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Top Gazelle Quotes

Gazelle Quotes By Thomas Moore

DOST thou not hear the silver bell,
Through yonder lime-trees ringing?
'Tis my lady's light gazelle.
To me her love thoughts bringing,
All the while that silver bell
Around his dark neck ringing. — Thomas Moore

Gazelle Quotes By Charlotte Bronte

Would not exchange this one little English girl for the Grand Turk's whole seraglio, gazelle-eyes, houri forms, and all! — Charlotte Bronte

Gazelle Quotes By Tom Robbins

I asked Mr. Wrangle what you were like. He said you were hornet juice and rosebuds in a container of gazelle meat. — Tom Robbins

Gazelle Quotes By Mia Couto

Every morning the gazelle wakes up knowing she must run faster than the lion or will be dead. Every morning the lion wakes up knowing he must run faster than the gazelle or he'll starve. It doesn't matter if you are a lion or a gazelle: when the sun rises you better start to run. — Mia Couto

Gazelle Quotes By Jacqueline Winspear

And I saw the eyes of the gazelle again in France [during WWI], and it struck me that perhaps a heartsick God had looked down and taken up a soul, leaving only the shell of a man." [of those who developed PTSD and/or "war neuroses"] ... [In becoming a psychiatrist] I was really trying to create the conditions whereby a soul might be persuaded to join a man's body once a again, thus making him whole. — Jacqueline Winspear

Gazelle Quotes By Fanny Merkin

I gaze into his gazing eyes gazingly like a gazelle gazing into another gazelle's gazing gaze. — Fanny Merkin

Gazelle Quotes By Delphine Dryden

In the National Geographic movie of my twisted mind, the lion had just leaped on the gazelle, pinned it to the ground and mounted it from behind. Apparently, the devouring could wait. I should point out that these little flights of fancy on my part often involved extremely improbable animal pairings. I blamed cartoons. — Delphine Dryden

Gazelle Quotes By Djimon Hounsou

I feel like Africans are too often portrayed as people on the National Geographic channel: the image is of an African man in a loincloth chasing a gazelle. It's not intentionally racist; I wouldn't call it racist at all. It's a lack of understanding another culture. — Djimon Hounsou

Gazelle Quotes By Abe Gubegna

It doesn't matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle. When the sun comes up, you better be running. — Abe Gubegna

Gazelle Quotes By Mary Karr

The creature you find in Speak, Memory is rare enough to be zoo-worthy. He's not just smarter but somehow more effete than most of us without seeming put on. Resenting him for it would be like resenting a gazelle for her grace. He doesn't sound prissy painting himself as a cultivated synesthete who can hear colors and see music, nor vain talking as a polyglot who translates his own work back and forth into many languages. He's just your standard virtuoso aristocrat from a gilded age. Which is the miracle of his talent. He has shaped the book to highlight his own magnificent way of viewing the world, a viewpoint that so eats your head that you never really leave his very oddly bejeweled skull, and you value things in the book's context as he does, never missing what you otherwise adore in another kind of writer. — Mary Karr

Gazelle Quotes By Ibn Arabi

Oh, her beauty
the tender maid! Its brilliance gives light like lamps to one travelling in the dark.
She is a pearl hidden in a shell of hair as black as jet,
A pearl for which Thought dives and remains unceasingly in the deeps of that ocean.
He who looks upon her deems her to be a gazelle of the sand-hills, because of her shapely neck and the loveliness of her gestures. — Ibn Arabi

Gazelle Quotes By Charles Lamb

Oh, ever thus, from childhood's hour, I 've seen my fondest hopes decay; I never loved a tree or flower But 't was the first to fade away. I never nurs'd a dear gazelle, To glad me with its soft black eye, But when it came to know me well And love me, it was sure to die. — Charles Lamb

Gazelle Quotes By Annie Nicholas

In reality, thousands of years of instinct kicked in. Your forebrain shuts down and a second later you're running down a dark alley like a gazelle in three-inch — Annie Nicholas

Gazelle Quotes By Willie McCovey

I could run like a gazelle, couldn't I? — Willie McCovey

Gazelle Quotes By Christopher McDougall

Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up, it knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve. It doesn't matter whether you're the lion or a gazelle-when the sun comes up, you'd better be running. — Christopher McDougall

Gazelle Quotes By Scott Jurek

The ultra distance forgives injury, fatigue, bad form, and illness. A bear with determination will defeat a dreamy gazelle every time. — Scott Jurek

