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Top Gazzaniga Interpreter Quotes

Gazzaniga Interpreter Quotes By William Cowper

When one that holds communion with the skies
Has fill'd his urn where these pure waters rise,
And once more mingles with us meaner things,
'Tis e'en as if an angel shook his wings. — William Cowper

Gazzaniga Interpreter Quotes By Caryn Rivadeneira

We can see God in our stories. Which is why we're called to be storytellers. To tell others the stories of our lives - about the things we've endured and survived, the areas where we've failed and succeeded, and the times we've questioned and doubted. Because in all of these stories, others can see what God has done for us. And we can see it too. — Caryn Rivadeneira

Gazzaniga Interpreter Quotes By Tom Lazenby

The artist is unique in his view of the world. He does not see material wealth as his ultimate goal and desire. He sees far beyond his own existence; his own fragile and corruptible mortality. He does not seek to profit through the exploitation of his fellow man. His is the life of expression; of sacrifice. He strives to evoke change within the vast diversities of human perception. — Tom Lazenby

Gazzaniga Interpreter Quotes By Carl Sagan

We are, each of us, a multitude. Within us is a little universe. — Carl Sagan

Gazzaniga Interpreter Quotes By Benjamin Carson

You pray for yourself and just ask God to give you strength. — Benjamin Carson

Gazzaniga Interpreter Quotes By Gareth Bale

Between 12 and 14, I shot up a ridiculous amount. The muscles were struggling to stretch and grow at the rate my bones were growing. It gave me problems with my back and my hamstrings. — Gareth Bale

Gazzaniga Interpreter Quotes By Ransom Riggs

Mainland Wales, was somewhere before us but only dimly visible, an inky smudge squatting along the far horizon. — Ransom Riggs

Gazzaniga Interpreter Quotes By Fay Wray

Mr. Cooper said to me that he had an idea for a film in mind. The only thing he'd tell me was that I was going to have the tallest, darkest leading man in Hollywood. Naturally, I thought of Clark Gable. — Fay Wray

Gazzaniga Interpreter Quotes By John Irving

You know, it's not only writers who have this problem, but writers really, really have this problem; for us, a so-called train of thought, though unspoken, is unstoppable. — John Irving

Gazzaniga Interpreter Quotes By Sharon Gannon

There are many activities that human beings have been doing "forever." We might argue from that perspective that eating meat should be allowed to continue. Men have been raping women for thousands of years; does that mean that it is normal and should be allowed to continue? — Sharon Gannon

Gazzaniga Interpreter Quotes By Paul Brandt

It was difficult, but it was also rewarding. When you have a chance to see kids get better, everything makes it all worth it. All I wanted was to try to make a difference in my life and have a legacy in some way, but for something I had done in someone else's life. — Paul Brandt

Gazzaniga Interpreter Quotes By Dave Moore

Though sleep was dearly needed, it was not welcomed, for even in sleep I was tormented. — Dave Moore

Gazzaniga Interpreter Quotes By Joseph E. Ledoux

When split-brain patients fabricate verbal (left hemisphere based) explanations for behaviors that were produced by the right hemisphere, the left hemisphere is generating explanations of behaviors produced by nonconscious systems and does so in the maintenance of a sense of self. That is, our behavior is an important way we come to know who we are. This is the essence of Gazzaniga's interpreter theory of consciousness (see Chapter 6). — Joseph E. Ledoux

Gazzaniga Interpreter Quotes By Thomas Jefferson

Perceiving the order of nature to be that individual happiness shall be inseparable from the practice of virtue, I am willing to hope it may have ordained that the fall of the wicked shall be the rise of the good.
To J. Correa de Serra, Monticello, Apr. 19, 1814 — Thomas Jefferson

Gazzaniga Interpreter Quotes By E.B. White

I have occasionally had the exquisite thrill of putting my finger on a little capsule of truth, and heard it give the faint squeak of mortality under my pressure. — E.B. White

Gazzaniga Interpreter Quotes By Michael Gazzaniga

Experiments on split-brain patients reveal how readily the left brain interpreter can make up stories and beliefs. In one experiment, for example, when the word walk was presented only to the right side of a patient's brain, he got up and started walking. When he was asked why he did this, the left brain (where language is stored and where the word walk was not presented) quickly created a reason for the action: I wanted to go get a Coke. — Michael Gazzaniga