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Top Glamour Quotes

Glamour Quotes By Jessica Hagedorn

The Suffering Pilipino: We Pinoys suffer collectively from a cultural inferiority complex. We are doomed by our need for assimilation into the West and our own curious fatalism...He describes us as a complex nation of cynics, descendants of warring tribes which were baptized and colonized to death by Spaniards and Americans, as a nation betrayed and then united only by our hunger for glamour and our Hollywood dreams. — Jessica Hagedorn

Glamour Quotes By Abe Burrows

Glamour: the indefinable something about a girl with a big bosom. — Abe Burrows

Glamour Quotes By Wynter Gordon

When we talk about my music, it's a cross between Tina Turner, Alanis Morrisette, and Diana Ross. It's the glamour and the showiness of Diana Ross; the ferociousness and pain of Tina Turner; and the vocals of Alanis. — Wynter Gordon

Glamour Quotes By Alexis Hall

My mouth fell open. "Did you really just compare me to Olivia Newton-John?"
"I just meant like going from, y'know, prim to all sexed up."
"I feel . . . weird."
"You look amazin. Amazin."
He pulled me against him, hands snaking under the glamour cardigan to make the acquaintance of my arse.
Chloe gave a warning screech. "Don't smudge 'im!"
He grinned, tilting his head because, in my heels, I was just a little bit taller than he was. "You're giving me chills, babes."
"Is that so? Are they multiplying?"
"Hunjed pahcent."
"You'd better shape up, then."
"You're like totally the one that I want — Alexis Hall

Glamour Quotes By Rick Astley

Fame is not just about being able to get out of a limo in Leicester Square, it's about trying to get into your house when there are eight photographers outside. When you think about being famous, you don't think about all that stuff. You think about the glamour. — Rick Astley

Glamour Quotes By Mason Cooley

Glamour looks eloquent but seldom talks. — Mason Cooley

Glamour Quotes By Kevin Garnett

I'm very simple. I'm not for the flashes, I'm not for glitz and glamour, you know. — Kevin Garnett

Glamour Quotes By Kathy Baker

I worry about my face not having expression. I've never been known for glamour, so it's probably easier for me than it is for someone who has been known for her incredible beauty and glamour. I always wanted to be Geraldine Page, who was just a fabulous actress with just a nice, normal, expressive face. — Kathy Baker

Glamour Quotes By Raymond Chandler

The fear of today," he said, "always overrides the fear of tomorrow. It's a basic fact of the dramatic emotions that the part is greater than the whole. If you see a glamour star on the screen in a position of great danger, you fear for her with one part of your mind, the emotional part. Notwithstanding that your reasoning mind knows that she is the star of the picture and nothing very bad is going to happen to her. If suspense and menace didn't defeat reason, there would be very little drama. — Raymond Chandler

Glamour Quotes By Martijn Benders

But the real and actual 'riggedness' of the Eurovision lies in the vision it presents to us as to what 'Culture' is supposed to be: a monotone, cheap, cloned industrialized song with some glamour attached. The formula is always the same: 24 cloned songs, like computer automated, and 2 'crazy' ones so it seems that all this clonedness is actually supported by creativity. But in this image of 'craziness' there is the same formula: cloned, boring songs with some carnavalesque stuff attached. The factual dynamics of the event are in fact fascist: its almost purely Riefenstahl, but the Chinese mass production version of it. It shows us one thing and one thing only: Countries are an illusion, they are all the same. There are no countries. — Martijn Benders

Glamour Quotes By Maxwell Perkins

I think the novel is a wonder....it has vitality to an extraordinary degree, and glamour, and a great deal of underlying thought of unusual quality....And as for the sheer writing, it's astonishing. [About The Great Gatsby] — Maxwell Perkins

Glamour Quotes By Odd Nerdrum

Contemporary art is based on that an artist is supposed to go into art history in the same way as an art historian. When the artist produces something he or she relates to it with the eye of an art historian/critic. I have the feeling that when I am working it is more like working with soap opera or glamour. It is emotional and not art criticism or history of art. — Odd Nerdrum

Glamour Quotes By Portia De Rossi

If you've looked at all the glamour magazines lately, all the covers are actresses. If they are on those covers, they are going to try to emulate models. That's just the way it is. — Portia De Rossi