Gazelle Quotes By Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

A tick of amusement flashed in Tomas' eyes. "I can see you are not quite comfortable with leaving your quarters just yet, so may I order you some food?" Helena lifted her chin. She was determined to bury her fear, and that included her wobbly knees that seemed to recognize she was talking to a lion who, under normal circumstances, viewed her as a tasty gazelle. "Sausage Pizza and ... Dr. Pepper." Tomas stared for several moments, fear filling his eyes. "I am certain we can find you a pizza, but I was not aware you are ill and require a doctor. Niccolo will have my head." This was going to be a very, very long day. — Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Gazelle Quotes By Kalidasa

I recognise your body in liana; your expression in the eyes of a frightened gazelle; the beauty of your face in that of the moon, your tresses in the plumage of peacocks... alas! Timid friend- no one object compares to you. — Kalidasa

Gazelle Quotes By Harry Bingham

There are times when your body takes control. Times when the gazelle says, 'Fuck you, lioness,' and delivers the biggest kick of its whole gazelley life. — Harry Bingham

Gazelle Quotes By Tom Shadyac

Nature is very clear on this. In fact, there's one fundamental law that all of nature obeys that mankind breaks everyday. Now this is a law that's evolved over billions of years and the law is this: nothing in nature takes more than it needs. A redwood tree doesn't take all of the soil's nutrients, just what it needs to grow. A lion doesn't kill every gazelle, just one. We have a term for something in the body when it takes more than its share. We call it cancer. — Tom Shadyac

Gazelle Quotes By Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

With each new day in Africa, a gazelle wakes up knowing he must outrun the fastest lion or perish. At the same time, a lion stirs and stretches, knowing he must outrun the fastest gazelle or starve. It's no different for the human race. Whether you consider yourself a gazelle or a lion, you have to run faster than others to survive. — Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Gazelle Quotes By Lynn Andrews

I have never seen such a perfectly formed animal. Beautiful and graceful like a gazelle, he burned hot and wild with the deserts of Egypt in his soul. — Lynn Andrews

Gazelle Quotes By William S. Burroughs

As a young child I wanted to be a writer because writers were rich and famous. They lounged around Singapore and Rangoon smoking opium in a yellow pongee silk suit. They sniffed cocaine in Mayfair and they penetrated forbidden swamps with a faithful native boy and lived in the native quarter of Tangier smoking hashish and languidly caressing a pet gazelle. — William S. Burroughs

Gazelle Quotes By Stephen Spender

Eye , gazelle, delicate wanderer, Drinker of horizon's fluid line; Ear that suspends on a chord The spirit drinking timelessness; Touch, love, all senses ... — Stephen Spender

Gazelle Quotes By Daniel Kahneman

How are things going? Is there a threat or a major opportunity? Is everything normal? Should I approach or avoid? The questions are perhaps less urgent for a human in a city environment than for a gazelle on the savannah, but we have inherited the neural mechanisms that evolved to provide ongoing assessments of threat level, and they have not been turned off. Situations are constantly evaluated as good or bad, requiring escape or permitting approach. Good mood and cognitive ease are the human equivalents of assessments of safety and familiarity. — Daniel Kahneman

Gazelle Quotes By Eric Thomas

I'm like the LION, i'm not the GAZELLE — Eric Thomas

Gazelle Quotes By Aleksandr Voinov

The leopard is a cruel lover. His tenderness breaks the gazelle's heart. — Aleksandr Voinov

Gazelle Quotes By Simon Birch

Time is a monster that cannot be reasoned with. It responds like a snail to our impatience, then it races like a gazelle when you can't catch a breath. — Simon Birch

Gazelle Quotes By Richard Dawkins

When the ancestors of the cheetah first began pursuing the ancestors of the gazelle, neither of them could run as fast as they can today. — Richard Dawkins

Gazelle Quotes By Jerry Stahl

He hadn't expected anyone so pretty, and it threw him. Tina had the Faye Dunaway thing. Faye before the surgery, when her cheekbones were still as sharp as can openers and she looked like a feral gazelle. — Jerry Stahl

Gazelle Quotes By Neil Gaiman

Ah now, that's manners for you," said the little figure, who wore a large, floppy hat and a large, flappy overcoat. "Is there more? he says, as if it were poached quail's eggs and smoked gazelle and truffles, not just a mushrump, what tastes more or less like something what's been dead for a week and a cat wouldn't touch. Manners. — Neil Gaiman

