart,' so when I found out that Nintendo 3DS made a fashion game, I was drawn to it. 'Style Savvy Trendsetters' is great because anyone can play it. — Sarah Hyland

Go Kart Quotes By Russell Brand

Boggle with sex addicts is up there with go-kart racing with junkies. — Russell Brand

Go Kart Quotes By Grace Park

I'm not a big gamer, really. I used to play back in the day - 'Mario Brothers,' 'Mario Kart' and 'Mortal Kombat.' — Grace Park

Go Kart Quotes By Fernando Alonso

I thought I would be a go-kart mechanic - not an F1 driver — Fernando Alonso

Go Kart Quotes By Michael Schumacher

I think I was five when I had my real first go-kart. — Michael Schumacher

Go Kart Quotes By Michelle Phan

If I can find time to play games, it's console gaming. I don't want to be plugged into my phone all the time. I'm waiting for the new Mario Kart to come out, but I've been playing Donkey Kong and Mario 3D World on the Wii U. — Michelle Phan

Go Kart Quotes By Hideki Konno

This is the eighth game in the series and when we work on a Mario Kart title, we work on courses and we create them and then we work on them again, and again, and again, and we revise until we come up with something that we think is going to be fun for everyone to play over and over again. So we have a lot of confidence in our ability to do so, but we understand what a tough challenge it is to create those courses. — Hideki Konno

Go Kart Quotes By Jack Barakat

You don't always get the waterfall shortcut in Mario Kart. That's life. — Jack Barakat

Go Kart Quotes By Alyssa Sutherland

I love Mario Kart. — Alyssa Sutherland

Go Kart Quotes By Mario Andretti

You do a period of go-karting until you're at the age of qualifying for a ride in a 'school-kart,' then you qualify for driving school. And several of the driving schools have a competition series for their own students. — Mario Andretti

Go Kart Quotes By Andy Lally

As a kid, I loved my Matchbox cars, my Big Wheels, and the race cars on TV. When I laid eyes on my first go-kart when I was just five, it gave my desire for making things with wheels go fast a focus. This combined with the fact that I've been incredibly competitive since a young age made for the proper mix of passion and aggression to become a race car driver. — Andy Lally

Go Kart Quotes By Fernando Alonso

My parents are responsible for the two things I like doing most - driving and magic tricks. They bought me my first go-kart and a magician's kit. — Fernando Alonso

Go Kart Quotes By Scott Porter

I don't play racing games, unless it's 'Mario Kart.' — Scott Porter