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Gaiters With Ear Quotes By John Dewey

Every art communicates because it expresses. It enables us to share vividly and deeply in meanings ... For communication is not announcing things ... Communication is the process of creating participation, of making common what had been isolated and singular ... the conveyance of meaning gives body and definiteness to the experience of the one who utters as well as to that of those who listen. — John Dewey

Gaiters With Ear Quotes By Jiddu Krishnamurti

Real freedom is not something to be acquired, it is the outcome of intelligence. — Jiddu Krishnamurti

Gaiters With Ear Quotes By Larissa Ione

Easy, vampire." She pulled his hands away from his neck and held them against his chest. He was strong, though, and she had to plaster the weight of her body on his to ease his struggle and keep him from tearing at his own skin. "I know it hurts, but the ash is working." She hoped. God, she hoped. If she'd made things worse, she'd never forgive herself. Gradually, he stopped fighting, but he kept hold of her hands, even when she tried to extricate herself from his grip. Between her thighs, he was hot, his body so wide she figured she'd feel the tug of tightness in the morning. Dear God, what would sex with him be like, if just holding him still gave her muscle strains? And why in the world would her mind go there? — Larissa Ione

Gaiters With Ear Quotes By Italo Svevo

The sun didn't illuminate me! When you are old, you remain in shadow, even when you have wit. — Italo Svevo

Gaiters With Ear Quotes By Kato Lomb

I feel such a difference between a philologist/linguist and a linguaphile as, say, a choreographer and a ballerina. — Kato Lomb

Gaiters With Ear Quotes By Jeremy Collier

Heroes are a mischievous race. — Jeremy Collier

Gaiters With Ear Quotes By Victor Hugo

Because a fact seems strange to you, you conclude that it is not one ... All science, however, commences by being strange. Science is successive. It goes from one wonder to another. It mounts by a ladder. The science of to-day would seem extravagant to the science of a former time. Ptolemy would believe Newton mad. — Victor Hugo

Gaiters With Ear Quotes By Toba Beta

Mystery is a commodity for society that willing to buy it. — Toba Beta

Gaiters With Ear Quotes By Ayn Rand

People want nothing but mirrors around them. To reflect them while they're reflecting too ... Reflections of reflections and echoes of echoes. No beginning and no end. No center and no purpose. — Ayn Rand

Gaiters With Ear Quotes By Mason Cooley

Faith no doubt moves mountains, but not necessarily to where we want them. — Mason Cooley

Gaiters With Ear Quotes By K.A. Laity

Something terrible happens to people who don't create, something poisonous. Creating is a necessity for all humans, like breathing. If you don't do it, you suffer. — K.A. Laity

Gaiters With Ear Quotes By George Gilder

[The] zero-sum caricature [applies] much more accurately to socialism, which stifles the creation of new wealth and thus fosters a dog-eat-dog struggle over existing material resources. — George Gilder

Gaiters With Ear Quotes By Gideon Stevens

The medium is the message. -Marshall McLuhan
The message is the marketing. -Gideon Stevens — Gideon Stevens