Gazelle Quotes By Ibn Arabi

From my insufficiency to my perfection, and from my deviation to my equilibrium
From my sublimity to my beauty, and from my splendor to my majesty
From my scattering to my gathering, and from my rejection to my communion
From my baseness to my preciousness, and from my stones to my pearls
From my rising to my setting, and from my days to my nights
From my luminosity to my darkness, and from my guidance to my straying
From my perigee to my apogee, and from the base of my lance to its tip
From my waxing to my waning, and from the void of my moon to its crescent
From my pursuit to my flight, and from my steed to my gazelle
From my breeze to my boughs, and from my boughs to my shade
From my shade to my delight, and from my delight to my torment
From my torment to my likeness, and from my likeness to my impossibility
From my impossibility to my validity, and from my validity to my deficiency.
I am no one in existence but myself, — Ibn Arabi

Gazelle Quotes By Gabriela Mistral

I feel my heart melting
in the mildness like candles:
my veins are slow oil
and not wine,
and I feel my life fleeing
hushed and gentle like the gazelle. — Gabriela Mistral

Gazelle Quotes By Philip Caputo

I don't care if your the President of the United States, the Queen of England, the inventor of the microchip, a bankable movie star, or an ordinary Joe or Jill, you're no paragon in my book, but the same as a zebra or gazelle - a source of protein. In fact, I'd rather hunt you, because you're slow and feeble. — Philip Caputo

Gazelle Quotes By Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

With each day in Africa, a gazelle wakes up knowing he must outrun the fastest lion or perish. At the same time, a lion stirs and stretches, knowing he must outrun the fastest gazelle or starve. It is no different for the human race. Whether you consider yourself a gazelle or a lion, you simply have to run faster then others to survive — Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Gazelle Quotes By Lish McBride

But nowhere in the file had anyone said, "Oh, and by the way, he runs like a gazelle with an espresso addiction." At least not in the parts I'd skimmed. — Lish McBride

Gazelle Quotes By Rick Yancey

But I don't panic. I don't bolt like a frightened gazelle. I am more than the sum of my fear. It isn't fear that will defeat them. Not fear or faith or hope or even love, but rage. — Rick Yancey

Gazelle Quotes By John Bingham

At age 43, when I decided to run again, I realized that the images used to describe runners didn't fit me. I wasn't a rabbit. I wasn't a gazelle or a cheetah or any of the other animals that run fast and free. But I wasn't a turtle or a snail either. I wasn't content anymore to move slowly through my life and hide in my shell when I was scared.
I was a round little man with a heavy heart but a hopeful spirit. I didn't really run, or even jog. I waddled. I was a Penguin. This was the image that fit. Emperor-proud, I stand tallto face the elements of my life. Yes, I am round. Yes, I am slow. Yes, I run as thought my legs are tied together at the knees. But I am running. And that is all that matters. — John Bingham

Gazelle Quotes By C. Michael Forsyth

After the snap, Chad took off like a gazelle and the quarterback hurled a 30-yard bomb that rocketed straight to him. Fast as Chad was, Joshua ran him down like a Discovery Channel cheetah. It was no contest. — C. Michael Forsyth

Gazelle Quotes By Karen Marie Moning

What are you?" I said irritably.
"In the Serengeti, Ms. Lane, I would be the cheetah. I'm stronger, smarter, faster, and hungrier than everything else out there. And I don't apologize to the gazelle when I take it down. — Karen Marie Moning

Gazelle Quotes By Russell Anthony Gibbs

If a lion kills a gazelle, the Universe does not judge the lion as evil and the gazelle as good. The energy and matter of the gazelle is transferred to the lion. Because we are all connected as one, what appears to be death is in fact transformation and rebirth. — Russell Anthony Gibbs

Gazelle Quotes By Richard Dawkins

I think we have got to start again and go right back to first principles. The argument I shall advance, surprising as it may seem coming from the author of the earlier chapters, is that, for an understanding of the evolution of modern man, we must begin by throwing out the gene as the sole basis of our ideas on evolution. If there is only one Creator who made the tiger and the lamb, the cheetah and the gazelle, what is He playing at? Is he a sadist who enjoys spectator blood sports? ... Is he manuvering to maximize David Attenborough's television ratings? — Richard Dawkins

Gazelle Quotes By Alessandra Torre

I've been told to stay away from someone before. It made me chase her down like she was a wounded gazelle. Now, she ended up being my soulmate." Brad sat back in his chair. — Alessandra Torre