Glamour Quotes By Rita Ora

'Glamour's always special to me; they gave me one of my first U.K. covers, and I was so excited when I found out I got a cover for it, so, I always, always have a special place in my heart for 'Glamour.' — Rita Ora

Glamour Quotes By Jessica Savitch

For every two minutes of glamour, there are eight hours of hard work. — Jessica Savitch

Glamour Quotes By Jake Halpern

Ultimately, our obsession with celebrities isn't about them; it's about us and our needs. Many of us look at these people - who have glamour, beauty, wealth, and youth - and familiarize ourselves with them until they begin to feel like real people in our lives. We discuss them at work, in the park, and over dinner. We develop feelings for them. We love them, or hate them, or pity them, or profess not to care but secretly do. — Jake Halpern

Glamour Quotes By Charles Lambert

It pleases him how Spell is how the word is made but also, in the hands of the magician, how the world is changed. One letter separates Word from World, and that letter is like the number one, or an 'I', or a shaft of light between almost closed curtains. There is an old letter called a thorn, which jags and tears at the throat as it's uttered. Later he learns that Grammar and Glamour share the same deeper root, which is further magic, and there can be neither magic without that root, nor plant. He's lost in it like Chid in Child, or God reversed into Dog. Somewhere inside him is a colon. A sentence can last for life. — Charles Lambert

Glamour Quotes By Pixie Lott

I long for the old days of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, stars who had real glamour and mystique. We only knew so much about their lives; the rest was a mystery. — Pixie Lott

Glamour Quotes By Suzy Menkes

The clothes that fire up my emotions are colorful and 'different' pieces. My eye still picks out gilded-cloque glamour from among Burberry's streamlined trench coats or a hand-printed coat from Dries Van Noten. — Suzy Menkes

Glamour Quotes By William Golding

Once more, amid the breeze, the shouting, the slanting sunlight on the high mountain, was shed that glamour, that strange invisible light of friendship, adventure and content. — William Golding

Glamour Quotes By Amy Schumer

Let's all just follow the lead of Glamour, and join forces and lift each other up. — Amy Schumer

Glamour Quotes By David Tod Roy

It is made up of one character each from the names of three of the major female protagonists of the novel (P'an Chin-lien, Li P'ing-erh, and P'ang Ch'un-mei) that would literally mean Gold Vase Plum; it can be semantically construed as The Plum in the Golden Vase, or Plum Blossoms in a Golden Vase; and it puns with three near homophones that might be rendered as The Glamour of Entering the Vagina. — David Tod Roy

Glamour Quotes By Guy Gavriel Kay

I don't know a writer who doesn't feel some sense of glamour and magic and a complex, wistful sadness emanating from the expats of the twenties in France. Some of the sadness, of course, is that we weren't there. — Guy Gavriel Kay

Glamour Quotes By Becki Newton

Glamour is fun! Spending time to get ready isn't about being fussy; it's about taking care of myself. — Becki Newton

Glamour Quotes By Julie Kagawa

Ash didn't say anything, but I heard his faint sigh, as if he'd been holding his breath, and he drew me close, wrapping his around me. I lay my head on his chest and closed my eyes, shoving thoughts of Puck and my dad and the false king to the back of my mind. I would deal with them tomorrow. Right now, I just wanted to sleep, to sink into oblivion and forget everything for a little while. Ash was still quiet, thoughtful. His glamour aura glimmered once, then flickered out of sight again. But all I had to do was listen to his heart, thudding in his chest, to know what he was feeling. — Julie Kagawa

Glamour Quotes By Hedda Hopper

The geniuses who conduct the motion-picture business killed glamour when they decided that what the public wanted was not dream stuff, from which movies used to be made, but realism. — Hedda Hopper

Glamour Quotes By Helen Fielding

Call me old-fashioned, but I did read in Glamour that one's shorts should always be longer than one's vagina. — Helen Fielding

Glamour Quotes By Holly Black

So what are you really wearing?" The words left her mouth before she could consider them. She winced.
He didn't seem to mind; in fact, he flashed her one of his brief smiles. "And if I said nothing at all?"
"Then I would point out that sometimes, if you look at something out of the corner of your eye, you can see right through glamour," she returned.
That brought surprised laughter. "What a relief to us both then that I am actually wearing exactly what you saw me in this afternoon. Although one might point out that in that outfit, your last concern should be my modesty. — Holly Black

