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Top Getting Attention From Someone Else Quotes

Getting Attention From Someone Else Quotes By James Surowiecki

One key to successful group decisions is getting people to pay much less attention to what everyone else is saying. — James Surowiecki

Getting Attention From Someone Else Quotes By M.R. Carey

There are thirty kids there, too," Justineau adds. "And most of your men. What are we going to do? Just walk away from them?" "That's exactly what we're going to do," Parks tells them. "If you shut up, I'll tell you why. I've been up on that radio every ten or fifteen minutes since we stopped. Not only is there no answer from the base, there's no answer full stop. Nobody else got out of there. Or if they did, they got out without wheels or comms, which means they might just as well be on another planet as far as we're concerned. There's no way to get their attention right now without getting the junkers bouncing at us too. If we meet them on the road, that's great. Otherwise, we're alone, and the only sensible thing to do is to head for home fires. For Beacon." Caldwell — M.R. Carey

Getting Attention From Someone Else Quotes By C.C. Hunter

I think he likes you" Miranda Whispered.
Realizing she and Derek had drawn attention, she glanced away. "He's probably just curious about me like everyone else" she whispered back.
"Nope. He's hot for you" Della said, reminding Kylie of the supernatural hearing of some of the campers. "When he was sitting by you at lunch, he oozed so much testosterone that it was hard to breathe. He wants your body" Della teased.
"Well, he's not getting it" Kylie said. — C.C. Hunter

Getting Attention From Someone Else Quotes By Rick Yancey

I grab his hand and head for the tunnel, keeping my shoulders back and my head up, because skulking toward the nearest exit like Shaggy and Scooby tinkle-toeing is sure to draw attention. I even bark at some kids to get out of the way. If someone tries to stop us, I won't shoot them. I'll explain that the kid is sick and I'm getting him to a doctor before he pukes all over himself and everybody else. If they don't buy my story, then I shoot them. — Rick Yancey

Getting Attention From Someone Else Quotes By Ezra Taft Benson

When you are tempted to look elsewhere for greener pastures, just remember someone else is probably looking at yours. And if another pasture looks greener, perhaps it is getting better care and attention. Grass is always greener ... where it is watered. — Ezra Taft Benson

Getting Attention From Someone Else Quotes By Cris Mazza

If sexuality is beginning in such a skewed way: that boys expect to receive sexual pleasure and girls are expected to give it without reciprocation, is that why young women, even unintentionally, turn to getting something else in return for sex? Whether it be popularity, career success, professional attention. — Cris Mazza