Gazelle Quotes By Mehmet Murat Ildan

A gazelle runs faster than us; cockroaches are remarkably tolerant of radiation; every being has some superiority; in remembering this, be very humble! — Mehmet Murat Ildan

Gazelle Quotes By Gerard Way

I am in the jungle and I am too fast for you. You have teeth and stripes and things that tear. But I am much too fast ... You want my flesh, but you don't know where the jungle is ... Only I know where the jungle is ... Only I know ...
I am a gazelle.
I am a gazelle and the jungle is my home. — Gerard Way

Gazelle Quotes By Shalom Auslander

Hiding from genocide inside a Jew's attic, thought Kugel, is like hiding from a lion inside a gazelle. — Shalom Auslander

Gazelle Quotes By Jules Verne

Now, if the question were to destroy a lion, a tiger, a cat, a hyena, I could understand it; but to deprive an antelope or a gazelle of life, to no other purpose than the gratification of your instincts as a sportsman, seems hardly worth the trouble. — Jules Verne

Gazelle Quotes By Jonathan Evison

It was quiet and smooth -a gazelle trapped in the body of a wart hog. — Jonathan Evison

Gazelle Quotes By Edgar Rice Burroughs

One does not judge the gazelle by the lions that attack it — Edgar Rice Burroughs

Gazelle Quotes By Susan Griffin

We are the bird's eggs. Bird's eggs, flowers, butterflies, rabbits, cows, sheep, we are caterpillars; we are leaves of ivy and springs of wildflower. We are women. We rise from the wave. We are gazelle and doe, elephant and whale, lilies and roses and peach, we are air, we are flame, we are oyster and pearl, we are girls. We are woman and nature. And he says he cannot hear us speak. But we hear. — Susan Griffin

Gazelle Quotes By Sightline Institute

A human on a bicycle is more efficient (in calories expended per pound and per mile) than a train, truck, airplane, boat, automobile, motorcycle, skateboard, canoe, or jet pack. Not only that, bicycling is more efficient than walking, which takes three times as many calories per mile. In fact, pound for pound, a person on a bike can go farther on a calorie of food than a gazelle can running, a salmon swimming, or an eagle flying. — Sightline Institute

Gazelle Quotes By Daniel Quinn

It is in fact an orderly community. The green plants are food for the plant eaters, which are food for the predators, and some of those predators are food for still other predators. And what's left over is food for the scavengers, who return to the earth nutrients needed by the green plants. It's a system that has worked magnificently for billions of years. Filmmakers understandably love footage of gore and battle, but any naturalist will tell you that the species are not in any sense at war with one another. The gazelle and lion are enemies only in the minds of the Takers. The lion that comes across a herd of gazelles doesn't massacre them as an enemy would. It kills one, not to satisfy its hatred of gazelles but to satisfy its hunger, and once it has made its kill the gazelles are perfectly content to go on grazing with the lion in the midst. — Daniel Quinn

Gazelle Quotes By Steve Merrick

With the caution of a gazelle I looked to the closed door ahead of it, and feeling a tickle of fear in my knotted stomach I entered this tube. — Steve Merrick

Gazelle Quotes By Tom Shadyac

A redwood tree doesn't take all of the soil's nutrients; it just takes what it needs to grow. A lion doesn't kill every gazelle, it just kills one. In fact, when the lion has fed, gazelles will go on grazing right in the lion's midst. Why? Certainly, the lion could pounce again, but it doesn't. Somehow, the lion naturally obeys this life-giving law of limits, a law that keeps nature in balance and keeps the delicate cycle upon which all of life depends intact. — Tom Shadyac

Gazelle Quotes By Rick Yancey

For the gazelle, fear of being eaten. For the lion, fear of starvation. Fear is the chain that binds them together. — Rick Yancey

Gazelle Quotes By Howard Wilkinson

Zinedine Zidane could be a champion sumo wrestler. He can run like a crab or a gazelle. — Howard Wilkinson

Gazelle Quotes By Paulo Coelho

He knows that the gazelle's power lies in its strong legs. The power of the seagull
lies in the accuracy with which it can spear a fish. He has learned that the reason
the tiger does not fear the hyena is because he is aware of his own strength. — Paulo Coelho

Gazelle Quotes By Natalie Angier

Giving a girl the impression that girlhood is an extended bounce on Barney's knee is like prepping a young gazelle for life on the Serengeti by dipping it in cream. — Natalie Angier