Glamour Quotes By Cassandra Clare

Seeing through glamour is easy. It's people that are hard. — Cassandra Clare

Glamour Quotes By Vincent Starrett

The day before yesterday always has been a glamour day. The present is sordid and prosaic. Time colors history as it does a meerschaum pipe. — Vincent Starrett

Glamour Quotes By Jason Wu

I love a little bit of glamour and I love tall girls. — Jason Wu

Glamour Quotes By Charlize Theron

I'm 50-50 on glamour stuff. I'd rather put on a pair of jeans and get on my Harley and act like a guy. — Charlize Theron

Glamour Quotes By Sarah Rees Brennan

When people talk about being a writer, the first words that come to mind are glamour and artistic parties like Charles Dickens used to mix cocktails for. — Sarah Rees Brennan

Glamour Quotes By Gianni Versace

Glamour is back, but with a minimalist touch. — Gianni Versace

Glamour Quotes By Christina Hendricks

We were probably the last people in the country to get a VCR and we didn't have cable. There wasn't any admiration of glamour, no, 'I want to look like them or have that lifestyle', because everyone in my town had the same lifestyle. So I didn't think, 'Ooh, a movie star's birthday!' I just thought, 'What?' — Christina Hendricks

Glamour Quotes By Nanette Lepore

The Thirties are a great mix of everyday glamour and something a bit more practical. — Nanette Lepore

Glamour Quotes By Roksanda Ilincic

I do think there is a completely different notion to glamour today. I think modern glamour is more effortless, easy, and real. Moreover, I think it's about constantly challenging classical ideas by bringing in unexpected and different elements; for example a long, elegant evening skirt paired with a simple t-shirt on the red carpet. I think this approach is the future. — Roksanda Ilincic

Glamour Quotes By Lenny Kravitz

Today, people are more into the glitz and the glamour of everything. We don't even read the inside of records anymore. — Lenny Kravitz

Glamour Quotes By Philippa Gregory

I had meant my promise to George. I had said that I was, before anything else, a Boleyn and a Howard through and through; but now, sitting in th shadowy room, looking out over the gray slates of the city, and up at the dark clouds leaning on the roof of Westminster Palace, I suddenly realized that George was wrong, and that my family was wrong, and that I had been wrong
for all my life. I was not a Howard before anything else. Before anything else I was a woman who was capable of passion and who had a great need and a great desire for love, I didn't want the rewards for which Anne had surrendered her youth. I didn' want the arid glamour of George's life, I wanted the heat and the sweat and the passion of a man that I could love and trust. And I wanted to give myself to him: not for advantage, but for desire. — Philippa Gregory

Glamour Quotes By Dita Von Teese

I advocate glamour. Everyday. Every minute" "Glamour above all things. — Dita Von Teese

Glamour Quotes By Natasha Leggero

I always wanted so much glamour in my life, so I have always been obsessed with class, and from dating a few people who were from old money and a few from new money in my 20s, I just sort of became obsessed with this idea of clueless rich people. — Natasha Leggero

Glamour Quotes By Aly Michalka

When I think about old Hollywood and the glamour of those days, women like Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, and Audrey Hepburn were not dressing the way some girls dress today. There was a certain mystery about them, and I feel like that's gone in our industry. — Aly Michalka

Glamour Quotes By Cinda Williams Chima

If she'd ever hoped to impress Amon Byrne with her newly acquired glamour and beauty, that chance was gone forever. He'd seen her in every kind of ugly. — Cinda Williams Chima

Glamour Quotes By Lorna Sage

The sinner I was expecting was guilty of pride, lust and spiritual despair, not merely of sloth and ineptitude. This was the diary of a nobody. So I nearly censored January to June 1933 in the interests of Grandpa's glamour as a Gothic personage. But in truth this is what we should be exposed to - the awful knowledge that when they're not breaking the commandments, the anti-heroes are mending their tobacco pipes and listening to the wireless. — Lorna Sage

Glamour Quotes By Joanna Lumley

I don't think men are that attracted by glamour. I think women are attracted by glamour. I think men are attracted by a sense of friendship. — Joanna Lumley

Glamour Quotes By Joan Rivers

Omaha is a little like Newark, without Newark's glamour. — Joan Rivers

Glamour Quotes By C.T. Studd

The "romance" of a missionary is often made up of monotony and drudgery; there often is no glamour in it; it doesn't stir a man's spirit or blood. So don't come out to be a missionary as an experiment; it is useless and dangerous. Only come if you feel you would rather die than not come. Don't come if you want to make a great name or want to live long. Come if you feel there is no greater honor, after living for Christ, than to die for Him. — C.T. Studd

Glamour Quotes By John Neff

Investment success does not require glamour stocks or bull markets. — John Neff

Glamour Quotes By Jane Green

I think relationships are very difficult. It's very easy to get swept away with excitement, glamour, and passion. I think the trick is to look for friendship rather than passion. — Jane Green

Glamour Quotes By David LaChapelle

I love fashion, beauty, glamour. It's the mark of civilisation. — David LaChapelle

Glamour Quotes By Karynne Summars

I like fire and water. You are lucky to have both right here."
From " Desperate Pursuit in Venice" Chapter Two. Kataryna's response to Luca. — Karynne Summars

Glamour Quotes By Mario Testino

In the South America of the forties and fifties, everyone was into beauty and glamour and fashion. — Mario Testino

Glamour Quotes By Tom Baker

I've been involved in one or two successes in classical plays but nothing to touch the excitement and the glamour and the gratification of being a children's hero for so long. — Tom Baker

Glamour Quotes By Greg Gutfeld

Over youth, glamour, and glibness. Fashion has no use for Mitts. But the funny thing about cool? It's not cool. At all. In fact, what's truly cool is the rebellion against the perceived, — Greg Gutfeld

Glamour Quotes By Teri Agins

For all of its glamour and frivolity, fashion happens to be a relevant and powerful force in our lives. At every level of society, people care greatly about the way they look, which affects both their self-esteem and the way other people interact with them. — Teri Agins

Glamour Quotes By Arthur Miller

Glamour, that trans-human aura or power to attract imitation, is a kind of vessel into which dreams are poured, and some vessels are simply worthier than others ... A beautiful woman can turn heads but real glamour has a deeper pull ... Glamour is the power to rearrange people's emotions, which, in effect, is the power to control one's environment. — Arthur Miller

Glamour Quotes By Oscar Wilde

Ordinary women never appeal to one's imagination. They are limited to their century. No glamour ever transfigures them. One knows their minds as easily as one knows their bonnets. One can always find them. There is no mystery in any of them. They ride in the park in the morning and chatter at tea parties in the afternoon. They have their stereotyped smile and their fashionable mauve. — Oscar Wilde

Glamour Quotes By Jerry Hall

My mother and my sisters - five girls - were crazy about glamour and Hollywood movies. I styled myself on Veronica Lake and Marlene Dietrich. — Jerry Hall

Glamour Quotes By Erich Maria Remarque

What has that to do with love?"
"A great deal. It takes care of its continuance. Otherwise we would love once only and reject everything else later. But as it is, the remnant of desire for the man one leaves behind, or by whom one is left behind, becomes the halo around the head of the new one. To have lost someone before in itself gives the new one a certain romantic glamour. The hallowed old illusion. — Erich Maria Remarque

Glamour Quotes By Tom Ford

Glamour is something more than what you put on your body. It has to do with the way you carry yourself and the impact you have on others. — Tom Ford

Glamour Quotes By Algernon Blackwood

Like a forest rose the huge peaks above the slumbering village, measuring the night and heavens. They beckoned him. And something born of the snowy desolation, born of the midnight and silent grandeur, born of the great listening hollows of the night, something that lay 'twixt terror and wonder, dropped from the vast wintry spaces down into his heart
and called him. Very softly, unrecorded in any word or thought his brain could compass, it laid its spell upon him. Fingers of snow brushed the surface of his heart. The power and quiet majesty of the winter's night appalled him ...
-The Glamour of the Snow — Algernon Blackwood

Glamour Quotes By Camille Paglia

The smouldering eroticism of great European actresses like Jeanne Moreau demonstrated to my generations women's archetypal mystery and glamour, completely missing from the totalitarian world-view of the misogynist Foucault. For me, the big French D is not Derrida, but Deneuve. — Camille Paglia

Glamour Quotes By Jane Badler

My music touches on things I am concerned with in my own life - the idea of a woman's role in society, sexuality, desire, monogamy, fantasy and glamour. That's what keeps me alive, and if I couldn't keep creating that, I'd fall into a bit of heap. — Jane Badler