Gazelle Quotes By Jesse Ball

In the next room, perhaps twenty people were sitting around, drinking what looked like wine out of wine-glasses. They were the sort of people William and Louisa used to be in the habit of knowing, a crowd of elegant furniture, like the legs of a herd of gazelle taken together, and equally useless, when all things are considered. — Jesse Ball

Gazelle Quotes By Chelsey Minnis

A poem is all that's left of my lost loneliness ...
It is like a window that looks into a swimming pool ...
Or an a empty gun indentation in velvet ...
And a baby gazelle given as a gift ... — Chelsey Minnis

Gazelle Quotes By P.G. Wodehouse

We part, then, for the nonce, do we?'
'I fear so, sir.'
'You take the high road, and self taking the low road, as it were?'
'Yes, sir.'
'I shall miss you, Jeeves.'
'Thank you, sir.'
'Who was that chap who was always beefing about gazelles?'
'The poet Moore, sir. He complained that he had never nursed a dear gazelle, to glad him with its soft black eye, but when it came to know him well, it was sure to die.'
'It's the same with me. I am a gazelle short. You don't mind me alluding to you as a gazelle, Jeeves?'
'Not at all, sir. — P.G. Wodehouse

Gazelle Quotes By China Mieville

Like some waterhole in the veldt, she though unclearly, where the weak and the strong and predatory drink together in a truce: the gazelle, the wildebeest, the mafadet, and the lion. All the possibilities lined up together in fucking harmony, and the winner, the strongest, the fact, the real, letting the others that have failed live, letting them all live. Pacifist and pathetic. — China Mieville

Gazelle Quotes By Mikey Way

Gerard's spirit animal is a gazelle - that's how he's always answered - Frankie would definitely be a wolverine, I would be a shark because of my inability to sit still, and Ray? Ray would be ... I'm thinking super intelligent, super articulate, I would think owl. — Mikey Way

Gazelle Quotes By Jane Lindskold

Are you prepared then, to shoot a human being?" he asked, trying not to let Jenny sense his own internal unease. "It's not the same as shooting a duck or gazelle."
Jenny's violet eyes met his straight on. "If that human being was about to harm any one of us, I'd feel worse about shooting the duck. It, at least, would have done nothing to deserve a bullet. — Jane Lindskold

Gazelle Quotes By Rick Yancey

The lion crouches in the tall grass. The gazelle sniffs the air. The awful stillness before the strike. — Rick Yancey

Gazelle Quotes By Loretta Graziano Breuning

Identifying a potential threat feels curiously good. You're like a gazelle that smells a lion and can't relax until it sees where the lion is. Seeing a lion feels good when the alternative is worse. We seek evidence of threats to feel safe, and we get a dopamine boost when we find what we seek. You can also get a serotonin boost from the feeling of being right, and an oxytocin boost from bonding with those who sense the same threat. This is why people seem oddly pleased to find evidence of doom and gloom. But the pleasure doesn't last because the "do something" feeling commands your attention again. You can end up feeling bad a lot even if you're successful in your survival efforts. — Loretta Graziano Breuning

Gazelle Quotes By Gerard De Nerval

Why should a lobster be any more ridiculous than a dog? ... or a cat, or a gazelle, or a lion, or any other animal one chooses to take for a walk? I have a liking for lobsters. They are peaceful, serious creatures ... Goethe had an aversion to dogs, and he wasn't mad. They know the secrets of the sea, they don't bark. — Gerard De Nerval

Gazelle Quotes By Neil Gaiman

A piratical ghost story in thirteen ingenious but potentially disturbing rhyming couplets, originally conceived as a confection both to amuse and to entertain by Mr. Neil Gaiman, scrivener, and then doodled, elaborated upon, illustrated, and beaten soundly by Mr. Cris Grimly, etcher and illuminator, featuring two brave children, their diminutive but no less courageous gazelle, and a large number of extremely dangerous trolls, monsters, bugbears, creatures, and other such nastiness, many of which have perfectly disgusting eating habits and ought not, under any circumstances, to be encouraged. — Neil Gaiman

Gazelle Quotes By Rick Yancey

It's been a long time since humans were prey animals. A hundred thousand years or so. But buried deep in our genes the memory remains: the awareness of the gazelle, the instinct of the antelope. The wind whispers through the grass. A shadow flits between the trees. And up speaks the little voice that goes. Shhhh, it's close now. Close. — Rick Yancey