Glamour Quotes By Freddie Mercury

The concept of Queen is to be regal and majestic. Glamour is part of us, and we want to be dandy. — Freddie Mercury

Glamour Quotes By Aldous Huxley

Actual happiness always looks pretty squalid in comparison with the overcompensations for misery. And, of course, stability isn't nearly so spectacular as instability. And being contented has none of the glamour of a good fight against misfortune, none of the picturesqueness of a struggle with temptation, or a fatal overthrow by passion or doubt. Happiness is never grand. — Aldous Huxley

Glamour Quotes By Julie Kagawa

Glamour is fueled by the dreams and imagination of mortals. Writers, artists, little boys pretending to be knights - the fey are drawn to them like moths to flame. Why do you think so many children have imaginary friends? — Julie Kagawa

Glamour Quotes By Theresa Randle

Glamour's my thing. The glamour is what got me into this business in the first place. I lived in a fantasy world in order to survive. Now that I'm here, I plan to work it. That means playing the part
long, tight dresses, slick! Unless you rise to the occasion, Hollywood doesn't really exist. — Theresa Randle

Glamour Quotes By Soroosh Shahrivar

Dubai, with all of its glitz and glamour rose in the heart of the desert. — Soroosh Shahrivar

Glamour Quotes By Lucy Hale

I love movies like '500 Days of Summer' and 'Juno.' Something offbeat without the glamour and the makeup and the clothing. — Lucy Hale

Glamour Quotes By Kate Thompson

The realization had brought with it a sudden stark insight into another kind of glamour. It was quite a long time ago now, but he saw it quite clearly: how the media and the advertisers had created their own kind of glamour to seduce whole populations into a kind of insanity. Food that was bad for people, drink that turned them into mindless thugs, countless tons of useless rubbish, all dressed up by advertising glamour to appear like things people couldn't live without. And the human race had fallen for it hook, line, and sinker, becoming....[c]onsumers of limitless glamour, all of it ultimately worthless. — Kate Thompson

Glamour Quotes By Werner Herzog

I live my life outside of the glitz and glamour of the red carpet events, and so you'll never see me there. I'm never at parties. — Werner Herzog

Glamour Quotes By Patty Duke

I never did quite fit the glamour mode. It is life with my husband and family that is my high now. — Patty Duke

Glamour Quotes By Karynne Summars

Yeah, take it from me. He may try to sell himself to you along with the company. And then there is Roberto, the CEO of our acquisition target. He also seems to be a bit of a flirt. Those two are like moths around a light bulb with you. Any idea how you would react if they both came after you? — Karynne Summars

Glamour Quotes By Erin Cummings

A lot of the characters I end up playing have a certain degree of glamour or sexiness, but I like it when you can have some other element that makes it much more interesting. — Erin Cummings

Glamour Quotes By Barack Obama

Friends persuaded me to run for the office, and I won. I had been warned, before taking office, that state politics lacks the glamour of its Washington counterpart; one labors largely in obscurity, mostly on topics that mean a great deal to some but that the average man or woman on the street can safely ignore (the regulation of mobile homes, say, or the tax consequences of farm equipment depreciation). Nonetheless, I found the work — Barack Obama

Glamour Quotes By Thomas Ligotti

I continued to stare at the empty seat because my sensation of a vibrant presence there was unrelieved. And in my staring I perceived that the fabric of the seat, the inner webbing of swirling fibers, had composed a pattern in the image of a face - an old woman's face with an expression of avid malignance - floating amidst wild shocks of twisting hair. — Thomas Ligotti

Glamour Quotes By Abbott L. Lowell

Your aim will be knowledge and wisdom, not the reflected glamour of fame. — Abbott L. Lowell

Glamour Quotes By Carey Mulligan

I did Wall Street, and then everything that happened with An Education took me up until March. I didn't want to work during that because there was just so much stuff. I didn't realize you had to go to so many parties. It was a nightmare! I had to go to all these parties! The glamour! — Carey Mulligan

Glamour Quotes By Rick Riordan

Could you do a glamour and turn into something smaller?" I asked it. "Preferably not a chain, since it's no longer the 1990s?" The sword didn't reply (duh), but I imagined it was humming at a more interrogative pitch, like, Such as what? "I dunno. Something pocket-size and innocuous. A pen, maybe?" The sword pulsed, almost like it was laughing. I imagined it saying, A pen sword. That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. — Rick Riordan

Glamour Quotes By Willa Cather

The world is always full of brilliant youth which fades into grey and embittered middle age: the first flowering takes everything. The great men are those who have developed slowly, or who have been able to survive the glamour of their early florescence and to go on learning from life. — Willa Cather

Glamour Quotes By Anupam Kher

We only see the glamour side of stars but not how they've achieved it. — Anupam Kher

Glamour Quotes By Brad Goreski

Old Hollywood glamour just seems, well, old. — Brad Goreski

Glamour Quotes By Virginia Postrel

Glamour doesn't just happen, people don't wake up in the morning glamorous. — Virginia Postrel

Glamour Quotes By Jake Johnson

If I took over the 'Glamour' offices for a day, I would put Joe Pesci on the cover. I would say 'We've got to change all these magazines a little bit. We have to bring out a different version of what is, like, cool. You know, what's winning. Joe Pesci, Burt Reynolds.' — Jake Johnson

Glamour Quotes By E. Lockhart

In fact, the mark of tragedy became, with time, a mark of glamour. — E. Lockhart

Glamour Quotes By Dorothy Lamour

Glamour is just sex that got civilized. — Dorothy Lamour

Glamour Quotes By Julie Kagawa

I could see us sitting at the old piano, while he tried to explain how music worked. I could see the Iron glamour in the notes, the strict lines and rigid rules that made up the score, but the music itself was a vortex of song and pure, swirling emotion. They weren't separate entities, creative magic and Iron glamour. They were one; cold logic and wild emotion, merged together to create something truly beautiful. — Julie Kagawa

Glamour Quotes By Elif Shafak

Cities are erected on spiritual columns. Like giant mirrors, they reflect the hearts of their residents. If those hearts darken and lose faith, cities will lose their glamour. — Elif Shafak

Glamour Quotes By Alice Foote MacDougall

You the rich are no whit more attractive or capable than you who were poor and struggling a few years back. But when before you plodded lonely and unappreciated, now the glamour of the motor and the smart apartment surrounds you with a tangible glory. It is amazing how many friends look you up, call you by name, and extol you, who were once a little timid, or indifferent, or utterly neglectful in your time of dire poverty. One has true friends when one is poor and no riches can be greater than that. They are not so obvious when one is rich. — Alice Foote MacDougall

Glamour Quotes By Barbara Castle


Glamour Quotes By Paul O'Grady

I don't go for glamour roles. — Paul O'Grady

Glamour Quotes By Nicole Appleton

It's my first presenting role so I'll be nervous, but it's going to be great fun. I can't wait to sample the food and meet the celebrities. Hopefully I can inject some of my own glamour. — Nicole Appleton

Glamour Quotes By Emma Bull

She has her own glamour, Willy lad. All poets do, all the bards and artists, all the musicians who truly take the music into their own hearts. They all straddle the border of Faerie, and they see into both worlds. Not dependably into either, perhaps, but that uncertainty keeps them honest and at a distance. — Emma Bull

Glamour Quotes By Sally Hawkins

Being in nature is very important to me. I'm not a glamour puss. — Sally Hawkins

Glamour Quotes By Dorothy L. Sayers

It was left for the present age to endow Covetousness with glamour on a big scale, and to give it a title which it could carry like a flag. It occurred to somebody to call it Enterprise. From the moment of that happy inspiration, Covetousness has gone forward and never looked back. — Dorothy L. Sayers

Glamour Quotes By Georgette Heyer

Glamour might still have clung to a rakehell who abducted noble damsels, but no glamour remained about a man who had been pushed into a pond in full ball-dress. — Georgette Heyer

Glamour Quotes By Serena Williams

It's a corset design making me look very, very slim and trim. I call it a corset dress. Very Hollywood glamour with the silk. — Serena Williams

Glamour Quotes By Tea Leoni

Well, I don't find glamour and clothing relevant. — Tea Leoni

Glamour Quotes By Candace Bushnell

That was the wonderful thing about New York: Years of bad blood could be wiped out with a single gesture of friendliness. — Candace Bushnell

Glamour Quotes By J.K. Rowling

This group had a kind of dark glamour within the castle. They were a motley collection; a mixture of the weak seeking protection, the ambitious seeking some shared glory, and the thuggish gravitating toward a leader who could show them more refined forms of cruelty. — J.K. Rowling